CC Yoga

CC Yoga is a charitable organization that matches certified yoga teachers with under-served and unde CC Yoga is a non-profit community organization, 501(c)(3).

We are very grateful for our fiscal sponsor, St. Luke's Health Initiative. Organized as an Arizona non-profit corporation on April 12, 2011, CC Yoga's mission is to expand and provide not only movement classes, but transportation to and from them at no cost to the participants. Volunteer teaching is part of the yoga instructor certification process. We take certified yoga instructors “Off-The-Mat”


Chair Yoga Training
with Christy Burnette

Dates of Training:

April 7 (Thursday) 7-9pm

April 8 (Friday) 5:30-7:30pm

April 9 (Saturday) 4-6pm

April 10 (Sunday 4-6pm

Fee:$250.00 per person

All students are requested to bring 2 folding chairs, a set of light hand weights (no heavier than 3 pounds each).

Chair yoga is a fitness program for those with disabilities, injuries, flexibility or joint issues, weight challenges and for those that can't easily get down on the floor. This population represents the fastest growing demographic in the yoga industry.


Doga is Back! Saturday January 23rd- Desert Botanical Garden will host another day of Dog Days. Get your leash, your dog, your walking shoes and join us for fun day in the Park!


Two things to do to start the day out right--
1) say "good morning world"
2) say "Thank you"
If you are reading this, you have been given a new day; how awesome is that??!!


"Gamble everything for love, if you are a true human being. If not, leave this gathering.
Half-heartedness doesn't reach into majesty."
Today, Do something with all of your heart. Reach into majesty.


ATTN: West Valley, Central Phoenix yoga teachers. CC Yoga is looking for the right people to train for chair yoga, and specialty class offerings. These are all daytime classes- one hour in length. All of our classes are Monday through Friday. Must have reliable transportation, eager learner, and have a great attitude! Message Christy Burnette for details


ATTN: Are you interested in teaching a water based fitness/yoga class for disabilities? CC Yoga has training times scheduled for our Tucson location. Teaching time matches our training times: Training August 21 and August 27 noon-1:30pm.
Message Christy Burnette if interested. This is specific for Tucson, AZ- Phoenix training dates to be released soon.


CCYoga needs male yoga instructors interested in teaching at a prison facility. We are in the process of adding a new onsite class at a facility in Scottsdale - off of the 101 and Thomas area. This will be an evening class, 1 hour long, 1x a week.
Interested applicants only: please message me if this class offering speaks to you.
Christy Burnette


Everyone shines when they are exactly where they want to be, but can you still shine when you aren't where you want to be? Go ahead and shine wherever you are today.


It's a new day, sing a new song...


On this Memorial Day,
And every day,
We Thank you for your service.
We Thank you for your sacrifice.


We all need to be appreciated and seen...who have you overlooked today, take the time to acknowledge their importance; who have you forgotten to thank, take the time to appreciate them. Who can you truly "see" today, who can you thank today??
Ps- thank you for being you, we appreciate you! without you, we couldn't do this!! thank you for supporting us!!


if its not love, why dwell in it?
May you have a love filled week....


Walking Alone, we leave faint footprints for others to follow, but Together we could blaze a trail. Why walk alone? Dream of the opportunities untapped and the trails waiting to be forged...
Today, start connecting, keep dreaming and begin trail blazing.....


Thwajik Ke Residential Treatment Center is an amazing facility supporting Native American's on a healing path. CC Yoga has classes 4x a week on site. Our clients mats were "looking worn" our parthers: Gaiam and Give Back Yoga have 50 new mats on the way! Thank you to our dedicated teachers, students and partnerships!


CCYOGA is oficially 4 years old! We had a birthday just two days ago and we couldn't be happier! Growing, thriving, touching lives and We have only just begun! Happy birthday CCYOGA!


The world lost a much loved, former CCYOGA teacher and beautiful light, Amy Frasard. Though indeed, her light will shine on, she has left a hole in many hearts that no one else can fill. Rest in peace you beautiful soul, rest in peace------

** “You’ll get over it…” It’s the clichés that cause the trouble. To lose someone you love is to alter your life for ever. You don’t get over it because ‘it” is the person you loved. The pain stops, there are new people, but the gap never closes. How could it? The particularness of someone who mattered enough to grieve over is not made anodyne by death. This hole in my heart is in the shape of you and no-one else can fit it. Why would I want them to?” **
― Jeanette Winterson, Written on the Body


The Give Back Yoga Foundation and Gaiam have generously donated 75 yoga mats for the Gila River Indian Community Summer kids camp. YES! So amazing to work with like minded people.


