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Removing obstacles through Trauma Informed Mindfulness & the Foundations of Yoga for well-being, balance & ease. Here you will find resources, events, class references and offerings.

Hello! I am Lanita Ugstad, welcome to Ganesh Yoga; where Mindful Living. Yoga and Birth is a lifestyle. I am blessed to offer the gifts of teaching Mindfulness, Yoga, Healing and Labor/Birth Doula services as my life’s work. I started a personal yoga practice more than 16 years ago as a way to relieve stress and have some time for myself. My practice then grew into one of teaching. I currently teach Mindfulness and Yoga to elementary and middle school children at a charter school; Imagine Desert West. I also teach various all level, hot detox and prenatal yoga, as well as Mindful Living classes at Gilbert Yoga; a beautiful and loving studio located in Gilbert, AZ. Various private classes and classes at Intel Ocotillo are part of my weekly schedule. Healing became a natural segway in this profound practice as my awareness of our energetic bodies expanded and I soon found myself certified as a Reiki Master & practitioner. Through my passion to empower women and teaching prenatal yoga, I then also embraced the Labor/Birth Doula role; as many of my clients are already students of mine in my prenatal class. I offer private yoga classes, healing sessions and Doula services in addition to the many classes that I teach publicly. Please feel free to contact me with any questions/inquiries. Love & Light!

Operating as usual

2020 is drawing to a close.

Looking back on the year, embracing all that has occurred; what we have witnessed, what we have felt, what we deep dived into, and what we had to let go of..

Allowing the unknown and tender, hard moments to be an opportunity for empathy and compassion. Literally Vomiting hearts of surrender..

2021 is just around the corner and it’s time to take back control of our lives!

Regulating through Mindful Living for less stress, less anxiety, healthier habits, attracting more connected, loving, compassionate relationships and finding joy and beauty in what this journey brings!

If you’re ready to end stress and anxiety so you can experience live with ease, click the link @ganeshayogagirl bio to set up a complimentary discovery session!

@ganeshyogagirl ❤️💫🔥🐻🦅🦉🦋

Sooo ready! Let’s do this! 2021- Let’s Go! 🎉

All you need is right there.. inside of YOU!
Learning ways to cope with stress & anxiety allows us to build more meaningful and connected relationships.
When we succeed in meeting difficult experiences with balance and ease, we become resilient!

And Resilience is an INSIDE job.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone!

If you’re ready to end stress and anxiety so you can experience live with ease, click the link @ganeshayogagirl to set up a complimentary discovery session

@ganeshyogagirl ❤️🔥💫🐻🦅🦉🦋🙏🏼❤️

I’m so honored and excited to collaborate with my beautiful friend Laura!!

This 6 week series on incorporating Mindfulness into your life in a group, online setting, will be offered through Laura’s practice! Insurance and private pay options are available.

DM for inquires, details and to sign up!

Space is limited!


Did you know that having a gratitude practice can actually lessen stress, anxiety and depression?

When we focus on attention to what we have to be thankful for it is more difficult to stay in a triggered / fight or flight state.

A daily practice of gratitude helps us observe the beauty that surrounds us always!

Being Thankful is being Mindful!

How has being Mindful helped YOU to become more thankful?!!

Drop a note below and share your gratitude!! ❤️🙏🏼

LIMITED Open Enrollment for Mindful Living Coaching!
Only 2 spots open, enrollment closes Nov. 26.

PM for your discovery call today!
@ganeshyogagirl 🙏🏼❤️💫🔥🐻🦅🦉🦋

Wisdom; noun
1. the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

* the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.

A lot of us are familiar with the Serenity Prayer;
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.

We have the power to have momentary acceptance, to change by rewiring our brains, to respond instead of react, and the WISDOM- to know the difference!
We know when we are out of balance, struggling, running on empty and caught in the cycles of trauma and reaction. We KNOW because we FEEL it in our bodies, we EXPERIENCE it in our minds, we become AWARE of it in our actions.

We are wise. We are powerful. We can be in control of our experiences in this life!!

Mindfulness creates the space to regulate, become aware and respond instead of react.

Start your journey and commitment to a happier more balanced life!

