Stoneman Climbing Co.

Stoneman Climbing Co.


With Spring just around the corner, that means more outdoor shoots! ⛰️ ☀️ Stoneman Climbing Co.
A great day climbing at McDowell Mountains with Aaron from Stoneman Climbing Co. He was a wonderful guide. Encouraging, supportive, with good beta when I needed it.
‪What a perfect day for climbing with Breaking Barriers and our Learn, Improve, Perform program! Thank you to Stoneman Climbing Co. Disabled Sports USA and Thunderbird Charities for making such an awesome day possible! Ability360’s next Outdoor Climbing Series will be March 7th! ‬So make sure to register at
Great day of rock climbing at Toms Thumb in Scottsdale with our #BreakingBarriers team. The Terrain Hoppers worked great and its always amazing to see our young members developing the confidence to climb the massive rocks up here. Stoneman Climbing Co.

#RockClimbing #YouthInTransition #TerrainHopperUSA #AdaptiveRecreation #AdaptiveRockClimbing #tomsthumb #accessiblesports #ability360 #able
Because I have the most amazing time, Aaron was the guide, he is knowledgeable and nice, it was my first time and I really, really like it, I can honestly say I can't wait to do it again.
On January 13, 2019 we will be partnering with Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center and Stoneman Climbing Co. to add free adaptive climbing opportunities to our anniversary event! Adaptive climbing will be available at specific times for those who sign up. Click below to register!
Thank you Lauren & Michelle! This was the highlight of my vacation !
Great climbing with yall during our course!
Had such a great time climbing with Michelle yesterday. Patient and encouraging loved it! The crack was the most fun! #StonemanClimbing #MichelleRocks
Great job this weekend guys! Fun "hanging out" with you guys!
Chris Brunner, this looks fun!

StoneMan Climbing Co. offers the best guided rock climbing across Arizona and San Diego, CA. With experienced and professional guides, StoneMan has an excellent customer service record, as well as an intricate knowledge of the local climbing areas.

As the origin of all pebbles, StoneMan was carved out of a much larger rock. A collection of many influences slowly shaped and formed our company. Perhaps the primary idea that shaped the face of StoneMan was that rock climbing is not a sport for the elite but recreation for everyone. Things that are carved in stone last for a very long time and the relationships we build and the things we experie

Operating as usual


This is a Good Friday to grab your toughest homie to support you on the that is your ! Support your bud through the worst because that is when you will benefit them the most... and yes we all look this cute to someone, somewhere.


Fueling for the climb @neilsoneson showing how its done!


Would you trust this gear? There are many ways to sling a chicken head or other feature in the rock. The slip hitch is my personal favorite as it is grippy if applied appropriately and requires minimal material (optimal for 2 footers). Is there one that you prefer more?


Take lead and take as much responsibility as possible... carry all your own gear and then some more😆📸


Begin your traverse into the week with intention... and plan your


"Well would you look at that... just look at it!"- Ed Bassmaster or @baldeetzee We aren't sure which. But seriously, "look at it" the weekend is here so you might want to go


"Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love." -Mother Teresa @graciegrett demonstrates the most sacred practice of smiling while climbing well😁


Don’t let your worries overwhelm you… do what you know is right. 🧗‍♂️👍😃


We do our best to make sure anyone who is psyched on climbing gets the chance to experience it😃. Checkout the link below to see how you can help others experience this rad sport.


Climbing is special but people are specialer!


Time for an ALTAtude adjustment 😆🤔🧗‍♂️thx @altaclimbingaz for the fun


Enjoying the weather in higher ALTAtude… thanks for the threads. 👍🧗‍♂️


Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. -Benjamin Franklin

Working with @guides_institute is an honor because involving climbers in the learning process are the priority in PCGI courses. They promote this with low instructor-student ratios allowing their mentors to give attention to individual learners. Don't hesitate to reach out for more info:)


The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. -Nelson Mandela
Climbing is a good way to practice glorious living:)


"If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!"- some wise dude
We are always psyched to give you a belay and we are even more psyched to support your pursuit of the best for your life even when the best is something other than climbing👍


When rock climbing the phrase, "Dropping a number two", has several meanings this photo expresses one of those meanings 😆


If you find yourself in this environment be certain to take advantage of the "All You Can Eat Chicken Slings"! 😆... but seriously they are tasty🧗‍♀️🧗‍♂️🤗


Hopefully, you got to spend some of your weekend climbing! @graciegrett cruising up the classic featured granite in Cochise Stronghold... I am pretty sure she has a cellphone in hand because she is looking dialed 😆🤳📸🧗‍♀️


“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work” - John Trainer


Just a friendly reminder to call your favorite belayer because the weather is perfect and the weekend starts tomorrow... @graciegrett is our favorite belayer 😁 If your favorite belayer isn't available try calling your second, third, fourth, heck even your fifth favorite belayer to make this weekend an awesome climbing trip!


Here is an instructional video on how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day properly... Happy St. Patty's Day! from the StoneMan Climbing Guides:)


Total crusher flying up p3, just before the wind picked up 🥶... that's when the adventure started!


Rocks are made of stone and last longer than we will but, relationships and our experiences together will last even longer:) ... so can you tell which is the StoneMan?


That is a stronghold! ... 😆🧗‍♀️💪


"We meet no ordinary people in our lives."
— C.S. Lewis ... once we get to know someone I think we learn that most people are EXTRAORDINARY! I can't wait to get to know more people:)


"If you keep doing what your doing, you'll keep gettin what you already got"- one of my childhood role models @emma.amara_ cruising up new terrain:)
Trying something new generates the potential to become a better person rather than remain our same old selves. Let's embrace the struggle. Then strive to thrive:) We are striving with you.


“The world would be terrible place without grace”- Bill Borinstein is but


Pick your climbing partner carefully. Make certain that they are fun to be around and consistently want the best for you:) like these two cuties! @laurenberger47


If your summit pack is getting in the way of wide moves, using an alpine draw or two to hang it low is a helpful technique and... if you do it well you'll look like this male model @baldeetzee in the


@baldeetzee Soaking in the stronghold! What is your line? 😁...


If you look close you can see Neil doing what he does best Neiling and being himself… certainly not just kneeling but climbing 🧗‍♂️ @neilsoneson one by of the most talented guides I know!


Take climbing seriously 😄 Stoneman Climbing Co.


Climbing with your friends is more social than social media:) @baldeetzee @graciegrett @guides_institute Stoneman Climbing Co.


Enjoy a special moment at the best time of day with someone awesome! Sunsets are my favorite:)

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The 2 hour rock climbing trip is the perfect way for the cautious conservative adventurer to see if climbing outdoors really lives up to all the hype. The 2 hour add-on makes it a truly safe choice.

The 4 hour rock climbing trip is the most popular trip. Whether this is your first time outside or you’ve done it more times than a 10 fingered man can count you are sure to get plenty of mileage in this amount of time.

The 7 hour rock climbing trip enables you to see the world from the perspective that only soaring birds get. It is certain to be an enjoyable experience. During your full day adventure you'll get the true climbing experience and lunch!



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