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I create personalized treatment plans for active professionals to improve functional mobility, relie Missy was born and raised in San Francisco, CA.

She started teaching yoga in 2014 after realizing the healing benefits of the practice in her personal and professional life. Inspired by the therapeutic potential of an appropriately-suited yoga practice, Missy is currently training for her 1000-hour clinical yoga therapy certification at Loyola Marymount University. Her studies include asana, pranayama, meditation, and creating customized daily

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Happy Pride Month! Training for my rainbow-colored rocket launch 🚀🌈😂🦄💞🌙

you all loved this snap so much in the stories, that it deserved to live on the timeline.

Biz Updates in the name of All That Sparkles: 💖💫

• I’m reimagining my roles in how I tend to the TBI community after taking training which taught me so much on how to curate a truly inclusive & safe healing space for all body types & backgrounds (without unnecessarily centering myself & my ego!)

• I’m teaching 2 Restorative classes a week at YogaBox Arizona (Arcadia). Slow down & stretch with me on Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7 pm. (DM for a guest pass!)

• I have a potential new office for which to base my practice for bodywork! The holistic health community here is def growing - and yet I’ve also seen that there’s a niche wide open with my clinical-level integrative work I’m ready to fill! I aim to uplevel the local game to big city status…I do things differently for a reason!!!

Believe in yourself, and keep practicing! Let your be a daily sacred process which ultimately yields freedom and balance in your body, mind, and spirit 🍑 🧘‍♂️


Trauma-informed Bodywork is the art and science of having a honest, healing conversation with the Body through therapeutic touch 👥

For chronically “activated” or tense clients, it can feel scary for some bodies who may be “unpracticed” at this process to let go of holding patterns… at first.

The student will give me clues of what to do for their treatment via an intake prices…

…but their body’s real-time response on the table is the final authority on what actually happens during the session.

The body tells me where it wants me to go, how quickly, how deep, and what kind of touch.

As a provider and spaceholder, to give safety, support, feedback, space, and go at the recipient’s pace… NOT mine.

It’s my job to offer touch in a way so that the body doesn’t register the touch as a violation, but rather offer the body an invitation to breathe into space in new ways.

So, I mostly leverage massage therapy as a dynamic process of co-regulation between “safe space” and “brave space” to facilitate the release of trauma and to restore flow and function.

In other words, I am using therapeutic touch to guide someone into a place of release vs using massage as a “fixit” tool 🧰

that’s also why I currently do NOT use any cups or tape or guns or gizmoy gadgets in my trauma-informed approach to bodywork.

It’s my job to attune, learn, listen, and adapt the pacing appropriately… not a machine’s.

It’s my job to observe how my touch affects the recipient’s breathing and body. (Video sped 2.5x so you can see breathing in response to my touch)

I’m not just thinking structurally but also energetically when I’m working with someone.

Sometimes the pain story just needs to be heard through the bodyworkers hands, instead of discussed or solved with the mind, esp for chronic pain or trauma survivors.

I’m very intuitive at all those things… that’s why they call me “The Body Intuitive.”

Request a bodywork session in DMs or @

Or to learn more you can check out my YouTube channel where I have a couple indepth videos on trauma-informed bodywork with my friend



“I just thought it would be this way forever. I couldn’t walk without pain.

Nobody was allowed to touch my ankle, not even my girlfriend, especially after my surgery. You’re the only person who I will let work on it, and I trust you completely.”



Leaving you all with a lil testimonial and clip of my fav cases this year… (video sped 3x)

His Achilles heel was bringing this fighter down.

During his mobility assessment, I quickly spotted how it had been begging for TLC, and how the mobility limitations from the ankle as a result of surgery were traveling all the way up the kinetic chain into his adductors, hip, and spinal erectors…. Creating sensations of “tightness” on the right side.

But I couldn’t directly access the area without triggering a trauma response; it was too sensitive.

