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Lindsay Hyzer More than ever before, we are hearing the word wellness. We see it on billboards, on television; we hear it in conversation and even at work.

There is no universally accepted definition. There is however common characteristics in most attempts to define. We generally see a reference to “well being.” As the country moves toward an older population base and hopefully a higher standard of health the need for professionals to direct this course is critical. We at True Fit True Health are poised and dedicated to be the first to bring this to

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[02/01/13]   Make it a point to eat "clean" this week. The perimeter of the grocery store is 90% clean and healthy! Test yourself 12/07/2012

New Report: Wellness Programs Impact Bottom Line | NSBA

We can help! Contact us for more information. Humana, NSBA study shows nearly 50 percent of startups see health and well-being as important to recruitment and retention

[12/07/12]   Need a last minute holiday gift.....True Fit Boot Camp is offering purchase one 1 month and receive 50% of the second month. Share with a friend and split the total price! Both of you win....just in time for NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!

[11/29/12]   Get your employees moving in 2013!!! We have a very fun and exciting walking challenge to encourage your employees to get up and move....Walk Across America. Not only will this help our obesity rate (FYI 30% of Americans are now considered OBESE!), but it will also increase productivity at work. Contact us for details.

[11/29/12]   True Fit Boot Camp December offer... Buy one month get the next month 50% off! Contact us for details.


True Fit Boot Camp

Join True Fit Boot Camp NOW! The next fitness challenge starts November 21st! True Fit Boot Camp is dedicated to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Experience personal attention with fitness and nutrition professionals. We will help you achieve immediate and lasting fitness and weight loss results. Trainers Stephen Holmes and Cola Stuhr combine core conditioning, plyo...

[11/15/12]   Excited to announce that True Fit Boot Camp is in full swing and our participation is fantastic! Two different times one location....check us out

[11/15/12]   According to recent research, sitting in your office chair all day could be killing you. Having a sedentary job/career can contribute to a range of diseased affecting your heart, circulation, and respiratory systems, some of which could lead to an early death. More importantly, a general lack of fitness caused by a sedentary lifestyle can be dangerous to your daily life by causing low energy levels, reducing your strength, posture, muscle tone, bone health and causing you to become overweight or obese. It is clearly important to incorporate regular exercise into your life but excuses abound- a lack of time, money or motivation are often used as reasons for remaining sedentary.

Lucky for us, there is a way around this and its something that almost every person can do- move and walk more each day. The 10,000 steps a day initiative was developed to provide an achievable goal that will ensure you move and walk enough each day to stay fit.

Studies have shown that wearing a pedometer and setting a goal of 10,000 steps a day has been more effective than focusing on 30 minutes of activity a day.

Set realistic goals and work on increasing your miles every week! Following the 10,000 steps method will increase your fitness and improve your health.

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AmazonLocal Phoenix: One Month of Boot Camp Classes Phoenix daily deal for October 15 2012: One Month of Boot Camp Classes


CMS-Club Marketing and Management Services

Corporate Wellness Programs are getting quality exposure and results, contact me if you or your company are interested in the details of my comprehensive wellness program.

Massive new study reveals true Wellness ROI - Mozilla Firefox

Here is one more study verifying the return on investment for wellness, $5.81 for each dollar investment. Archive this and put it in your war chest for your next presentation. 08/05/2012


Low Carb Meal Planning
Check out my new blog post Inspiring healthy lives.

[06/12/12]   I made my first "Green Smoothie" over the weekend. It actually tasted pretty good, and my kids drank it too. Put your own twist on it, but this is how I made mine....

1 handful Kale
1 handful Spinach
Half of a Pear
1/2 cup Blueberries
1 scoop Whey Protein Powder
4 oz water
handful of ice

What have you done to get in your vegetables in?



Are you having troubles figuring out what to eat? Follow my blog post on how to plan healthy menus @ Inspiring healthy lives.

