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Timeline photos 07/02/2019

✨The body is a MAGICAL self-healing organism✨

Physical pain is an invitation to pay attention to your subconscious emotions. It’s nothing to be afraid of, although I know it can feel scary to look at. The conscious mind does an amazing job of distracting us and making us believe everything is okay. But we all have skeletons and cobwebs in the closet. When we can release our shame and approach the closed door with curiosity, an open heart, and an open mind... that’s when magic happens. That’s when we actually feel the power of energy. Besides...Emotional baggage is HEAVY. Wouldn’t it feel a lot lighter to unload some of that ?😉

Let’s look at pain as our teacher. A beckoning signal from our wise bodies to look deeper. Our bodies have so much wisdom and yet we place pressure on the mind to “figure it all out.”

If you have physical pain in your body, this is your invitation to get curious. If you’ve tried “everything” to make it go away and you’re sick of putting band-aids on and taking all sorts of medications with uncomfortable side effects...I’m talking to you. I’m not saying that medications don’t serve a purpose!... But what if there was another way?

Curiosity and an open heart and open mind is all you need to dive in. I’m booked up this week, but taking appointments for next week over Skype/FaceTime or in-person if you’re local to Phoenix! 🌹

Timeline photos 06/24/2019

VOILA level 2.0 in the books🥰 grateful for sisterhood and that somehow us girls made it happen to go through this next level together. Grateful for this journey and all the healing that’s come out of it. Grateful for Joel for sharing his wisdom!

Sooo...What did I learn over the weekend? What did I EXPERIENCE? Where do I even begin?🤪 In healing, “when you increase your level of consciousness you will go to the level of Cause instead of the level of Effect.” —Dr. David Hawkins

The basis of the Level 2 protocol toward bodywork is aimed at the subconscious to get more of an impact. It’s the difference between putting a bandaid on something vs. finding the root cause. Although physical work is always incorporated, we want to help clients GET better vs. feel better.

I’ve truly learned (and experienced for myself) that you can’t clear the physical issue until you take care of the autonomic and energetic systems. If this seems confusing to you, I’d love to get you in for a session to show you what it’s all about. I’m SO lit up by this work. It has caused a profound shift in my body, mind, and spirit.

Honestly, if you feel called to learning more about your body, pain, and how all of this works as a whole system... go take class! You won’t regret it. 💜 Let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to chat about it.


Having a casual love affair with the spine corrector 🤷🏻‍♀️💋

I’m so grateful to have a space like where I can explore different pieces of equipment with my clients. Pilates as a practice has endless possibilities and it’s so fun to watch people light up when they feel something shift in their bodies.

The Reformer is my ride or die but I have a special place in my heart for the spine corrector because it makes you WORK.... while being incredibly delicious. It allows the spine to move in ways we just can’t move it in everyday life. Movement truly feels like medicine. Sending blood flow to new places, engaging different muscles, and opening up stuck areas all while engaging through the breath.

If you need me I’ll just be over here enjoying being in my body.

Timeline photos 06/12/2019

Just a couple of galz trying to bring inclusivity and positivity to the fitness space ✨

As coaches, we’ve learned over the years that the magic that occurs within the walls of our studio doesn’t have much to do with the workouts —however awesome they may be 😉—it’s about the connections that develop. It’s about the community that emerges. It’s about bonding over a common goal...or perhaps how much you loathe your coach when you see your program for the day😝

It’s about committing to something that’s self-empowering and seeing others do that too. It’s about having a place to show up AS YOU ARE... raw and real and every bit of human. It’s about developing a compassionate relationship with your body and baring witness to others doing the same thing.

The magic that happens here doesn’t have a whole lot to do with being “fit.” Nope. It’s way, way more than that.

Come experience it for yourself. It’s okay if you’re afraid. It’s okay if you’re self-conscious. We’ll meet you there because we’ve all felt that way before too. 🖤

Timeline photos 06/05/2019

That afterglow ✨ cheesin’ because I’ve been releasing some past stories lately and being more conscious of the way I speak to myself. I’m working on having more curiosity. More playfulness. Less attachment to outcomes.

Your conscious mind might think you’re over something. Previous behavior patterns, wounds, scarring situations. Logically, you KNOW cruel things you say to yourself aren’t true. Maybe you’re even able to talk yourself out of feeling that way, but the truth is... the subconscious mind runs the show. Once you experience what true healing feels like, you actually believe it’s possible to work on everything else. Our bodies are meant to heal themselves and we all have that power inside of us. Once you start to heal, you physically feel LIGHTER. It’s heavy carrying around all that baggage. You feel more free. More open.

