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She is passionate about sharing therapeutic tools to help connect breath, mind and body to live a healthier life. Beachbody Coach
500 RYT
Bachelors in Counseling (substance abuse and addiction)
NASM (Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach)

Hatha Yoga and Trauma informed Yoga

Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence—
Psalm 34:8 "Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him."

Operating as usual


“4week for everybody” with gut protocol is one of my favorites.
I’m on the 4th week!
(30 min, 4days for 4 weeks)
I went to the gym Mon, Tues and Wednesday. Today, I did Beachbody and will the rest of the week due to work, appointments, soccer, etc.

Business Site Home Page | dōTERRA Essential Oils 04/21/2022

Business Site Home Page | dōTERRA Essential Oils

Save $35 if you order products from now until June.
My must haves: Lavendar & Melaleuca (Tea Tree)
My Sons must haves: DigestZen & Terra Shield (bug repellant) & Breath.

Lately, my go to with allergens and dry skin is a combo of Lavender & Myrrh! I will be gifting some soon with my homemade skin and nail/cuticle repair.

Business Site Home Page | dōTERRA Essential Oils Discover how essential oils can transform the way you manage your health.


I’m 2weeks into 4 Week Gut health!
“Nutrition plus exercise”

Workouts are 30min and only on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.
Or you can pick but there’s only 4 workouts.

I realized I don’t need coffee everyday just on Mondays lol!

I love changing lives! Message me when you’re ready to start both a nutrition and fitness program that works!


I Started this week as a prep week but I'm actually doing the 4 week gut health. I tracked my weight and food yesterday. Today is a no coffee day, I had Matcha tea instead. I drank tumeric and lemon water first. I do not feel tired and I do not have a headache. I'm slightly missing my creamy stevia coffee lol! I really enjoyed the workout yesterday. It was a moderate pace with a quick contraction of the muscles and a slow release. That was a challenge to stay focused on slowing down and keeping resistance on the release.
I also used at the gym the Inbody scale which measures how much body fat and muscle I have. It even told me how much each leg, arm and torso weighs. This really puts things into perspective of how challenging it can be to move with too mush extra weight. I have a goal of 12lbs to loose. How did I gain 12lbs when I lost more than 35 lbs. I stopped getting on the scale and let my coffee, fruits and sweets get EXTRA! I was also not eating enough healthy fats. Back to measure out my Blue container 🙂
It is true that are gut affects our moods.
We go for a quick release of serotonin and this trains us that certain foods/drinks make us feel better.
We can turn it around a learn that healthy foods, spices, teas are in fact better for us than the coffee and sugar.
It takes time and learning!
I’ve worked with nutritionist and top of the line fitness and nutrition programs!
I get the stigma of MLM with beachbody! But seriously for the price, convenience, videos, workout programs and nutrition planning! CONSISTENCY is the KEY 🔑
I think they are the BEST!
Obviously, the best will be what you’re willing to do. I still go to the top of the line fitness center as well as other online platforms as a way to stay motivated to workout at home.
But it’s been 3 years and I get my results from following BOTH: nutrition and fitness programs with beachbody.


Started 645 today!
45 min exercise
6 days a week
1st day was great with 15 Reps and 4 Sets
“Take the first step”
“You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step!”

Official 645 Sample Workout | Amoila Cesar 12/19/2021

Official 645 Sample Workout | Amoila Cesar

Sample work out!
Starting 3 Jan 2022
6 days a week 45 min!

Official 645 Sample Workout | Amoila Cesar 645 TEST GROUP: ME: [email protected] TRY BOD:


Forearm stand after Barre class 😊


She copies peoples workouts at the gym 😂🔥

Chair Fit: Song: Felize Navidad By: Jose Navidad 12/10/2021

Chair Fit: Song: Felize Navidad By: Jose Navidad

Okay, I may have a whole class ready by next Wednesday 😊

Chair Fit: Song: Felize Navidad By: Jose Navidad

Jingle bells Alan Jackson 12/09/2021

Jingle bells Alan Jackson

So what have I been up too?
Teaching veterans in a chair.
They love to dance! I can free style but it’s a challenge to remember choreography so here is one I learned today 😊

Jingle bells Alan Jackson

Photos from Pearl's Fitness  & Wellness's post 12/03/2021

Invite a friend to class today!

