Patent It! Race Team

Patent It! Race Team is Founded by Steve and Tony Lisa. Ready to light it up in Desert and Sports Car Racing! Keep an eye out for the Gulf Blue & Orange!

Race Team is a professional Racing Team

Please stay tuned for a full team history, along with driver bios and a list of accomplishments/results! 10/20/2020

Parker, Rogan awarded U.S. Senator Phil Gramm Fellowship - Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology

Not only is Mickey Parker a great navigator in our desert racing program, he is a great educator as well. I guess the name on the side of the car will have to be changed to "Dr. Parker." Congrats Mickey! The Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology is pleased to announce that Mickey Parker and Jordan Rogan were among seven doctoral students who received a 2020 U.S. Senator Phil Gramm Doctoral Fellowship. Texas A&M University and the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies awards this fello...


Patent It! Race Team's cover photo


Two big races coming up - Battle of Primm next weekend in Nevada with the unlimited Class 1 Desert car, followed by the Classic 24-hour sports car race at Daytona 11/3-8 in the Panoz. Steve and Tony will be co-driving both races----what a cool thing for a father and son to do together after 30 years of racing together.


After months of not racing due to COVID, and instead working on car prep but not going anywhere fast, the Patent It! Racing Team is in final prep to take the 1994 Bill Elliott #94 NASCAR and 2006 #19 Panoz Esperante GT2 off to Road America for The WeatherTech® International Challenge with Brian Redman. This is one of our favorite vintage races of the year.

We have a brand new engine going in the #94 (picking it up today), a new engine and gearbox already in the #19, and will be traveling with our new Volvo semi and stacker. We are also bringing our team RV and minimal crew to maintain social distancing guidelines, stay out of hotels while traveling, cook our own food at the track, and stay healthy. We will sorely miss our favorite Elkhart Lake and Plymouth restaurants, along with the local brats, brat eggers and butter-dipped corn-on-cobb at Road America. But it sure will be nice to be back racing again.

Let's just hope Wisconsin doesn't ban Arizona travelers! C'mon Arizonans - think of others and wear your masks!! 12/12/2019

See My Location The SPOT product family uses both the GPS satellite network to determine your location and the Globalstar network to transmit messages and GPS coordinates to others including an international rescue coordination center.


Once again the Patent It! Race Team heads to Laughlin, NV this weekend for the SNORE Rage at the River. The #119 Class 1 car is in tip top shape and has a few finishing touches before heading out with a little guest. Updates to come throughout the weekend.

2019 SNORE Caliente 250 06/14/2019

Caliente, NV race in #119. Anthony Lisa, Mickey Parker and Steve Lisa

Caliente, NV race in #119. Anthony Lisa, Mickey Parker and Steve Lisa 06/06/2019

See my Location: RaceCar is checking in The SPOT product family uses both the GPS satellite network to determine your location and the Globalstar network to transmit messages and GPS coordinates to others including an international rescue coordination center. 06/06/2019

See my Location: RaceCar is checking in The SPOT product family uses both the GPS satellite network to determine your location and the Globalstar network to transmit messages and GPS coordinates to others including an international rescue coordination center.


Traveling into the past and returning to one of our favorite towns/races Caliente, NV for the SNORE Knotty Pine 250 in the # 119 Class 1 car piloted by Anthony Lisa and navigated by Mickey Parker for the first 2 laps. As for the third lap a little father son companionship will be had as a game of musical chairs takes place. Car upgrades and prep by crew chief KC Arthur and Anthony Lisa have been well under way. # 119 will visit UMS Tuning come Monday for an extra tid bit on the dyno attached to the custom adapters made by Eric Emler. Join us and stay tuned in as we update our status through yet another exciting and challenging race.


It is a chilly breezy weekend out at INDE Motorsports Ranch. Enjoy a few of these moments with us from day 1.


