Condor Golf Custom Clubs

Custom golf clubs for mid to higher scoring players. Club repair including new grips, shafts, iron bending, light clean up and general repairs.

Condor Golf has made custom built golf clubs since 1975. All of our custom clubs are hand made in the USA using components from Wishon Golf, Hireko Golf, Air Force One Golf, Powerbilt Golf, Alpha Golf and Swing Science Golf. We use the highest quality S2S Graphite shafts from Wishon Golf, PURE Grips and Lamkin Grips.

Operating as usual

Wishon 775HS #3 and #4 Hybrids (Used) 12/04/2020

Wishon 775HS #3 and #4 Hybrids (Used)
Clubs are being sold as a "set of two clubs" (#3 Hybrid and #4 Hybrid)

• Used 3 times on the course and are in very good condition with some small marks on the face and near the top of the face.

• The sole on both clubs have a few light scratches but is generally in very good condition.

• Both clubs have a slight "hook" face angle to prevent fade shots or slices.

• Club lengths are 39.25" on the #3 and 38.75" on the #4.

• Shaft is S2S White Graphite in a Senior Flex (check the Shaft Fitting tab for more information).

• Priced much lower than new clubs.

• Both of these hybrid clubs are on a "final sale" and are NOT returnable for any reason.

Wishon 775HS #3 and #4 Hybrids (Used) Wishon 775HS #3 and #4 Hybrids that have been used only 3 times on the golf course. They are in very good condition and we are willing to install new PURE Grips on for you.

Alpha RM-5 Hybrid 12/04/2020

Alpha RM-5 Hybrid
The RM-5 Hybrid provides plenty of distance, plus much EASIER to hit than long irons. The key to its design and performance is the way the RM-5 unites a higher moment of inertia, with a lower, deeper center of gravity. This allows the RM-5 to combine maximum forgiveness with a higher launch angle that stop the ball quickly.
In short, this a club that will bring back the fun in golf. Easy-to-hit, long, and forgiving!
Wide sole for stability and low center of gravity
Right Hand and Left Hand

Alpha RM-5 Hybrid This Alpha RM-5 Hybrid is available from a very low loft driving club up to a Sand Wedge loft. Easier to hit than irons.

Wishon 989CLA Stainless Steel Irons 12/04/2020

Wishon 989CLA Stainless Steel Irons
989 Irons present an excellent set to start playing golf or for those players who have a slower swing speed. The large undercut back cavity design increases moment of inertia and off-center hit performance with low 2mm offset on each iron in the set.

The height of the long irons keeps the center of gravity lower to help get the ball airborne easier. The height of the shorter irons is taller to prevent the ball from going too high. This will allow the player to get the best loft gaps between clubs in the set. The standard loft angles are similar to other modern strong lofted irons.

Wishon 989CLA Stainless Steel Irons Wishon 989CLA Stainless Steel irons are perfect for slower swing golfers, occasional players or beginners.

Condor Personalized 24k Gold Plated Putter 12/04/2020

Condor Personalized 24k Gold Plated Putter
Personalized 24k Gold Plated Putter with gold plated shaft is the epitome of class and elegance, this completely playable putter is precision-milled, weighted perfectly heel-to-toe, and then encased in gleaming 24-karat gold. The result is a beautiful club that is guaranteed to turn heads on the green.

The putter also includes a dual engraving location on the head that can be personalized with a name, date or occasion in gold lettering and is manufactured with a 24-karat gold plated shaft.

Condor Personalized 24k Gold Plated Putter This 24k Gold Plated Putter make a terrific gift for golfers. Personalize with a name, date or organization.

Wishon 730CL 8-Club Set 12/04/2020

Wishon 730CL 8-Club Set
Wishon 730CL clubs are an extraordinary set built specifically for golfers who have a slower swing speed and needing higher flight and longer distance.

Woods and hybrids have an aerodynamic shape to allow the sole of the club to glide on top of the ground producing a more solid hit.

