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One life. One body. One practice. Physical Therapy incorporating Yoga and Pilates. Specializing in chronic spinal pain rehabilitation utilizing yoga based therapy, Pilates equipment, manual therapy, stress reduction techniques and targeted exercise to get you back to your life.

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Unyte-iLs: Safe & Sound Protocol

This is a great introduction to the safe and sound protocol. If you’ve been wondering how the protocol works to help build resilience within your nervous system watch this five minute video.

The Safe and Sound Protocol Find Inner Calm in Just Five Days — Therapy for Cognitive & Behavioral Improvement - Brain Harmony

The safe and sound protocol Is now offered at one has physical therapy. Want to find out if it’s right for you? Book a free consultation call with me. Now more than ever, many of us are struggling to find a sense of calm in an uncertain world. Life can be stressful -- and when that stress goes on for too long, it can have a lasting impact on how you think and feel.  When your brain feels threatened, it shifts your nervous system into “fi

Benefits of Early Physical Therapy Treatment for Sciatica

Pain down your leg often is termed “sciatica”, however usually there are specific reasons for it occurring. They could be everyday habits like sitting on your wallet, crossing your legs for hours, sitting for super long periods of time or not incorporating stretches for your body.

A visit to your physical therapist can make a huge difference in how long the pain lasts. A few simple everyday changes and you’re back to pain free life.

Have you every experienced low back pain or leg pain? Comment below and let me know how you are doing now! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 November 5, 2020: Back pain with sciatica — pain that radiates to the leg — can upset the rhythm and quality of life. But is doctors' typical advice and a wait-and-see approach needlessly prolonging p

Activating the Vagus Nerve Might Lower Your Covid-19 Risk

“The vagus nerve — which is actually a network of nerves that links the brain and immune system to the heart, the gut, and other organs — governs PNS activity. When the vagus nerve is active, Payne says, it acts like a brake on stress and all of its immune-stoking effects in the body.”

Oneness is now offering the safe and sound protocol which is a specialized listening experience to activate the vagal nerve.

Please schedule a call to see if you were a good fit. ✅ While physical distancing and masks are crucial, social interaction could calm the immune system and turn down inflammation

Activating the Vagus Nerve Might Lower Your Covid-19 Risk

“The vagus nerve — which is actually a network of nerves that links the brain and immune system to the heart, the gut, and other organs — governs PNS activity. When the vagus nerve is active, Payne says, it acts like a brake on stress and all of its immune-stoking effects in the body.”

Oneness is now offering the safe and sound protocol which is a specifically designed listening experience to activate the vagal nerve. Schedule a call to see if it will work for you! While physical distancing and masks are crucial, social interaction could calm the immune system and turn down inflammation

The root chakra is our safety and stability, 2020 has definitely shaken this for most of us.

During yoga therapy sessions, we work on this chakra (if it is imbalanced) with visualizations, meditations, chanting and specific poses and postures for the area.

Are you feeling like you are in fight or flight most of the time? Anxious and wondering when the next crazy thing is going to happen? It might be time to look at your foundation-your root.

Book a free 15 minute consultation with me! Message me or drop a 🌲 below and we will set it up.

The root chakra, Muladhara, which means "base of support," is located at the perineum. It is symbolized by a lotus with four red petals arranged around an ochre-colored square, representing stability and the four cardinal directions.

The main theme of the first chakra is security. When the first chakra is
balanced, we sense ourselves fully supported at all moments along our life
journey. When this sense of support is not complete, we may experience fear and insecurity as well as a feeling that our basic survival needs are not provided for adequately. To balance the first chakra, we cultivate the qualities of grounding, embodiment, connection to the natural world and an enhanced sense of abundance.

As we embody these qualities, we are able to perceive our needs for safety and security more objectively, allowing us to recognize that the nature of life is to support us abundantly. With a greater sense of support and trust, we begin to see that security is a natural reflection of our true being, thereby creating a fi rm foundation for our spiritual journey.

- from Mudras for Healing and Transformation, by Joseph Le Page and Lilian Aboim

Pandemic Fatigue: How to Manage COVID-19 Burnout | Banner

Burnout can affect our mental health, physical body and spirit. Taking time to do a few thing each day can make such a difference during this time. You may not have COVID-19, but are you feeling the effects? Learn the reasoning behind your exhaustion and coping tips from a Banner expert.