Both of these monsters are undergoing some upgrades and prep as a month from today Steven Lisa and Anthony Lisa head to INDE Motorsports Ranch to duke it out. Who else is excited?


As the minutes tick away the Patent It! Race Team preps for its adventure to Laughlin, NV where the #119 Class 1 car will be racing in the SNORE Rage at the River event. Within the 2 day event, it will driven by Anthony Lisa and Steven Lisa with a shared and most certainly excited navigator Mickey Parker. Stay tuned for updates throughout the next few days.


Wish us luck as we head to Ridgecrest, CA this weekend to take on the SNORE Motion Tire 250 with the Class 10 car aka "War Pig". The race starts approximately 8am CA time Saturday, April 7th and consists of 4 laps around 60 miles each. The team is anxiously awaiting race day as we pulled off a win at Battle at Primm last month and are in the points lead. With a full tear down prep from new front A-arms and new rear Fox shocks to fresh rebuilt on the Fortin 6 spd sequential transmission and crate GM Ecotec DI engine we are to say the least... excited! Follow us as we will post updates throughout the race!


Panoz GTS #19 Testing at INDE Motorsports Ranch.



Battle at Primm #1019 passing by the hot pits. 05/03/2016

Method Race Wheels Laughlin Desert Classic Presented by Canidae Tap It - Best in the Desert

The Patent It! Race Team is taking a break from its road racing efforts and heading back to the desert this weekend in the Unlimited Class 1 Buggy. Between the sports car road racing and desert racing, this will be our 6th major event of 2016. Tony and KC have worked really hard as we continue to develop both the Panoz and Class 1 car.

We will be racing in Laughlin, NV this weekend in the Best In The Desert Method Race Wheels Laughlin Desert Classic Presented By Canidae Tap It (see This is one of the best events of the year. It is a two day race with qualifying on Thursday and the race on Saturday and Sunday. The Patent It! Team stays at Harrahs right on the River (a big thanks to the Total Rewards program). With the two day format it makes for short race days and more time to relax (if nothing major goes wrong). That means Harrahs typically gets its money back!

Steve will qualify Thursday and start on Saturday, and Tony will finish up driving on Sunday. Donovan Cain is navigating for both Steve and Tony.

We have made some pretty big changes to the Class 1 - changed the gearing and converter RPM settings, and reworked the carbs - all hoping for more response at lower RPM. We are down to last minute details, but the guys say it is all under control.

We will try to keep you all posted.


The Patent It! Race Team is taking the Panoz Esperante GTS to the WERC 3-hour night enduro at Buttonwillow this coming weekend (race starts 6 PM Saturday).

We had to "pull the plug" on our effort to run the last WERC enduro, due to an medical emergency in our family. So, we went to Chuckwalla the following weekend and tested in daylight with a street group in short sessions. Not best test environment, but we found some issues that would have likely prevented us from finishing the enduro, so it worked out well.

The Panoz now has most of its endurance gear in place, including lighting, quick fill fuel system, drink systems, etc. With the bigger motor and six-speed transmission, it is now more like a GT1.5 than the original GT2 car. But, it is still not quite up to the level of the GT Corvette we raced in Rolex years ago.

Tony and Steve Lisa will be driving, and we are treating this weekend like our first "endurance race" with the Panoz in this trim. Our goal is to safely finish the entire race weekend with no damage and to drive it on the trailer to go home with everything working. And, of course, to drink a few beers after the race Saturday night!

Also we are send "get well" wishes to Richard Migliori of the PDG Race Team. They will be racing this weekend without him, as he recovers from his recent surgery. He has more to go - and our prayers are with him!

We will try to post some updates from the event.


Everyone likes the dirty pictures!

2016 SNORE King Shocks Battle at Primm: Sunday: Heat 5: #1019 Tony Lisa
Email: [email protected]


The Patent It! Race Team is pulling the Panoz Esperante GTS out of the stable for the opening NASA WERC race next weekend at Willow Springs Raceway.

