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Fats are essential for cell structure and function! It’s also crucial for flavor and fullness!


Healthy Habit

Eat 2 servings of vegetables per feeding

This will help you feel more full, and helps you hit your fiber goals

If you’re in fat loss you can eat more here and less in the next section (carbs and fruits), this will keep you full and calories lower


Healthy Habit 2

Eat 20-50grams of protein per feeding

This will help you feel more full, and helps you hit your protein goals


The five healthy habits:

When building up new habits, it’s best to start with one as you get better and more stable with this one you can add another.

Healthy habit number one is eat every 2 to 4 hours.

This will help with your calorie goals and your protein targets.

For example, in order for me to hit 225 g of protein I need to eat about 50 g of protein
Every meal for five meals a day.

Follow me for more nutrition, boxing and exercise information.


Over the next five days, I’m going to be discussing five healthy habits you can incorporate to help hit your health and fitness goals!


5 Factors of Health and Fitness:

Factor 5: Education, Accountability, & Habits (Coaching)

This Factor is often ignored altogether. Yeah it is expensive to hire a fitness professional, but it is expensive to continue living the lifestyle most Americans currently live. Eating out most day (cost money and health), drinking heavily on weekends (again costs money and health), staying awake too late, not getting enough sleep, doing internet workouts (often designed with flair in mind not substance), taking fad supplements, not educating themselves on nutrition or exercise.

I get it, it is scary to put money into something, often because you have failed yourself so often. Just know that WHEN you invest in training it is YOUR responsibility to take action. Trainers/coaches will create a plan, you must take that plan and make it yours.

Trust me you haven’t seen the best results possible, you can reach your dream health and fitness goals!


New online training program now available!! I have the ability to help anyone, anywhere with zero equipment or a full gym at your disposal!

Programs run in 3 month increments (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months)
Coaching calls can be anywhere from once a month to three times per week!

Program includes:

Free Lifetime Unlimited Access to App

Customized Nutrition Program

Strength Training Routine

Cardio Routine

Supplement Recommendations (and discounts)


DM me if you’re looking to accelerate your fitness results!


5 Factors of Health and Fitness:

Factor Four: Dietary Support:

Dietary support (or supplementation) is often one of the most abused factors in health and fitness. People will take diet pills, weight loss teas, fat burners, caffeine pills, and never address the elephant in the room, their eating. However dietary support is important to fill the nutritional gap that is created through calorie restriction, and exercise.

It is important to find a nutritionist, or dietician to help create the correct supplement routine to help support your new exercise and nutrition program. Discuss any and all changes as they happen to better help your trainer/nutritionist improve supplement intake!

Quick tip, in my opinion MOST people would benefit from a multivitamin, vitamin-d, fish oil, and a protein supplement.

There are a LOT of crap brands out there, be sure they do 3rd party testing AND/OR NSF (NSF testing, auditing and certification services assure suppliers, retailers, regulators and consumers that an independent organization has reviewed a product or system to comply with specific standards for safety, quality, sustainability or performance.)

If you want a free supplement program shoot me a DM. I only use dotFIT, trainers get certified on how to use their products. DotFIT does their own testing, 3rd party, AND NSF (on most of their products).


5 Factors of Health and Fitness:

Factor Three: Cardiovascular Training:

Cardio has kind of become the least important factor in fitness from fitness gurus here on the internet/social media. However it is a very important Factor with health and fitness, especially during a virus that attacks the lungs and heart.

Cardiovascular exercise works your whole body, focused on heart, and lung function.

Create a program based on your F***E principle (you can do this for all aspects of your routines)

Frequency, how often you exercise. Intensity, how hard you’re working. Time, how long you’re working. Type, which kind of exercise you are doing. Enjoyment, do something you like (or hate least).

Again, with a fitness professional's help you’ll get a plan (that gets adjusted as progress), if you’re looking to get a personal trainer in the new year shoot me a DM!


