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Therapeutic Yoga & Meditation; an integrated and personalized approach based on the ancient art & science of yoga. Journey beyond the body, energy, and mind to your best self.

Be Luminous through Yoga & Meditation

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Online classes continue in March!
Register now @ https://forms.gle/T4UMXMZ1FFBMQysf7


Excited to offer a new Virtual Series: Yoga & Meditation - Mastering the Basics for the New Year! Let's build a strong foundation!

Monday evening classes continue into January. Encouraging beginners and new participants to join with Chair Yoga modifications, if needed.

All these sessions are donation based !

Register for any or all dates @ https://forms.gle/QbdTSFnbcBMGsSgW6

Happy Holiday!


Abha Yoga & Meditation livestream classes for December. Please register at https://forms.gle/pVPr1vPehxdX1KQ19. All levels are welcome!
In the spirit of the holidays, these classes are donation based. All proceeds are applied to my yoga programs, services, education, and support charitable organizations.


Announcing November Abha Yoga & Meditation sessions! Grateful that I can continue this work, and a big thank you to all who encourage and support my efforts.

Register at https://forms.gle/UwHV12voGWKMv3ud7
Treat you body, mind and soul!


Be your best, through these small group Yoga & Meditation classes! Register now, https://forms.gle/6rQJBH3P5uyvTk1j6

youtube.com 09/17/2020

Controlling the Mind when Problems are Beyond your Control | Mind Management Challenge Day 3

Join me in this Mind Management Challenge by JKYog (started last Friday, but you can easily catch up). Swami Mukundananda, founder of JKYog, systematically guides this journey. He is one of my most inspirational Yoga gurus!

youtube.com ▶ Subscribe NOW to get Swamiji's daily inspirational video: https://bit.ly/2DUQmtt 📱Transform Your Life with Daily Inspiration from Swamiji! Join Swami Mukun...


The September classes have started, but you can join anytime by registering at https://forms.gle/zJHxxhS3RDGwh1h48

Monday classes are changing to an earlier time as posted here. Look forward to seeing more friends!


Excited to continue my online Yoga & Meditation Classes. Hoping to have many friends and family join. Register at https://forms.gle/zJHxxhS3RDGwh1h48


Excited to continue offering Live Online Yoga & Meditation for August. Please register - https://forms.gle/9eHDSt9rMhncakLZ9
and share with your friends & family!


2 to 1 breathing non-digital method

On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima, I honor and bow to all my Gurus who share divine gifts of knowledge to guide my journey (called Abha Yoga).

Here's a nugget of wisdom from Swami Rama of the Himalayas - Jai Gurudev!

Swami Rama teaches 2:1 breathing using the body as measurement.


Abha Yoga's cover photo


Excited to offer several Abha Yoga & Meditation classes, all from the comfort of your home. Check out the details, dates, and times. Also, please share with anyone that may be interested and register now: https://forms.gle/fTthrHF8Sq9tajrQ9


Laughter is best medicine, even when life is a grind.

Laughter is best medicine, even when life is a grind! A glimpse into an online Abha Yoga session: training the mind, breath (energy/vitality), and body.

Join the fun! Message me, Abha Ellis for group or private lessons.

Virtual Series: Strengthening the Respiratory & Immune System 05/08/2020

Moments from Zoom Sessions

Moments from Zoom Sessions


Happy New Year! For a happier and healthier you, Abha is leading a retreat - Renew with Yoga & Meditation, January 25th @ ISKCON Phoenix.

[10/28/19]   Happy Diwali! Best wishes to all on this Festival of Lights, may we experience the illumination within and radiate its beauty.


Abha looks forward to the Full Moon Meditation with The Meditation Center - Affiliate of the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International.

You too are invited to sit in meditation for an hour wherever you are, in your home or with friends. Total beginners and longtime practitioners. All are Welcome! If you cannot sit for the entire hour, sit as long as you are able; as Swami Veda has said, “Let the quietness of the mind continue even after you rise..”

For full moon meditation times throughout the world and further instructions go to https://themeditationcenter.org/core-practice/full-moon-meditation/

"Yoga Philosophy views the mind as Universal field; its waves passing through us and becoming our individual minds. This Universal mind is a radiant force and is also known as a Universal Guru within.

When all sit together at the same time even in different parts of the world, they connect to the Universal Guru mind and generate a strong field, like so many magnets being joined together and forming a much stronger magnet; the strength of each then equals the combined strength of all.