We have over the last six months completely torn it down and rebuilt it with a new Ed Ash 427 aluminum block powerplant and a six speed trans, and added air jacks, endurance coolers and a larger fuel cell. We are still adding lights and completing some other final projects.

Anthony Lisa and Steven Lisa will be driving.

The image below is from the last time the car actually raced an enduro - years ago at PIR (remember when we could still race at PIR???).

We will post some updates as we get done with the prep and from the event.

[02/24/16]   Next on the agenda --- racing our Patent It! Panoz GTS on March 11, 2016, at the opening NASA Endurance Racing Series 3-hour night enduro at Willow Springs Raceway in Palmdale, California.

Steve Lisa and Anthony Lisa will be driving.


Our single seat 10 car with Anthony Lisa behind the wheel finished third today and fourth overall at the SNORE Battle at Primm.


Steve and Donovan about to start here in Primm.

Patent It! Race Team - 2014 Battle of Primm 12/01/2015

Steven Lisa and Anthony Lisa takiing turns driving and navigating -- a fun weekend with Bridget Yonke Lisa and Kc Arthur in Primm. Some crazy air time and our own e-ticket roller coaster ride.

Steven Lisa and Anthony Lisa takiing turns driving and navigating -- a fun weekend with Bridget Yonke Lisa and Kc Arthur in Primm. Some crazy air time and our own e-ticket roller coaster ride.

Patent It! Race Team - 2014 BITD Vegas to Reno 12/01/2015

Patent It! Race Team car 1019 - all Photos courtesy of RnF Photo

Patent It! Race Team car 1019 - all Photos courtesy of RnF Photo

Patent It! Race Team - 2015 Caliente 250 12/01/2015

Patent It! Race Team cars 119 and 1019 - All Photos Courtesy of RnF Photos

Patent It! Race Team cars 119 and 1019 - All Photos Courtesy of RnF Photos 08/14/2015

General Tire "Vegas to Reno" presented by FOX - Best in the Desert

Hi all,

The Patent It Race Team is racing the 2015 Best In The Desert Vegas to Reno Race this weekend (

We are leaving Vegas Friday morning around 5 am, heading for a start around 7 am north of Vegas. We travel through 550 miles of desert and mountains to Reno. We hope to arrive 9-11 hours later.

Anthony Lisa and Mickey Parker are handling the driving/navigating duties for the first 190 miles, Steven Lisa and True Tourtillott will be in the car for the next 206 miles, and Tony and Mickey finish the last 150 miles.

This has been a real push converting our new Porter Class 1 from a wet sump 427 to a full dry sumped 700+ HP Ed Ash endurance motor. But, after several test runs we are ready. Great and tireless effort by Kc Arthur, Tony, Trevor Anderson and Leland Forbes. Thanks also to the 12 crew members manning the 6 chase trucks.

The Class 1 Car #1523 will have two SPOT Trackers for the race starting from when we leave the hotel around 5 am for the start north of Las Vegas. One tracker updates every 10 minutes, the other every 5 minutes. Between the two trackers, you will get a pretty good read on the race car.

Just follow this link to track our location updates:…

If the link doesn't work, try copying and pasting it to your browser's address bar.

You can also see full pdf maps and race info at:

You can track the live IRC satellite of all the races classes and cars (including our car # 1523) at:

If we aren't moving, something is wrong! Wish us luck and safety.


Wish us luck! - will update when we are done with in car video, pictures and results. General Tire Vegas to Reno Race Presented by Fox 07/21/2015

Hawk International Challenge concludes at Road America The HAWK International Challenge vintage event with Brian Redman concluded today at Road America after three days of fabulous vintage racing action, exhibitions, concours awards and activities for fans. The event has been heralded as one of the largest vintage racing events in the country, and acco.…


Road America

Chris Hines, Group 6 winner from The HAWK International Challenge with Brian Redman sums up the weekend in perfect fashion. Congrats Chris!


