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For the last 13 years, Rebecca Fritz and her family have built a strong yoga community in our neighborhood through their business, Sutra Studios . Offering a simple but thoughtful approach to natural healing practices and a fun, comfortable space to learn, Sutra is a warm invite to a positive lifestyle.

Our intern from the Bioscience High School, Drohan Lord, recently received the opportunity to connect with Rebecca and put together a blog post about her business and impact on this community.

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This week on enjoy an indoor poolside adventure at Sutra Studios! Experience Central Flow w/ Rebecca, Summertime Beats w/ Matt, and seasonal Gooood Vibrations at this festive summer party!
For the first time in Phoenix, re-live your “younger years” and see your favorite The Animaniacs characters sing live on stage in Animaniacs in Concert at The Madison Center for the Arts!
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July is National Park and Recreation month!

Celebrate by participating in FREE virtual summer programs that start Tuesday. Register:

These activities are made possible thanks to a collaboration with AARP Arizona, and presented in partnership with Energized By Exercise With Lauren Saks and Sutra Studios.
FREE Virtual summer programs begin during the first week of July. Register:

These activities are made possible thanks to a collaboration with AARP Arizona, and presented in partnership with Energized By Exercise With Lauren Saks and Sutra Studios.
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Immersive & Interactive Wellness With a decade of experience and an industry leader we aim to serve those who crave more.

Our edgy and sophisticated delivery introduces an elite alternative for anyone looking to make lasting change in their life. Whether a beginning student, an advanced practitioner, or somewhere in-between, our proven methods will having you falling in love with taking care of yourself.

Operating as usual


Your inner body is formless, limitless and unfathomable. When you detach from form a deeper sense of peace arises and within this stillness a subtle nudge of awareness reveals glimpses into the thoughts of true self. In-between those thoughts -- you find your Innerspace.

Bliss Out
Wed Jun8 730pm
See you at Sutra!!


Sat. Jun 11

Sat. Jun 25

Love how you want, LOVE WARRIOR! A celebration of human connection, acceptance, togetherness and diversity. Honoring Pride Month as we navigate thru playful sensations and meaningful self discovery.

Intentional Movement
Guided Meditation
Sacred Love Ritual
Sound Healing
Live DJ

Within the "LOVE is LOVE" Art Exhibit

Sat. Jun 11. 7pm
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Happy Hips
Central Flow
Mon. Jun6. 6pm

Don't be such a square and start being hip! This delicious flow will give you around the world movement in your hips - rotating the front, back and sides of this powerhouse joint. Suck that, painful hips.

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*Jake Chillen'haal*
What would Jake do!? Enjoy the ultimate in pampered relaxation and legendary leisure with celebrity-style recreation and a sooooothing voyage of deeeeeep tranquility. Chill vibes mandatory.

Tranq Flow 🌈
Tue Jun07 730pm
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Full Moon Party
Tue Jun14 7pm

June's Full Moon in Sagittarius represents your higher mind and will assist you in becoming fully aware of what is lacking in life. The Sagittarius Super Moon symbolizes the quest for meaning and ideas in the “here and now" and will spark your sense of adventure. Something has been building inside of you and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos demands that you let it out.

Mindful Movement
Guided Meditation
Super Moon Ritual
Live DJ

Inside our 'LOVE is LOVE' Art Exhibit


Good as Hell

Happy Saturday!!


Central Flow

Fierce and confident the Warrior moves thru their day. Humble yet direct, they seem to glide atop the surface of conflict with a sense of purpose and a twinkle in their eye. Saddle up, it is Warrior playtime

Sat. Jun04. 12pm
See you at Sutra!!


Because it Feels Good to Feel Good. Our dynamic approach of infusing your selfcare with wicked good times helps you begin living your Life on Purpose and embrace the concept of Radical Self Love.


Monthly Embodiment
I ❤ ME

Wed. Jun 01. 6pm

Embrace the mindset that self-acceptance comprises the critical fabric for a healthy and happy existence. Cast away the desires of conformity and live this moment in the ultimate state of radical self-love. You are here for you - eff the rest!


Monthly Book Club

When a good book ends the conversation begins. Discover new books and authors in our monthly literary meetup.

'The Dictionary of Lost Words' by Pip Williams

MON. JUN 06. 730PM


June Schedule

June Schedule
!! Booyah !!


Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for the fabulous month of May. The movements, the intentions, the growth, the awareness, the art, the music, the togetherness -- everything, just incredible. We focused on BLOOM and allowing, inviting and sparking change in our gardens of life and you all did tremendously well with planting the seeds of exciting new opportunities!! Heart swelling.

We are off for the holiday weekend to recoup but we are already looking forward to the month of June celebrating National PRIDE Month. Excited to focus this community's powerful love vibe on acceptance, oneness and unity with stimulating new events and unique classes.

June's schedule is online and ready to reserve. See you at Sutra!!





Thu. May 26. 7pm

Dreaming of warm sunny days and explosive colors within the whimsical world of joyous spring. A celebration of growth and rebirth as we navigate you thru the playful sensations of meaningful self discovery.