5 Factors of Health and Fitness:

Factor Two: Strength Training/Weight Training

Strength Training/Weight Training will increase or maintain your fat free mass. This can improve so many health markers (let alone improve your appearance/sculpt your body to how you want to look).

Here are some benefits of strength training:
Fat free mass diminishes with age, so if you don’t strength train your body fat percentage (and you start to look fatter), strength training can help maintain or increase
Helps with bone density
Helps manage your weight
Increase joint stability
Helps with balance (reduces risks of falls)
Improves posture
Sharpens your mind and manages stress

One of the most beneficial things you can do at the beginning of your fitness journey is hiring a fitness professional (someone with a certification or degree in exercise science, and preferably some kind of experience), that way you learn how to correctly move, so it’s safe, and it will be designed around how you want your body to look.


5 Factors of Health and Fitness:

Factor One: Proper Nutrition (based on your lifestyle & fitness goals)

Diet is often the name people put on this part of their nutrition. I feel that a lot of people have a negative attachment to the word diet, so let's call it nutrition.

When I say nutrition I mean proper nutrition. I want my clients to understand energy balance, and how to figure out how to manage it (and in turn their weight for their health goals).

What a lot of people don’t understand about calories ingested vs calories burnt is that it is just a tool to achieve some kind of set goal. Like weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, a better yearly check-up (blood work). Without something to track you cannot manage it, whatever “it” is.

So when following a nutrition plan, make sure to really block out what your REAL lifestyle goals are.

Do you really want to be KETO forever? Do you really want to be VEGAN forever? Do you really want to cut out CHEESE forever? Do you really want to cut out SUGAR forever?

I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t do any of these, if you talk with your doctor AND dietician/nutritionist, and come to the conclusion you want to do any of these then go right ahead.

What I am saying is that your choices for your nutrition MUST be set on what you want your future self to be eating (and have balance with it). You DO NOT have to eat 100% clean all the time. You don’t even have to eat clean 90%, 80%, 70% etc. You should however, eat the way that fits within your desired health and lifestyle goals!

Now if you want even more in-depth knowledge/training in nutrition I have an awesome remote option for you. DM me for more information!!



5 Factors of Health and Fitness:
Over the next 5 days I will be covering the 5 Factors of Health and Fitness. If you combine all of these you will accelerate your health/fitness results. If you modify or remove any of these your results will slow or stop altogether.

Proper Nutrition based on your lifestyle & fitness goals
Strength Training/Weight Training
Cardiovascular Training
Proper Dietary Support (supplements)
Education, Accountability, & Habits (Coaching)

Follow for the in depth breakdown of each!

If you’re looking for a coach who understands your issues, goals, and life DM me for a free session!


There’s no such thing as just luck



I'm looking for 5 people who
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I’ve created a new 60-day program.

I need a few new founding members.

Since I don’t have everything figured out I’m offering a HUGE DISCOUNT!

$199 for 60 days.
This is a whopping 60%
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It’s nice out here, it’s been a long time since someone walked up to me and mentioned my boxing skills (it’s happened nearly every time I’ve boxed out here)

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Great cardio class!


Already miss teaching


Discipline is the most important thing in health and fitness. I’m glad I could help you!


Officially telling everyone on here, Alison, Rudy, and I are leaving Arizona end of July.


You have PROBABLY NEVER hit a plateau when it comes to your fitness/body goals.

A plateau occurs for 2 reason, your exercise routine doesn't match your desired results, AND you aren't eating the correct amount of food (calories), too low in carbs, or fats. Let me break this down by each issue.

Exercise routine doesn't match your desired results. Most people automatically jump to either high reps for fat loss, or heavy weight for muscle gain. The truth is you should vary you routine to KEEP seeing change, HOWEVER more than likely you don't follow ANY kind of routine when it comes to your exercise "program". The majority of people do a different routine EVERY time they go to the gym. This is BAD!!!! In order for your body to "get used to an exercise" (or burn less calories/become less effective), you MUST do the same exercise/routine for 4 to 6 weeks.