Thus it is when we join together in meditation, and together enter the Guru-mind's Field. On certain days of the year the Wave of Beauty and the Wave of Bliss flows very strong. These are the sacred days." Text courtesy of ahymsin.org.

- Swami Veda Bharati -


PM Modi's address at 4th International Yoga Day Celebrations in Dehradun

International Yoga Day was celebrated last Thursday across the world! At its birthplace, in the laps of the Himalayas, oceans of people united to honor this powerful gift and India's Prime Minister salutes Yoga as "a unifying force, a ray of hope for the world, it can lead us from illness to wellness..." This address is in Hindi, with some English parts, but the enthusiasm supersedes language.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address at 4th International Yoga Day Celebrations in Dehradun

[06/11/18]   Inspired by comments from Maxine Frank, who has attended three Abha Yoga sessions -

"Abha is an excellent teacher, I appreciate all the help she has provided me to move my body and get it in better condition. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and bad knee, neck, back, and shoulder issues and pain, but Abha has helped me move better and lessen my pain. I am sitting upright and feel so much better."

meetup.com 05/09/2018

Yoga & Meditation - Learn, Practice, Experience & Be Luminous

Yoga & Meditation Class in Greenwood Village - Next Wednesday, May 16th!

meetup.com Wed, May 16, 2018, 6:00 PM: Come to Promenade Place - Resident Room for Gentle Himalayan Yoga & Meditation. Includes Body & Breath Awareness, Gentle Joint & Subtle Body Exercises, Asanas, Relaxation,



Another graceful Yoga role model...

Meet Margery.
Margery is from Sketty, she's 90 years old... oh and she's way more flexible than you are đź’Ş

meetup.com 04/25/2018

Yoga & Meditation - Learn, Practice, Experience & Be Luminous

Himalayan Yoga & Meditation comes to Greenwood Village,CO

meetup.com Wed, May 2, 2018, 6:00 PM: Come to Promenade Place - Resident Room for Gentle Himalayan Yoga & Meditation. Includes Body & Breath Awareness, Gentle Joint & Subtle Body Exercises, Asanas, Relaxation, a

yogajournal.com 04/23/2018

38 Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Journal, America’s leading yoga publication, lists 38 key benefits of yoga. Here's the first five to get you started!

1. Improves your flexibility
2. Builds muscle strength
3. Perfects your posture
4. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
5. Protects your spine


yogajournal.com Looking for reasons to try yoga? From increased strength to flexibility to heart health, we have 38 benefits to rolling out the mat.

[02/17/18]   Abha Yoga arrives in DTC- Greenwood Village! Come and join a free Yoga & Meditation class!!

[12/23/17]   Season's Greetings! Wishing everybody joyous, healthy, and peaceful holidays!

Join Abha for a free Gentle Yoga & Meditation session tomorrow, Sun 8-9 am at Shri Shirdi Saibaba Temple of the Rockies.

precisionnutrition.com 08/24/2017

25+ nutrition and lifestyle strategies to lower your risk of Alzheimer's disease. Plus an Alzheimer's Prevention Quiz to see how you're doing.

Good information in this article. Yoga & Meditation practices also benefit brain health!

precisionnutrition.com Worried about Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegeneration? There are many things we can’t control when it comes to cognitive decline. But certain nutrition and lifestyle choices may help to lower our risk. Here’s how to stack the deck in your brain’s favor.

qz.com 07/30/2017

India’s oldest yogini says you’re doing yoga wrong if you’re working up a sweat

A role model for me!

qz.com She is 98 and has been practicing every day for nearly a century.

postcard.news 07/24/2017

Is ancient India overrated ? A mindblowing analysis by Chinese Ex Professor from University of Toronto

Happy to see this published on social media, and proud of my Indian heritage!

Hesitate in recalling that when I arrived in US in the early 70's, my American friends mostly associated India with the holy cows and poverty. As a pre-teen you do your best to fit in, but tried to gently change perceptions, such as my first Yoga speech titled " Yoga is not for Yo-Yos". Fast forward to the next generation, my daughter and I studied martial arts for many years, but never was there a mention of it's origins in India. Few months ago, some Yoga enthusiasts and long time practitioners were surprised to learn the traditional meaning of Yoga and it's origins in India.

postcard.news Is ancient India overrated ? A mindblowing analysis by Chinese Ex Professor from University of Toronto


Swami Mukundananda

International Day of Yoga, a recognition of this amazing art and science of joyful living brought to us from the austerities of the ancient Yogis. I am grateful and honored to be part of the Yoga tradition and continue the Parampara. Swami Mukundananda explains Yoga, and how it is so valuable.