Self Care = Self Love ❤️

Mindful Living Coaching enrollment closes on Nov. 26th!
PM to set up your discovery call today: @ganeshyogagirl 🙏🏼❤️🐻🦅🦉🦋💫🔥. Photo credit. @andreablakesbergphotography ❤️🙏🏼

I don’t know about you.. but I’ve been experiencing my fair share of “pricks” lately! 😂
The Universe has been dealing out a fair dose of opportunities for me to really step into my own practice of Mindfulness.

There is often a misconception that if you are “mindful” , you no longer are triggered, have emotions, experience anxiety, etc..
This idea that you will embody the persona of a monk, meditating on a cliff in the mountains.. nothing disturbs your peace.

Guess what?!! We are HUMAN Beings!! And we will have a human experience. We continue to have feelings and triggers, but we learn to have momentary acceptance of the “pricks” by creating space and process- respond instead of react. This transforms us from Human Beings to HUMAN’s BEing!

LIMITED TIME OpportUNITY! 2 Spots OPEN for enrollment in Mindful Living Coaching!!

Give yourself the gift of gratitude, ease and momentary acceptance for less stress, less anxiety and a healthier, happier life!

Self Care = Self Love! Let’s do this!

PM for your discovery call today! Enrollment closes on Nov. 25th!

@ganeshyogagirl ❤️💫🐻🦅🦉🦋🔥

Mindful, Magical, Manifesting Monday!

Feeling that urge to shake things up a little??

The Universe doesn’t allow for complacency for too long.. staying stuck often feels like everything is falling to rubble.
Our reality is on fire 🔥. Who we thought we were, what we thought we knew and what once was.. dismantling before our beings.

Our biggest growth happens in that deconstruction!

Much like a baby bird being nudged out the nest, to fall to earth, or to flap rapidly only to spread their wings to fly.

This is our calling. To embrace the fire to grow.

Are you ready?

Mindfulness is the dismantling and destruction of the ways we were, how we react, how we live.
It’s the rewiring of the brain to find space to respond.
It is to be so present with all the the present moment holds; we find ease and peace.
We are becoming resilient.
We are able to stand in the fire, because beauty will grow there.

Are you ready?! Let’s Manifest!! Let’s do this!!

ONLY 2 SPOTS open for Mindful Living Coaching!!

Limited time- enrollment closes Nov. 25th!!!
PM today to set your discovery call.

Move into this new season of life with gratitude and ease!!

Less Stress, Less Anxiety, More Joy, More Love! ❤️💫🔥🙌🏼

@ganeshyogagirl 🐻🦅🦉🦋❤️🙏🏼💫🔥

Less Stress
Less Anxiety
Less Fear
More Balance
More Acceptance
More Self Care/ Love
More Joy

I’m sooo IN!
Mindfulness allows us space to respond instead of react. It literally rewires the brain to behave differently!! Which allows us to have a whole different experience in this journey of life. How cool is that?!

Wait list for Mindfulness Coaching and Small Group Coaching is OPEN!
Many other offerings and teachings coming soon!
Inquire and discover! DM to schedule a time to chat.
The Universe has got your back, and I do too!
Let’s do this! Day One... or One day?


What if.. we were MEANT to be the most magnificent, powerful, badass versions of ourselves all along..
And somehow we got lost along the way.. by life.. by experiences.. by other people’s ideas of what WE were supposed to do and be like..

Stop playing small!! Embrace what it is that you are and the gifts you are offering to the world! NO ONE gets to tell you who you are and what you are worth- but YOU!

Sooo burn those old stories down!🔥
Embrace who YOU actually are and what YOUR purpose is in this life journey.
BE PRESENT! And RISE! TRUST - you are loved beyond measure and so supported! ❤️

Waiting list for Mindfulness Coaching and Small Group Coaching is OPEN!
Many other offerings and teachings coming soon!
Inquire and discover! DM to schedule a time to chat.
The Universe has got your back, and I do too!
Let’s do this! Day One... or One day?


New things coming! 🎉🎉🎉

I’m so excited for things that are coming soon!

In this moment of pausing; taking a breath and settling in to working with private clients, I am also bringing forth an abundance of crazy cool offerings to share with all of you!

Here is a sneaky peaky at things to come soon! 😁

Mindful Living 1:1 Coaching (incoming and continuing clients)

Mindful Living Small Group Coaching

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Birth Education Workshops

Mindfulness in Pregnancy Classes

Trauma Informed Yoga & Mindfulness

Private Yoga classes

Reiki Healing Sessions

Fun Woo Woo Stuff; Malas and Tarot/Oracle Readings


Waiting list for Mindful Living 1:1 Coaching is OPEN! Message me for details!