Flow C 12/02/2021

Flow C

Quick run through of next weeks shortened B and Flow C 😊🙏💜

Flow C

Flow C 11/24/2021

Flow C

Love this song!
Ladder by Rick Pino

Flow C

Flow C 11/24/2021

Flow C

Flow C advanced
I literally just put music on and go for it!
Move, breathe, Flow

Flow C


Sorry not sorry! I was searching and no song seemed fitting.
fSC and Cathrine Mullins live 🎶
Next weeks class flow C

Flow B & C 11/03/2021

Flow B & C

Okay, I pieced the 3 videos together!

Flow B & C


“Watch last”
3rd flow with music 🎶
See previous videos for warm up and instructions to this sequence


“2nd Video”
3rd Flow
NO music 🎼

Get Ready for BODi – Coming this September! 09/03/2021

Get Ready for BODi – Coming this September!

Get Ready for BODi – Coming this September! Are you ready to experience the most exciting innovation in live-streaming fitness? Meet Beachbody On Demand Interactive (BODi). This new premium tier of BOD will feature live and on-demand classes providing an immersive and personalized group exercise experience from the convenience of your home. W...


9 Week Control Freak
Completed ✅
A little over 3 Months to finish!
Never quit, even if you give 1% that will add up!

One week off, next challenge is only 2 weeks or maybe a month depending on your time frame 😊

Beachbody On Demand Muuembership:


22 Hard Corp
13 Physical Training Classes
22 Minutes
Starting challenge
13 September 2021

Beachbody On Demand Membership:


Check out the new Cookies and Cream shakeology
Also if you buy the 645 challenge pack and complete it they will refund you $45 🙌🏼
That’s how sure they are of this program!
Also the new BODi is out with interactive workouts!
Login to your Beachbody accounts to see all the new stuff! 💜🙌🏼

645™ Sell Page:

Cookies & Creamy Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology:

645™ Beachbody On Demand® Shakeology® Challenge Pack:


Total body tone! (9WCF) Whats NXT!?


9week control freak another Tabata complete ✌️

Beachbody On Demand Membership:


9 more classes until next challenge!

Beachbody On Demand Membership:


Cura Collection

Doterra Cura Collection


10 more workouts left until the next challenge!
Let’s do this ☝️

Beachbody On Demand Membership:


“Beach body on Demand”
Stay fit on your on time and no expensive gym fees! $99 annual fee
Only a few weeks away from completing another program and looking forward to a new challenge
Next up 645

Beachbody On Demand Membership:


Today is my 1 year anniversary with Beachbody!
I managed to keep 35lbs of baggage off...
I feel better. More energy, clarity and less to no pain upon waking in the morning.
I feel great in my clothes and freedom to move with more grace and ease!
I visit these rooms every day!
What Beachbody gave me was the best tools for eating wise and variety of workouts!


Middle of the week hope everyone is staying strong and making memories! 🙌🏼


Time for a little 2 BUNNIES TUESDAY!
Today let’s touch on VEGGIES MOST! We all know that this is such a key piece of this program, but HOW can you make sure that your meals are packed full of veggies?
What I like to do is load up on “filler veggies” that help build volume - examples include cauliflower rice as a base to almost every dish, adding spinach into smoothies (you can’t taste it!) or even starting your lunch/dinner with a side salad before getting to the main course!
SHARE BELOW - what are some ways that you like to bulk up your meals and make sure that your plates are truly VEGGIES MOST?


"If you don't take care of your body, where else will you live?"​

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Total body tone! (9WCF) Whats NXT!?
Cura Collection




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