Phoenix International Folk Dancers

Phoenix International Folk Dancers


Starting TONIGHT! World Spring Camp! Join us for an incredible week-end of workshops and parties featuring an amazing line-up of specialists in Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Albanian, Greek and Turkish dance, music and singing. Register now. It's free! Full detailed schedule available on our website:
Hello, does anyone know a link for the line dance for this song?
There are more online folk dance opportunities than ever right now, like this one on Saturday.
Friends in Phoenix, we hope you'll drive down to Tucson and join us for the follow workshop:
PIFD: This is all about you but feel free to follow the blog!
I was a member in the 70's but no longer live in AZ
Dear, friends of the Ethnic Music!

WE ARE THRILLED TO WELCOME the very talented Theodosii Spasov and the musicians from the famous Bulgarian Folk Quintet "Omaino!". This will be an unforgettable EXPERIENCE and will present the beauty and cultural uniqueness of Bulgarian Folklore.
Under the direction of world-renowned kaval (traditional, wooden shepherd's flute) virtuoso Theodosii Spasov, the stellar musician of the quintet, will present performances of traditional Bulgarian folk music in a unique and exciting manner.

The event will be held in a banquet hall suitable for traditional horo dancing. Whether you are enjoying from the side lines or participating as an experienced dancer or a new learner, you will have the opportunity to be part of the rich Bulgarian culture. The establishment has a cash bar and offers family style appetizer platters.

The evening will begin at 7 p.m. with the special opening act of Alex Hristov, a talented Bulgarian guitarist and composer, who is famous for his ability to play traditional Flamenco, while venturing into Jazz, Latin and other genres.

Ticket Information:
and 602.833.4846
I am looking for Greek & Russian Folk dancers for an event New Years Eve in Chandler. Thiw is a professional paid gig. Please PM me for details. Thanks!!!
Safe the date October 21st. Everybody welcome

Looking for folk dancing? PIFD, Phoenix International Folk Dancers, a recreational IFD group, presents weekly dances. Visit our website at for details.

Special events and guest teachers occasionally too. International folk dance group - recreational, open to the public. Teaching in the first part of the evening and requests in the latter part.

Operating as usual

I’d Rather Be Dancing United States Folk Dances 06/19/2021

I’d Rather Be Dancing United States Folk Dances

Some old favorites here . . .

I’d Rather Be Dancing United States Folk Dances Some US folk dances are all-American; some steal borrow liberally from other countries. These are some of the US-originated dances we do with the Phoenix International Folk Dancers. 12th Street Rag…

Andreea Haisan - Taraneasca satului 06/06/2021

Andreea Haisan - Taraneasca satului


Andreea Haisan - Taraneasca satului Taraneasca satuluiIlustratie : Ansamblul Arcanul si Colaceanca de la Fundul MoldoveiMontaj: Ionel Manastireanu Va astept sa va abonati pentru a afla primii ...

I’d Rather be Dancing Turkish Folk Dances 05/15/2021

I’d Rather be Dancing Turkish Folk Dances

TUESDAY NIGHT DANCING IS SCHEDULED TO RESUME this Tuesday, May 18, 2021, at the Irish Cultural Center, 1106 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix, from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. In the meantime, here are some dances to get your feet moving again:

I’d Rather be Dancing Turkish Folk Dances The Turks love to dance, and they have beautiful music to dance to. Here are some Turkish folk dances that we do with the Phoenix International Folk Dancers. I used to teach Ali Paşa to my fifth gr…

Cyber-Şemamme 05/12/2021


Cyber-Şemamme Semmame is a Kurdish dance, which in the past year has become one of the most popular dances in our club. We normally dance together once or twice a week and...

2. Kirmizi Biber - 2019 Revolution Ballroom Showcase 05/11/2021

2. Kirmizi Biber - 2019 Revolution Ballroom Showcase

Belly dance version of a dance we know a different way. . .

2. Kirmizi Biber - 2019 Revolution Ballroom Showcase Revolution Ballroom Studio Showcase〰️ The Four Seasons: Revolutionized 〰️May 18, 2019😎🍁☃️🌺ACT I— Summer —Kay Owen, Christa Taylor, Cathy Reese, Emily Davi...

