Phoenix PCC Challenge

Phoenix PCC Challenge


Awesome match today, thanks to Bob, Tasha, Brian and everyone else that helped put it on. Cant wait to shoot it next year with an AK.
So, when/where do events take place?
This year's pcc side matches winner.... the prize was a custom pcc. Hoping for a pcc squad to shoot the entire match in 2020!
Did anyone happen to pick up a green Carhart jacket at the match today?
What time does the match start on sat?

Unique "Man on Man" shooting match,open to all.

Operating as usual


Well the PCC Challenge is in the books. Great weather, and the folks who showed up had a great time. Too bad for the no shows, but oh well. I want to thank Jim, Caleb, Dennis, and Kean for all the hard work. Putting on this match is more than paperwork and begging for prizes, and it would not have happened without their hard work and attention to detail.

Special thanks to Tasha, who came out her sick bed to run the computer, get all the results right, and keeping me informed and on point, Again, a team player, and an invaluable cog in the machine.

Sponsors what can I say? . Elftmann Tactical came through with 4 of their great triggers, Ozz's metal fabrication gave a wonderful spring loaded practice popper, Guns Plus donated a Sig Romeo 4 sight, Shooters Connection graced us with a plethora of accessories for the CZ Scorpion, and of course, the big surprise was 3D (Desert Design and Devolpment) , In collaboration with Breacher's Customs,they provided one lucky winner with a fantastic 9mm AR carbine ready to rock!

Deer Tribe Gun Club once again showed their community spirit with what I believe are the best prizes ever awarded at a shooting match, the fabulous Pendelton Wool trade blankets, symbolizing friendship and unity among the fi****ms owning "tribe" .These are prized possessions with the many that have earned them over the years,and a life long reminder of the fun, frolic and freedom that are the pillars of the shooting sports. Kudos, Deer Tribe, for furthering this tradition .

The big sponsor, and the reason that this match even was held, was Brian Smith from PCC Rocks. It was as his insistence that I decided to do this one more time, and he came through big time, providing $5,000 in cash and prizes, including cash payouts to the top 5 competitors, with a $1,000 first prize.To all who missed it, shame on you. I wanted this last one to go out with a bang, and it sure did! Congrats to all, and it has been a good 11 years.,


See everyone in about 2 hours. let's get it on!


Thanks to some serious help from JIm. Caleb, Dennis, Brian and Jeff, the stages are all set up. Just some details to take care of on the morning. Lunch is ordered and paid for.The exciting side matches are planned and ready.

Remember, be there at 7:00 to sign in (and PAY if you have not already done so, we don't do this for free, lol).

first shots at 8.

See you soon!


Exciting news. Sponsor Desert Design and Development will be hosting a machine gun shoot side match during lunch, with a prize for best group. Don't miss the chance.


Happening in less than 48 hours now...

Squads set. Prizes gathered. Guns clean. Lunch figured out.

Set up tomorrow night at 5 if anyone wants to help.

If you haven't paid yet, please bring cash. Don't forget your shotgun for the side match.

See you soon!


Meet our newest sponsor, Shooters Element. Taylor is also a shooter, and is going to see what the Challenge is all about. Welcome him, and don't forget to check out his store. 03/03/2020

Decot Sport Glasses - The Best Shooting & Sport Glasses Under The Sun!

Welcome back Decot sport glasses, finest shooting glasses on the market.


To clear up some concerns: I see that people have squadded together to be with friends. To keep things fair and competitive, this match requires that shooters be squadded by skill level. Squad assignments will be announced on match day. It is more equitable, and more fun (which is, after all , what this is about) than to have shooters of a similar skill level together for this match. See you Sunday!


For the top 8 finishers, there is a more challenging rack to clear to make it to top. The dreaded "Finals rack". Those darn 4": triangles have been the game changer.


Well, only a week away now.,Prize table is filling up,extra raffle prizes are being gathered, and the shotgun side match is looking good. Remember, cash payback to 5 places, with additional cash scattered on the prize table. Lunch will be provided, and two manufacturers are scheduled to appear, donating their products, doing demos, and having goods for sale . So, bring your PCC's, lots of ammo, a shotty for some extra blasting (and a chance to win some extra moolah) , and be ready for the most fun you can have standing up! See you at 7:00 AM on the 8th. P.S. If you have not yet paid on Paypal, please do so now. Send money to "[email protected]" We want to try and avoid match day payments, just more work for our staff. If you just have to wait til match day, please bring cash,.Thanks,


Guns Plus, Surprise Arizona, Gun, Shooting, CCW, cowboy mounted shooting, training

Let's welcome our newest sponsor, Guns Plus. They have been so generous, their donation will be raffled off, as it is much more than just a "prize table " prize. See their store at Thank then for their support, and check out their selection,. You may already own a firearm or are looking to buy one for the first time. With either scenario it is absolutely imperative you have the proper training. Here at Guns Plus we pride ourselves in the number and breadth of training classes that we offer. Please check out our section for more informati...


