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Cadence Physical Therapy and Performance Coaching


Thank you, Charlie, for a total assessment of my knee. Thank God nothing major!! Always a pleasure to visit. I recommend, Cadence Physical Therapy!! Love them
I met with Charlie a couple months ago on pain I was having on the bottom of one of my feet. He gave a thorough evaluation of my current running experience, past races and events, lifestyle, flexibility, mobility, and videoed my running form. From there we discussed my future goals and he provided exercises to add to my stretch routine along with some things to work on for my form. The pain cleared up almost right away and thankfully has not come back. I would highly recommend if you are having any fitness concerns or just want to get an assessment of where you are at reach out to Charlie.
I just wanted to share a little warning about purchasing insurance through I had to withdraw from a half Ironman and I had the insurance but the insurance company they use will avoid anything to pay out. I had 2 doctors notes that were rejected but neither of them from the content of the letter. One was rejected because it wasn’t on the correct letterhead and the second one wasn’t dated. So just a warning, don’t buy the insurance if you use that site for anything.
Thanks again Charlie for treating now the other leg on my beat up body! So very appreciative of the speedy response getting me in on the next business day and always on time ( no sitting around a waiting room) Thank you for diagnosing, treating my injury, and getting me on the road to a speedier recovery than what it would have been. I look forward to getting back to your your expert coaching and this next crazy event happening in just a couple short months!
Anyone looking for a recovery ride Sunday and on the west side, it’s a half metric century and has 10 miles on the ISM raceway which should be pretty cool!

Charlie is the best! He takes the time to really understand your symptoms and then puts a customized plan in place for you. An injury is the pits but better to get it treated now so that it’s only a minor setback and not something much more difficult. Charlie’s plan will have me back running soon!
Best PT and coach in town
Has anyone cycled around the North Rim of the Grand Canyon area- heading up that way and thinking of trying to get a bike ride in while I’m up there but I’ve never been so not sure what to expect
Chicago Race Report: My only previous experience with Chicago was a quick business trip in mid-December and I was so cold that I thought the distance from the hotel door to the Uber door was too far. It’s funny, that used to be my very thoughts on running too, but thanks to my wife’s enthusiasm for self- torture, we went back to the Windy City for the Chicago Marathon. Here’s a few thoughts about my experience:

Training/Prep: Living in Phx means that we are usually on opposite training schedule from the rest of the country but when my wife and I were both drawn for the Chicago Marathon, we said, ok lets run through the summer so we can do this. It meant a lot of 4am runs and hot miles, but Charlie kept us motivated and accountable. I tested and liked a new fuel, Huma, (the lemonade ones are tasty) and became best friends with the Saloman S/Lab Sense Ultra 5 hydration vest. My first marathon left me beaten and broken, so this time I worked on the mental game. I spent a lot of time on the long runs practicing what I would do when things fell apart. How I would react to things being different than I planned on. More on that later. Point is, a good part of my preparation was about being prepared to combat the situation that I found myself in on marathon #1.

Days Before Race: For those people lucky enough to know and spend time in Chicago, wow, lucky you. It was beautiful. We got there a few days early and checked in the hotel with a few close friends, (Galen Rupp and crew, no big deal. Lol). Bit of advice here, stay at the host hotel for a World Major. #WorthIt. We ate deep dish pizza and took the architecture tour, we saw the bean and did general tourist stuff. The expo was the first time that I got a sense of the scale that we were dealing with, there were thousands upon thousands of people. It was massive and the first time that I started to get a feel for the logistical handling of 45k people. We attended a panel with Meb and other elite runners about all the thing’s we mortals wonder about, nutrition, training, tips, funny stories and motivation. Some time to rub shoulders with some of the greats was inspiring and we left feeling good about the upcoming run.

