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Burch's Karate


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Burch's Karate has you covered!! Join Karate Bill and do Virtual Martial Arts Training from your home!

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Big thanks goes out to our Hawkfest 2020 High Flying Sponsor, Burch's Karate! Thanks so much for your support. Check them out at http://burchskarate.com/
Thank you so much for the great breakfast for our staff today! Burch's Karate Einstein Bros. Bagels

Welcome to our Burch's Karate Page! We are more than punching and kicking!

Operating as usual


After a great day of education at the MAIA Elite conference I went to the gym & Sammy went to the pool!! Just sayin...lol


Sammy is a fantastic Instructor and has been doing Karate with me since he was 4&1/2 years old. He is my guest at the MAIA Elite Karate conference in Orlando. Learning so much and having fun like always!!


On my way to Orlando for another great Martial Arts Conference. I will be networking with hundreds of successful Dojo owners from around the country. Always learn a lot and try to constantly improve. I am flying Sensei Sammy out tomorrow to join me.


Burch’s Karate is a proud Partner in Education with the Paradise Valley Schools. Our After School 2 Week Course raised $500 for Quail Run Elementary! Thank You to all that participated and helped your school. Everyone had Karate fun at the same time.


A little to the left...that tickles!! Lol


Fun Chanbara sword sparring at the Dojo. Black Belt and Masters Club members LOVE it!!


I was at Sky Crossing Elementary visiting all the kids during PE with Mrs. Brachard. So much FUN! Starting March 1st I will begin a 2 week after school Karate Fundraiser. If your kids had fun with me at PE let them do more right after school on campus. 100% of the money will go to Sky Crossing Elementary. Hope to have a HUGE turnout. #skycrossing


Great Black Belt Club Teen/Adult class last night. Modern ARNIS Drills and plenty of room in the Dojo now!! Dojo expansion is complete 😎


Karate Bill is with PE Coach Bradach and all the kids at Sky Crossing Elementary today. On Tuesday March 1st the 2 weeks After School Karate Fundraiser begins right here at Sky Crossing Elementary. 100% of the money for the classes will go to Sky Crossing Elementary. The kids will have a blast so parents get them signed up today!!
#skycrossingelementarypto #skycrossingelementary #karatebill #burch’s karate


This is why you don’t bully people and mess with ladies. She smacks him HARD on a pressure point called stomach 5. Lights OUT!!!


Creativity is how we make new things to share with the people around us! There are many forms of creativity. Art is creativity. Scientific inventions are creativity. This month at Burch’s Karate our students will learn that when using imagination, we can come up with many things to create! #LessonOfTheMonth #February2022 #karatebill #kidskaratephoenix #karatephoenix


Wise and TRUE!!


At the Dojo cleaning the Windows....FREE MIYAGI lessons for any students today!! Lol


At Quail Run Elementary with my buddy Coach Hoffman. Half Day today so I get to see every grade level. Next Friday starts the After School Karate Bill Fundraiser. Hope to see lots of Quail Run Kids participating. #quailrunpta


We will have classes today at Burch's Karate. Be motivated by this courageous leader to always do what you believe is right not just popular or easy.
“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a GREAT way.” - Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKDay2022


Who saw season 4 of Cobra Kai?? That was my New Years Eve party....wooo hooo


It’s a New Year and many of us make resolutions to better ourselves. Our word of the month is Motivation. Stay motivated and see your life change in positive ways. Remember a Black Belt is just a White belt that stayed motivated and NEVER QUIT!


This month at Burch’s Karate our students are learning about Motivation. Every January, many people like to set challenges for themselves in the year ahead. It’s easy to say what your goals are, but you need motivation to keep following them throughout the year! #LessonOfTheMonth #January2022 #karatebill #karatephoenix #martialartsphoenix #kidskaratephoenix


Dojo expansion update...The walls are going up and in a few weeks will be completed!


Watched episode 1 of Cobra Kai season 4 and it is AMAZING!! Can’t wait till December 31st to binge watch the season!! #cobrakaiseries #cobrakai


Just watched Episode 1 of Season 4 of Cobra Kai soooo awesome!! @cobrakaiseries #cobrakaiseries


They have a Q&A with the cast after the episode. I am gonna ask why Karate Bill isn’t on the show!! Any other questions you want me to ask?


The Dojo Lobby is opening up!! Progress is happening :-)


Sporting my new Cobra Kai sweatshirt my daughter got me for Christmas. Tonight I get to watch Cobra Kai episode one of season 4 tonight because I am Karate Bill 🙂 They also have a Q & A after the screening.


Dojo Walls come tumbling down!! The expansion continues and once completed it will be FANTASTIC. We can't wait to see everyone again starting January 3rd 2022!! Happy New Year to everyone :-)


My daughter taught me a Tick Tock dance Christmas Eve. It is NOT a Kata!! Looking for a Million likes & shares!! So I can be a Tick Tocker


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Burch’s Karate. Enjoy this time with Family and Friends. We appreciate you all and are so grateful you are part of our Karate Family!


Some Black Belt Club students showing some Nunchuck skills at our Belt Graduation Event December 18th 2021.


Some beginner students demonstrating a move for the crowd at the Belt Graduation.

Photos from Burch's Karate's post 12/23/2021

What an AMAZING Belt Graduation we had on Saturday December 18th 2021. Everyone did spectacular demonstrating their Karate skills.
Many were not able to attend with Holiday events etc. March will be our next Belt Graduation so be ready to start up January 3rd to be ready!!
Congratulations to everyone that advanced in belt rank. Keep it up you are one step closer to Black Belt.


The suite next to the Dojo is opening up. Progress!!


More progress is happening with the great Dojo expansion!


Getting ready to get ready

Burch’s Karate

Welcome to Burch’s Karate!

In 1986, Bill Burch established Burch's Karate in the town of Minooka, Illinois. After spending to many cold winters in the Chicago area, he and his wife, Tammy, decided to sell everything and venture off into the sunny state of Arizona. In July of 2000, they relocated and reopened Burch's Karate in Scottsdale. In August of 2010, they relocated to their current location in Phoenix.

Sensei Burch has Black Belts under three of the most famous Martial Arts Masters in the world: George Dillman, Remy Presas and Wally Jay. Sensei is an expert and Grandmaster (8th degree Black Belt) in the art of Kyusho Jitsu (one second fighting). Sensei teaches seminars all over the country as well as Europe. Black Belts and Masters from around the globe have studied under Sensei Burch.

Sensei Burch is featured in all five of George Dillman's books:
​Kyusho-Jitsu: The Dillman Method of Pressure Point Fighting
Advanced Pressure Point Fighting of Ryukyu Kempo
Tuité Advanced Pressure Point Grappling
Pressure point Karate Made Easy: A Guide to the Dillman Pressure Point Method for Beginners and Younger Martial Artists.
Humane Pressure Point Self-Defense: Dillman Method for Law Enforcement, Medical Personnel, Business Professionals, Men, and Women.

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3141 E Beardsley Rd, Ste 115
Phoenix, AZ

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Monday 4pm - 8pm
Tuesday 4:30pm - 8pm
Wednesday 4:30pm - 8pm
Thursday 4pm - 8pm
Saturday 11am - 1pm

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