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The gym will be open again in no time! Stay swole #fitfam!

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How would you like to BURN FAT and BUILD MUSCLE while still eating all of your favorite foods straight through the Holidays?

I bet your answer is a big, HECK YES!

So how can I make such a bold claim?

Reason #1 - Because my methods are tested and proven!

Through a unique and CUSTOMIZED plan created specifically for you and ONLY you, you’ll have a confident peace of mind knowing that you will never feel guilty for indulging in Holiday party foods or having a drink!

Reason #2 - The Holidays should be FUN and exciting, not boring and bland...

The very LAST thing that you should be worrying about is packing on the pounds.

So no matter what your schedule is, whether you workout at home or in a gym, even if you aren’t doing ANYTHING active right now, this program IS for you!

From A-Z, your complete plan for an epic transformation from the months of November through January will be 100% customized for you.

Check out the link to sign up: http://mindsetfitness.net/holiday-transformation

Only 15 spots open! 😱😉👍🏼

Happy #FlexFriday everyone!

It's a perfect day to smash arms for the second time this week, only fueled by @BPI_sports 1.M.R!

Even with only two weeks to go till I step on stage again and low calories or not, EVERY workout matters, so it's time to get pumped!

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https://goo.gl/fNWl6J Code MITCHMU

Annnnd of course in honor of breast cancer awareness month, I'm rocking pink👌🏼😜

#whatup #liftinpink #breastcancerawareness
#BPIsports #BPIathlete

Want to learn how to build the quads OPTIMALLY? Check out my latest video on the Leg Extension!



NEW SITE IS LIVE! http://mindsetfitness.net/

If you're looking to build muscle or lose fat, this is your starting point. Take advantage of my FREE programs to dominate your next month of workouts :)

New blog content will be coming soon, so quick question: WHAT ARE SOME SUBJECTS THAT YOU'D LIKE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT?


- How to structure your meal timings for fat loss
- The perfect post workout shake
- The difference between lifting heavy vs. volume

Let me know!


Back and Leg Workout (#1 Reason Why You Aren't Building Muscle!)

Want to learn how to contract your back properly for your next workout? Watch this...


CLICK HERE to see this workout program: http://tinyurl.com/mindsetNNMB20 Never deal with lagging muscles ever again! Welcome to Muscle Camp! To get Mitch's F...

So I've been getting a lot of "What the heck?!" type emails about Vince Del Montes new No Nonsense Muscle Building Program:

"$10? Is that a typo?"

No typo.

"This sounds too good to be true..."

It's true... the party ends tonight.

Click Here To Get Instant Access To The Brand-New No-Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0: Gene Expression Training to Increase Testosterone, Leanness and Mass Now for only $10!



Which is better for YOU, heavy weights or lighter weights for building muscle?

Find out by taking this short quiz!

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Slow Twitch

My good friend Vince Del Monte is giving away a FREE bonus for the next 24 hours! CHECK IT!

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The HRT(z)ONE:

The Ultimate Single Set Pre-Workout Lactate Protocol To Increase
Growth Hormone, Leanness and Mass!

HRT(z)ONE is a single set (hence “ONE”) of Hypertrophy Recomposition Training (HRT; meaning this protocol releases hormones that help build muscle and burn fat), that puts you into the HURT ZONE in record time.

Go grab it while you can!




Have you tried every workout there is but you’re still not making any gains?

Take this 27 second quiz to find out why you're not gaining muscle.

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Do you know your muscle fiber type? Do you think you would achieve faster and easier results if your workouts were CUSTOMIZED to your muscle fiber type?

Take the 27-Second Muscle Fiber Type Quiz to find out!

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Once you complete the quiz, you'll know your muscle fiber type and exactly how to adjust your training to optimize your genetics! Sweet right?!


The RESULTS speak louder than words.

Put in work!!

👉🏽FREE report: 10 Unconventional Arm Training Methods for MASS! Http://Mindsetfitness.net/

Almost stage time! ONE DAY TO GO.

Be sure to follow me on snapchat this weekend (MitchMuller1) as I'll cover everything I'm doing leading up to the show and the FOOD after!

Love you guys, thanks so much for the support this entire prep 💪🏼😊👊🏼💢

#MindsetFitness #MindsetMovement


"It's when you're giving of yourself, giving of your time, your talents, your energy, your focus, and your attention and you bring value to other people's lives that you get to experience the greatest joy and sense of abundance." - Vince Del Monte

We believe at @Modus_Apparel that when you FEEL better, you DO better, and therefore become better as a whole.