Less than 2 weeks now, folks, get those entries in it promises to be a fast paced, fun event. Don't forget there is plenty of cash being awarded for the top 5 finishers.


As match day draws closer, details get better. Plans are for a cash payback Shotgun side match, if enough folks sign up. Shoot against the clock,. 2 runs for $5.00, until you are happy with your times (or until time runs out) . Then, the shooters with the 4 best times shootoff against one another for the money! Bring your shotty for some extra blasting fun.


Just got notified that Kurt Grimes and his lovely wife will be participating in our match. Another World Class shooter. He is kind of a big deal, lol,. Come join Kurt and all the rest as we hold the ONLY man on man, PCC exclusive match on the planet. Pracitscore Phoenix PCC challenge. 3 weeks away! 02/12/2020

Breachers Custom Guns - Custom Ar Builds, Fire Arm Sales, Ffl

Breachers Customs, another great local builder, has joined our sponsorship program, Be sure to look for them at the match, and patronize their vendor table. Here at Breacher’s Custom Guns we specialize in custom high end AR builds, firearm sales and transfers. We have a deep love for using quality products.


Just had a competitor ask if he could use a 11" gun with a wrist brace. Sure, why not, not a competitive advantage. So if anyone is hesitating, come out and use those braced pistols, and join the fun.


Please welcome new sponsor Desert Design and Development (D3llc) . they make some of the finest AR platforms on the planet, and will be at the match with their goods. Check them out!


Phoenix PCC Challenge 01/28/2020


Welcome back OZZ'z Target systems, and Redding Reloading, as repeat sponsors. Also, on another note, is there any interest in a cash payback shotgun side match? All round plates have holes to hang from hooks or attach brackets. Holes are 2-1/2 spacing, 4" plates use 3/8" bolts, all others use 1/2" bolts.


2 months now, Deer Tribe does not have a February match, (thanks, Cowboys) so this Sunday, we will be putting plate racks out after the Steel challenge, for those who want to practice for the PCC challenge. Be there! .


Merry Christmas, everyone. Hope you are all loading enough ammo for the Challenge!


Well,since the USPSA PCC Nationals are in April, the Phoenix PCC Challenge in March is the PERFECT tune up.Sign up now for the fastest, most exciting match you can have with a PCC. Man on Man, fast and furious and the chance for big cash prizes! $1,000 first prize, pays down to 5th place. Come oin us on March 8th for this one of a kind match.


We are working on more sponsors, and a possible side match during change over.
there will be MORE than the initial $5,000 on the table.

"1 second challenge" . Details to follow.

You could shoot for free! Just bring a sponsor aboard at the $600 level, and you slot is no charge.

Remember, those super light Steel Challenge loads won't make it at this ":Knock 'em down" match. Prepare accordingly.


As we draw closer, there are a couple of rule revisions. Start position will be butt stock on belt, strong side. Muzzle down range. Trigger finger OUT of the trigger guard. Safety does NOT have to be on, but AD penalties will be strictly enforced. (hey, we are all adults here, exercise caution). See you soon!


6 months away, and the excitement is building. Get to practicing this is gonna be AWESOME!


For those not familiar wit the format, here are some hints.
A computer generated random pairing will pair contestants. The format consists of a “J” ladder.
Each target must be knocked down during each string, and stop plates must be hit last. NO round limit. Bottom stop plate is the winner. If a shooter knocks down his stop plate before knocking down all his targets, (a “fault”) his opponent gets the point, unless he also faults, then there will be a reshoot. Also, be careful. Don’t knock down your opponents stop plate! Bottom stop plate wins. Many a bout has been won by a shooter courtesy of his opponent knocking down the wrong stop plate. That is part of the fun of this match.
One point is awarded for each run won. Two points for a “bye.” The first 2 out of 3 wins. If a shooter wins two straight strings, there is no third string. If a shooter is absent when it is his time to shoot, his opponent receives two points and moves up the ladder. High point total wins. The string winner moves up the ladder the loser is done for that stage.
Tie breakers

1) total bouts won
2) single runs against tied opponent
3) bouts won against tied opponent
4) least number of byes
5) if still tied on any one stage, the above tiebreakers apply to all other stages until tie is broken

Steel plates of various shapes and sizes at 12-20 yards

Range Commands

Competitors will be given 20 seconds after the “Load and make ready” command. Carbines will shouldered, muzzle at a 45 degree angle downward (“ low ready”) . . Then “Are you ready,” short pause, “Stand by” then the start signal. Any movement after the “stand by” and before the start signal will be considered a premature start, and the run will be forfeited. No creeping!