Waiting List for Mindful Living Small Group Coaching is OPEN! Message me for details! @ganeshyogagirl

Inquiries for all other services / trainings and classes- message me for details or watch for posts in the coming weeks! @ganeshyogagirl

In person Yoga classes- ongoing at Gilbert Yoga- for schedule/ pricing/ passes!

Can’t wait to share all the amaz-ness with YOU!


Stop where you are.
Take a moment to pause.
Close your eyes if it feels ok to do so.
Breathe in...
Breathe out...
Feel that breathe in your belly, your lungs, your nose.
Repeat, if it felt good and as often as you can.

You just hit a reset button by being present with your breath!

Great Job! Smile! You are magnificent!

Mindfulness 101. ☺️🥰💫


I’m Back!! I’m honored to be back at Gilbert Yoga on Saturday’s for 9am All Level and 10:30 am Prenatal. Visit our website at for our new location address, specifics about classes/ schedules/ payments/ safety. Come meet me in the mat! I’m so excited to see you!!! ❤️😁🎉🔥💃🏻💫🙏🏼🕉📿 @ganeshyogagirl 🐻🦅🦉🦋#gilbertyoga

Day One??? Or One Day???
Ready to start your journey into Mindful Living but hesitant to jump in?

Ask yourself, “ Am I are ready for day one of living a different life?”
Or do you keep telling yourself, “Someday, I will make time for change”.

Right now is all we have control of, as the future will ebb and flow and change and nothing is guaranteed.

Step into fully embracing the present and discover ways to be in balance with all life brings. Less stress, better relationships, self compassion and love, and overall better health!

LAST DAY for open enrollment for my ONE and ONLY open spot for 1:1 Mindful Living Coaching! DM to set up your discovery call.

One day??? Or Day ONE! 💫🙌🏼🔥❤️ @ganeshyogagirl 🐻🦅🦉🦋

Self Care = Self Love! That includes rewiring your brain to respond instead of react to ALL the things that happen. Why? Because we are Humans Being!! We are going to think, we are going to feel, we are going to have sensations in our bodies that trigger us and potentially put us on guard / protection mode- fight or flight - the Reptilian Brain that says “GET OUT/ NOT SAFE!”

Adopting a Mindfulness practice is a life tool that allows us to respond instead of react by creating space. It allows momentary acceptance of what is and allows us to meet hard “things” with more balance / equanimity.

No longer are our “little”selves in charge of our adult lives. We are kinder, more compassionate beings. It starts withIN, and then allows us to be that with others.

And then I will be closing enrollment for a period of time and taking wait list opportunities while new clients start their journey into Mindful Living because I am full! ❤️😁🔥

1:1 coaching / Mindfulness starts HERE!
DM for your discovery call ⏳⌛️🕰

@ganeshyogagirl 💫🐻🦅🦉🦋💫

Plant the seed of intention. Water with self care, compassion and love. Watch the beauty that grows!

We are meant to thrive! Being in a constant state of survival is a trauma response. With just a moment of self awareness, we start to change the pathways to rewire the brain.

This is self care & self love!!
Let’s plant seeds of intentions together and watch the beauty unfold.

Mindful Living Coaching for less stress, less anxiety, joy, mindful / non-violent communication, healthy relationships, and unpacking trauma.

We can do hard things! And we are so worthy of living and being present to our fullest potential!

What will you do to plant, water and grow your seed today?! Comment ⬇️🌱💦🌹

1 on 1 coaching enrollment ENDS THIS FRIDAY, Sept. 11th!!
Book your inquiry session now! @ganeshyogagirl 🐻🦅🦉🦋❤️

One day... or day one? Our own mindsets influence which version we would lean toward. One day I’ll make that trip. One day I’ll finish the project. One day I’ll do things for myself. One day I’ll be at ease.. have less anxiety.. have better relationships, communication.. etc.

OR- Day 1!! I’m taking back my peace, ease, emotional stability, joy, loving interactions with others!! Day one of self care. Day one of planning that trip. Day one of starting the project! Start living your life of Abundance and balance!

Cease the day! Day 1! Carpe Diem!