We look at the nature outside and get marvelled by its beauty, but there is far more beauty within us. There is infinite potential of beauty within each one of us, waiting to be discovered.

The science of Yoga is a technique that helps us to manifest the divinity that lies hidden within the inner recesses of our personality. When we come in touch with the divinity within us we experience our true selves which are pure joy.

Watch Swami Mukundananda's special address on the occasion of International Day of Yoga in Dallas, TX. Swamiji spoke to an audience of Yoga teachers, practitioners and learners attending the 2nd Dallas Yoga Fest this year.

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JGrNAnaePM

ted.com 06/03/2017

Thoughts on humanity, fame and love

Impressive philosophical talk from a Bollywood superstar! He is not in Swami garbs, but I hear yoga principles of love, humbleness, chakra, etc.

ted.com "I sell dreams, and I peddle love to millions of people," says Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood's biggest star. In this charming, funny talk, Khan traces the arc of his life, showcases a few of his famous dance moves and shares hard-earned wisdom from a life spent in the spotlight.


More reasons to meditate!


Beginning Meditation

Enjoy this relaxation, taking you to the door steps of Meditation (maximum volume recommended). Your journey begins as the audio ends, remain in the silent zone for as long as you want. Please practice for a few days, and share your experience!


"There is something that you can do to help create peace in the world, and that is to make yourself peaceful. The first step in this is doing some real soul-searching to find out what has made you peace less in the first place. Turning your mind within allows you to discover, underneath the many surfaced emotions of everyday life, a deep, undisturbed pool of spiritual well-being. We need to explore that part of the self, not just to understand it, but to experience it again and again. This is a very satisfying experience, one that refreshes the soul and fills it with peace..." - Brahma Kumaris on Making Peace
Coming Soon - Establish your seat and journey to your peaceful self with Abha!


Photos depicting meditation! Could you meditate in such poses? Withdraw yourself ... establish your seat with Abha Yoga recommendations.


How to Open Your 7 Chakras || The Science of The Chakras

Interesting and informative presentation; this is Diving Deep into the Yoga science of Chakras (with the western pronunciation of Chakras - just having fun). Abha Yoga would add purification techniques (Kriyas), Breathing Practices (Pranayama), Poses ( Asanas), Concentration (Dharana) and Meditation (Dhyan) to awaken, balance, and stabilize (not just open) the Chakras.

Instagram: infinitewaters http://www.ralphsmart.com Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. The New Book Now Available Below: http://www.ralphsmart.com/index.php/the-book...

Our Story

Abha Yoga is Abha Gupta Ellis’s presentation and use of the best yoga & meditation techniques learned from her many yoga teachers and experiences over the decades. A 25+ year corporate career gave Abha the skills for analyzing and improving business performance. Now she leverages these skills and mindset along with her vast yoga toolkit to optimize and improve human performance and deliver customized best practices.

Abha has been a yoga practitioner and advocate since the age of 11. Soon after she moved to US from an Indian village, she was drawn to yoga for its physical, philosophical, psychological depth. She has studied and practiced many aspects of Yoga; and is a certified/registered yoga teacher ((CYT/RYT) and a Certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT). Her teaching and training are very systematic and logical, skills she developed through her prior education as a chemical engineer, MBA, and corporate business analyst/consultant. Abha sees yoga and meditation as much more than a physical exercise. She has used yoga to help herself with stress, pain from injuries, weight management, and asthma.

Abha started teaching integral gentle Yoga publicly in 2000. She wanted to share yoga & meditation with everybody. She has seen many great results and transformations with her yoga services:

· Alignment, range of motion, strength & balance improvements

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Laughter is best medicine, even when life is a grind.
Beginning Meditation
Introduction to Abha Yoga




Virtual Series: Strengthening the Respiratory & Immune System through Yoga & Meditation
Private and Group Yoga & Meditation Training
Total Yoga Fitness - Integrating the Body, Mind, and Soul
Yoga Therapy
• Weight Management
• Pain and Stress Reduction
• Improvements in Depression & Anxiety
• Management of Autoimmune Diseases
Yoga for Older Adults & Chair Yoga
Ayurveda Consultations - Yogic practices for your Ayurvedic type
Yogic Cooking - Foods for your Ayurvedic body type
Reiki & Pranic Healing - Energy work



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