The clubs are finished in a deep burgundy finish on the crown and side skirt with satin buffed finish on the club face and sole areas. The wedges have a satin finish over the entire club head with burgundy accents.

Wishon 730CL 8-Club Set Easy to hit Wishon 730CL Custom Clubs are designed for beginning golfers or recreational golfers who play only a few rounds per year.

Swing Science FC-One Set is the perfect club set for beginning golfers or any slower club speed players. All clubs are designed to get superb distance, flight and direction. This set is custom built for your body size, stature and strength while the grips are custom fit for your hand size.

The loft gaps between clubs are designed for slower to moderate swing speeds to provide the proper distance and flight for each club - for example, the Driver has 14° loft angle, the fairway wood is 20° loft and the Hybrid is 24°. The irons start with a #6 and extend thru the Pitching Wedge. Finally, we build a semi-mallet putter with superb feel and weight which is excellent for getting those long putts close to the cup and short putts that go in the cup!

Wishon 919THI Driver 12/04/2020

Wishon 919THI Driver
919THI is the most popular driving club we manufacture and it also the highest quality driver of all drivers we sell. With the special stainless steel hosel, it can be bent for both face angle and lie angle. Face angle can be bent 4° open to 4° closed and lie can be bent 4° flat to 4° upright. This makes the 919THI the most custom fit driver in the world.

The 4 standard loft angles (9°, 11°, 13°, 15.5°) are more than most every driver model in golf. In addition, there is the possibility to get a "hand select" loft that is 1° more or less loft than the standard.

Finally, the Graduated Roll Technology ensures that the true loft of the club face is the same no matter where it is measured. This brings a higher level of consistency on all tee shots.

Wishon 919THI Driver Wishon 919THI Drivers has more custom options than any name brand driving club. Custom lofts, face angles, lie angles and highest quality shaft and grips.

Wishon EQ1-NX Single Length Irons 12/04/2020

Wishon EQ1-NX Single Length Irons
EQ1-NX irons are 2-piece hollow body design, where the Center of Gravity moves progressively through the set from lowest and most rear position on the #5 iron to highest and most forward position on the GW and SW. This new design provides more consistent shot shape and shot height for each iron in the set. The Gap Wedge and Sand Wedge profile shapes are combined with milled faces and a custom sole grind.

Single length construction ensures all possible elements of swing feel are identical for each club in the set...same Moment-of-Inertia, same total weight, same headweight, same balance point to offer the chance for improved shot consistency.

Wishon EQ1-NX Single Length Irons Wishon EQ1-NX Single Length Irons have the same weight, length and lie angle for making the same swing with every club.

Wishon EQ1-NX Fairway Woods 12/04/2020

Wishon EQ1-NX Fairway Woods
EQ1-NX Fairway Woods match up with the EQ1-NX Single Length Hybrids and Irons. They are designed to be made as single length fairway woods at either 40" or 41" Length on ALL Woods OR conventional lengths of 42" - 43" (#3), 41.5" - 42.5" (#4), 41" - 42" (#5), 40" - 41" (#7). Only fairway wood in the golf industry that can accomplish this!
These woods are manufactured of high strength steel thin face which increases ball speed for a high COR rating. The face angle can be bent from 2° closed to 2° open to reduce slicing and hooking. In addition the lie angle can be bent from 2° flat to 2° upright.

Wishon EQ1-NX Fairway Woods Wishon EQ1-NX Fairway Woods are capable of Single Length or conventional length construction.

Wishon EQ1-NX Hybrids 12/04/2020

Wishon EQ1-NX Hybrids
EQ1-NX Hybrids are the most unique and versatile hybrid design ever created. Using the Internal weight addition option allows matching EQ1 Single Length iron length OR conventional hybrid length! Each EQ-1-NX hybrid head can take a maximum of 30 grams to achieve any length between 8-iron and conventional hybrid length. Single length construction ensures all possible elements of swing feel are identical for each club in the set...same moment-of-inertia, same total weight, same headweight, same balance point to offer the chance for improved shot consistency.

