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Operating as usual

Photos from Mana Fitness's post 01/29/2022

Mapped track. Vs actual track. Ended up being 6.87miles tracked Vs 10km/6.21milss


Movement Monday with this lil circuit


Happy Monday Everyone!!!!


Quick shoutout to Robin.
He started his New Years resolution to lose some weight in midst of holiday season and in one month he’s down 5lbs.
Now to crush his goals and keep up that healthy weight loss pace.

Photos from Mana Fitness's post 01/01/2022

First workout of 2022.
And later today will be my first run
Let’s start the new year right and kick off those goals not resolutions.
Most people tend to give up on resolutions.
So if you turn those resolutions into goals will help you succeed when we’ve all failed at some point or another.

Photos from Mana Fitness's post 12/30/2021

Currently wanting my AZ home race to be more fun vs competitive.
So im looking to find some friends who want to do the Sunday Sprint.
If you’re in DM me. I can get you a 10% discount code when you sign up.


First race of the year is set.
is gonna get some usage this year.
Double Trifecta (maybe triple) And a couple Trail races here I come.
New Years goal 1 race a month 😁
Wish me luck

Photos from Mana Fitness's post 12/24/2021

Xmas Eve meditation hike. It’s cold and wet. My least favorite weather conditions. But putting yourself in conditions that aren’t favorable builds adaptation. Be it strength, endurance, stamina, resilience or mental toughness.
Be open to change. To open to adaptation. And let your growth thrive.

Still a a couple openings left open for new clients.
DM me for more information


Got my assistant coach with me today


Grip training with a rope. Since my hand slipped in the rope climb at my last spartan race. And slightly tore up my hand. I need to regain that strength for my next race.


Shout out to for crushing it today on his strength test.
PRs on Everything!!!!!!!
Chest press 205lbs. Barbell Squat 275lbs. Pulldown 200lbs. Deadlifts 225lbs. Shoulder press 130lbs.
Keep up the great work!!!!!!!


Long post. So sorry.

I wish I could tell my clients/friends that there’s an easy way to lose way and get a healthier life.

But the truth is, changing bad health habits that are instilled in us by our own society is a challenge.

If you think working out alone, or cardio alone is going to get results, maybe short term- yes, but long term you need to look at your lifestyle as a whole.

From work, play, working out, eating, and mental and physical health.

But the main key is consistency.

To get where I am comfortable in my own body took years of consistent workouts, dietary eating habit changes to find what works best for me (crash/ fad diets don’t work).

Together we can get your on to a better road to where you want to be. I can teach you fitness if the gym is completely new/ or re-educate you in what you’re doing; guide you towards better eating habits through macros and food portioning; and keep you on track by holding you accountable for what you’re doing and eating.

I do have some morning availability and early afternoon openings if you’re wanting to kick start your New Years goals early.

DM me your goals and phone number and we can go from there.

Let’s make 2022 a happier and healthier.


Day after Birthday Cake Workout


Practicing her stays.


Shoulder and arm day finisher.
My arms are now dead after three small sets of this rope climb.


Keep it moving Dani Boone


Rise and shine everyone.
Hope y’all had a great weekend. And I hope you have a great week.
If you haven’t make it a priority today and move.
Be it run. Walk. Workout. Swim. Just move today and everyday at least 45min a day


When your tendinitis is acting up. But you still want to get a decent push day In. So you go light.
My back in the mirror tho looks huge


A transformation doesn’t mean a complete change. Changes doesn’t encompass just weight loss but also weight gain. Changes can be gradual. And some changes can’t be seen on the surface. This can be strength and endurance, to mental growth and mental toughness.
This past weekend started my bout to earn my again. And this year (right side) I was faster than I was 7years ago (left side).
Don’t let anyone else diminish your successes, especially not yourself (cuz we all can be our own worse critics)
Celebrate the small victories as much as we celebrate the big victories.
And always strive to be better than you were.

Photos from Mana Fitness's post 10/23/2021

Lovely morning stroll/hike/walk in the south mountain foothills


Only a few more running sessions before my spartan race double header weekend. A Spartan Super and Spartan Sprint back to back days.


Awesome Job for a new Personal Record. *t
205lbs/93kg Hex Bar deadlift


RDL Rows / Romanian Deadlift Row / Deadlift Row Complex
Build a stronger posterior muscles - Upper back (traps,delta), mid back (last and rhomboids), lower back, hamstrings and glutes
Adds coordination and stabilization
For strength and conditioning training and nutrition guidance DM me.
Get started on that summer body now before it’s too late.
Build better habits through the holiday season


Even tho this was my workout from Thursday. Go hard into the weekend and finish the week on a high note for yourself.


Just cuz it’s Friday doesn’t mean you slack off still. Get up and Move


Stiff Leg deadlifts (going all the way to the ground) superset with Kicksits.


My fitness journey has not always been consistent.
I was fit. Then fat. Now fit again. And now even more fit than I used to be.
No ones fitness journey is the same. You can have ups and downs. Don’t pressure yourself to being constantly perfect.


Hang In there it’s only Tuesday.
- Arms and Core day for these two guys
- Hanging Knee Tucks
- Overhead Tricep Extensions
- High Cable Curls


Sunday sweat and flex. Post HIIT selfie.


Tuesday Technique:
Just because you are doing a regressed or “easier” version of an exercise doesn’t mean anything against your own strengths and abilities.
You are working safely within your own means without risking re-injury, injury, or harm to yourself.
Burpee Ball Slams require a decent amount of concentration and full body mobility.
If you’re unable to do the pushup on the ball or jump squat with it, don’t do it, add one or the other in, or leave them both out.
You’re still putting in the effort and work to work towards your goals.


Saturday morning sunrise run on the bike path


111F/43.8C mid run selfie.


Powering through the week.
Keeping the body moving with transverse movements (rotational and twisting).


No last minute preparation for our hot girl summers.
Consistency is key.
Keep at it all year round.


Standing Cable Chest Press for strength and stabilization.
People with lower back issues (poor form, pain, herniated, bulging discs) can feel discomfort sometimes while seated and/or laying down when working out or relaxing.
So working out your core and global stabilizers while working on strength for a muscle group (in this case chest) to increase overall strength and stability

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