Race Day: Nerves, jitters, butterflies. We woke up early, of course, and walked across the street to the start gates. This is when I really began to be impressed with the organization and preparation. There was signage everywhere, volunteers and helpers all over. I didn’t know how any city could host 45k runners from a port-a-john perspective and yet, they did it. I waited for about 40 seconds for my turn and then hoped right into my wave. There was plenty of room cordoned off and despite people everywhere there was no crowing or space issues. Right before the gun, they moved some gates and we all packed in for the start. It was a cool, slight misty rain and we took off. Within the first mile there was a tunnel and I lost my GPS. I knew this might happen and told myself to not worry about it, it would catch up. It didn’t. I never got GPS back, but I just went back to my plan to not let something that I could not control ruin my race. I could see the pacers that I wanted to stay ahead of and so I just settled in and did what I had practiced for. Run some miles. It was beautiful! The course was amazing, so many spectators cheering and yelling, high fives and funny signs. It was so easy to get lost in the experience and just enjoy it.

The Run: I chunked the race in to five sections of 5 miles each.
• 0-5 The first five was all about not going too fast. Keep on pace, even without GPS, just go by feel and pacers. It was a wonderful 5 miles of beautiful scenery and awesome crowds.
• 6-10 The second five felt good, and I kept telling myself that it should feel good, don’t do anything different, just keep logging miles.
• 11-15 This is where I was worried that I would start to gas out and would repeat marathon hell #1, but I found a buddy and we talked. We pointed out cool things and funny signs. We distracted each other and then I was through 15 and feeling great.
• 16-20 After hitting 15 and feeling good I kept after it and tried not to do anything dumb. Take my fuel and drink my water, keep doing work. I distinctly felt really good through 18. I hadn’t had any of the knee pain I expected, my muscles felt good, my breathing was on point and overall, I was ahead of where I expected to feel poor. 19 and 20 started to change that.
• 20-25 From feeling great at 18 to having to really start to work at 20, this is where my race really began. This is where I was telling myself to do work. To hang in there. To not slow down. It started to really hurt. My effort went from easy to hard to very hard, in just a few miles. The pacer that I was trying to stay ahead of caught me. And passed me. I would have kicked him but didn’t have the energy or the coordination at that point, so I just kept chasing him.
• 26. I knew this didn’t fit into my neat little five-mile sections. This was the odd one out and I just kept telling myself it was a rounding error. Only a mile-ish, no problem. Lol. It was a problem. I found myself clawing at the air trying to keep my pace. It took everything I had, from one second to the next to keep going for 10 more steps. The sign that announced 400 meters to go was depressing because it was too far. Haha. It sounds silly as I write this, but at the time, 400 meters seemed like I would need a piggy-back ride to get there.

Finish Line: And then it was done. I nailed my goal, hit my pace plan and it was done.

Post Race: Chicago, you impressed. The race was amazing, outstanding organization, perfect weather, awesome crowds. It was world class, without a doubt the best race event I have ever seen. After the race I saw a lot of comments about poor weather, this sucked or that was terrible, and I am reminded of a thought from Charlie: It is what you make of it. There is only one thing that I can control in this and that’s me. I would choose Chicago Marathon again and again, because it was epic, the kind of race that I only dared dream about it. The kind of experience that I will look back on and smile about. Shared with my lovely wife, the Chicago Marathon is now my most favoritest race ever. Thank you to my coach Charlie and most of all thanks to my wife Christy, you bring life and joy. Cheers and keep running!
2.3 mile swim Friday 👍
100 mile bike Saturday 👍 (first ever)
12 mile run Saturday 👍
First rest day in30 days tomorrow....priceless
Amber Powella Gleason ran herself to another pr and another podium finish. Great work
I’d like to give a huge shout out to Jennifer Greene for completing the D***y Challenge! For those that aren’t familiar with it, it’s a 4 day race where you run a 5k, 10k, half marathon, then a FULL marathon. Her training suffered a few setbacks but she kept on pushing all while playing it smart. Way to go Jennifer!!

Cadence specializes in endurance athletes...focusing on injury prevention, treatment of injuries and performance coaching. We see all levels of athletes....younger, older, fast, slow. :-).