Oneness Physical Therapy is Highly Recommended by locals! We greatly appreciate your support and referrals. It drives our business, and we couldn't do what we do without you!

Thoughts matter!
What do you say to yourself about your recovery? Those thoughts will create your reality.
Visualize yourself where you want to be.
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Balance is free for one full year. This is a great app and a wonderful way to start or maintain your mindfulness practice. 😀

For many of us, this is the most stressful period of our lives. Between the ongoing pandemic, major elections, and general social unrest, we’re all feeling an impact on our mental health.

That’s why, in honor of World Mental Health Day, we're offering a free one-year subscription to Balance to anyone who wants it.

Unlock your free year by emailing [email protected] for instructions any time before November 30th.

And please share this post with others who might benefit, too. 💙

Have you been putting off PT because you don't want to go to the clinic? I'm excited to announce that I'm now offering virtual PT services, in partnership with SWORD Health. This cool new tech makes it possible for me to treat you from home! SWORD health is great for patients who want professional care for back, joint or muscle pain. In other words, it really works. If you or someone you care about is in pain and in need of some PT, message me for more information or click here:

Meet Amisha Klawonn | Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist & Women’s Wellness Coach – SHOUTOUT ARIZONA

Honored to be featured in this article. ⭐️ Local Stories Meet Amisha Klawonn | Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist & Women’s Wellness Coach September 21, 2020September 21, 2020 Leave a reply We had the good fortune of connecting with Amisha Klawonn, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Amisha, is there somethi...

Yoga every day over here. 🧘‍♀️
Finding boundaries has been hard during this time-with school and home and work all running into each other every single day. This was already a tough issue for me and it’s been lit up since we’ve been home.🔥
One non-negotiable has been workouts before any screen time or video games. Thirty minutes of body moving that usually includes squats, planks, mountain climbers, lunges, downward dog and side body stretches. We often use the Bosu ball and balance board during the day and have random balance toys around the house. (Perks of Physical therapy equipment trials). They have definitely gotten stronger! 💪
I love how they start working out immediately now once they get the okay for game time. They motivate each other so much! Grateful for my son to have a good friend at this time. ❤️
Do you have your kids workout?
What do they do? 🤔🤔🤔
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New Research Shows How Sleep Could Ward Off Alzheimer's Disease

"Those who reported spending less time in bed actually sleeping, and more time tossing and turning and waking up throughout the night, were more likely to develop any type of dementia five to 10 years later than those who got better-quality sleep."

The quality of your sleep matters. How are you sleeping each night? Sleep may be a powerful way to help people lower their risk for Alzheimer’s

10 Habits for Better Sleep

How are you sleeping? Sleep and pain are intertwined and one can affect the other. There are so many easy and simple ways to improve sleep 💤. These include having a wind down routine, turning off blue light early in the evening, essential oils and relaxing yoga poses.

My new sleep course begins next month with an invitation for 10 people to begin to prioritize sleep and begin to sleep more soundly, more deeply and more restoratively. If you’d like to be on the waitlist for this course, message me!

Tell me below how you sleeping currently. 👇🏼 Managing your sleep is key to your overall health. Not getting enough sleep can be a problem. There are many things that you can control when it comes to sleep, which can be altered for several reason

Assess Your Physical Fitness

Do you feel that you are at your best level of fitness? It consists of so much more than cardiovascular health, it includes your balance and flexibility.

Check out this short assessment and comment below with what you’d like to work on this month 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 This at-home self-assessment will get you to start thinking about your level of fitness by helping you to gauge your flexibility, balance, strength, and cardiovascular capacity. The self-assessment in

Live version of this presentation TONIGHT. Message me for a link :)
6:30PM PST on ZOOM.

The wisdom body is called the Vijnanamaya Kosha. Vijnana means "higher wisdom" and this kosha is the part of our being that allows us to witness, understand and let go of limiting beliefs.

As we release these beliefs, patterns of thoughts and emotions associate with them, dissipate naturally.

This is the seat our intuition and our "gut" feeling. Have you ever just known that you were supposed to do something? Or vice versa, known with the pit in your stomach that you were NOT supposed to follow a certain path?