Gila River Indian Community-District 5 will be offering a Summer kids camp, ages 5-13. CC Yoga will be leading the two month 3x a week camp! Interested in getting more involved? Making a donation? Contact us at
4 year birthday is just days away!


In yoga and in life there are poses and there are postures. A Pose is something that is temporary, it is held for appearance, it doesn't reflect who you are or what you are; when you are done, you let it go and go back to being you, you were merely posing.
A posture on the other hand is based in truth, it is your essence shining through no matter what you are doing. A posture is not held for a moment, it is held within you and within your life. It is rooted in who you are when no one else is looking.
Who are you when no one else is looking?
Today, you once again have a choice, will you merely be a series of briefly held poses (in yoga or in life) or will you hold postures?
Be more than a pose.... 03/28/2015

18 Elderly Share their Insecurities Before It’s “Too Late.” {What I Be Project}

Interested in being part of CC Yoga? Trainings forming now in Tucson and Phoenix. What's possible?
chair yoga, arts and crafts, water yoga, walks, adult dance classes, ball yoga, stretch and balance, core/condition, breath/meditation classes, library tours, healthy eating and wellness counseling.
Regional Directors: Carla Perez-Tucson
Brenna Gaunt- All Water classes/dance- specialty trainings
David Elms-walks/tours/healthy eatting- Tucson and Phoenix

We are in need of guides in all areas, all locations.
Donate your time or go to our website ( to make a financial contribution.

Thank you!
Christy Burnette
Executive Director/Founder CC Yoga When an old folks home asked if they could participate in the What I Be Project, the results broke our hearts and inspired us to live.


Have you ever wanted to take a chair yoga training with Conscious Community Yoga, learn how to teach a wider variety of people, bring yoga to those of varying abilities and have fun while teaching? We have Good news! Coming soon, you will have your chance to enroll in upcoming trainings that we will be leading in both Phoenix and in Tucson starting this summer! Stay tuned to our page for more information!
If you Already know that you are interested, we can add your name to our list and you will be the first to know the dates of our upcoming training and have a chance to enroll early!
email us at [email protected]


A new woman began coming to our chair yoga classes, she always smiled but sat in the back. At the end of every class she quietly shuffled away while I was hugging some of our hug-loving participants, but she always glanced over with a smile as she walked by.
Fast forward, just over a month later, she came up to me, her brown eyes beaming and proud of an accomplishment, "look at me! I started to lose weight when i began coming to class and its only been a month!" she exclaimed as she patted her belly. "And look at this!" she declared even more excitedly as she wiggled her fingers around, "I have arthritis and my fingers could barely move, they were stiff and they hurt before but now they move and feel sooooo much better!" (Fingers still wiggling as If they were laughing and smiling).
I smiled at her and told her that her accomplishments were amazing. I told her how lucky I was to be a witness to this. I asked her what her name was, she told me it was Terry. I told Terry that she deserved MY thanks for taking a chance on coming to class and for sticking with it (she had been coming twice a week for over a month). Her story inspired both she and I to look at each other with happy tears wobbling in our eyes as we held hands for a moment. Terry let go of my hands and opened her arms, she wanted a hug. We hugged and I knew that Terry was no longer the 'shuffle quietly by at the end of class' woman that she was at the beginning.
Terry is still attending classes but she now sits where I can see her during class and at the end, she comes up with a grateful smile, waiting with the hug-loving participants for a personal thank you and good-bye for the day.
Another amazing student, another inspiration, another reason that this work is the passion of all those at Ccyoga.
Goooooo YOGA!!
*a big thank you to all of our students and to all of our teachers and supporters for making this possible. Inspiration is just a class away*


You have what you's reminder by
**There is a fountain inside you.
Don't walk around with an empty bucket.
There is a basket of fresh bread on your head,
yet you go door to door asking for crusts.

Knock on the inner door, no other.
Sloshing knee-deep in fresh riverwater,
yet you keep asking for other people's waterbags.
Water is everywhere around you, but you see
only barriers that keep you from water....
Mad with thirst, you can't drink from the stream
running close by your face. You are like a pearl
on the deep bottom wondering inside the shell,
Where's the ocean?
Those mental questionings
form the barrier.**


Today, smile at someone you don't know, may your smile remind them that they are not alone and may it remind you that neither are you. We are all connected and we are all in this together. ***smiles***


miracles happen daily. You are one of those miracles. Go live a life worthy of your wonder.