But also I have the knowledge that healing never really ends because we are ever-changing beings and new things always come up. That’s part of the experience of being on this planet, after all.

If you’d like to know more about the bodywork and healing modalities that I use with clients in session, don’t hesitate to DM me ☺️

Timeline photos 06/04/2019

TriCore was born to fill a hole in the fitness industry. As trainers, we noticed that most mainstream group fitness programs neglect mobility, flexibility, and stability training. People were coming to us with injuries caused from going too hard too soon or neglecting these aspects of training. To remedy this, we discovered that blending the beautiful practice of reformer Pilates WITH strength and conditioning in one session was a magic combo.

Pilates is all about body awareness, the connection of mind, body, and spirit.... and learning about how movement actually works.

Additionally, we believe in body respect and intuitive movement. We encourage our members to get curious about the dosage of exercise they need and not what they’ve read online or in magazines. We know and respect that every body is different.

The thing is, you need to cultivate self love and body respect just as much as you need movement. You need strength just as much as you need flexibility - one is not better than the other. They all work together synergistically. Here at TriCore, we’re an inclusive and supportive one-stop shop ✨we have the options you need to get a complete fitness program at one place. Try a whole week for FREE! Link in bio🙌🏼


Honored and humbled to work with these magical women and develop sisterhood with them today over our common calling to help and heal✨ is such a beautiful modality to teach and it has already evolved since I first learned it. It’s always evolving and that’s part of what makes it so special 💕

Thank you ladies for trusting us to guide you, sharing your stories and knowledge, and helping us grow and learn. You are all SO inspiring! 💫💫💫

Timeline photos 05/29/2019


What does “expander” mean?? coined this term and I absolutely love it (I highly recommend her subconscious reprogramming workshops btw!) An expander is a person that you identify with that already has what you want - they have a relatable background, personality, socioeconomic status, etc. When you have goals and you’re trying to make s**t happen for yourself, it can be so challenging to believe it’s possible without someone to EXPAND your subconscious. Seeing is believing and you have to know that what you want to do is 100% possible for you.

Without expanders, I wouldn’t be doing half of the things I do or have done. You can have expanders in any category - relationship, career, hobbies, even body image recovery.

Anything that you’re working toward, you can bet someone similar to you has accomplished that... you just gotta find ‘em. Whether it be in-person or curating your social media to be all expansive people for yourself, it makes a huge impact on your subconscious to consistently be reminded of what is possible. The key is that you relate to this person and their background or story. Then I pose the question... do YOU want to be an expander? What are you currently doing that might be expansive for others to see? If you’re afraid to go after what you want, think of all you people you could positivity influence and how it would impact their lives to see you shine. Community is powerful. Taking action is powerful. Walking the walk is powerful.

I’m incredibly lucky to be friends with and surrounded by expanders. Special thank you to for this shirt! 🌙

Timeline photos 05/26/2019


It’s one of the simplest and most intuitive forms of energy healing. It’s a gentle, powerful hands-on energy technique from Japan - REI meaning higher power and KI meaning life force energy. We all have access to Reiki; it can truly open up our latent sensitivity. I know it has for me. I’m incredibly grateful to have as a mentor and guide - if you feel called to learn this form of healing, I can’t recommend her apprenticeship program enough. 💕

Reiki has a beautiful way of opening the door to a larger world. For many people, it’s the first time they experience what energy FEELS like and how it flows throughout our physical and energetic bodies.

As a practitioner, I can sense the client’s blocks, pain, stuck emotions and other issues. I allow my intuition and feeling the flow of energy to guide the session. Chakras (Sanskrit for “wheel”) are a big part of energy healing because Chakras are where problems show up.... they hold both potential and wounds for the area of life that that chakra is related to. I can help release blocked energy or replace lost energy in each chakra as needed. The goal is to balance the chakras individually but also as a system. When these energy wheels are functioning well, they allow us to be fluid and live in the moment without running old programming from the past. It creates relaxation and power in us.

I weave Reiki into everything that I do. It has dramatically enhanced the way I approach giving neuromyofascia therapy and structural joint balancing. However, it’s very beneficial to have an entirely focused Reiki session.

Timeline photos 05/25/2019


It’s so easy to fall into a shame spiral, especially if you’re trying to heal your relationship with your body image.

What is a shame spiral? Think of a shame spiral as a mental cycle where your experienced shame feeds itself... and then you feel ashamed of feeling shame.

