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This page will provide you with healthy tips for your workouts as well as how to improve the quality of your life through tips on how to make better choices on what we are putting in our bodies as well as what's in our homes.

Also your thoughts and your actions through a positive mind set will be address as well.

Operating as usual


You are what you think about:)

You are what you eat:)

Clean those two up and watch your life take off..

That's if you want your life to take off..


An amazing superfood you can have at any time:)
Wonderful health benefits.

Great before or after your workout.

I make mine in Coconut Oil. Taste wonderful.

Making some right now.

Stay fit:)


I've said this many times before and I will say it to I die..

Your Health and fitness is an inside job first.
You must change the inside before you can see any sustainable results for a lifetime.

Your health is achieved by taking little consistent steps everyday, starting with the inside and followed by what I call the "Big Three"

1- mindset first.. a healthy body on the outside and stinkin thinkin on the inside doesn't help you find your inner strength and peace.

2- proper eating. No way around you are what you think and eat.

3- movement- your workouts should be fun, productive and something that challenges you.
It should be designed specifically for your body type.

Message me if you want my support making you the healthiest overall person you can be:)

Love it:)
Stay fit:)


Love this photo:)

Today's workout..
1- 1000 meter row
Max lifts:
235 back squats, full squats, 135 strict shoulder press, 300 lb dead lift followed by an easy 4 mile run..

Feeling strong and energized.

What did you do today to move your body?


I missed a day of training this week so the plan was to make it up today..

But, after two hard days in a row of training and running my body is telling me otherwise.

So I listen and will rest so I can come back strong tomorrow..

Listen to your body not your ego that tells you go go go...

You will reap the benefits down the road..

Stay fit..


Or if you don't eat healthy your actually little by little digging your own grave with you teeth..

Make good healthy choices daily.
Just one change a day can add up to big changes over time..

Have the healthiest day ever..


The number on the scale doesn't really mean much:)

The best indicator of your bodies composition is your lean muscle..

How much of your body weight is actually muscle..

That's the number you should know, not the bogus body weight number that marketers want you to focus on..

Message me for your free assessment and body composition analysis:)


Want to build total body strength..

Learn Olympic moves like deadlifts and power cleans and use the Rower.

You will be amazed at how much work you can get done in a short amount of time and how you can sculpt your body using the Rower.

Need help learning those moves and proper form on the rower?

Message me:)


So what are you going to do today to support your mind, body and spirit?

Remember a body in motion stays in motion..

Also if you don't use it you lose it:)


Time to get my run in.
So beautiful out in Az everyday. We get to enjoy the Sun everyday.

This time of year back east they get this.

What an amazing shot.
Connect with nature:)
Why not, you are already you know..

I'll make it an awesome best day ever!!


Many studies have shown that sitting for hours on hours can take years off of your life.

So if you do sit a lot at your job find ways to get up and move.

Also, when I train my clients who have jobs that they have long periods of sitting the last thing I want them to do in the gym is sit.

We will do standing or half kneeling movements.

No sitting at the gym allowed..

As humans we were designed to be up right with hips extended not sitting in flexed position..


If you want your arms to look bigger and more defined stop working on them:)

Yup, instead of bicep curls and tricep push downs.

Replace them with more pushing and pulling exercises like push ups, pull-ups, ( palms up and down) hang cleans.
Total body moves like thrusters, power cleans and deadlifts.

Of course, those need to be in conjunction with a proper diet, proper supplementation a lots and lots of water.

I haven't trained my arms in over two years and they look better than they every did.


Every month and everyday should be Cancer awareness..

Awareness starts with us.

Fact; cancer will affect one in every two men and one in three women.

Fact; we are the richest country in the history of mankind..

Yet one of the unhealthiest.

To me that's a joke. Responsibility starts with you.

I lose my mother and my wife very early to this disease. So I get it.

What I get also is if you keep on putting chemicals on your body, eating a crappy diet, living a totally stressful life, smoking and not moving, you will get more of what you are getting.

This is on us, not the government or major corporations who's only goal is to make a buck.

Guess what, you we stop buying ci******es, sodas,
Laundry soap and process food those companies will go under.

It won't change until you do.

You get in life what you put out.

Finally, 90% of chronic disease like cancer is YOUR life choices..

That's the facts..

I come off hard because I believe that's what's needed to wake up the masses. Personal accountability will change this, nothing else will..


Grat workout today followed by an awesome lean lunch: protein salad, yams and lemon water.

Five mile run followed by;
55 deadlifts
55 burbees
55 lunges
55 pull-ups.

Feeling strong and invigorated:)


Those of you that follow my post and know my training philosophy know I don't do crunches or any type of flexion movements to train the core.

Crunches are not functional, only work the superficial core muscles and put to much strain on the lumber spine(lower back)

I train the core as an Extension and obliques as anti-rotates.

Everyone knows the plank. I use a very functional variation to that move.

Instead of holding a plank for 45sec or a minute.

Try doing five second holds and release like a rep.

Do 15 five second holds while squeezing your core and your butt:)
Watch how much harder it it..

In life your core contracts one to two seconds at a time depending on what you are doing.
Mis step and it contracts.

So I think this move is more applicable to real life..

Isn't that the point of training? Make what you do outside the gym that much easier.

Train smart and have the best day ever:)


The only Four supplements you need.
1- Probiotic
2- multi vitamin
3- fish oil
4-protein powder

If you eat like crap your probably wasting your money on those if you are taking them.