Road America

Congrats to Duncan Dayton, Group 11 winner at The HAWK International Challenge at Road America.

[07/07/15]   The Patent It! Team is taking its latest acquisition -- a 1963.5 Galaxie 500 stock car-- out for testing this Friday at the Mid-America Motorsports Park outside of Omaha. The following week we are taking the Galaxie to race in Group 6 (basically 1960's trans am/big bore cars) at the Brian Redmon Hawk Vintage Sports car race at Road America, We have a good shot of winning an award for being the longest, heaviest and oldest car in our group of 60+ cars.

Steve will be sharing driving duties with long time World Challenge, Rolex and Score Off Road teammate and friend Chuck Hemmingson. We will keep posted of our progress (or lack thereof) in this adventure.


The Patent Race Team is headed to the SNORE 250 in Caliente this coming weekend with two desert buggies -- our new Porter Class 1 and our Class 10. Tony and Mickey will be in the Class 1, and Steve and True in in the Class 10.

We really enjoyed our last trip to Caliente a few years ago - the town welcomed the racers and crew with open arms, and the course was nicely varied - water, trees, rocks, sand, high speed forest roads, and lots of carnage. The town is an old, historic railroad town:,_Nevada

You can see the race information here:

We will have our Spot trackers working when the crew leaves Phoenix, and on both buggies during the pre-run Friday and Race on Saturday. We will post the tracking information here on Facebook for SNORE's live timing and the links to our Spot trackers.

Here is the link to the race map, 4 laps:

Wish us luck!


I can't tell you how proud I am of the Patent It! Race Team and particularly Anthony Lisa, Kc Arthur and Leland Forbes for their weeks of hard work converting a 50 minute Honda Challenge car into an unbelievable 25 hour endurance sports car. This team finished every mile in Mexico for the SCORE Desert series, including the Baja 500 and Baja 1000, and now finished 6th in class (against way more powerful BMW's) and 20-something overall in the longest endurance sports car race in America. It is a testament to the team's engineering, preparation and driving ability. It was a great privilege to be on the track with that Honda at the same time -- every time I passed it in our prototype, I still knew the Honda was kicking my ass. I regret not taking one stint in the Honda. There is no doubt who the best Honda Challenge prep guys are - Patent It! Race Team. Sincere thanks also to Bill Beilharz for the prep before the race and tireless work at the track, Cody Joel Lott and Mike for showing the same commitment on pavement that you have in the desert. Finally, thanks to the co-drivers Tony Szirka, Chuck Hemmingson and David Rosenblum for skillful driving. We are going back next year with a 1.8.


Slow Motion Theater - wheel lock at Thunderhill


NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill

The Patent It! Team is heading back to the pavement this week for longest road race in North American, the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

The Patent It! Team is entering its Honda Challenge Civic with a driver lineup that is a bit of reunion. Tony Lisa will be joined by his former World Challenge, Grand Am and Rolex teammates Dave Rosenblum and Chuck Hemmingson, along with Tony Szirka (of UMS Tuning). The team made a huge effort to convert the "sprint" Honda Challenge car into a 25 hour endurance car. The car tested well last weekend, but it is a bit of an underdog. With a good driver lineup it will be interesting to see how it works out.

Steve Lisa is slated to drive with the PDG Team (along with co-drivers Davy Jones, Paul Edwards and Mike Holland), but is also signed up as a 5th driver for the team's Honda Challenge effort. The PDG Team has a great program, and we are looking forward to spending the week side-by-side, working together and having fun.

You can find more race information, entry lists, live radio and timing feeds here:

You can read about the PDG Team here:

We will try to post regular updates. Wish us luck!

The National Auto Sport Association United States Air Force 25 Hours of Thunderhill race is celebrating its eleventh year.

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Panoz GTS #19 Testing at INDE Motorsports Ranch.




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