I've been blessed to represent this company in so many ways, but the one that stands out the most to me is the vision of empowering others by what we do daily - our example in the work we put forth.

This movement isn't about you or me, or even apparel...it's about US working together for the same goal!

#ModusLife @Jonboles

ModusApparel.com - use CODE "Mitch10" at checkout!

"It's when you're giving of yourself, giving of your time, your talents, your energy, your focus, and your attention and you bring value to other people's lives that you get to experience the greatest joy and sense of abundance." - Vince Del Monte

We believe at @Modus_Apparel that when you FEEL better, you DO better, and therefore become better as a whole.

I've been blessed to represent this company in so many ways, but the one that stands out the most to me is the vision of empowering others by what we do daily - our example in the work we put forth.

This movement isn't about you or me, or even apparel...it's about US working together for the same goal!

#ModusLife @Jonboles

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Can you gain muscle and burn fat at the same time?

Join in on my conversation with Vince DelMonte and Eric who add their perspective to this hotly debated topic and have some really great tips that will give you the BEST CHANCES of achieving this challenging goal.

>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KbzBqKH1dE

And if you think it's "impossible" to achieve these two goals at the same time, then you need to watch this video more than anyone...

#MindsetMovement #ModusLife

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For those who are seeking to build muscle BUT you are currently over 12% body fat - I am going to tell you what I would tell ANY new client of mine with the same goal:

Your HORMONES are king. Therefore optimizing testosterone production (aka getting to a lower body fat percentage FIRST) will help you build more muscle in the long term!

No I will not start you on a "muscle building" program. We will DESTROY your fat first and then watch as your muscle increases before our eyes! (slightly exaggerated but you get my point ;))

#EducateandDominate #MI40 #Mi40life #MindsetFitness

Learn more: http://mindsetfitness.net/coaching

"He gives power to the weak, and increases the strength of him who has no might." - Isaiah 40:29

I started #MindsetFitness with one major goal above all: to provide HOPE for a greater future through fitness and building muscle, that all points towards God, not ourselves.

This industry is often filled with egos, selfishness and a "me me me" mentality, but that's not the future that I see for us.

I see leadership. I see the younger generation rising up for truth, honesty and loyalty. I see us providing value FIRST above all.

I see comradery and businesses working TOGETHER and not against each other.

I see an industry to embodies the spirit of GIVING BACK.

I see humility and selflessness.

I see a new #MindsetMovement that is about to take over!

If you believe in these things as strongly as I do, please share this post, tag your friends and use the hashtag #MindsetMovement with any of your posts that apply! I want to see and share them!

PS - had to sneak in a kiss from bae, AKA my lovely @SkyKinz 💪🏼😍😘

Be so focused on your dream that it empowers you.

That it moves you forward from a dead hault.

That it builds your faith, shapes your character and forces you to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

That it leaves all fear and doubt in the dust.

That your PURPOSE becomes your lifeline.

That weakness doesn't exist for you anymore.

That the power of your mind sees no limitations.

That you own EVERY. DAMN. DAY.


#Leadbyexample #MindsetFitness

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What are the BEST macros to use when trying to gain muscle?

Try out these standards:

Protein: 1g/lb/body weight per day

Carbs: 1g/lb on OFF DAYS, 2g/lb on UPPER BODY days, 3g/lb on LEG DAYS

Fats: Start at 0.4g/lb/day and increase weekly to help move the scale upwards!


Grab your free muscle building guide at: MindsetFitness.net

#motivationmonday #nofilter


It's the small adjustments over time combined with consistent work that helps to produce the final product.

There's no settling for average or second best. Being normal SUCKS.

I won't accept that and neither should you! Time to rise and grind!



Are you short on time? Need a quick workout? Are you looking for a quick way to bring up your arms?

>> Get ready to get BIGGER arms in 2 Moves! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8G9AOUpzKs

Here's what's so cool about this workout:

✔ You can do this workout at home.
✔ This will take 10 -15 minutes to do
✔ You can do these as touch up sets
✔ You can incorporate them at the end of the day
✔ Or you can do them first thing in the morning.

Once again I'm hanging with the man himself, Mr. Vince Del Monte and the lovely @Skykinz!