[05/07/21]   Margy says: "We are planning to start dancing again at the Irish Cultural Center Great Hall starting on Tuesday May 18th - yay !!!
We're planning to start warmups at about 6:45 and will be focusing on less strenuous dances
for a few weeks until we're back in the swing of things. We have the hall until 9:30 but
MAY not stay the whole time just yet - it all depends on who-all is in attendance and how we hold up.
It's hard to believe it's been over a year..."

Maypole Dance - The School in Rose Valley 04/27/2021

Maypole Dance - The School in Rose Valley

Doesn't this look like fun?!

Maypole Dance - The School in Rose Valley SRV students have been dancing the Maypole at the school's annual May Fair since 1929, and they've been dancing it more or less in its current form since the...

I’d Rather be Dancing Russian Folk Dances 04/13/2021

I’d Rather be Dancing Russian Folk Dances

I’d Rather be Dancing Russian Folk Dances Who doesn’t love the mournful tones of Russian folk music? And who can sit still while the music is playing? Here are ten Russian dances that are among the Phoenix International Folk Dancers …

Serez Serbia 03/29/2021

Serez Serbia

Serez Serbia

Serez Serbia

Village, Performance, and Recreational Dances 03/24/2021

Village, Performance, and Recreational Dances

This clears up our understanding of different types of dances.

Village, Performance, and Recreational Dances Village, Performance, and Recreational Dances in the Balkans, Anatolia and Levant. I personally take the position that ‘village’ dances, that is, dances ‘learned’ informally…

I’d Rather Be Dancing Irish Folk Dances, Part II 03/16/2021

I’d Rather Be Dancing Irish Folk Dances, Part II

I’d Rather Be Dancing Irish Folk Dances, Part II Two months ago, I posted an article on Irish Folk Dances. After it went live, I thought, oh, man, I could have saved this for St. Patrick’s Day. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. I invite you to click on th…

Best Of Lebanese Dabke 1 (Canada) احلى دبكة لبنانية بكندا 03/15/2021

Best Of Lebanese Dabke 1 (Canada) احلى دبكة لبنانية بكندا

Best Of Lebanese Dabke 1 (Canada) احلى دبكة لبنانية بكندا Dabke Music: http://www.dabkemasters.comBest Of Lebanese Dabke 1 احلى دبكة لبنانيةPart 2: 3: https://www.yout...

A Subjective History of Recreational (International) Folk Dancing in the USA -1 03/02/2021

A Subjective History of Recreational (International) Folk Dancing in the USA -1

Joyce Hermon Himes sent us this article. How folk dancing was promoted as the antidote to seedy dance halls, and other social movements. Also, as you scroll down, many dance videos, some of which you may never have seen before. It's long; you may want to bookmark it and come back to it often.

A Subjective History of Recreational (International) Folk Dancing in the USA -1 1st Phase: 1880’s – 1930’s; From the (intellectual) Top What are ‘we’ going to do about ‘them’ in our midst? Making ‘them’ more like ‘us&…

Mikhail Baryshnikov in White Nights_ So moving dance scene 03/01/2021

Mikhail Baryshnikov in White Nights_ So moving dance scene

Baryshnikov forever.

Mikhail Baryshnikov in White Nights_ So moving dance scene "White nights" 1985Mikhail BaryshnikovAn incredible and so moving film!!-HIGHLIGHTS-0:440:521:011:191:361:441:582:02☆SHARE THIS VIDEO BY THIS LINK :https://y...

African-American Dancers 02/20/2021

African-American Dancers

Not folk dance, but for Black History Month, here are some of the dancers we love.

African-American Dancers There have been many great African-American dancers; I am just scratching the surface here, just mentioning the ones who most captured my attention. Throughout my childhood, Sammy Davis, Jr. was fr…

Jerusalema 02/11/2021


Jerusalema Visit the post for more. 01/30/2021


Hmmm. . .I'm forgetting how to do some of my old favorites. This playlist has videos of many of the dances we were going to do at the 2020 Festival (which, unfortunately, was canceled due to Covid). Disclaimer: some of the videos show the dances differently from the way we do them.
Get your Covid shots if you can. Let's wipe out this disease so we can get together and dance again. Harishut at KI in Brookline, MA 01/16/2021

I’d Rather Be Dancing Irish Folk Dances If you’d told me last March that we wouldn’t be getting together to dance for more than ten months, I would probably have dug myself a hole and thrown myself into it. Here’s hoping, no, praying tha…


Fusion Fighters Dance Crew Perform in Temple Bar, Dublin

Who doesn't like Irish step dancing?

