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1st day back from LIF & it’s ELECTION DAY. No excuses, no words JUST ACTION. Starting my day with 5 mile walk in the rain!
I’m 2 weeks in to my 4 week stay here at Live In Fitness and I can’t say enough about how awesome it has been. My trainer Michael is incredible. Super motivating and he makes everything fun. Wendy is also very knowledgeable and really listens to each client. The food is absolutely superb. Looking forward to my next 2 weeks.
The trainers are fantastic . Michael introduced
himself to me when I did my first 3D Scan...he let me know he was here for us at all levels and I found out in boxing , basketball, football, cardio and pool exercise what am inspirational and giving motivator this gentleman is. With staff like this LIF knows how to take care of clients. I really progressed during my time at LIF and Michael was a huge driver in making that happen
This place has wonderful food but terrible organization and a complete lack of support staff. Want to speak to a human rep or manager? Good luck! They avoid you like the plague unless they think they can get you in and take your money. And if they owe you a refund uou might as well be waiting on the Easter Bunny in December. Not gonna see 'em!!😒😠
Hi All,

I have some very sad news to share. Grace Metro passed away last night at a rehab facility in Ohio following an operation to remove a brain tumor. In light of COVID, there will be no funeral, but the family will keep us up to date on a possible celebration of her life.
I can’t tell you enough about this special place. If you want to get away and really find yourself. This is the place. You will realize that you are capable of far more than you thought. You will feel proud of your accomplishment. It’s hard work, but they make it simplified so it doesn’t overwhelm you. The food is fantastic, the accommodations are good and the staff is amazing! This has turned out to be far more than I expected. It’s a great place for couples and individuals. I’m coming back with my daughter for a mother/daughter healthy vacation. It’s a great way to jumpstart the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about. I highly recommend it.
Last year, for my birthday, I decided to give myself the gift of health. My birthday is next week and it is the best gift I ever got! 75 pounds lost, the lowest blood pressure of my life and i feel amazing. Thanks to Live In Fitness, I was able to make the changes in my life that, I believe, saved my life. Thanks to Sara White, Eric Viskovicz and the rest of the amazing team and LIF! I will see you again soon!!!
Us at 3p

How we feel around 3p


10/10! Live-in-Fitness was the perfect choice for me. I live in Hawaii and wanted a program that I could do at home. Live-In-Fitness surpasses other programs as it is affordable, has a stellar location, offers a proven program with health and nutrition education, life skills, variety of exercise equipment and classes (from A-Z: aqua, agility, basketball, bike riding and my newly found love: boxing! Let’s not forget Yoga and Zumba and everything in between!!).

The Food:
The chef prepared personally portioned delicious meals daily, plated with finesse, and served with a smile! Prior to coming to Live-in-Fitness, I was considered a foodie/overeater/BED. I did not know that the constant thoughts surrounding food would ever be a thing of the past, but I can say today that it is! A miracle. The science behind their program works. Food is needed to Fuel the body, it is no longer the centerpiece of living for me. I can now be present with my meals and savor each bite knowing I am simply supplying my body with nutrients to help me function at my best. LiF brought balance to my life by teaching me and feeding me the correct portions. I had been used to eating 4x as much per meal prior to coming and did NOT get hungry one time in 4 weeks even after working out for hours!

The Living Quarters:
Where we stayed was 5/5 stars as well. Clean (as in new complex), quiet, beautifully furnished. The bed was extremely comfortable. Well equipped laundry room with full size washer and dryer. The kitchen had everything needed to store our take home weekend meals and space for those who overpacked! Nice shower/tub combo... your best friend at the end of a long day of exercising! Our unit even had recliners in the living room; nice place to kick back and read early in the morning or recap your day with friends in the evening.

The Staff:
The staff cares genuinely about their clients and are dedicated to our success! They work hard with long hours and deserve to be acknowledged and always appreciated. The program would not be successful without the admin/support staff, the Chef and kitchen crew, contractors, cleaning and maintenance staff and trainers. Everyone is pleasant which helps to make your stay more enjoyable. The positive environment is very important since we are pushing our bodies and minds to their limits. When we return to base camp after a long hard day of exercising, it is full of patience, positivity and pleasantness. We can exhale in peace, enjoy good foodand fellowship right before a good night’s sleep!!

The coaches/trainers:
Nicola!!....24x7 hard worker that Leads by Example, listens and cares about your success and well-being! Goes above and beyond!! Can do it ALL well!
Zach!!......follows through The Right Weigh!
Summer... makes exercising an Experience; energetic, organized
Israel........Zumba Extraordinaire!!
MJ............contagious energy, professional, pushes you to your new limits!
Matt.........Military Matt, no nonsense-no excuses style of training
Ashley......great addition to the team! Thought-provoking requests...
Jan..........She truly LOVES what she does! Genuinely Cares about each client!! An educational asset for those who are in her training/exercise classes and lectures.
Dr. Scott teaches flexibility and mobility classes and provides life-changing therapy sessions!! These classes compliment the entire LiF exercise program! Don’t miss... you and your body will experience something new!!

Live in Fitness is a COMPLETE program working on the TOTAL person.

Eric Viskovicz, the owner, created Live-in-Fitness with YOU in mind. He did not leave a stone unturned. Eric has spent years and $$ on an at-home Power of 4 LIF plan that includes an intensive website called This site provides LIF clients with everything they need to be successful once they leave this Long Beach oasis. is priceless! It includes a 30-day SUCCESS program with meal plans/nutrition info, chef videos, exercise/fit videos, life coaching, affirmations, motivations and more! Eric put his 25 years+ of experience into this site for all to benefit so they can Live in Fitness Forever!!

