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Operating as usual


Wrap it up...2016 is almost over! Enjoying the last day of the year contemplating the new studio and a lighter schedule. Looking forward to joining Reed in his new yoga home...see you all next year!


Partnering up with a former student who is opening a yoga studio in the downtown Phoenix area in late January 2017...looking forward to seeing you all after the New Year in this beautiful studio space for some authentic Hatha Yoga & Meditation on hard wood floors with nice heat and great mirrors...stay tuned for more postings. Namaste


Working on a new studio...stay tuned as we negotiate more yoga opportunities in the downtown area...


Setting up Fall workshops for Yala Yoga in Spirit Lake Iowa...looking forward to guest teaching in Bancroft and Estherville Wellness Center as well...keep you updated.


Louisa's Trattorria in LA was awesome...the Hummingbird cake was excellent.




It's a great day to celebrate...Baskin Robbins ice cream scoops are only $1.31 today, the 31st of the month. Summer is winding down...take your friends and family for an affordable celebration...Yogini's was in the top 20 as the Best in Phoenix!

expertise.com 09/01/2016

20 Best Phoenix Yoga Studios | Expertise

Expertise rated YOGINI'S in the Top 20 BEST Yoga Studios in Phoenix 2016!!! Check it out on www.expertise.com/az/phoenix/yoga-studios. Thank you all for sharing your practice with Yogini's. Namaste Kimberly, RN, BSN, ERYT500, CRYT, PRYT senior instructor for 20+ years

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Freedom...Liberty...Light...Peace...Love...Joy to all this Independence Day! It's a privilege and honor to be born in this land.


WE are so pleased to be your number one choice in Hatha Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training...our goal is to help you connect to your own TRUE NATURE with the ancient science of yoga and meditation. Schedule your private sessions on-line or by phone...it's worth the fine tuning to increase your awareness and take the struggle out! Put a that smile back on and beam your inner light!


Nice crowd for the first class at our new location at this morning's class...namaste


2nd Annual International Yoga Day is celebrated at Yogini's on June 21st at 5:00pm...$5! Silent hatha + meditation.
In the words from our Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, about Expansion...
"The Ocean of Spirit has become the little bubble of my soul. Whether floating in birth, or disappearing in death, in the ocean of cosmic awareness the bubble of my life cannot die. I am indestructible consciousness, protected in the bosom of Spirit's immortality. "


Yogini's has relocated the studio around the corner! At the Lexington inside Toolbox Dance Studios, 3312 N 3rd St Phoenix, AZ 85012. We have more parking-in front and back of the studio! Our summer hours start June 20th when we re-open!

See you all there!

Namaste, Kim


Yogini's Gift store opens May 1st...find inexpensive treasures new and collectable...stationary...crystals...books...inspired by India.


Introduction to the Autobiography of a Yogi this Saturday at 10:00am Yogini's Bookclub. Taking a pause to become better acquainted with the lineage of Yogini's Hatha Yoga and Meditation practice...join us after the 9:00am Community Yoga class. Ben Kingsley will be narrating...Namaste


Happier hour yoga has returned! $5 on Thursday"s! 9-5-6:30.



Now that is impressive, a big hand for the little yoginis and big MAMA!

아이 업고 물구나무.avi
이 정도는 거뜬하죠 :)


Our lineage is traced to the ancient Avatar, Babaji...nothing has been "made-up" yesterday to fit our whims. Hatha yoga and pranayama is a SCIENCE...not a fashion statement...it's not a social scene. It is experiential.


Check our updated website to study our lineage...we are about using the "Source" as our guide.


You cannot be free unless you burned the seeds of past actions in the fire of wisdom and meditation-Paramahansa Yogananda


"Many people excuse their own faults but judge others harshly. We should reverse this attitude by excusing others' shortcomings and by harshly examining our own." - Paramahansa Yoganada, The Law of Success.


Strength & calmness-calmness & strength...just like the warrior!


Likes...dislikes...these are the very things that keep you a prisoner-these attachments.


Great turnout at the studio the last two weeks...welcome to one of the best yoga studios in the Kim & Sharon...celebrating 20 years in the biz!


will start in February! Learn more about how, why and when to lock out your knee. A straight leg, solid footing, and is key to balancing.


Welcome to ! It"s a and a new You! $39 for one month of unlimited for new and returning students...stay on as a member for only $49 monthly! Beginners to the seasoned practitioner...authentic and . Join us! Limited time offer...ends January 17th. Call to reserve your month...602-908-3808 ask for Kim


"For this New Year my greatest wish and prayer for you is that you cast aside wrong habits of thinking and doing. Don't drag your bad habits into the New Year. You don't have to carry them with you. Any minute you may have to drop your mortal package, and those habits will vanish. They don't belong to you. Don't admit them! Leave behind all useless thoughts and past sorrows and bad habits. Start life anew!"
P. Yogananda


"With the opening of the New Year, all the closed portals of limitations will be thrown open and I shall move through them to vaster fields, where my worthwhile dreams of life will be fulfilled." Paramahansa Yogananda


"Yoga in its essential aspect is a science of the soul. A true yogi practices certain definite scientific methods of concentration and meditation for the purpose of realizing the indissoluble link between his consciousness (soul) and the Infinite Consciousness (Spirit)." B Tesniere, MD, and Brahmachari Leland, SRF Magazine September1995


“Let us forget the sorrows of the past and make up our minds not to dwell on them in the New Year. With determination and unflinching will, let us renew our lives, our good habits, and our successes. If the last year has been hopelessly bad, the New Year must be hopefully good.”
- Paramahansa Yogananda


"Resolve that you are not going to be affected by trouble; you are not going to be finicky; you are not going to be a victim of habits and moods; you are going to be free as a lark." -Paramahansa Yogananda


A few words about wisdom by Paramahansa Yogananda...Your true personality begins when you are able, by deep intuition, to feel that you are not this solid body but are the divine eternal current of Life and Consciousness within the body. "Man's Eternal Quest"


Just another reminder that yoga will be the scientific answer to your structural issues at the cellular level.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease...Thomas Edison 1847-1931


Silent yoga has become most popular at the studio...a meditative and strengthening practice like no other...join us at 5:00p for your own experience. namaste


Cultivating peace through your practice...sharing this peace with everyone around you. Namaste.

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“Let us forget the sorrows of the past and make up our minds not to dwell on them in the New Year.  With determination a...





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