[05/29/12]   It's a LIFESTYLE, train like there's NO finish line!

[05/22/12]   Need some motivation! Join a group, find a fitness partner, workout buddy, or join a forum. True Fit can help you with your health and fitness goals! 05/22/2012

True Fit Boot Camp

Check out True Fit Boot Camp! @ Classes are starting May 29th!


Bring a friend and you receive 1 FREE week!
--only valid if your friend purchases a minimum of one month of classes. True Fit Boot Camp is dedicated to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Experience personal attention with fitness and nutrition professionals. We will help you achieve immediate and lasting fitness and weight loss results. Trainers Stephen Holmes and Cola Stuhr combine core conditi...


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True Fit Bootcamp is ready to announce the start of our North Phoenix and Scottsdale Boot Camps! Start date is May 29th. Let me know if you are interested.

Deer Valley Park (19th ave and Utopia) Mon-Fri at 5:30am-6:30am
Instructor Stephen Holmes
Looking for a kick in the rear, this bootcamp is perfect for all of you who have purchased P90X or Insanity and its just collecting dust. Follow Steve's insight and journey at He truly is an inspiration.

Kachina Park (42nd st and Campbell) Mon/Wed/Fri 6:30am-7:30pm and Tue/Thurs 6:30pm-7:30pm
Instructor Cola Ruth
Need a pick me up! Cola is up for the challenge to help you reach your health and fitness goals. With a degree in Exercise Science Fitness and Wellness she can help take your fitness to the next level. Just another site

[04/12/12]   Polar Heart Rate Monitors- I am putting in an order this week, if you are interested in getting one let me know, I can get them at a very good discounted rate. Let me know.

[04/10/12]   RESULTS ARE IN!!!

The results are in for our first fitness challenge! The New Year New You: Weight loss challenge was a huge success. First Place: Michael Hyzer with 11.2% loss
Second Place: Kayleigh Larkins with 5.6% loss
Third Place: Lawrence Marinas with 5.2% loss
Congratulations to our winners! We look forward to our next health and fitness challenge. Thank you to all who participated in our first challenge!

[03/26/12]   What's done is done! Time to move on. Plan for tomorrow and make it happen!

[03/09/12]   This weekends health test.....Lead By Example! Teach someone what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating habits and daily exercise!

[03/07/12]   Keeping it fresh! Mix up your menu by choosing different "strong" flavors each week....pesto, salsa, chipotle, lemon, garlic, cajun. Don't be afraid to try new recipes and flavors. 03/04/2012


Emotional Hunger vs Real Hunger! Inspiring healthy lives.

[03/04/12]   We are very excited to announce that we will be adding Bootcamps around the valley at 2 different locations! Start date and location to be announced!

[02/01/12]   Too busy to make it to the gym today, try this: 1 min Jumping Jacks, 50 Squats, 20 Pushups, 10 Burpees, 50 Lunges, 20 Bench Dips- Repeat 2-3x's for optimal results! 01/03/2012


Join us for our New Year to a New You Challenge! View challenge details at! Inspiring healthy lives.

[10/25/11]   New Year to a New You!!!! We are running a corporate fitness challenge starting mid January. If you are a business owner, HR, or employee that thinks your company might be interested in running a health or fitness challenge send me your info. It's a great way to boost our wellness program and increase your participation rates. This is all internet based so corporations can have multiple locations or be located anywhere (not just Phx) to participate!!!!!



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[09/09/11]   Healthy Snacking

[09/08/11]   Keep healthy snacks on hand and eat when hungry instead of over indulging when it's too late. Examples: almonds, yogurt, cheese, protein bars, peanuts.



New Blog Post! Now what? Find out what you should be eating and how to create a healthy lifestyle change! Inspiring healthy lives.



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[07/22/11]   How much is your health worth???? Don't let life pass you buy, take control today. Contact me for a fitness evaluation including body composition and quick fitness and strength test!!!




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