STI Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

STI Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


What precautions is STI taking for patients due to the COVID-19 outbreak?
Everybody at STI was amazing. The entire staff had a hand in getting me back to normal. The entire staff was extremely helpful and top notch. From the smiling faces in front office to all the therapists and assistants. They will make you feel like family from day one. Thank you so much for everything!
I just wanted to thank STI Sun City staff. They are very nice and friendly, the facility is always clean and they really do a good job and care about people. I'm feeling better after having a really bad rotator cuff tendonitis on my shoulder. I recommend this place if you need Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation!
I think we can all admit the world is full of discomfort and pain. If you happen to experience physical pain. Please take my personal advice and see the Physical therapists at STI Physical Teraphy. Be greeted by a smiling face from the friendly helpful Receptionist. Expect professional help from all there. Look forward to becoming pain free after your eval and personal rehab plan. These guys are great. Cannot say enough about them. See them and look forward to becoming pain free. Your goal and theirs also.
I was taking care of some shoulder problems and loved this place and the people working with me. They take their job very serious and now Im moving to Tucson I will try to get with them down there. Been to 4 places before them and didn't get any relief or help. This is the first place I felt I belong to get the job done right. Highly recommend!!!!!
my babygirl loves her physical therapy crew she looks foward to it everyday. from the exercises and playing to the massages and icing.. theyr great with her and its def helping not just her foot problem but mentally too. her mood went up thanks to the sti crew. highly recommend to all in need of it.
my babygirl loves her physical therapy crew she looks foward to it everyday. from the exercises and playing to the massages and icing.. theyr great with her and its def helping not just her foot problem but mentally too. her mood went up thanks to the sti crew. highly recommend to all in need of it.
I just want to say how lucky my husband, Richard Atwood and I are that we found STI. My husband has had 2 neck surgeries (fusions) and one back fusion. I have had knee surgery, not replacement, but all soft tissue repair and I've had my ankle replaced. So we've experienced A LOT of pt.

Never again will I go to a place that my doctor recommends. Sorry CORE, sorry Banner! I need to get the word out to my friends to not make that mistake either.

Darin Permenter and his team at the Sun City location are miracle workers. I know they care about me and I trust them completely! I know they are skilled AND experienced enough that I'm going to recover and not be re-injured by a therapist who doesn't know what they are doing or worse than that doesn't care!

Thanks everybody! You are the best!
What a great staff Darrin, Kris and Jenna (me in the middle). They are pros and love the way they all work together ( like a happy family). Love the massage at the end make the pain worth it (sometimes). Only 3 more times until I leave and know that they gave me 100% to get me back home--Thanks staff and have a cool summer.
I just came from the 4th Ave and Osborn office, I had to leave it was so hot in there I was sweating sitting in the waiting room, so I had to leave I missed out on my therapy cuz it's just too hot up there. Unfortunately if something isn't done about it I'll have to go somewhere else.
been going to the #CentralPHX_Osborn location STI Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation.. for my Shoulder & your Staff get my #4Star great Customer service award for Business of the month..
have been getting #PhysicalTherapy there for past 2 weeks.. keep up the good work #OsbornSTI. next appt is Friday, thanks ScottM & staff . see you soon | #Blind4Howie
KUDOS to the Yuma Team; they are awesome! I am nearing the end of my recovery, and I wouldn't have wanted to take the journey with anyone else but them. Their friendliness, professionalism, and expertise has made all the difference in my recovery experience and progress. Dan, Alex, Maria, Todd, Tom, Marco, Lauren, and some who have since progressed in their careers elsewhere, plus the office staff: Maria and Manny, and the others, I thank you from the bottom of my heart (and from head to toe)! #bestphysicaltherapy

STI has been a leader in physical therapy and rehabilitation for over 30 years. Our philosophy can b

Operating as usual


Remembering those who have served and sacrificed.