I sat down to welcome my Sun health class last Monday morning and I asked how everybody was doing, when one of the ladies said excitedly, "I took a bath last night!".
I replied, "wow, that sounds great!".
"No, you don't understand," she said to me, "its been years since I could take a bath. The last time I did I was stuck in my tub for hours until my husband came home. It was terrifying. I never thought that I would EVER take another bath".
She then told me how it all came about. The other day while she was cleaning the bathroom, she decided to try to get into the tub, (she grabbed all the phones in the house to have nearby just in case she got stuck again); she got in, she sat down and she was able to get back up with no problem. She was so overjoyed that she decided it was time to once agin enjoy a bath.
She said that doing yoga has helped her regain strength and she feels great. She then thanked me; I told her that she's the one that did all the work!
How lucky are we to have these wonderful opportunities to teach such inspiring students?! ...Very very lucky.
(Thank you to our CCYOGA teacher-Diane Chamberlain- for sharing this inspirational story!)


A story inspired by one of our tucson students, Elvira, and dedicated to all who have never given up---
She called me her princess and thanked me for all that I had done for her as I sat at her table and as she fed me. She told me her story, to me it sounded like a life full of hardship, but she did not tell it with even a hint of disdain or pity, it was simply a story. She warmed up soup to nourish my body as I listened to all of the events that through the years should have served to deplete her soul, but here she stood before me, a giving and hopeful woman full of light. She talked as she cooked, she held no details back, gritty or heartwarming, they all held a dignity as they came from a woman who stood tall and proud in front of her stove. She was ashamed of nothing, she wore honesty like a velvet gown draped regally around her. If I was a princess to her, she was surely a queen to me, for she had more love, strength and hope within her heart than I could ever imagine existing in mine. She cooked for me and fed me as if she had every thing to give, as if she had never had a worry of having enough money or food, but the opposite was true, her small apartment, she explained to me, was assisted housing; she had often struggled through the years to feed, to clothe, to house everyone, but she always managed and always shared whatever she had. I listened to her as my eyes welled up with tears, her losses, her triumphs, her stories of raising children and now grandchildren, humbled me. She stood before me, she thanked me, she told me that she loved me, yet it was she who deserved the thanks and the love; as i stood before her, my soul bowed to her.


If you’re curious about numbers for our DOGA at the Desert Botanical Garden...
we had 1,732 visitors between 8am-2pm (although not all were with dogs) and 870 dogs. We will be able to donate over $3300 to Arizona Humane Society.
Yep- good day for all!


The world we live in isn't always kind, the world we live in isn't always fair, but there is also a world in our mind and in our heart that influences how we see the rest of the world. Daily we work with people who have faced a world that hasn't always dealt them a fair hand, many times they have been dealt a hand that has challenged them in an untold variety of ways, but they come to us open to finding the joy that still resides within them. They come to us looking for more and we happily show them a piece of this world that is kinder, sweeter, a world that loves them. Sometimes we give hugs, sometimes we hand out only smiles or hold someone's hand to let them know that they aren't alone. We teach them classes but also open our hearts to them.
I know that the world hasn't always been fair to our students, to our teachers, to our Ccyoga friends, to our children, to our warriors (servicemen and women), to our women and to our men, but here, on our page, in our classes, in our service, in our lives, we try to give back better. With any luck, we can help to guide people back to a place within their minds and their hearts that sees this world as an infinitely beautiful and wonderous place, no matter how it has challenged them or hurt them. Today, no matter what you have seen, no matter how you have been challenged perhaps you can go to a place within that still has a room of trust, a room of joy, a room of wonder, go there and wander in. Let go of the stories you have lived or you have told yourself. Let go and go in. As rumi said- "out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing , there is a field. I will meet you there."


A wise person once told me that the answer to almost everything is hugs. Feeling sad? Hug. Feeling happy? Hug. Feeling lonely? Hug. Feeling loved? Hug. The wise person who gave this advice is only 8 years old, but he is one of the happiest and compassionate people I have ever known. So, today, hug, hug and hug again; maybe, just maybe, there is even more room for joy with someone else's arms wrapped around you. *HUGS*
(As pointed out in a comment below, please remember that it is important to give hugs only if the other person wants to be hugged and gives you permission. Get permission and then follow up with an AWESOME, love infused HUG)


There will be days in your life in which it will feel like you have stumbled and fallen flat...just remember that when that happens, you can always choose to jump back up, smile and give the world your best jazz hands. You may not be in control of every situation, but you can be in control of your attitude. ••JAZZ HANDS••


Leaving people feeling at least a little more loved than when they arrived, that is the goal. Who have you loved today?

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