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EVO UltraFit


The abilities to help someone going for the gold or someone perhaps recovering from an injury or someone like me eho wants to able to downhill ski black runs when I am 85 years old. So I am working on my goal today16 years before thst fantastic run!

Jay, Charles and Jordan are great coaches, extremely knowledgeable. And Jay's science of using the ARP and POV for direct results is dimply brilliant!

Yes, I am a true believer. I only have to look at myself after nearly four years for proof. Either you go for it or you end up watching it; I have never been much of a spectator!
I absolutely love my career and I can't be more thankful to all who've helped me get here.

Check out how we work with some of the top sportsmen across all professional sports and the many other industries we operate in at evoultrafit.com.

EvoTraining teaches the human body as a whole to absorb and create huge forces while maintaining biomechanically efficient positions. This allows for the human body to be extremely injury and fatigue resistant at high levels of athletic performance.

EVO Ultrafit implements the system of training developed by Jay Schroeder that focuses on the way in which the body interacts with stimuli. By taking this approach to health, fitness, and performance it is possible to reach and surpass your goals quicker than with traditional strength and fitness training methodologies. The system uniquely evaluates and analyzes physiological traits to properly program and implement strategies to elicit desired responses to stimuli. It doesn't matter whether these responses manifest themselves as harder hits on the football field, decreases in body fat/ increases in lean muscle mass, or a healthier immune system that facilitates increased quality of life; it is all possible with the EVO Ultrafit system. The EVO Ultrafit system has been utilized by professional athletes in many different professional leagues including, but not limited to: NFL, NBA, MLB, ITF, NHL, PGA, LPGA, UFC, WTA, and olympic events.

Most strength and conditioning systems tend to focus only on certain pieces of what comprises athletic performance; this restricts an athlete from developing the necessary athletic qualities required to reach the athlete's highest potential. EvoTraining, on the other hand, forces an athlete to master the foundation of human movement; this allows an athlete the opportunity to develop, master, and in turn display the athletic qualities that are necessary for elite athletic performance.

Operating as usual


Congratulations to RIO Salado Swim Club on taking home the Arizona State title! Implementing EVO UltraFit protocols as their sole source of dryland training; paired with in pool swimming has continued to improve the RIO swimmers. In both Short Course and Long Course seasons throughout the year.

The culture of hard work and consistency is the “secret” to steady improvement, and ability for older swimmers to earn their higher education scholarships as they progress.


EVO Management’s Riley Stillman utilizing his skating to the highest level. Taking advantage of the full contact nature of the NHL.


EVO Management’s Sam Lafferty giving back during the Little Pittsburg Penguins skate.

As Quoted by Crosby; “ To see their smiles, that’s what it’s all about.”

#nhl #pittsburg


EVO Management’s Nick Ahmed is continuing to be a top MLB shortstop here in Arizona. Congratulations on your extension with the Arizona Diamondbacks

#SlickNick #EVONation #EVOUltrafit


Mat Barzal displaying what an EVO Management Client can do.

Earning the title of fastest skater in the NHL. A glimpse into what consistent and determined training can accomplish.
#NHLallstar #EVONation


Hard work leads to being prepared when your called upon to shine. EVO Management Sportman Malik Turner showing out on Monday nights. #EVONation #EVOsystem #nfl


Congratulations to EVO Management Client Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals on bringing home the first World Series Win to DC in 95 years.

Strasburg's diligence and consistency utilizing EVO UltraFit Management throughout the season with the support of the National's staff creates the environment for success. We all hope you enjoy your new Chevrolet Corvette MVP. #worldseries #nationals #mvp


Congratulations to hometown kid, @sam_lafferty18 on his first NHL goal! There’s nothin’ quite like it! #nhl #hockey #penguins #pittsburgh


One of our best friends and a long time client has been called up to the big team, the Pittsburgh Penguins in his NHL debut last night. He has trained with EVO UltraFit since high school, spent each summer here. Paid his dues in the AHL where he was a standout over the past two season. Went to the big team camp impressing them with his skating, fitness, strength, power and speed! They told him he had what it takes. Now he gets the chance. Got the call today! Congratulations Sam Lafferty. You deserve it. I and EVO is so very proud of you.


