Forca Fitness

Strength and conditioning for all levels. At Força (pronounced "for-SUH," Portuguese for "strength") Fitness we want to help you make your fitness goals a reality.

We are a strength and conditioning facility located in Gracie Arizona. Classes are run in a group setting and the atmosphere here is one of competitive camaraderie. Our program may look like something you’ve seen before, our individualized coaching sets us apart from the rest. Feel free to send us a message with any questions you may have. We hope to see you soon.

Operating as usual 01/16/2013

From here on out…

Time for the big leagues, folks. In case you've been living under a rock, we're now Copperhead CrossFit! Find us on facebook, twitter (@copperheadcf), instagram (copperheadcf), cb radio, etc. You guys can head over to Beyond the Whiteboad to find the WOD for Copperhead CrossFit Beyond the Whiteboard

[01/16/13]   Ladies and Gents, today is the day that we officially start crossing over...

We'll be using a company called "Beyond the Whiteboard" for our workout tracking and logging from now on. I'll be posting the first few workouts on the Copperhead FB page but after that, you'll just have to go to the regular website to look them up.

Stay tuned for the WOD... 01/14/2013

Getting Copperhead CrossFit ready

Definitely a "functional" workout today...

See you at 4:30-whenever we're done! Today’s WOD: Move these into place… for time.

[01/13/13]   HEADS UP ladies and gents, mats are being delivered tomorrow!

Do you know what that means??? Tomorrow's workout will be...

Move a pallet of 100#, 4x6' stall mats into place... for time. 01/11/2013

Friday = Deadlifts

Get those hammie's prepared, dead's are on the menu today. See you at 4:30! Warm up -Jog -Flamingos x 5 per -KB goblet squat x 5 -Unweighted good mornings x 5 SST -Deadlift 5 x 3-5 Metcon -2:00 row for max distance Then -15 sit ups -Sprint across mat -15 push... 01/09/2013

Mid-week workout

Getting ready for the big opening, one workout at a time...

See you guys at 4:30 Warm up -Jog -Sots press x 5 -Pull through x 5 -Prone knee to elbow x 5 SST -Press series review (emphasis on split jerk) Then -Split jerk 3x 3-5 reps Metcon: 1 minute per station, 3 ... 01/07/2013

The beginning of the end of Força Fitness

The title seems sad, but it's just a new beginning, See you guys at 4:30 Warm up -“Beep drill” -World’s greatest stretch x 3 per -Barbell-across-thighs ankle mobility SST -Front squat 4×3-5 Metcon -40 kb swings -30 sit ups -20 push ups 01/04/2013

Happy Friday!

4:30 at the new building. Be there or be... round! Warm up -Jog -Frankensteins x 6 per leg -Twisting lunges x 6 per -Push ups x 5-10 -Around the worlds x 10 SST -Sumo deadlift technique work Then -Sumo deadlift 3×4-6 Metcon: 2x through ... 01/02/2013

500m row, anyone?

See you guys at 4:30! Warm up -Jog -KB swings x 8 -PVC good mornings x 8 Benchmark -500m row for time SST -Press series (press, push press, push jerk) -Press work 3×3-5 Metcon -Tabata row for total distance ...


Copperhead CrossFit

If you guys haven't done so already, head over to the Copperhead CrossFit page and give it a "Like."

Don't think, just do it! Many thanks.

Copperhead CrossFit is the go to health and wellness facility of Central Phoenix. If you're ready to get fit, we're here to show you the way.

[12/31/12]   Just a reminder, no class tomorrow guys. Enjoy New Years and please be safe. I'll see you in 2013!


A review from Wednesday.

How to deadlift. 12/28/2012

The final workout of 2012!

Just a reminder, today's workout (and all from here on out) will be at the new building.

Bring some workout shoes, long sleeves and pants (unless you like getting whipped) and I'll see you guys at 4:30. Warm up -Jog -Sprint complex -Squat jumps x 6/8/10 -Around the worlds x 5 per side SST -Double under work 10-15 minutes Then -Back squats 3×6-10 Metcon: 1:30 minutes per station, 30 seconds re...

[12/26/12]   Mid-day reminder, today's workout will be at the NEW BUILDING at 4:30. Bring some workout shoes and a hoodie. 12/26/2012

First un-official workout at the new building

Today's workout is at the NEW BUILDING at 4:30.

I REPEAT: Come to the NEW BUILDING for today's workout and bring some workout shoes. Warm up -Jog -Sprint complex -Twisting lunges x 5 per -Pull throughs x 10 SST (strength/skill/technique): -Deadlift technique review -Deadlift 5 x4-6 Then -KB swing demo Metcon: Partner work...


Onward and upward... Copperhead CrossFit, here we come. 12/21/2012

‘Twas the workout before Christmas…

Remember guys, no workout on Monday. That means that this is the last time to make room for all of that Christmas food. See you at 4:30! Warm up -Jog -Arm bar stretch x 4 per -Unweighted TGU/stand up in base x 4 per -Squat x 8 (prayer stretch every 4) SST: 5 sets -“Weighted” squat x 8-10 -Skin the cat x 4-5 Metcon: 5 rounds f...