Intentional Movement
Rebirth Guided Meditation
New Beginnings Ritual
Blooming Wonderland Art Installation
Live DJ & Giveaways

Tickets Onlne
Reservations Required


Mindset Moment Energy Shift


FREE Seminar
Habits for Success
Be That Girl

It is time for you to become the girl that you came here to be and start living the dream that you have always imagined. Everything you thought you knew about manifestation and creating your life on purpose - will change. Your shift takes place when you discover the missing link between who you are and who you want to be. Step into yourself and 'Be That Girl'

Wed. May 25. 6pm


When we pulled our tarot asking for some clarification on our purpose is this lifetime -- COMMUNITY

So perfect!! It is a joyful privilege to assist in maintaining the health and happiness of our community!!

"When you are able to shift your inner awareness to how you can serve others, and when you make this the central focus of your life, then you will be in a position to know true miracles in your progress toward prosperity" ~ Wayne Dyer

Love you all, M&R


Simmer Down
Tranq Flow
Tue. May 24. 730pm

The art of "simmering down" has been passed down from our ancestors on high. This ancient act is to simmer ones self control and to keep ones peace of mind at a controlled state. Heed the advice of our archaic past and utilize this flow to simply SD.


Don't be skeered!!


Quantum Jump Meditation
Visit an infinite number of 'selves' existing in the quantum universe. Connect with the lunar frequency to set new developments into action, surrender to your inner motivations, and awaken the passions of your conscious life by tapping into the advanced dimensions of your mind to accomplish things you once considered impossible.

Mon. May 23. 730pm
Within BELUME Art Exhibit

Photos from Sutra Studios's post 05/23/2022

Eagle Fang
Central Flow
Mon. May 23. 6pm

Johnny says, "Fierce is fun and yoga is kickass!" Take flight and sore with wicked good times on your mat because "The Best Yoga is More Yoga" -- HASHBROWN 'Do More Yoga'

Tees Available Online!!


When the heart is flexible you are accepting. When the mind is flexible you are knowing. When the body is flexible you can tie your shoes without moaning. The antidote to rigidity is time on your mat; let's get loose.

Flexicity | Central Flow
Sat. May 21. 12pm


May's full moon event prepared you for new chapters and left you feeling rejuvenated and satisfied with your life choices. 'Twas a "Boom Moon!"


Goddess Circle
Thu. May 19. 7pm

Step into your personal power and sharpen the skills necessary to unlock the deepest truths of self so you may approach life with a clear and expansive understanding of who you are, the depths of your limitless potential, and the inner strength that drives your magical abilities

Women Empowering Women
Gentle Vinyasa
Guided Meditation
Sacred Ritual
(all material included)

*Remember Your Journal*

Inside the BELUME Art Exhibit


Early Bird Rates Available

It is time for you to become the girl that you came here to be and start living the dream that you have always imagined. Everything you thought you knew about manifestation and creating your life on purpose - will change. Your shift takes place when you discover the missing link between who you are and who you want to be. Step into yourself and 'Be That Girl'

Sat. Jul 23.
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Cause she's the cheese and he's the macaroni


Wed. May 18. 730pm

Take what you need and bring new levels of depth to your relaxation desires. Soothing movements bring ultimate pleasure and maximum release to all those achy bits of the body. Sink in, ease back, and get Chill AF.

Bliss Out: A gentle restorative flow designed to replenish and revive the body with lengthy, relaxing, healing stretching postures. This signature class focuses on energizing the body’s pathways, restoring youthful mobility, releasing the burdens of the mind, and de-stressing the soul.



Strength | Iyengar
Wed. May 18. 6pm

Breathe, align, focus, and hold. A gentle approach to the ferocious task of 'Mind Over Muscle' as we secure your alignment, clear the mind, lock it down, and master the breath. The art of holding asana postures for extended periods will leave you with a revitalized body, sharp mind, staggering motivations and euphoric in an enraptured state. You badass, you!

What is Iyengar?
A gentle approach to yoga that focuses on proper alignment and centralized breathing practices with the various asanas families. Postures are held for 1-2 minutes with a detailed focus on balancing the body, mind and heart

Radical Self Love

Join the fun with Rebecca (aka Glinda the Good Witch) the magical sprite of laughter and love, offering interactive yoga experiences unlike any other with her powerful guidance, uplifting words, and her spark for playful movement & Matt (aka Disco Nap Dad) the mystical shaman of beats and revelry, ushering the mind melting tunes to move and sooth your savage desires.

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Good as Hell
June Schedule
Come on in
May 2022
May 2022
Morning Motivator Preview | Judgement Free
1min Asana | Bound Angle Forward Fold
This Week at Sutra
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Yoga + Skullpt + Meditation + Personal Development + Healing Sessions


1029 N. 1st St
Phoenix, AZ

General information

Sutra Studios is Arizona's first creative collaborative, locally owned, family operated, neighborhood studio with an insatiable desire to provide a secure, lively, ego-free environment with a goal of remembering to have fun, live loud and celebrate life. We fuse abundant good times into each individual experience with our award winning Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Conditioning and Meditation programs.

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