The Elite Premiere Athletic Training Group

TRAINING GROUP DEDICATED TO REACHING FITNESS GOALS AND ATHLETIC TRAINING Team Elite is back and ready to start making some major moves in the fitness industry.

Our goal is to help people reach fitness goals they never though they could and to become the headquarters of building the futures most successful athletes. If you are trying to lose weight or become a better athlete contact us today for a consultation.

Operating as usual

[06/26/14]   Team Elite will be transitioning into #JusticeLeagueArizona# as fitness and nutrition evolves so do we. This new team of fitness Motivators and Mentors will be helping people in the fight against non healthy lifestyles and will help maximize your efforts. Weather your an athlete, fitness model, regular joe, weight loss needed, toning, or simply wanting back in shape we got you covered.


Tedting my new weight training circuit together today hopefully have video or info later tonight.

Justice League is a fitness group run by Th Elite Premier Athletic Training group to push you to your limits in every way possible Mentaly and physically. Your trainers train with you, work hard, get results , become a super hero.


[05/26/14]   Performance training tonight 7pm let's get it. ELITE up

[02/10/14]   March 1st Team Elite we on deck for survivol mud run. 20 obstacles you ready.

[01/31/14]   Team elite is coming

[12/31/13]   First program has been delivered. Updates to come.

[12/27/13]   Elite training 360's first customized training plan goes out tommorow.

A 45 day customized fitness and nutrition plan for anyone who doesnt want to waste money on over priced trainers and gyms that are full of people. 40 minute total body workout customized to what you want and partnered with advocare products that will deliver results. Social media check ins and fitness wars for added motivation and tracking. Fitness videos to show you how to do the workout and check up's for accountabiity. We care about results and success stories nothing else. Failure is not an option. WE FINISH

[11/16/13]   Part 1 speed amd power work

[11/16/13]   5 day game changer training starts 2mrw Roddy are you ready man

[11/06/13]   Team Elite is now re-activated and has joined the Advocare Movement come check us out

[07/25/13]   Gym talk and location on the horizon stay tooned

[06/24/13]   Gauntlet Mondays full body military style workout. Tempe town lake 7pm 2night. North side of the lake at the sand pit where the volleyball nets are. Go north on Scottsdale rd go under 202 make first left and follow all the way yo lake and go right to parking as close as you can .

[06/19/13]   Don't forget gauntlet Mondays at Tempe Town lake in the sand pit. Don't be scared come get work

[06/19/13]   Do not sabotage your hard with bad diet choices portion control,calorie control is all you need


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Get it in

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[04/23/13]   Whispers of a gym on the elite is ready to get back to work are YOU!

[03/29/13]   Elite training session a
@ASU mountain Sunday in the am...if you want to be great I dare you to show up....

[03/29/13]   Team elite is alive and kicking more info to come a lot of events and goals comming this summer. Look for updates

[02/20/13]   S/o to Sarah keel she completed her 4 set 100 fat burner workout in 6 mins 46 seconds and her 4 set 50 fat burner in 3 mins 43 goooooo girlllll

[02/19/13]   People its about that time again to get back on track. Today at 6pm at Marcos De Niza HS on the field north of the stadium. This year will be more in tune with diet and body fat percentage. Message me for more info and pricing

[02/05/13]   If you live in the south Scottsdale area, tempe, mesa, or chandler and looking for an affordable weight loss and muscle toning workout program please message me for details

[02/03/13]   Elite team we are officially back as of today the hiatus is over. A lot of new things coming this year look for updates.

[01/21/13]   Diet and exercise tips

Drink. Water, that is. Water hydrates the body and keeps the metabolism revved, making this an important quick diet tip for anyone trying to shed pounds. Drink at least eight cups of water a day and even more if you exercise for long periods of an hour or more, especially in hot weather.

[01/11/13]   Exercise. Exercise burns calories, improves health, elevates mood and increases motivation. Don't follow any quick diet tips without including this important aspect in your plans.

[01/10/13]   Make healthy choices. Choose the fish over the red meat, the green beans over the potato soaked in butter and sour cream, and the skim milk over the whole milk. Little choices like this, made throughout the day, add up to a difference of hundreds of calories on a daily basis.

[01/10/13]   Want to get good at planks
Easy tip #1
Pick your favorite song you know all the words to. Get into low plank position,press play and don't get up until you have sang the whole song. Some folks might look at you funny but hey you just held a plank for at least two minutes.

[01/09/13]   Become your own success story don't wait for it to happen,make it happen

[12/28/12]   Team elite will be releasing a 20 minute fat burner at home workout for all you new years resolution folks.

[12/24/12]   The Elite team wishes everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year.

[12/10/12]   Holiday diet tip of the day

When you dont want to eat,pop a piece of sugarless gum into your mouth. This works well when your cooking or when your trying not to dive into the buffet.

[12/06/12]   Elite is currently in negotiation with an in door.facilty to start meltown in January....4 workouts a week all different, cardio, abs, toning, and ultimate calorie burn. Look for updates coming soon.

[12/06/12]   Congrats to Sarah #2 she lost 5 pounds last week working with Elite.

[12/02/12]   We do something fitness everyday

[11/22/12]   Instead of eating three plates back to back today try eating then reating giving your food time to digest and taking breaks will burn calories as well as chewing your food slowly.








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