Ever heard of training specifically for your genetic muscle fiber type?

BRAND NEW Intense shoulder workout video is up on YouTube with my good friend and WBFF pro Vince DelMonte!


If you really want to bring up your delts, be sure to pay close attention to what we're doing on the third shoulder exercise which is a new one I haven't shared yet!

As always, be sure to pay close attention to the "Max Contraction Cues" because it's not only what you do but how you do it! Right?

No need for a ton of weight here. Leave the ego at the door and squeeze those delts!

#MotivationMonday #MindsetFitness

This vision is bigger than one person, and I'm PUMPED to be a part of it!

Our largest drop ever will be going live this Wednesday at 9:00am MST!

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A little over 16 weeks ago when Heather and I sat down to map out her complete contest prep, I never expected how much dedication and pure desire that I would witness from her!

She never questioned the workout plans or meal plans I gave her. She never complained about working hard. She literally gave 100% to her goal EVERY SINGLE DAY.

16 weeks and 30lbs later, she took the stage for the first time, placed, and accomplished her goal!

Heather I could not be more proud of your work ethic and pure drive to succeed. You've inspired not just me as your coach but SO MANY MORE who have seen your progress over this time!


For detailed fat loss programming just like Heathers, email me at [email protected] to apply!


Burn Fat Build Muscle Workout (450% MORE CALORIES BURNED THAN CARDIO!)

Use this killer workout at the end of your muscle-building sessions to torch fat, FAST!


g24k.shareme.online Intense burn fat build muscle workout to rapidly obliterate fat and build rock hard muscle at the same time.

Cheat meal anyone?!

Good tip for cheats: make sure to plan them at times when your body will aim to use most of the nutrients present. Post Workout is one of the BEST times!

Also taking in less calories or adding in extra cardio the days before your cheat will ensure that some of your glycogen stores are depleted, leaving room for the influx of carbs about to poor in!

#EducateandDominate #MindsetFitness

Learn more at Http://Mindsetfitness.net/ 💪🏼

I remember people were calling me nuts for training my arms 3 days in a row. "That's overtraining!" "You're doing too much!"

How about when I put an inch on my arms in only 4 weeks? Now they want to know what I did.

I love sharing my training secrets and strategies with you guys, so in light of my crazy arm gains, I've put together a FREE 💥Anabolic Arms💥 Report that you can download right now from


It's my gift to you, so spread the knowledge and let me know how you like it! 💪🏼😊 ITS GROW TIME!

#AnabolicArms #MindsetFitness

Guaranteed Muscle Growth with One Weird Workout Technique | Mi...

MUSCLE CAMP is officially here!

It's been a long time coming, and as you may know, one of my main goals through Mindset Fitness is to help educate YOU on the proper ways to execute your workouts, optimize your muscle contractions and get EYE-POPPING results!

After using these techniques, people will literally come up to you at the gym, grocery store or wherever you hang out and ask you what you're doing.

The only question is, do you want to share your secrets with them?? ;)

Watch this video for a brand new technique that will SKYROCKET your gains in the gym!

The body is a true work of art! Beast and Beauty ;) Thanks for the fun photoshoot Calvin!

Photo Credit: Dream Digital Photography

TRICEPS TRAINING TIP: Your muscle is weakest at its extreme range of motion, both the fully contracted position and the fully lengthened position.

Train these parts of the strength curve FIRST to bring up weak areas and maximize growth!

Exercise shown: Duel Rope Pushdowns w/ shoulder joint EXTENDED behind you.

#MindsetEducation #Knowtogrow #MindsetFitness #MuscleCamp

Shredz Supplements takeover at FitLife 120 here in AZ!!

Brand new Cinnamon Bun Protein Bars were the hit of the night!

Check em out: http://tinyurl.com/hvntjqs


What a gorgeous day it is in Phoenix! Pool weather is officially here

Soaking up dat sunnn and living large!

Of course an amazing day like this would be complete unless I had a bunch of @BUFFBAKE flavors to choose from!
I literally have one with me everywhere I go...JUST IN CASE.

Brand new BIRTHDAY CAKE Almond Butter is my favorite by far. Head over to http://buffbake.com/ and use code: BUFFBAKEMITCH for 10% off‼

#spreadthefit #poolsidegainz #buffbaketribe


Muscle Camp is here! Stay tuned for footage soon to be released. All new info for our next muscle camp will be posted on:


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