[12/20/12]   SCHEDULE UPDATE: No workouts during the next two Mondays (12/24/12 or 12/31/12). All other days will follow our usual schedule.

In unrelated news, it was a lot of "fun" working out with you guys last night. I'm looking forward to a lot more of it when get into the new building and become Copperhead CrossFit! 12/19/2012

Happy half week

Good morning Ladies and Gents. See you at 4:30. Warm up -Jog -Push ups x 3-5 -Bear crawl x 10m -Scorpions x 3-5 per side SST: 5 sets -Strict pull ups (or strict negatives) x 4-6 -Bulgarian bag “Swings” x 20 (work technique) Metcon: Group ... 12/17/2012

Copperhead CrossFit is on the horizon…

And so begins another week, see you at 4:30 Warm up -Jog -Leg swings x 5 per -Pass throughs x 5 -Inch worms x 5 SST -Sn**ch work with PVC Then -Handstand pushup progression (heavy) x up to 10 -Pistol work x up to 4 per leg Metcon: 7 m... 12/14/2012

Happy Friday!

TGIF, see you guys at 4:30.

Also, there will be NO 5:30 CLASS on account of my day job office party... open bar! Warm up -Jog -Ring row (easy) x 5 -Samson stretch x 2 per -Forward rolls x rest of the mat SST: 4 working sets -Skin the cat x 4-6 -Side plank extensions x 6 per Metcon: Group format -Thrust... 12/12/2012

Half way to Friday

Getting some good overhead work in today. See you guys at 4:30. Warm up -Jog -High knee drill x 30-45 seconds -Hip thrusts x 6 SST: 5 rounds -Single arm push press/press x 6-8 per side -OH squat practice Metcon: 3 rounds as a group -20 second sprints x 2...


Any of you feeling like this?

Ok, too funny not to post.


One more addition to the logo choices...

One more late addition to the logo lottery. Please take a look and let us know if you like this one better than the other two. 12/10/2012

Counting down the days…

RGAZ @ 4:30 is the place to be Warm Up -Jog -Squats x 6 (prayer stretch every 3) -Around the world’s x 5 per -Windshield wipers x 5 per side SST -Handstand walk practice -Half-moons x 5-6 per side Metcon: 5 rounds for tim...


Alright Ladies and Gents, we need your input. We've narrowed it down and one of these two images will probably end up being the logo for Copperhead CrossFit. Please take a look and comment "A" or "B."

Your input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

[12/09/12]   Just a reminder, we'll be at the new building around 10 finishing up. Any help would be appreciated


Obese Mom Cacia Griggs, Inspired by Daughter, Loses 112 Pounds

Whatever your motivation is, use it. Cacia Griggs knew she had to do something about her obesity when she broke her four-year-old daughter's bed while tucking her in one evening.Since that horrible night one year ago, Griggs, 26, has lost 112 pounds and married her fiancé in a beautiful wedding dress with the help of a local weight cen...

Members in action 12/07/2012

Feel free to tag yourselves

Feel free to tag yourselves 12/07/2012

2 1/2 weeks ’till Christmas

See you guys tonight! Warm Up -Jog -B-boys x 5 per -Long inch worms x 3 in/out -3-D lunges x 2 per SST: 4 rounds -Roll-outs on rings x 4-6 -Overhead lunges x 8 per leg Metcon: 4 rounds for time, group format, rep...


Copperhead CrossFit

Good morning, Ladies and Gents. In case you've been living under a rock lately, I just reminding you guys that we're moving to a new (awesome) building and officially becoming Copperhead CrossFit. I've created a page, which is basically empty and just holding the name at the moment. Nonetheless, I'd appreciate it you headed over there and gave it a "like."

Copperhead CrossFit is the go to health and wellness facility of Central Phoenix. If you're ready to get fit, we're here to show you the way. 12/05/2012

The World's Best Personal Security Does CrossFit

Yeah, buddy... How does the world’s number one private security firm ensure its protectors are constantly in the best physical shape? Simple - they have them do CrossFit. 12/05/2012

The countdown to Copperhead CrossFit continues…

Getting you guys ready for Copperhead CrossFit, one workout at a time :) Warm up -Jog -World’s greatest stretch x 3 per -Pull throughs x 10 SST: 4 rounds, 60 seconds per -Pistol practice -Muscle up practice Metcon 1: 4 minute AMRAP -Unweighted Turkish get up x 5 ... 12/03/2012

1/12 WOD’s of Christmas

4:30 see you there! Warm up -Jog -Leg swings x 8 per -Scorpions x 6 per -Up/down dog x 4 per SST -Deadlift technique work then -Good mornings x 6-8 -Handstand strength work (stinkbug, negative HSPU, full HSPU) x 4-8 M... 12/02/2012

Welcome to the 2013 Season

By the time the Open begins, we'll have had just about a month in the new building. This is an awesome opportunity to really see where you stand. You may not "win," but just completing every workout is a huge accomplishment. Big things happening guys, I'm stoked.

PS, if you haven't seen the new place, you need to. We'll be there this morning starting at 9:00 so text me if you need directions. Registration begins Jan 30, and theres a new Masters age division. Welcome to the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games season! Hows the training coming? The 2013 Open launches

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