You aren't eating the correct amount of food and types for your goals. This is 80% of your success, so if you aren't doing this right you won't see any results (or it will be extremely slow, OR you will get worse). The FACT is you MUST count calories!!! YOU MUST. You must, must count calories. Not just count, but stick to that calorie amount for x-amount of weeks/months before you body can even adapt and stop changing.

Science has proven these to be true, like gravity you cannot disprove these FACTS. So if you think you have hit a plateau you need to look inward, take up a routine!! Do not just go lift, do NOT just eat whatever you want. Create a plan, FOLLOW it!!


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Happy birthday gramps (Rudy)!!

Gramps without you I wouldn’t be me

Gramps without you I wouldn’t know discipline

Gramps without you I wouldn’t have had a father figure

Gramps without you I would’ve never learned that a firearm is just a tool but the man behind the gun is a good or evil one

Gramps without you I would’ve never learned the sacrifice it takes to keep this country free

Gramps without you I would’ve never gotten into art and drawing

Gramps without you I would’ve never join the military and learned what discipline truly means

Cramps without you I wouldn’t understand what racism does to people

Gramps without you most of my family wouldn’t of made it half as long as they did

Cramps without you I would’ve never known the gift of the fathers love

Gramps without you I would never understood loss or sadness

Gramps without you I wouldn’t understand work ethic giving more than I have

Gramps without you I wouldn’t have morals or seek justice

Gramps without you I wouldn’t of had a good childhood or met the friends that I had and have

Gramps without you I will be a soft mushy Feminine mail I would take things too personally get hurt not not understand that my feelings are no one else’s concerns but mine

Gramps without you I wouldn’t of worked as early as at work I would’ve learned how important it is to keep a job and give two weeks notice not to burn bridges unless needed

Gramps without you I wouldn’t understand the importance of fitness and health

Gramps without you I would’ve never gotten into fitness I would’ve never try boxing

Gramps without you I wouldn’t be me


Here’s a glimpse into my personal workout schedule:

Generally I take Monday’s off to recover. My hardest workouts are Saturday and Sunday (since I want to be able to move around while I teach boxing/kickboxing classes ).

I am for at least 2 rest days per week.

What’s a health and fitness skill you want to learn/master by December 2023?


Boxing is very much like chess.
You’ve got to think multiple moves ahead!

Looking to get fit? Or learn boxing?

Boxing is a total body workout! Burn calories, work every muscle group, and have loads of fun!

It’s also a great way to release stress!

DM me for a free session!


I’ve come a long way.

I’ve built muscle and dropped body fat.

It has never been easy for me, but it has always been worth it.

If you’re looking to make noticeable improvements in your health and fitness send me a DM.

I’d love to help


Self care isn’t:

Jumping from diet fad to diet fad

Judging others and yourself

Abusing food

Abusing exercise

Abusing others (emotionally and physically)

Drinking alcohol in excess

What else do you think isn’t self care?

If you want to make real changes, permanent changes shoot me a message!

Everything you create or acquire begins in the form of desire.


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My version of Asian stirfry. Sometimes I add rice.

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What I offer with my online nutrition course:

I teach proper nutrition: proper nutrition is about 80% of your overall results when it comes to changing your body composition. If your goal is to lose fat or bodyweight it’s important to eat less calories than you’re burning! However during fat loss it’s also important right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. That way you have good energy, you maintain fat free mass, and you enjoy the taste of the food you’re eating. My job is to help you create a new plan for your eating so that you see the results you’re looking for. Just by eating correctly should lose about a pound or two a week.

The next thing I teach is proper exercise: lifting weights is important this helps sculpt your body to exactly the way you wanna look. But it’s also important to make sure your training correctly that way you see results, you don’t get injured and it makes your training as safe as possible. That’s what my job is to help create a program that you can do on your own in a safe and effective way. Cardio is next cardio is very very important cardio help you burn a lot of calories in a very short amount of time but it’s also important for your health of your lungs and heart. Basically I’ll create a program with you to help you burn off as many calories as we can while keeping you functioning.