We all know the feeling when shame washes over us. When we’re in a moment of comparison, embarrassment, and feeling not good enough (or whatever words you use to talk to yourself in that moment) and things tend to spiral quickly and get out of control. The more you let your inner critic bring you down, the worse you feel. When you’re falling down that spiral and you don’t feel like you can claw your way out of it, it usually leads to numbing behaviors and various coping mechanisms.

By keeping it hidden and judging yourself for it, shame can reinforce and lead to a painful and seemingly limitless shame spiral. This can be a serious and debilitating. This can keep you on a never ending cycle of feeling shameful and reacting to it in a way that effects your body and relationships with others.

So.. what do you do in the midst of a spiral? First, call out your inner critic. Remember that voice is not you and greet it with curiosity. Be compassionate, yet firm.

Connect to your breath and remember who you are. Parent that inner child and remind yourself you’re okay. The more loving and present you can be with yourself the better. Ask the inner critic questions and have a dialogue with it.

Most importantly, share your shame with someone you trust, a therapist, or a healer of some sort. Sometimes, just talking about it is enough the get the wheels turning so you can overcome pain points and prevent the same shame from coming back over and over again. In the end, shame comes from thought loops that have pathways through the brain. It’s 100 percent possible to rewire those pathways and move forward. If I can do it, you can too. 🌙

Timeline photos 05/22/2019


How often do you deny your hunger?

I’m not even talking about food. I’m talking about your hunger for anything. It could be hunger for sensuality, for comfort, for connection, for moving energy, for fresh air, for rest, for could be craving so many things and most of us disregard our needs.

What often happens when we disregard our cravings and hunger for things other than food, is that we USE food to fill the void of whatever it is. We use food to satiate ourselves because we’ve denied and suppressed our other hungers. We’re ashamed of our appetites because we must stay in control and pretend we don’t have needs, so we stuff those feelings down with food (or insert whatever distraction you choose here). Our bodies are constantly communicating with us and telling us to pay attention. Whether it’s through pain or various physical sensations... do you actually stop and ask yourself what your body could be telling you? What your intuition is whispering to you?

It’s easy to take our bodies for granted. Truly loving your body and the signals it gives you (which can be very uncomfortable sometimes) isn’t something that happens overnight. Getting in touch with the physical cues it gives you and developing your intuition takes time... but it’s going to make you respect the hell out of your body.

Next time you reach you distract yourself with something, ask yourself... “what am I REALLY hungry for?”

Timeline photos 05/12/2019

Happy Mother’s Day to this spectacular woman💛 I’m so lucky to have a mother that’s progressive, forward-thinking and has supported me and encouraged me through everything I’ve ever done. Thank you for nurturing me in a way that’s allowed me to be myself and explore who I am. Love you so much mama!!!

Timeline photos 05/12/2019

Happy Mother’s Day to this spectacular woman💛 I’m so lucky to have a mother that’s progressive, forward-thinking and has supported me and encouraged me through everything I’ve ever done. Thank you for nurturing me in a way that’s allowed me to be myself and explore who I am. Love you so much mama!!!

Timeline photos 05/11/2019

A week from today!!! Playing with for the first ever “Ladies Night”!! Come jam out to your favorite emo songs! We’ll be playing covers and originals👌🏼get tickets for $12 at or $15 at the door

Photo by ✨

Timeline photos 05/09/2019

OBSESSED with my leggings!🥰 They are sooo freakin soft and they actually HUG YOUR HIPS! No wedgies or constantly pulling them up. Best of all, they are a company (they have sizes ranging from XS to 5XL) and made right here in the USA! Join the body positive revolution and vote with your dollar. You can choose to support companies that offer sizing like this👌🏼Use code LION15 for 15% off!


What’s a typical bodywork session with me like? IT DEPENDS! 🙃 We all have different needs depending on the day and what’s going on with your body.

For some people, I can go into deeper stretches and focus on opening up joint capsules. If your central nervous system is wound up, your session might be more about getting it to calm down and relax into parasympathetic. That alone is VERY healing for the body... we simply don’t get enough time in “rest and digest” mode. If you have very specific pain points that need to be addressed, joint balancing (Voila method) would be my go-to.

If you’re feeling emotionally clogged and energetically drained, some Reiki and gentle stretching could be exactly what you need. The bottom line is that I’m trained in various modalities to give YOU and your body exactly what you need that day. For bodywork, one size does not fit all and you deserve to have your session entirely tailored to you.

Assisting others in healing is something I’m incredibly honored to be able to do. Healing looks different for everyone and I respect and honor this. I’m taking bookings for next week🙃 message me with questions or follow the link in my bio to book! 🌸In honor of Mother’s Day and celebrating everyone who identifies as a mom, I’m doing 15% off sessions for the rest of the month of May🌸

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