After graduating from Southwest Minnesota State in 1995, Charlie Boeyink completed his Masters in Physical Therapy (MPT) from the University of Iowa

As a former four-sport high school athlete and a collegiate football player, Charlie switched his desire to endurance sports. He began competing in various run races and eventually triathlon. This led to an interest in coaching individuals....Cadenc

Operating as usual

Photos from Cadence Physical Therapy and Performance Coaching's post 08/17/2021

Cadence was well represented up in Flagstaff last Sunday at the Mountain Man Tri. Tough race at 7,000 feet! Good chance to test the training. Many folks used this race as a prep for Ironman Arizona.

70.3 results....

Daniel, 5:12, 1st in male 40-44 AG,
Luke, 5:47, 5th in male 40-44
Karen, 5:56, 1st in female 55-59 AG
Chris, 6:00, 3rd in male 35-39 AG
Aaron, 6:10, 7th in male 40-44 AG
Mark, 6:14, 5th in male 50-54 AG
Lisa, 6:18, 1st in female 50-54 AG

Olympic results...

Amber, 3:06, 3rd in female 30-34 AG
Elena, 3:38, 2nd in female 15-19 AG


Photos from Cadence Physical Therapy and Performance Coaching's post 06/28/2021

We had a few athletes do an amazing thing yesterday!

Ironman Coeur d'Alene 140.6 happened in brutal heat. 100 degrees for most of the run. Very tough conditions 🔥☀️

These superstars slayed the beast and finished the race:

Lisa B. 12:50...Amazing...this is a coach's dream to write by the way....
SHE QUALIFIED FOR THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN KONA, HAWAII! the SuperBowl of Triathlon Races. She finished 8th place in her age group by racing smart and steady the whole day.
We're all super proud and happy for you Lisa! KONA BOUND!

Sean battled strong: 15:27. He's one tough guy. Overcame a mechanical issue on the bike, but he stuck with it. 💪

Carlyle did it! 16:18. The weather, nor an injury on the bike, can stop this guy from gutting it out. Impressive!

Photos from Cadence Physical Therapy and Performance Coaching's post 04/12/2021

It was great hanging out at the Dam Good Run this Sunday cheering on some of our clients. They all did great!

Marisa was 4th female overall for the 26k. 2:21

Jess P, crushed her goal for the 26k, 2:43, 10th female overall

Joe B, 26k, 2:29, 10th male overall. Awesome!

Bryan R: Finished the 40k! Impressive! 5:52.


Cadence was glad to support #Bikesfightpoverty again. The riders did great! Although we weren't able to ride to Mexico, we made the best of it and rode 200 miles over two days in Phoenix. The best part? We raised over 250,000$ to build homes in Mexico!


Races have been tough to come by lately...BUT... talk about tough?!....these clients of ours are TOUGH!.

David ran the Pemberton 50k.... 5:23! Amazing. Better yet..he raised a bunch of money to build wells in Uganda for folks who don't have clean water. Talk about putting the running shoes to good use!

Courtney. Had a 7 minute PR on her Elephant Mtn 14k!, she looks pretty happy running as well don't you agree? Most of my race pictures I look miserable! :-)

Cyndi. Raced the Black Canyon 60k...I would say, for her first one...she did amazing! under 8 hours WOW! 7:25. Even able to flex at the finish...BOOM! :-)

Super happy for you guys!

[01/22/21]   We're excited to be attending this virtual event...Lots of great speakers and topics!


Cadence wishes all of you a happy and healthy 2021💪


2020 had been a rough year but some of our athletes made the most of it!

Lynn, Cyndi, Dirk, Manny, Julie and Robin all tackled the 4 Peaks Challenge...a 20 mile run tackling nearly 3k in climbing!. Cyndi was 1st overall female, Manny was 4th overall, Lynn was 3rd overall female, and Dirk was 7th overall.

Ironman AZ was cancelled for 2020, but Kim and Britni still pulled it off! Finishing a full 140.6 friend supported event. Boom! Very impressive!

Coach Charlie raced (and survived :-) the Tri-Family Bartlett Lake Tri. A 5th place finish overall. Those hills!

Congrats everyone!