Next is going to be proper supplementation: with the help of dotFit I will create a plan to help supplement your new eating and exercise routine. Supplements are some of the most abused things in Fitness my job is to teach you what is important what is not important and why we supplement our food and our exercise.


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Working on getting back in the habit of doing my own meal prep.

Here is my next creation.

4 ounces of ground turkey 85% lean
28 g of Velveeta cheese
56 g of broccoli.
2oz (measured dry) of Banza pasta.

Important macro nutrient breakdown:
Total calories 459
Protein 51 g

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The five healthy habits of nutrition:

The awesome thing about his health and fitness journey is that you don’t have to tackle too much at one time. There’s a few things you can start working on today. You don’t have to do all of them at once pick one make that a habit then move onto the next.

For example if you have a hard time eating every 2 to 4 hours work on that. Or if you don’t get enough protein and work on getting enough protein in a chosen meal

Don’t worry about every meal to start! Focus on a single meal. Fix that meal! Once that meal is fixed (as close to the other 4 habits as possible), then move to the next meal.

Micro habits build to the greatest results!



Keep this stuff simple (life and fitness)!



I’m starting a new round of online personal training looking for three new people to test out the course for 30 days completely free!

Let me know how I can help!


is a new way for me to provide more effective, and more cost effective, body transformation services for women and men between the ages of 25 to 55 years old that can be utilized by anyone from anywhere, offering convenience, responsiveness, flexibility, and affordability. With it, I can now empower my clients with more accountability and support than I ever could in-person, if you want to hear more, let’s talk. Send me a message! ....


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So far Rudy hasn’t had any issues since this. Doing a checkup in a few weeks 🙏 thank you everyone who helped me and my family get through this difficult time! Dec 2021


Here are some simple ways to get the most out of your gym experience

Have a workout or accountability but each (or multiple)

Respect other people in the gym no matter what you think of them or how they’re working out or what they look like

Respect the gym and the equipment, wipe it down after you use it, put away your weights (put them in order, and reorganize them if you see them out of order).

Pick up trash as you see it or walk by it. Help others re-rack their weight if they need it.

Go in with a plan, then execute it. (Stick to a basic set of movements for at least 30 days). I know you may feel like this is boring or doesn’t get you results, but the truth is if you do the same workout for 30 days your body learns that movement. On top of that you’ll actually see strength endurance changes and after the new may see weight or body fat changes.

Find multiple ways to see change. Check your weight weekly. Do your measurements every 30 days. Check your body fat every 30 days. Do some kind of fitness assessment (Time yourself doing push-ups pull ups squats count how many reps you do during that time. Run or walk a half a mile keep track of how long it takes you etc.) Every 30 days


Consistency is 🔑


I’m looking to open up my freelance schedule!

If you’re between the ages of 35-65 reach out! I’m opening up my Monday Wednesday and Thursday schedule:

Available starting at 3pm.

Also opening times up on Saturday starting at 9am

We can work on:
Strength training/weight training
Corrective exercise (posture & movement improvements)
Core strength
Nutrition coaching


What’s the best (insert anything here)?

The best diet, workout, cardio, self love, whatever… is….

Whatever the hell gets the job done for you for life!


Some of you out there in this fitness world are constantly going through a cycle of diet lose weight crash on a diet in the way back. Trust me when I say I know what you’re going through and what you’ve been through because that was me.

Total transparency I have constantly battled the feeling of not being confident in my body, as a trainer, as a man and how I look and feel. One of the biggest regrets in my life is that I didn’t own up earlier.

You have to look at yourself take stock of where you’re at and realize that it’s nobody else’s fu***ng fault. Just you and your choices.

So if you’re tired of going through the same repeating cycle and want to make a real change, send me a direct message so we can see if you’re a good fit for personal training.

I have openings Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 3pm-5pm

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Phoenix?

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Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 1pm
4pm - 8pm
Tuesday 6am - 1pm
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Wednesday 6am - 1pm
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Thursday 6am - 1pm
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