During the 20-second period, sight pictures are allowed with an empty gun, but NO dry fire.

If a contestant faults, that contestant loses that run, unless his opponent also faults, in which case there will be a re-shoot.

The shooting schedule will be adhered to. Efforts will be made to accommodate a late shooter, but if the ladder progresses beyond the point where that is possible, the late shooter will be disqualified from that stage. Their opponent will receive 2 points.
If the stage official believes that a contestant is taking an excessive amount of preparation time, the shooter will receive one warning, then he/she may be disqualified from that stage if the excessive behavior continues.

Shooters will be expected to participate in running the match: paint targets, set steel for each other, and officiate for each other. Our staff shoots too, and we appreciate your cooperation.

Shooters may retrieve their brass as long as it’s done in a timely fashion.


This is how it works. The PCC Challenge uses Pistol Caliber Carbines for more speed, more action, more fun!


Phoenix PCC Challenge's cover photo


OK, all you artists, wanna be artists, and graphic designers, listen up. We are holding a contest to pick the next logo for the Phoenix PCC Challenge. So, submit your entries now, Prize is a free entry, so get those pencils drawing!


Just a reminder. for the PCC Challenge, the targets must fall to score. so, those "Power puff" Steel Challenge loads probably won't work for this. Veterans of the Handgunner know all about this; ask them. Keep talking it up, Practiscore page to follow soon.


We will have 8 stages, 4 racks and 4 field courses,with a changeover at lunch. Prizes for all in random draw, with cash payback to the top 4 in the finals shootoffs,. $1,000 first prize! So bring your PCC and LOTS of ammo. It will be a blast.


Watch here for info on the Phoenix PCC Challenge! New page to follow.


Keep watching this space for info on our next big thing. It will all hinge on whatever Ben Avery does as far as dates are concerned. We have NO CONTROL over that. Also, we have no way of knowing, at this time, what is scheduled at other ranges. BASF requires us to reserve, this week , for next year's dates. Other major matches at other ranges are not held to the same constraints. We schedule in good faith and if other matches conflict, there is nothing we can do about it (can't change dates after the reservations are made) . Stay tuned, and make the right decision (of course, OUR match is the right decision, lol)


Big changes coming. The "Handgunner "is evolving. Responding to current trends, and with the impetus from a long time competitor, the next match will be a PCC only match! The side match this year saw some outstanding performances, and real "speed on steel". There were a lot of sub 2 second plate rack runs. So, be ready.

We are offering you a chance to assist in the renaming/rebranding of this iconic match. Get your suggestions in. The winner gets a free entry. So far , we have "PCC Palooza", and "The Phoenix PCC'er" .

We are also moving into some serious prize money. There will be $5,000 in cash prizes awarded. Yes, $5,000! so, get those PCC's up and running, get that practice in, and get ready for some serious bangin' and clangin'!

Dates to be determined. We are shooting for early 2020 (Feb/Mar) ,but, as always, we are at the mercy of the range.

Check back for updates as the time draws closer.

So, keep pulling triggers, and remember, hit the white part!


Now that the 10th annual Phoenix Handgunner is in the books, question regarding moving forward. How would you feel about a 1 day, 8 stage, ALL PCC match??!?!?!

There was thought that this 10th match would be the last, This might be a way to revive interest.

PCC is the hottest division, and our side match this year was well received. We have a potential sponsor to make it a cash payback match. This would be the first, and probably, only, PCC all shootoff match. And Deer Tribe would be leading the way! Looking for input.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Phoenix?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Final shoot-off between Christopher and Mark.
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Stage 5 at the 9th Annual Phoenix Handgunner match.Videography: John C Lin
Let's rumble!Videography: John C Lin
Today is the day!
Awesome weather ahead. Match registration is closed.
Happy New Year. Get ready for the match.
Final countdown!If you have not signed up for the match, you can do so via Practiscore:
Exciting match for all levels. Sign up before match closes! you have not signed ...
Here's a stage between Muneki and Phil from the 2017 Phoenix Handgunner, where anything can happen.If you think you can ...
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