Champ Trophy selfies are in season with any Bethanie Mattek-Sands duo!
Keep up to speed on all things #GameSetMattek. Follow EVO UltraFit to help you find the solution many elite sportsmen and women use to stay at the top.
#wta #doubles #tennis #wimbledon #focus #beijing #china #chinaopen


Congratulations to Bethanie Mattek-Sands for winning the US Open Mixed Title. Beth is part of the first pair to successfully defend a US Open Mixed Doubles Title in 37 years. The consistent work and “being smooth to be fast” pays off!

Bethanie Mattek-Sands utilized EVO UltraFit Performance and Rehabilitation, preparing her to continue to be a dominant player in the ever changing world of professional tennis. EVO is a solution that many of the sports elite use to stay at the top of their sports.

Learn more about how EVO UltraFit can help you change the expectation of human performance #wta #usopen #doubles #mixeddoubles #wimbledon #tennisshoes #newyork #newyorkcity #open #mixed


Great times supporting those who are working diligently to reach higher levels of performance and inspire many along the way. @matteksands
The Man. The Myth. The Legend... I’ve been working with Jay for over 11 years and can tell you that he’s played a huge part in my trophy collection I have sitting in my house. I think surrounding yourself with people who see the best of what you are and what you can be is monumental.. and Jay has always challenged me to find my own greatness.. He’s seen me run when all I saw were crutches and surgery stitches and he’s seen me win matches when I haven’t been able to see myself playing. He pushes all his athletes to find their power and even when we can’t he knows how to bring it out of us. I’m grateful for Jay and his dedication to creating the best possible athlete AND believing in me. Here’s to us not being finished yet. #Leggo 👊🏼 #EvoUltraFit 💪🏼#GameSetMattek 🎾 #Grateful and #Inspired


Consistency in performance is a result of discipline and diligence. Qualities which EVO Management’s Robert Stock of the San Diego Padres excels in.
#EVONation #baseball #MLB

espn.com 03/20/2019

The rise of the two-way player: Is next Ohtani already out there?

EVO UltraFit Management Client Jared Walsh went from the starting right fielder to the ninth-inning reliever in the middle of that inning.

Read more from ESPN on how Jared is a part of the new breed of the MLB redefining what is capable in the sport.

#EVONation #mlb

espn.com A growing number of players are trying to make an impact in roles both on the mound and at the plate -- and it could become a trend.


Congratulations to EVO Sportsman @nickahmed13 you’re officially golden! #SlickNick #goldenglove


Congratulations to Ryan Madson one of our EVO Management Sportsmen and the Los Angeles Dodgers heading towards the 2018 World Series.

With this being Ryan’s third World Series appearance after winning both of the previous bouts. We look forward to seeing you stay consistent in your performance.


Wrapping up day three of training while the Cubs are in town. EVO Management’s Daniel Murphy and Nick Ahmed receiving some position cues from EVO System founder Jay Schroeder. Be sure to keep your eyes out for Nick Ahmed earning his Golden Glove nomination with Russian Lunges before he steps up to the plate!


From a year ago beginning EVO Rehabilitation to recover from her injury, then diligent and consistent EVO Training to prepare for the 2018 season. Champion Bethanie Mattek-Sands has put in the work and it continues to show. Congratulations to you and your partner Jamie Murry mixed doubles win! #evonation #usopen #tennis #mixeddoubles #champion #sports


Hard diligent work does pay off. It’s great to see EVO Management Client Nick Ahmed having a tremendous season! #EVONation #dbacks #goldenglove


Every day can be Wall Squat day. The best way to be prepared is to work hard together Bethanie Mattek-Sands #EVONation


Enjoying the Stanley Cup with EVO Client TJ Oshie at the end of a stellar 2017-2018 season. Last season ended on a high note and preparing for this season has already begun. Keeping your favorite players performing at their best consistently is the EVO Ultrafit way. Check out www.evoultrafit.com to see how the nature of sport and lifestyle preparation is evolving.