Members of the Fusion Fighters Dance Crew wowed spectators in Dublin’s Temple Bar area who gathered to see an Irish dancing performance with a twist by the t... 12/05/2020

I’d Rather Be Dancing English Folk Dances England has many beautiful dances that date from as far back as medieval times. I was fortunate to be able to find videos of lovely performances, many by dancers in costume, on Andrew Carnie’s danc… 12/03/2020

Margaret's Waltz

Maybe we could dance if we all agreed to wear gloves . . . Market Fair at Oakley Plantation, St Francisville, La. Louisiane Vintage Dancers performing "Margaret's Waltz" 12/01/2020

Black Nag by John Playford

Lovely performance of this! Die Aufnahme wurde im ehemaligen Zisterzienserkloster in Kostanjevica (Slowenien) gemacht. Heute dient die gotische Kirche als Aussstellungsraum. 11/26/2020

Hand Jive “As long as you are kind and there is love in your heart, a thousand hands will naturally come to your aid. As long as you are kind and there is love in your heart, you will reach out with a thousa… 11/14/2020

I’d Rather Be Dancing Danish Folk Dances Today we go to Denmark in Scandinavia for our folk dances. This Danish dance is one that is commonly used in the primary school classroom. My students loved it—lots of laughing. You’ll see why. Sev… 11/11/2020

Hine Ma Tov - Bloque - Line dancing

We do this one. Remember? Good times. Rikud :I: Dance choregraphed by Silvio Berlfein Danced with Patty Colensky and Fabiana Stolkas


Siriysko Horo 12-28-11

Another video, same dance:

Siriysko Horo 12-28-11


Siriysko Horo- taught by Loui Tucker -- Morristown Folk Dancers 4/20/11

Especially for Lora Lakov:

This is "Siriysko Horo- taught by Loui Tucker -- Morristown Folk Dancers 4/20/11" by Loretta Holz on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people…


The Umbrella Dancers of Green Lake

This is actually an outdoor exercise class in China.

Quilt inspiration from these wonderful ladies...... 10/13/2020

I’d Rather Be Dancing Latin Dances

Dance like nobody's watching. Back in the 1970s, I lived and taught in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, which had a large Puerto Rican community. Salsa dancing was all the rage. One of the teachers in our district taught a salsa class …


Folk Dancing in the age of Social Distancing

Excellent guidelines for dancing at a distance: Doing Folk Dancing in the Age of Social Distance IMPORTANT: Before I start writing about this, my strongest recommendation is that for t...


Phoenix Folk Dance Festival 2018 (ver. 2.0}

Memories of a simpler time:

Portions of 19 of the 50+ selections danced.


10 Minute Beginner Dance Workout - Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Bachata, Rumba. Follow Along at Home

A quick dance exercise routine utilizing Latin steps!

Hey guys, In this video we are doing a beginner dance workout. You can follow along with us as we go through some basic Cha Cha, Salsa, Bachata and American ... 09/15/2020

I’d Rather Be Dancing Croatian Folk Dances

We still don't know when we'll be able to gather again and dance together. Stay well, everyone. In the meantime, here are some lovely Croatian folk dances: I am embarrassed to admit that I needed to look up Croatia to find out where it is. It lies along the eastern edge of the Adriatic Sea; Italy lies on the western bank. People my age might remember …



FOLLOW US on Produced by Formentor Production Film by Eugene Khazov, Producer Mikhail Shergin, Dancers: Shane McAvi...


Katevas - Greek Folk Dances (Zonaradika - Thraki)


Dancing Group: Lykio Ellinidon (Sydney) 3nd generation Greek-Australians! A medley of 3 songs from Northern Greece -Thrace 1)Lianohortaroudia 2)S' afto t' al...

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Our Tucson Friends at the 2018 Festival
Festival 2018
Here's just a little taste of the great music of Bulgarika from Tuesday, November 4th. Thanks to all who attended and su...
2013 Phoenix Folkdance Festival
2013 Phoenix Folkdance Festival
2013 Phoenix Folkdance Festival
Kabile (Bulgarian wedding band) in Mesa, AZ





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