Loft angles match the lofts and loft gaps of the EQ1-NX irons. EQ1-NX hybrid lie angle is 63° to match the EQ1-NX single length irons or they can be bent up to 3° when assembled to conventional hybrid lengths.

Wishon EQ1-NX Hybrids Wishon EQ1-NX Hybrids have the same weight, length and lie angle for making the same swing with every club.


Paralysis by Analysis

Golf is an Instinctive exercise...allow your instincts to work for you!


Best Driver Length

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes hit your 3-wood as far or farther than your your driver?

Club Length: The #3 Wood is 43" which is 1.5" - 3" shorter than modern drivers. Shorter length is much easier to get a solid hit than with a longer length club.

Golf manufacturers use a "standard" driver length that is TOO long for 95% of men golfers and 100% of women golfers. Their drivers are 45" to 46" where as the average length of drivers used by PGA Tour Professionals is 44.5".

Why is this done? Because, companies advertise that the longer the length is, the longer you will hit the ball.
However, it only works when you have smooth tempo, a consistent square swing path, good swing timing and rhythm.

If this isn't you, it's not going to work.

If you score 85 +, the best driver length is between 43" and 44.25".


Myths and the Truth About Driver Club Length

First, the standard for golf club length is that there is no standard.

Years ago the standard length (for real wood drivers) was always 43". Then when metal clubs started to appear, the standard increased to 44", then to 45" and now golf companies make 45.5" or 46" drivers.

The problem is that the ability to hit the ball consistently on the center of the face by average golfers has not gotten any better. So, the average golfer buys a name brand club that is 45.5" or 46" long and proceeds to be even more inaccurate with his/her shots. They do this because someone told them that this was the proper length.

And, our average golfer ends up hitting shorter distance because they are so far off line. Once in a great while, our average golfer will get lucky and catch one in the center of the face with all of their strength and it goes straight down the middle with good distance. This is THE EXCEPTION, not the rule. But the average golfer always remembers the good ones and forgets all the bad ones.

What is also interesting is that many PGA Tour Professionals use drivers that are shorter than 45". Tour Pros look for accuracy rather than distance. What a unique concept...trying to hit the ball straight rather than long! What's even more strange is that the average golfer will pull out the 45.5" driver on a very tight driving hole.

The "standard" length of of driver built by Condor Golf is 44.25". We want golfers to be happy hitting the center of the fairway with their new driving club.

The most important factor in getting the correct driver length is the ability of the player.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What shaft (brand or model) is best for your swing?

Off-the-rack clubs provide no choice of get what the manufacturer installs in the club. We offer multiple shafts that fit your golf ability.

2. What shaft flex is correct for your swing speed and ability?

The standard for the golf shaft industry is that there is NO standard and on off-the-rack clubs you are only given the shaft flex that the manufacturer installs. We use factors like swing speed, swing tempo and your ability to get the best fit of shaft flex.

3. What grip size fits your hands?

Off-the-rack clubs come with mens (or womens) standard size grips. If you want a different size, you'll have to pay extra (if the seller even provides that service). We offer various sizes from womens standard (mens undersize) to mens huge (+ 1/4" oversize) and everything in between.

Like to hit it low with your driver? You must like shorter drives 01/30/2019

Like to hit it low with your driver? You must like shorter drives

Like to hit it low with your driver? You must like shorter drives Ricky Barnes has the PGA Tour’s lowest average launch angle with his driver in 2014, 7.45 degrees, a little more than half that of launch angle leader Jeff Maggert (14.62 degrees). So despite Barnes’ above average clubhead speed of 116.37 mph, he is only averaging 12.3 yards more of the tee than...

Photos from Condor Golf Custom Clubs's post 01/30/2019

One of the least scrutinized factors in custom golf clubs is the grip size. Large manufacturers build stock clubs that have only one size grip, mens standard (or womens standard). The problem is that the grip is the only part of the club that you actually have some physical contact. It is your only link to the club. For this reason, Condor Golf considers it be one of the biggest factors in any purchase of custom golf clubs (either buying off the rack standard clubs, or completely custom fit and manufactured clubs).