Continuing on our track of the benefits of strength/resistance (RT) training in the older adult we present another recent study from the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This study was a meta-analysis. This means the researcher looked at a whole bunch of studies and chose 24 that met their criteria. In total there was 3656 participants ranging in age from 63-83. The results were overwhelmingly positive for those participants did RT from anywhere from 10 wks to 18 months. Participants showed improved mobility, walking distance stamina, improved balance and stronger legs. This means RT could improve independence in activities of daily living and improved overall function. Ready to start a safe active RT program? Give us a shout.,for%20this%20at%2Drisk%20population

Low-Load Resistance Training Performed to Muscle Failure or ... : The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 05/09/2022

Low-Load Resistance Training Performed to Muscle Failure or ... : The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

Strength or resistance training in any form improves functional strength in older adults. No matter the form of low load strength training all techniques were effective at improving functional performance in older adults. Need help with your exercise program? Check in with us. Our experts are here to help you keep doing the things you love.

Low-Load Resistance Training Performed to Muscle Failure or ... : The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research functional performance of older adults. J Strength Cond Res 36(5): 1209–1215, 2022—The aim of the present study was to compare the effects of low-load resistance training (RT) protocols performed to failure (FAI), to voluntary interruption (VOL), and with a fixed low repetitions (FIX) on muscle ...


March is national athletic trainers month. AT's are a big part of our service team. We salute them and all AT's around the USA. Thank you for all you do!


Today we remember a Man and his dream. This great man paved the way to the progress we have made and yet need to make. Lets continue the mission for equality and inclusion in our healthcare system.


On this Veteran's Day we at STI salute and thank our veterans.

Check out STI Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. 11/09/2020

Check out STI Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

For almost 4 decades, STI Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation has been serving the Arizona community with compassion and respect.

We strive everyday to treat all of those who come through our doors with the highest level of care.

Leading the way in sports medicine and rehab since our beginning, STI has built a strong reputation in Arizona by delivering high quality, results-oriented rehabilitation services.

Check out our page on to vote for the 2021 !

Check out STI Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Ranking AZ 2021

Cupping Therapy: Uses, Benefits and Side Effects 11/06/2020

Cupping Therapy: Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Noticed circular bruises on someone's neck or back?
They may have recently received myofascial cupping therapy!

Cupping Therapy: Uses, Benefits and Side Effects Cupping therapy has possible short term side effects which resemble bruising or slight redness or discoloration. Uses and benefits of cupping in physical therapy to treat pain.

Location Finder 10/23/2020

Location Finder

Find physical therapy clinics nearby with our location finder!📍

Location Finder Physical Therapy Near Me Enter your home address or ZIP and the finder will locate

No Sprain, No Gain - PHOENIX magazine 10/21/2020

No Sprain, No Gain - PHOENIX magazine

Check us out in PHOENIX magazine!

No Sprain, No Gain - PHOENIX magazine The Valley’s rehab-focused fitness facilities get you back in the game.


The hamstring is made up of 3 separate muscles. This group of muscles are typically tight on most people, which can lead to various ailments including back pain, hip pain, knee pain and limitations in athletic performance.

#1 Seated Hamstring Stretch: Ideal for beginners. Easy and no equipment required.

#2 Supine Hamstring Stretch: Standard stretch for most. Stretching strap and open space on the ground needed to perform properly.

#3 Active Stretch: Ideal as part of a dynamic warm up before a higher level activity (hiking, running, weight lifting)

Try adding one of these to your daily routine!


To read the full article, visit

Timeline photos 08/26/2020

Since 1981, STI has been serving the Arizona community by providing a range of physical therapy and occupational therapy services as well as wellness and post-rehabilitation services. Four decades later, we continue to strive everyday to fulfill our mission to be “in service of others.”

We invite you to get to know STI. Follow the link in our bio to learn more about our journey and our services.

