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The World's Leader in Women's Fitness Curves is strength training and aerobics for women. It's just a 30 minute work out, three times a week. Works for millions of women and can work for you.

We have been at this location for over 10 years. We also offer Zumba. Come join us!

Operating as usual



A few words from the Curves people:

Do you celebrate successes with food? Instead of using food as a reward, find other ways to reward your success. You may decide to purchase a new bicycle, new book, get a pedicure with a girlfriend or treat yourself to a new outfit.



Words of Wisdom from CURVES...

Don’t look as exercise as a punishment for having a bad “diet day.” Look at it as a way to feel strong, empowered, and energetic!



Words of wisdom from Curves

Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism and literally “breaks the fast” from a night of sleeping. If you wake up and hit the road, you might not feel hungry, but your body’s metabolism is moving very slowly. Wake your metabolism up with a healthy breakfast within about 45 minutes of getting up. 01/10/2013

Curves Complete 1-2-3 U.S. TV Commercial 2013

Here's Curves latest TV Commercial! Curves Complete: The whole soution that makes buring fat as easy as 1-2-3. With exercise, meal plans, and one-on-one coaching, Curves Complete burns more fat... 01/07/2013

Diane Magazine

Enjoy the January issue of Diane Magazine! Diane Magazine


Happy New Year To ALL !!!
New Year's Eve Hours: 8:00am - Noon - Zumba Canceled.
New Year's Day: Closed.


December Issue of Diane Magazine. Enjoy!


Here's a great quote: "The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination." -- Tommy Lasorda

Come join us at Curves, we are a bunch of determined ladies...


It's a Great Day at Curves... No Sissies Here!



Words of Wisdom from Curves...

Did you know that doing something new or good for yourself actually squashes a bad mood? So make sure you plan something every day that puts a little zing in your step and gives you something to look forward to.


Curves - Core Exercise - Bird-Dog Point 'N'Curl

Did you know poor posture can be a headache trigger? One of the best ways to improve your posture is to strengthen your core. Try this at-home core strengthening exercise.

This core exercise targets the back, glutes, obliques, and abdominals. This move can be done at home on days when you can't get to Curves - or you can do the...


LOVE IS IN THE AIR... Are you curious? Call Joan at 623-582-5153 for more information.

[11/29/12]   Think of This: Moderate exercise can strengthen your muscles which improves your balance and lowers your chances of a fall-related fractures. Aim for 30 minutes a day. We are here to help! Call Joan at 623-582-5153 for membership information.



A few words from The Curves Company...

Did you know that doing something new or good for yourself actually squashes a bad mood? So make sure you plan something every day that puts a little zing in your step and gives you something to look forward to.


Happy Thanksgiving To All!
=== Holiday Hours ===
Closed Thursday, Nov 22nd
Closed Friday, Nov 23rd
Open Saturday, Nov 24th 8:20am - noon


It's a great day at Curves Union Hills AZ! Located on the Northwest corner of 35th Ave and Union Hills. Call us for membership information - 623-582-5153.



Wise words from the Curves page:

Have you scheduled your workouts for this week? Write them down like an appointment. After all, you don't cancel appointments with others, so why would you cancel on yourself?


Thank you Veterans for your service. We honor you.


How many hours a day do you spend thinking about your weight? Wouldn't you rather spend 30 minutes, 3 times a week Enjoying Your Health?

Call Joan 623-582-5153 for membership information.

[11/07/12]   ===CURVES HOURS===
Monday thru Thursday 6:00am - 7:00pm
Friday 6:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - noon
Closed between 1:00pm - 3:00pm every day!
Call us at 623-582-5153 if you have questions.

[11/06/12]   Happy Election Day! Make sure to exercise your right to vote today! - Joan

[11/05/12]   Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our Curves sisters and their family and friends in the path of Hurricane Sandy. We pray you are safe, warm, dry, and with loved ones.


Remember to tell your friends about this great Curves location! Have a wonderful weekend ladies. :)


It's a great day at Curves - Union Hills & 35th Ave. Call me for membership information at 623-582-5153. - Joan



Recent information from the Curves page:

Did you know that according to a study in the journal Obesity, dieters who team up with those who have successfully lost weight are actually 20% more likely to lose weight themselves?


Zumba Class Schedule:
Mondays - 10:00am with Kristi
Thursdays - 10:00am with Patricia
Saturdays - 8:20am with Patricia

Zumba Fitness is a great workout ladies.
Come Join the Party!


Zumba and Rockettes!

Enjoy ladies!

The Rockettes kick off the Zumba Instructor’s Convention!


Strengthen women in your community while owning your own business. This is what I enjoy! Call me, Joan at 623-582-5153 for more information.



A few words from Curves page

If you categorize foods as good and bad, you're setting yourself up to want what you can't have. A little treat is ok. Even Curves Complete allows for treats!



chew your food every bite 20 times, put your fork down between bites. love Joan

Did you know that it takes around 20 minutes for your brain to realize you're full. Try to eat a little slower and actually enjoy your meal. It'll help you avoid overeating. 10/17/2012

30 minutes exercise 'better than an hour of training' for weight loss - Telegraph

We are on the right track ladies! Adults who exercise for shorter bursts of time can lose as much weight as those who work out for up to twice as long, a study has suggested.


Come get your GROOVE ON with us at Curves Union Hills.
Refer a friend and get a free t-shirt!
Call Joan today 623-582-5153.


Curves Healthy Weight Loss: Chicken with Dates

How about a Date? Ah, ha - caught your attention! Read on...

Nadia from Curves shows Justine how to cook a delicious roast chicken. As seen on Everyday Gourmet. You can find the full recipe here: http://everydaygourmet...

[10/11/12]   It's never to late to get healthy!
Call Joan at 623-582-5153 to visit Curves.
Curves located on the North/East corner of Union Hills and 35th Ave.

[10/11/12]   NEW * NEW * NEW
New afternoon hours for October 3:00pm-7:00pm.




18635 N 35th Ave, Ste 101
Phoenix, AZ

General information

Closed between 1:00pm - 3:00pm every day.

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 7pm
Tuesday 6am - 7pm
Wednesday 6am - 7pm
Thursday 6am - 7pm
Friday 6am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 12pm
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