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Thank you CrossFit Ironwood for improving my burpee technique. I improved 20 reps on 13.1.


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The weekend is over! Tell me EFC Crew...What are your goals this week?


Allergy season, cold and flu season...with all these little hiccups attempting to hinder your progress, what are you doing to keep yourself healthy and in the gym? Talk to me about probiotics and getting your greens!!!! Stay healthy this season!!!!


Nicole Wilkins

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.


The Sox Box

Everybody has to start somewhere! I remember my first series of workout videos "Walk Away the Pounds" with Leslie Sansone. Over a decade ago and on VHS!

Whether you're walking, running, hiking, skipping..just GO outside!
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Who's training over the long weekend?!!!


With Valentines Day quickly approaching I thought I would take a moment to share a few gift ideas......why not spice up the holiday by starting a new tradition with your loved one and go on a hike? Go for a quick jog? Have a friendly challenge to see who can make the tastiest healthy snack? Why celebrate this year by doing something fun that ensures you both are around for many years to come! If you don't happen to have a Valentine this year then why not spend the day celebrating Arizona's Birthday and take a walk around this beautiful state of ours....Train for life! Train for Love!! Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!


The Sn**ch!! Step by Step photo of how it should look. I think the top right position is were I have most trouble!

Thanks to our friends at Hookgrip for providing GREAT photography!


Jim Smith - Diesel Strength

WOW! This is so powerful.


Destino In Sedona

Vacationing and fitness.....a match made in heaven

Imagine a vacation where you come home feeling healthier, stronger, leaner, and all around more bad-ass! Now imagine that vacation with 10-12 new friends tha...


Erika working on her hand stand!


Updated White Board!

tout.com 02/05/2013

Dustin Harth (@Extremefitnessc)



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Dustin Harth (@Extremefitnessc)


Power Sn**ch + Overhead Squat Part of todays Crossfit Football Workout



Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos

strongfirst.com 01/22/2013

Why a Woman Should Be Strong | StrongFirst


Everyone woman working out with me please read this!

strongfirst.com Women should be strong because we are capable of great physical strength. Too often, women limit themselves by thinking strength training is for men, or that it will make them look like men. I am here to tell you that is not the case. Get over this fear, we have been fooled for far too long. Once I ...


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3 supplements from my Essential list ==> http://www.extremefsc.com/Supplement-Guide.html They came today, a bundle from Athletic Greens.

extremefsc.com 01/17/2013

My Blog

10 Things to Remember about Nutrition

extremefsc.com Extreme Fitness Strength and Conditioning - Phoenix, AZ. Take Charge of your Fitness


Deb Trap Bar Dead Lifting 225 pounds. Our Gym record for females.

extremefsc.com 01/15/2013

Darin's Workout Results


extremefsc.com Extreme Fitness Strength and Conditioning - Phoenix, AZ. Take Charge of your Fitness


Sickness. Wellness. Fitness. Blog updated.


Pictures are updated on the website and fixed! (Thanks Darin).. And I've added a link to the Renegade Diet by Jason Ferruggia. It's a great guide for healthy eating that supports serious training. More info to come, go check it out. ExtremeFSC.com

jasonferruggia.com 01/07/2013

Is Your Training Program Missing the #1 Main Ingredient


jasonferruggia.com “Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.” -- Sun Tzu Did you know that you can get down to single digit bodyfat and look like an elite level pro athlete in just three easy, twenty minute workouts per week? And you can do it while eating whatever you want? It’s true

extremefsc.com 01/03/2013

5 Things I Learned in 2012


extremefsc.com Extreme Fitness Strength and Conditioning - Phoenix, AZ. Take Charge of your Fitness


Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and is ready to get back to the workouts, I know I am!


Mental Toughness...


Increasing difficulty, increases results...push yourself...


Extreme Fitness S & C Intro



Kevin doing push presses on his last round of "Loser."

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Deb Trap Bar Dead Lifting 225 pounds.  Our Gym record for females.
Sam Dead Lifting 315lbs
Part of Darin's circuit finisher today...  9,6, and 3 reps of Overhead Squats, Step back lunges, Tire Flips, and KB Swin...
Erika Dead Lifts:  165lbs X 4
Clean 305lbs




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