Timeline photos 08/21/2020

We wanted to congratulate Dane and acknowledge his hard work and dedication while celebrating his 10th anniversary working at STI. Dane is an important part of the team and we are grateful for the multitude of contributions he has made over the years. Thanks Dane, we appreciate you! stirehab

Timeline photos 08/12/2020

Happy birthday wishes go out to David our Director of Strength and Conditioning. David works at our corporate location and has been treating patients for 28 years. He is a wealth of knowledge and we’re lucky to have him as part of our team.

Timeline photos 08/10/2020

Congratulations to Stacey on her first day as manager of the Yuma Foothills location. She has been taking care of patients in the Yuma community for the last three years. Good luck Stacey, we know you will do great!

Timeline photos 08/07/2020

Today is Dan’s last day at our Yuma Foothills location. Dan has been treating the community for the last six years while managing his clinic. He will be relocating to California to continue his work in pediatric therapy. Thanks Dan, we’ll miss you!

Timeline photos 08/07/2020

Today is Dan’s last day at our Yuma Foothills Clinic. He has been treating the surrounding community for the last six years while managing his clinic. He will be relocating to California to continue his work in pediatric therapy. Thanks Dan, we’ll miss you.

Timeline photos 07/31/2020

Running is a great way to improve cardiovascular health and reduce stress. It’s also important to stretch prior to going for a run to prevent an injury. Should you experience an injury give us a call, our clinics offer complimentary injury assessments.

Timeline photos 07/24/2020

Regardless of where the road leads we will be here to help. Our staff has been providing exceptional care and service to the valley for over 35 years.

Vaccine Countdown: 90 Days? 07/23/2020

Vaccine Countdown: 90 Days?

Could it really be?

Vaccine Countdown: 90 Days? One manufacturer reports that a vaccine for COVID-19 will be available to Americans for free.

Timeline photos 07/20/2020

A car accident can happen when you least expect it. If you or a family member are involved in an accident give us a call, we can help. We have been rehabilitating motor vehicle related injuries in the valley for over 30 years.

Physical therapy can create a path for reduced opioid use 07/17/2020

Physical therapy can create a path for reduced opioid use

More research to support through the use of therapeutic exercise and pain neuroscience education.

Physical therapy can create a path for reduced opioid use Opioid abuse is a widely recognized public health crisis in the United States and the […]

Timeline photos 07/10/2020

Regardless of your injury our staff has you covered. At our clinics you will always get the care you need with safety and compassion. Give us a call and get scheduled today. Link in the bio.

Timeline photos 07/04/2020

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Independence Day!

Timeline photos 07/01/2020

More and more people are spending time outdoors. Before heading out make sure to spend time stretching and preparing for your adventure. Bring something to snack on for yourself and your pet and be sure to stay hydrated. 🌵

Timeline photos 06/29/2020

Have you been experiencing neck pain? Come in for a complimentary injury assessment with one of our experienced clinicians. Our valley wide locations are here to help. Call us to get scheduled today! Link in bio.

Timeline photos 06/23/2020

Today the U.S celebrates National Hydration Day. Proper hydration is very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle but can be overlooked. It’s easy to forget to bring your water with you on a hot day, but forgetting to carry a water bottle can lead to health risks. So stay safe and make sure to hydrate!

Timeline photos 06/19/2020

Every summer is wildfire season in Arizona. We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the brave men and women of the Arizona Fire Departments working hard to contain the current fires. Stay safe.

Timeline photos 06/16/2020

Even when it’s summer in Arizona there’s still time for kids to remain active. Along with that activity injuries may arise. It may be as simple as a strained muscle or more complex. If an injury should arise rest assured, we have therapists who specialize in pediatric therapy. Give us a call, we can help!

Timeline photos 06/10/2020

Back pain is one of the most common injuries physical therapists treat. In the last few months we have seen an increase in these type of ailments. If you are experiencing discomfort in your back give us a call and set up a complimentary injury assessment. Link in bio.

Timeline photos 06/08/2020

Today we celebrate Elliot’s 50th visit! Elliot arrived at STI in a wheelchair after suffering a spinal cord injury he sustained during a surfing accident. He is now able to run on the treadmill!

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