Ways of accessing the wisdom body comes through the layers: Eat well, rest, take care of your body. Specific practices that help are meditation and yoga nidra and visualizations.

Are you able to access your intuition? Do you trust yourself when you do feel it?

Perhaps now is the time to schedule a session and learn how to create a deeper connection to your body and spirit. Message me for a telehealth consultation.

There is no better time than right NOW.

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Revisiting this great text this weekend. Always more to learn. 😀
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Finding creative ways for kids to exercise is the easiest way to have them start to move.

The Bosu ball is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment out there. We use it for adults, kids and dogs alike in our household.

Here are 3 of my favorite exercises for kids with my only slightly resistant model 😂:
* side to side with jumps
* mountain climbers
* squats

Bonus: kids love to jump on it so extra balance there! 😀

Scientists find brain center that 'profoundly' shuts down pain - Neuroscience News

“Somewhat unexpectedly, this brain center turns pain off, not on. It’s also located in an area where few people would have thought to look for an anti-pain center, the amygdala, which is often considered the home of negative emotions and responses, like the fight or flight response and general anxiety.” Researchers identified a distinct population of GABAergic neurons activated by general anesthetic in the central amygdala of mice. The findings point to central amygdala GABAergic neurons as a potential therapeutic target to alleviate chronic pain.

The mental-emotional body is called the Manomaya Kosha and encompasses our thoughts and feelings. This is where we experience the full range of feelings from joy and happiness to suffering and sadness.
Our thoughts begin to create our reality and we have the ability to begin to change our thoughts and self-talk as we become aware of it.
We attract what we focus on. Think about your day: are you focusing on the positive or negative aspects of every situation.🤔🤔

Are you able to find one positive thing in your current situation? Comment and share it. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
You'll find mine in the comments. 😀

#Manomayakosha #yogatherapy #createyourthoughts #createyourlife #physicaltherapy #yogatherapy #yogatherapist #koshas #thisisphysicaltherapy

Have you tried a telehealth session yet? 🤔
Here are a few of the things that have been happening in current telehealth sessions with clients.

* explanations of condition and specific steps to recovery
* lifestyle modifications to getting to bed earlier and staying asleep
* specific yoga poses to strengthen around the knee
* breathwork to calm anxiety
* core stabilization and strengthening
* balance exercises including yoga poses
* hand positions called Mudras to help affect change through the body and the brain
There’s so much value in booking a telehealth session right now, they are currently discounted through the month of May. There is no better time to take your health into your own hands. ✅✅
Message to schedule. See you soon!
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Staying centered is important for our health, recovery and growth. ⭐️
It becomes particularly important when you have an injury or chronic pain that you may be managing or recovering from. Finding anchors through the day that your body can begin to rely on. These can include going to bed early, getting enough sleep each night, rising with the sunlight, making time for movement and stillness, and eating nourishing foods. All of it matters in health and recovery. ✅
If, for the next week you could do one thing that would allow you to feel more centered, what would it be? 🤔
Comment below 👇🏼👇🏼
#getcentered #physicaltherapy #integrativephysicaltherapy #findyourcenter #yogatherapy #centered #onenesshealingcenter

Three part breath is a wonderful breathing awareness practice to notice what parts of the body you are able to breathe into and which may be more restricted.
This is a good beginner entryway into breathwork (pranayama).
👉🏼👉🏼Find entire video at #linkinbio and please subscribe to my new #youtubechannel 😀

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We can always do something, whether it’s being more compassionate to ourselves, doing something nice for a neighbor, helping our kids with their breakfast, or cleaning up our neighborhood. 🌟🌟

The young South African 12-year old boy in this quote, was born with HIV , and became a national voice for children with AIDS before he passed away at the age of 12.
It all matters, and even the smallest bit makes a difference. ☀️
What are you doing right now that is creating a change within you? 😀
Current services offered:
* telehealth physical therapy (AZ only)
* women’s health coaching
* private yoga therapy
* private yoga classes
* guided meditations
To schedule; Message me or #linkinbio
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Physical Therapy incorporating Yoga and Pilates. Specializing in rehabilitation utilizing yoga based therapy, Pilates, manual therapy, meditation, stress reduction techniques and targeted exercise to get you back to your life. A holistic approach to your life and your goals.

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