Even though 2 golfers might be the same height and build, their hand size is generally different plus they probably don't hold the club the same way (and even that makes a difference). Ninety-nine out of a hundred golfers have grips that are not suited to their hand size and position of hands on the grip. I constantly see golfers on the course or in my store whose grips are so small in diameter, it's a wonder they can even hold on to the club. Once a club is custom re-gripped with a new larger size, the golfer is always amazed that such a factor can be so important.

Have Condor Golf custom size the grips to your hands and the way you hold onto the club and watch your scores drop dramatically.


Best Driver Loft Angle

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes hit your 3-wood as far or farther than your your driver?

1. Loft Angle: The #3 Wood has 15° - 16° which will get the ball airborne much easier

Using the correct loft on a driver is similar to using a garden hose. A person turns up the hose to full power to try to get the longest distance of water spray. If you suddenly turned down the water pressure, you would see a loss of distance in the spray. In order to regain some of that distance, you raise the angle of the nozzle!

Same thing is true with a driver. With a slower swing speed (less distance), you need a higher lofted driver to get the ball airborne.

If Your NORMAL Average Drive Distance is 0 - 140 yards, your Driver Loft Should Be 16.5°
If Your NORMAL Average Drive Distance is 140 - 160 yards, your Driver Loft Should Be 15.5°
If Your NORMAL Average Drive Distance is 160 - 180 yards, your Driver Loft Should Be 15°
If Your NORMAL Average Drive Distance is 180 - 195 yards, your Driver Loft Should Be 14°
If Your NORMAL Average Drive Distance is 195 - 210 yards, your Driver Loft Should Be 13°
If Your NORMAL Average Drive Distance is 210 - 225 yards, your Driver Loft Should Be 12°

Jason Day electrifies the crowd with an ace at BMW 09/16/2017

Jason Day electrifies the crowd with an ace at BMW

Jason Day electrifies the crowd with an ace at BMW SUBSCRIBE to PGA TOUR now: In the second round of the 2017 BMW Championship, Jason Day’s 189-yard tee shot takes a kick forward off th...

Air Force One DFX Tour Driver 08/09/2017

Air Force One DFX Tour Driver

Superb driver for lower scoring players...the DFX Tour from Air Force One Golf. Featuring Fujikura Golf shafts and grips from PURE Grips, Lamkin Golf Grips, Golf Pride. Custom built for length, shaft flex and grip size. Free Headcover included.

Air Force One DFX Tour Driver New for 2017 the DFX Tour Driver. The difference in the Tour Driver is the 9 gram Nitrogen Valve port is moved 20 cm forward towards the face moving the center of gravity face forward. This center of gravity promotes faster ball speed and lower spin rates for increased distance. Combined with Nitrog...

Wishon 775HS Custom Hybrids 08/09/2017

Wishon 775HS Custom Hybrids

We feature the best graphite shaft for hybrids, S2S Hybrid Graphite, the ONLY shaft that has a special .335 tip diameter for optimum longest flight. Ball lands softly on the green! If you are buying hybrids, the 775HS is the only one to consider. Heads are bendable +/- 4° for both face angle (hook correction or slice correction) and lie angle (flatter or more upright). Grips from PURE Grips, Lamkin Golf Grips, Golf Pride.

Wishon 775HS Custom Hybrids The 775HS Hybrid is the only hybrid club in golf that can be altered for both face angle and lie angle (+/- 4°). Thin, high COR, high strength HS350 Steel Alloy Face that offers higher ball speed for more distance in a hybrid head design. It has a split level, narrowed sole width to reduce sole to t...

Photos from Condor Golf Custom Clubs's post 07/08/2017

Good friend and client Tony N., just texted me that he made his second Hole-in-One in the past 3 weeks. He was using Wishon 565 MC Irons with PURE Grips made by Condor Golf Custom Clubs. Congratulations to Tony.



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