It was great to see some of our clients get back to in person racing! Castle Creek Tri and Get Fit with a Pit (bull) on the docket!


Always good to sit down and go through Training Peaks to see athletes nailing their training.

Remember..."YOU ROCK!" (In case no one has told you today 👊)


We've got some amazing athletes we coach. From climbing up mountains in Utah, running (yes running) up the Jerome Hill, mock 70.3 in Flagstaff since races are cx, and doing a century bike ride AND trail 1/2 marathon in same weekend. Yea, maybe a little crazy...but definitely AWESOME!


Couple shots of our clients still getting after it even though races are put on hold! Way to go guys!


Why Am I Doing This?!

Lynn Rush gives us a few reasons why keeping some structure right now is more key than ever.


Momma said...."Don't Slouch!"

Here are a couple movements to help your running posture.


Our athletes are getting out early to beat the heat!


Overlooked items for injury prevention

Charlie gives us a few practical tips in avoiding the dreaded training injury!


These superstars came out for our 5k Time Trial on Sunday at Apache Wash area. Great job gang! 💪


Pedaling Technique

Pedaling efficiently matters. Here are a few quick tips on maximizing your pedal stroke on the bike.


Brief 2 minute Foot/Ankle Mobility & Stability Routine for Runners

Good foot/ankle mobility and stability are key for runners to help performance and reduce injury risk. Throw this routine on your schedule 2-3x/week.


Running shoes and injury

Some myth busting on running shoes and running injury.


Gettin' up that hill!

Trail Runner Lynn Rush gives ya a great tip on getting up a tough hill during your run!


Foam Roller Mobility

Coach/PT Charlie shows us a quick shoulder/spine mobility routine using your foam roller.


We had a small group of our clients come out to celebrate Mother’s Day and do a duathlon! Happy Mother’s Day to all you special ladies.


Indoor Trainer Set Up

Coach Charlie shows his indoor trainer set up.


It was great to see several of our clients getting after it with virtual races these past couple weeks! Love it!

[04/06/20]   Quick demo of a resistance band session to help triathletes with shoulder strength, mobility and posture.


Cadence Physical Therapy and Performance Coaching


Tips to prevent Achilles pain

Coach Charlie gives a couple quick pointers on avoiding an Achilles injury


Some IT Band tips

Charlie gives a few tips on getting over IT band pain.


Great group run today out at Apache!


Hanging out with Tailwind Nutrition the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival. Glad to support a great sports nutrition product...Especially one who has a coffee flavored recovery drink! Boom! Our coaches and clients love it too.

Any successful training and racing plan must include intentional hydration and nutrition. Our coached guided plans can help get this dialed in for you.


A bit of trail running and open water swimming out at Lake Pleasant this am...Nature's gym never disappoints!

Make it a great day! 02/17/2020

‎Catalyst Health, Wellness and Performance Podcast: Dr. Allen Lim - Fueling Coach for the World's Greatest Athletes (and what it means for the rest of us) on Apple Podcasts

Cadence is a HUGE fan of evidence based content regarding training, mental fitness and nutrition. The Catalyst Coaching Podcast hits it out of the park again. Dr Brad Cooper interviews Dr Allen Lim on this episode. Check it out. ‎Show Catalyst Health, Wellness and Performance Podcast, Ep Dr. Allen Lim - Fueling Coach for the World's Greatest Athletes (and what it means for the rest of us) - May 27, 2019


Great weekend for several of our clients. Many raced the Phoenix/Mesa Full and 1/2 marathon, and a couple ladies went international for the Coatesville 1/2 marathon in New Zealand!. Many PRs and smiling faces!


Bikes Fight Poverty

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    Why Am I Doing This?!
    Momma said...."Don't Slouch!"
    Overlooked items for injury prevention
    Pedaling Technique
    Brief 2 minute Foot/Ankle Mobility & Stability Routine for Runners
    Running shoes and injury
    Gettin' up that hill!
    Foam Roller Mobility
    Indoor Trainer Set Up
    Tips to prevent Achilles pain
    Some IT Band tips
    Bikes Fight Poverty





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