So we worked together for 6 months and one day during month 3ish, we just naturally arrived here in this beautiful moment where he softened and let me do scar tissue and lymphatic release before I moved back into FR hip rotation work.

Huge thanks you to all my students (clients) who showed up fully for their healing journeys, and trusted me to their care this year.

My work has deepened even through some huge personal and professional life changes.

In 2022 we have some big plans ahead:

🌟 1x1 Personalized Practice portals are now super modernized & conveniently hosted on Kajabi - leave comments directly on your personalized coaching videos and access from any device

🌟 now offering 1x1 Holistic Health Personalized Retreats with up to 8 hours of service over 2 days

🌟 traveling to several cities to offer trauma-informed bodywork and rehabilitative mobility intensives (I see you, LA & Austin!)

Lets stay connected in 2022- subscribe to my email list via 📧

The Body Intuitive updated their address. 10/06/2021

The Body Intuitive updated their address.

The Body Intuitive updated their address.

The Body Intuitive updated their address. 10/06/2021

The Body Intuitive updated their address.

The Body Intuitive updated their address.

HUGE Upgrades to My Student Experience 06/22/2021

HUGE Upgrades to My Student Experience

New ActiveCampaign campaign!

HUGE Upgrades to My Student Experience Rise of a New Dawn:...

the differences in loneliness 06/02/2021

the differences in loneliness

New ActiveCampaign campaign!

the differences in loneliness




Feeling tight and stiff from working at home? Try this exercise! Do three circles each direction at least once per day!


The neck LOVES slow, firm, rhythmic strokes, and long sinking holds into areas of tension. ⁣

Learn 3 main neck massage techniques + my 2 tips on how to make this into a sensual experience for your partner ;) ⁣


I’m teaching a Soothing & Sensual Self-Massage workshop on Apr 22 @ 630 PM PDT. ⁣

Its on-demand. so if you can make it, register anyway and we will send the recording!⁣

Register via link in bio


Today’s special featured guest is , a chiropractor and senior yoga instructor from Orange County, CA. ⁣

In part 1 of 2 of his interview, Dr Neill shares his journey of how he went from being a skeptic to a passionate practitioner of ... and how that changed his body and his experience of going to chiropractic school! ⁣


This interview is part of a series called Embodied: Yoga for Men.⁣

Click link in bio to watch Dr Neill’s interview on my youtube, plus interviews from other top teachers!⁣

I’ll post a new interview clip each Friday.⁣


Stay consistent with your practice during quarantine with your favorite teacher (aka me Missy the ) 👩🏼‍🏫 🦄 💜

• WHEN • ⁣

Tuesdays and Wednesdays⁣
10 AM and 8 PM⁣
Starting 3/24 ⁣
+ running for 4 weeks⁣


$18 per class⁣
$60 per 4-pack (20% discount) ⁣


Tuesdays will target mobility⁣
Wednesdays will target mobility⁣

I will teach the same sequence/flow for both the morning and evening class to accommodate your fluctuating schedules.⁣


If you register for a class but cant make the class time, I will send out a recording/replay of the class the following day to all paid registrants. ⁣

That way you can also practice as a self-study option. You will have 6 days to take your class, and then the link will come down. ⁣


Sign up via links below!!! ⁣
or DM me and I will take care of you!

>> Click here for SINGLE class purchase > Click here for 20% DISCOUNT on 4-Pack


Missy teaches you about the rippling effects of better breath!

Simple breathwork can have profound results.

Finding that right balance between discipline and surrender,
easing into a flow state,
connecting the mind and body to natural cycles and rhythms.

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Happy Pride Month! Training for my rainbow-colored rocket launch 🚀🌈😂🦄💞🌙 you all loved this snap so much in the stories, ...
Trauma-informed Bodywork is the art and science of having a honest, healing conversation with the Body through therapeut...
“I just thought it would be this way forever. I couldn’t walk without pain. Nobody was allowed to touch my ankle, not ev...




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