Enrollment for 1 on 1 Mindfulness coaching for better relationships, better communication, less stress, more ease, more emotional regulation and living a joyful life in balance-

1 slot still open for Mindful Mini Sessions!

Schedule your discovery session! Open Enrollment closing on Sept. 11th!
Waitlist for open slots building.

Day one! Or One day?

@ganeshyogagirl ❤️🔥💫🐻🦅🦉🦋

When we rewire our brains to give ourselves the grace of space, we will move through our experiences of life with more equanimity because WE are in control- not the habits of protection that once served us in some way.

Putting the oxygen mask on ourselves first, we can then interact and be of assistance, be in a space of love, be in balance with others.

This is a gift. This is self care. This is self love. And only love is real.

Mindful Living Coaching- 2 spots open for the month of September.

Back to School Special! - 2 spots open for Mini Mindfulness Moments!

Set up your consultation call today and give yourself the gift of self care & love! @ganeshyogagirl


I’ve had many moments this past week of heart wide open & breaking. Profound understandings of the deepest desires for belonging. I welcomed the tears that came with the processing, as that release allows for more love to come in and be present. Giving this gift to myself - a reminder that I do not have to live in any box that constricts me, allows for freedom. This is a healing process of mindfulness and presence. When I am present, I love myself more fully and honor who I am. When I am present, I can then love others more fully also.

Mindfulness is a life skill. Fill your emotional / mental “toolbox” with things that will become healthy habits for equanimity.

Love yourself so big, your heart hurts open and you begin to heal.

You are worthy and whole and no longer need to live within the “boxes” that we have been put in.

1 on 1 Mindfulness Coaching.
30 Min. Mini sessions.
Trauma informed Yoga and Mindfulness
Prenatal and Birth preparation.
Self love = Self Care.
Message to set up your consultation! @ganeshyogagirl

This brought tears to my eyes! It is an honor and a blessing to be able to do this work. To serve others. To hold space for healing. To empower others to be in control of how they want to move through this journey of life. Mindfulness is the big umbrella in which all falls under. Being in a state of presence allows us to love bigger, live bolder and be happier! Thank you sooo much @ashleygrayluther for this very kind and beautiful statement. Watching you grow and thrive and embody beauty is the greatest gift!! So much love and admiration for you and the huge work you are doing. ❤️🙏🏼

***I have only one spot open at the moment for 1 to 1 Mindful Living Coaching! Send me a message for a consultation! 🎉🎉

***2 openings for Back to School mini sessions! 3 - 30 minute sessions to fill you or your child’s toolbox for stress management. 🙏🏼❤️

Message for details!! Let’s do this! 💪🏽🙌🏼🥰🔥@ganeshyogagirl 🐻🦅🦉🦋💫🌿❤️

🙌🏼🎉🎉SELF CARE!!🎉🎉🙌🏼

Hallelujah!! Praising and giving some BIG UP’s to self care!!

Why is it that when things get tough, we tend to abandon- Ourselves, others.. Even when we know the things that will give us some ease, we end up in the overwhelm and potential destruction.

I myself after one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in a VERY long time, gave up my practices and struggled to sit still and even catch 1 full inhale and exhale, let alone several. My sleep pattern altered. My mind busy. And that old familiar friend creeping in around the corner to try to tell me that I just couldn’t possibly keep on keeping on.

Yup- even the best coaches, teachers, therapists, healers, parents, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, significant others, friends.. need that extra support time and again. I’ve got my own little kula of therapists, coaches and healers- friends, sisters, daughter etc. that I can turn to for my own mental and emotional sanity.. when I turn to my coach, my therapist, my body worker, my healer and say- “hey! I need to schedule some time with you”- that’s self care. When I take that nap, take that bath, do that creative thing- that’s self care. When I sing, dance, play in nature- that’s self care. When I lean into my practices of Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation- that is SELF CARE!

Taking the plunge into Mindfulness was the best gift I ever gave myself. My self care is now the way that I can show up and hold space for others to embrace their own self care. So YES!! To self care and the journey that takes into accepting, embracing and living it!

1 on 1 Mindfulness Coaching- 2 spots open in August.
30 min mini guided Mindfulness Sessions- Back to School offer for individuals/ household.
Schedule your exploration journey with me- @ganeshyogagirl108.
Yay!! Self Care!! ❤️🌀🔥🐻🙏🏼❤️

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