Taking home the Calder Memorial Trophy EVO Management Sportsman Barzal had quite the noticeable season.

Congratulations on the recognition and here’s to many more high performing seasons through neurological preparation.
#nhl #islanders


Straight from EVO Boys T.J.Oshie and John Carlson That looks like quite the welcome home parade for the NHL Champions to bring home the greatest Cup of all!


Congratulations to EVO Management Clients TJ Oshie and John Carlson of the Washington Capitals. It’s a once in a lifetime achievement to bring home a championship title for the first time in franchise history. As TJ Oshie has aptly said; being prepared beyond his competition is the greatest way to compete.

startribune.com 04/19/2018

As Wild, Jets grind their bodies suffer – and recover in new ways

“But Schroeder isn’t a hockey coach. Frankly, he doesn’t care what sport you play... He has one goal if you work with him: to wring every drop of potential he can out of your body.”
Star Tribune Star Tribune Sports

Be sure to read the latest article featuring EVO UltraFit President Jay Schroder and our Minnesota Wild Management Clientele.

startribune.com North Score: Jay Schroeder is not a typical physical trainer you'd see in a team locker room. He works to maximize the players' potential using a training method based on Russian techniques.


Pregame preparation isn’t limited to just taking a nap. Washington Capitals T.J. Oshie with some 1 on 1 with EVO UltraFit’s Jay Schroeder
#hockey #nhl #EVONation


Excited to be back at MAP Hockey here in Minnesota. Training the professionals of today and rising stars of tomorrow


It's always a great time working hard utilizing EVO UltraFit RTS Training with some of the EVO UltraFit NHL Management Clients.


All that preparation pays off! Congratulations to EVO Management Client Ryan Madson for hitting 100mph for the 1st time in his career. Ryan is proving that age is just a number as he continues to his improve baseball throwing velocity to 100mph just weeks before his 37th birthday
#EVONation Washington Nationals


Check out EVO UltraFit Management Clients Joe Thornton & Brent Burns of the @sanjosesharks on the 2017 cover of @espn Body Issue.

Thank you to @espn for recognizing all of the hard work and dedication with in the EVO RTS System they have put into their bodies and beards.

#EVONation #bodyissue

washingtonpost.com 07/21/2017

How a teammate’s landlord saved Nationals reliever Ryan Madson’s career

The story behind Ryan Madson's return to the MLB through the Reflex Transition Stimulus Training of EVO UltraFit at the Washington Post .
#EVONation Washington Nationals

washingtonpost.com The reliever attributes his late-career resurgence mostly to an electric therapy machine and a personal trainer he met by happenstance.


Congratulation to Coach SheriAnne for the 3rd place finish in the Ultra Adventures 100 mile Bryce Canyon Endurance Race. Great to see that EVO UltraFit RTS helped you prepare for the 100 mile and 20,000ft of elevation. We know that you were worried about preparing for this race without running or conditioning. Your ability to run faster, more efficiently, decrease in pain, and the ability to function like a normal human being after the race says it all.
#EVONation #RTS #ReflexTransitionStimulation PRS FIT


Way to go Ryan. You worked hard for this.

We know you’re just as excited as we are to see EVO Management Client Ryan Madson suit up for the Washington Nationals


We know you’re just as excited as we are to see EVO Management Client Ryan Madson suit up for the Washington Nationals


It’s always a great time having EVO Management Athlete Justin Faulk training in the facility. Even more so when he comes bearing gifts!

Easton Hockey

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