I have tried other “Programs” but Live-in-Fitness is Unique. It is not a program but a lifestyle. I have learned to live in balance. I am excited to see what my future holds as I continue to be grateful for each new day that will now include scheduled time for myself, daily exercise, nutritionally portioned meals (a miracle!), fun, friendships, healthy thoughts and of course a good night’s sleep.

No program is perfect. Live in Fitness just happened to be the lifestyle that I was searching for and worked perfectly for me. I will be returning in one year to access my ongoing changes in fitness and food knowledge and especially to reconnect with staff and friendships that I made during my beginning stages of transformation. Maybe I will see you there!! Definitely Live in Fitness!!
Don't Quit on Your Body & Fitness Goals. Change Your Mindset. ⠀
1. Reality Check - Set realistic goals. Start with EASY first - it will be more rewarding!⠀
2. Phone a Friend - Studies show that when you work out with a friend, you are more motivated...⠀
3. Just Do - Stop making excuses. Do whatever. Just get your heart pumping and move the body.⠀
4. Visualize - See your healthy body in your mind. Chances are when you believe you can achieve it, you won't eat badly and will go to the gym!⠀
5. Believe In You - Keep motivational words on your wall, on the fridge, on your computer screen - wherever you are the most.⠀


1.) CALL US AT 877-602-4863.⠀

Live In Fitness is a Private Retreat headed up by Life Coach and Fitness & Weight Loss Guru Eric Vis

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Timeline photos 09/19/2022

Check out Apache Wash, our hike for tomorrow!! This hike is how we start our amazing day at Live In Fitness!!

Timeline photos 08/25/2022

Check out our amazing breakfast burrito! if you want some of our healthy recipes come to our website or check out

Timeline photos 08/22/2022

Man Loses 10.47 Pounds of Pure Body Fat in 1 Week!
Dean is a 57-year-old former police officer from Nova Scotia, Canada. Who now owns an investigative firm. In one week at Live In Fitness Dean reduced his body fat percentage by 3.41% Gained 2.57 pounds of Lean mass and Lost 10.47 pounds of pure Body Fat!

Timeline photos 08/20/2022

Here are six rules for sucess from Arnold Schwarzenegger
Former Governor of California!!
Check out more success tips and more inspirational quotes on our website!

Timeline photos 08/19/2022

Check it out, this is the hike we did this morning!!! We got an amazing calorie burn and also got a beautiful view!! If you want to see more of the hikes we do check out our website at

Timeline photos 08/18/2022

Incredible Success story!!
Mother and Son lose 38.83 pounds of fat in two weeks, amazing!
George lost 26.37 pounds of fat in two weeks. He dropped his body fat percentage 3.22%. He started at 40.6% body fat and dropped to 37.38%.
Nancy lost 12.46 pounds in two weeks and dropped her body fat percentage 4.12%. She started with 39.05% and lowered her body percent to 34.93%. Check out more of their story on our website!!!

Timeline photos 08/16/2022

Check out more of our inspirational quotes on our website

Timeline photos 08/15/2022

Check out our healthy Cheesecake!! Protein Lemon CheeseCake. Mix using a be**er or use gloves and squeeze mix together. Makes 30 mini Cheesecakes-I like to use muffin trays. Check out our famous recipe on our website at !!

Timeline photos 08/10/2022

Hydrostatic body fat testing is the most accurate and technologically advanced method available to determine your body fat percentage. Our hydrostatic body fat testing tank measures lean mass and ensures that you are losing pure fat, not water weight or muscle. Most diets and programs focus on weight loss, not fat loss. We ensure that the program is customized to make sure you are maximizing fat loss. Check out more about our other testing on our website!!

Timeline photos 08/03/2022

Here at Live in Fitness we help you take care of your body by working out, helping change how you think, and feeding you the right macronutrients so that you can take care of your body!! This is our website, come check us out!

Photos from Live In Fitness's post 07/31/2022

Alex lost a total weight of 11lbs in one week! Alex is from Vancouver,Canada. He works in the real state sales and development business. Alex says ”I realized. Since, I have my foot injuries I need that extra push from Live In Fitness!” His overall fitness goals have always been wanting to gain healthy weight and put on lean muscle mass. Check out the rest of his stroy on our website!!!

. . . . . . . .


Dreams are determined by how hard you work and how much time you dedicate to making that dream a reality. Take your dream seriously by visiting

Timeline photos 12/23/2021

Check out our Christmas Crab Cakes!! It has Crab Cakes, Scrambled Eggs and Spicy Aioli and so much more. It also only takes 45 minutes to make it looks and tastes amazing.If you want to check out the recipe It is on our website at You will not displeased.

Timeline photos 12/22/2021

Check out our amazing Tzatziki Dip recipe on our website at
Ready In: 5-10 mins its really easy and amazingly yummy

Timeline photos 12/18/2021

The 12 days of christmas!!!

Timeline photos 11/10/2021

Check out this delicious Grilled Salmon with Cucumber Dill Sauce recipe on our website at you will not be dissappointed!!!! If you want to try it made by one of our world class chefs give us a call. Check website for details.

Timeline photos 11/08/2021

A daily motivational quote for you!!! check out our website at

Timeline photos 09/29/2021

Congratulations on Client of the Week!
Tim Lost 14 Pounds in 1 Week!
Tim is a 53 year old management consultant from Malvern, Pennsylvania. He came across Live In Fitness through an online search for a boot camp. Our program had exactly what he wanted such as the exercise testing, meal plan, and exercise classes.

Timeline photos 08/21/2021

The 4.5-mile Gateway Loop, which has an elevation gain of 650 feet. Is an amazing hike that challenges and helps all of our guests and helps them get ready for the day!!

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