Supplementing is just that. Supporting a good diet.

Let me know if you want to see what I use and how you get them at my price:)

[09/30/13]   Here's some facts to support my last posts..

According to the CDC we are not getting nearly enough nutrients, as only about 26.3% of the U.S. population is even eating more than 3 vegetable servings per day!

Another survey shows that the majority of Americans are eating vegetables less than 1.6 times per day. These statistics tell us that most of us are not getting anywhere CLOSE to eating the amount of fruits and vegetables that what we should be.

[09/30/13]   There is simply no better insurance policy than a good multi-vitamin and supplement regimen when it comes to living life at its best and avoiding disease.

Lots of debut on this.. For me I'm in the supplement properly camp.

There is no way you get all the vitamins and nutrients from your food, especially today's food.

I eat better than 90% of others and I still take my vits. It allows me to be better than just average.

Did you know that America is the number one country in terms of soil depletion? That's a sad fact..

Any other questions I would love to answer of if you like more info on my products please don't hesitate to drop me a message.

Stay fit and have the best day ever..


There is absolutely no substitute for running as the difference maker in your fitness.
Along with a quality strength program..

When my miles are around 25 miles per week my fitness level and my endurance are elevated big time:)

That's a combo of distance work, hills sprints and intervals.

Boxers do, strength work, jump rope, lots of core work and they log the miles..


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


The plan this morning was to go out for nice 7 mile run from my house.

Had to adjust after taking Alyssa to meet her friends. Ran around the Green Belt.

So awesome..
So grateful to live where I do and I am able to put one foot in front of the other..

Getting my miles back up, getting ready for racing season.

Love it!!


In my opinion the number one killer and the one thing that prevents us from being the healthiest we can be is stress. Health is an inside job and starts with thoughts.. Live for today.. Stay present..


The quickest way to sabotage your health is skipping meals..
Eat to fuel your body..

Btw, working out on an empty stomach in my view is an absolute no no!!

Your body needs something to burn off and will burn muscle if it doesn't have an immediate fuel source..

Find a snack that works for you.
I use hardboiled eggs, yams, fruit or some oatmeal..


Why I roll

Whatever your sport of choice is you create short tight muscles and tissue if you don't do something to balance that out.

Massage is the best way, rolling is a cost effective way to improve your performance, avoid injury and look and feel better.

If you are not you are actually doing yourself a disservice.

Below is Six major areas that need to be addressed or injury will occur and performance will suffer..
1- soleus, outer calf
2- quads
3-Iliotibial (it) band, outer thigh
4-psoas, core area
5- piriformis, butt
6- pectorals, chest

Anyone needing assistance on proper rolling form or who needs a roller please private message me..


Locked and loaded!!

The number one key in my opinion to weight lose, control or overall health is food prep and eating the majority of your meals at home..



After a day off (yes I said it) my body was ready to perform at a high level for me:)

5.5 mile run
1500 meters on the rower
Total body workout

Great breakfast, feeling strong and energized:)

What say you today??


In my opinion the most efficient and productive way to sculpt your body is with total body compound exercises.

Your body is one unit and should be trained that way.

Moves like, deadlifts, power cleans, squats, lunges, push ups and pull ups will give you a better return on your time and make you more powerful from the core on out..

Isolation exercises are inefficient and time consuming.

For example, opposed to doing a bicep curl which only works your upper arm. Pull-ups will work your back, shoulders, arms and core.

So I ask, how does having 20 inch biceps enhance the quality of your life?

Is it for health or your ego??

Would you rather move 25lb dumbbells or your body weight for better results??

If you are not a body builder and training to be on stage stay away from isolation exercises.


After three days in a row of training with yesterday being the toughest one, today I will listen to my body and take the day off.

So that means cleaner eating and active rest.
Like, rolling, walking or light stretching:)

When's the last time you took a day off?

Those are the ones that make a big difference. It's very easy to overtrain.

Are you sluggish, tired or unmotivated? Could be a sign that you are doing to much.

Balance is the key in life:)
With everything..


After two weekends of vacations and hard but good living, time to get back to I:)

Did eat simi clean and did a few workouts but not the same as home..

All good, weather is cooling off time to increase the miles.

Clean n lean..

What your plan?


Today's fitness check list:)
Remember your fitness starts from the inside:)

1- your thoughts. Great,positive, productive and thankful:)

2- diet. Clean, good portion of proteins, fats (good ones) and carbs,( mainly from fruits and veggies:)

3- workout. 4000 meters on the rower. 27 push presses at 105lbs, jump rope, 27 toes to bar for abs and 54 wall balls.

My reward was a fantastic massage by one of the best in town:)

I am one lucky guy, creating an awesome life!!


There are Four Doctors that if you visit them daily you would need no other:)

1- Dr Diet
2- Dr Quite, that's sleep n mindfulness
3- Dr Happy
4- Dr Movement

No charge for each visit but a large bill if neglected:)


Back from beautiful Telluride.

Time to get back to clean eating and time to hit the treadmill.

Clean n lean:)

What's your fitness plan for today?

3000 meter row and Crossfit yesterday.
Today, some speed work, 10/200 meter repeats..


You can't outrun a bad diet!!
Eventually it will catch up to you!

What would you add to this list?
There are many more:)


It's been rainy - but this picture is worth the rain - having an amazing time in telluride.

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