FCS Kali of Arizona

FCS Kali training for the Phoenix metro area and beyond. Emphasis is on stick and knife, with some empty hands. Open to everyone interested in learning FCS Kali; no experience needed!

All are welcome to join without exception.

Operating as usual


Gulf Coast FCS Kali

Some FMA footwork humor


Aloha Hawaii

Motion is motion

Wow! This helps to make me smile 😀😂 The men doing Hula conditioning! Amazing job.

🎥 Yula Dance Fitness

#1sttheworld 🌺🌺🌺


Keiko Kunio


Columbus DOJO - 沖縄五首館空手 全米本部道場

Martial artists will always train.

We have this logo on our vehicles, water bottles, and shirts; what does it mean?
This is how I feel about it.
Yoda said it very well.
Do or do not, there is no try.

Martial Artists will always train.
When life, work, school, prevents us from going to the dojo - martial artists still train.

When we are tired, poor, hungry - these are just tests of character, we still train.

When we are frustrated, bored, or angry at ourselves - we still train.

When we are sick or injured, we rest - than we return to training.

Martial Artists do not get bored and decide to try something else.
Martial Artists do not get frustrated with their progress and quit.

Martial Arts is not seasonal. It is not a manner of convenience. Martial Artists train, study, research and hone our skills continuously. We take breaks and we rest when we are unable to train, then we continue.
Martial Artists value their teachers and seniors as their guides and mentors on the path to self improvement.
We realise that we are not alone on this path. Many have gone before us; many will come after us on this path.

Some will stray or leave the path, we will persevere.
The way of Budo is to continue training, continue searching, and continue progressing, no matter what twists and turns life brings.

Many will train for a time. Some will try martial arts for a season. Martial Artists will train for life.

Garry Parker

youtube.com 10/23/2020

Raya and the Last Dragon | Official Teaser Trailer

FMA on full display

youtube.com Restore peace. Find the last dragon. Watch the new trailer for Raya and the Last Dragon, in theaters March 2021. Long ago, in the fantasy world of Kumandra, ...


Everyone you cross paths with has a lesson to teach.


Karate viewpoints


Swordwind Historical Swordsmanship


Sarah's Scribbles


Herbs & Arts



Incredible flow.

amazing sword dance 🗡️


Memes to Discuss in Therapy


Support your instructors. They’ve given up a lot to provide knowledge for you. Don’t give up on them now.

This is a truly heartbreaking photo...

A man who has spent years building a mixed martial arts facility, toiling hard... day in, day out just to stay above water in order to pass on his knowledge, forced to close his doors.

I fear there will be so much more of this happening in the months ahead.

When are people going to realise how ridiculous this current policy is, and the massive effect it'll have for so many years ahead?


How are you increasing student engagement during these times of distance learning?


Just Sock Thoughts

I don't know if this is true.
But I am seriously up for engagement/wedding swords ⚔️
Wolfie 🐺

[04/21/20]   Online FCS class in an hour! Message Kea Grace or G**o Michael-Vincent Malanyaon for the link!


FCS Home Training - Punyo Mano Striking

This is a little spin on training your Punyo Mano transition drills. Since we often don't have training partners at home, we can convert the drill into strik...


Physical distancing, y'all.

[04/07/20]   Online FCS Kali session tomorrow at 9pm EST (6pm PST)! Message Kea Grace directly for links and instructions.


Martial Arts memes


Who would be interested in an online carenza roundtable? We could show our favorite combinations and what works for us with the hope of picking up a couple new flows and ideas and then wrap up with a virtual sayaw.


Only the finest science was used to determine efficacy of this CDC resource


Support your instructors. Work solo skills we often let slide. Come together via technology. Weather the storm. Be safe. Be healthy. Be prepared.


If you work in gear, train in gear every now and again. You might be surprised at how it changes your motion.


Zombies would be great right about now.

blog.karambit.com 03/09/2020

Are Karambits Legal in the United States?

Yes, karambits are legal in the U.S. for possession, sale, and carry, although they are regulated in a handful of states. However, if you carry a karambit that looks and functions like a simple, average-sized pocket knife, you'll be just fine anywhere in the country.

(NOTE: This isn't legal advice. Contact an attorney if you need clarification on your local knife laws.)

blog.karambit.com With karambit knives cropping up everywhere from martial arts seminars to weapons magazines to official tactical combatives curriculums, these curved blades have pushed their way to the forefront of the knife world. They're also appearing more and more regularly in video games, TV shows, and movies....


The Stick Chick Blog

It's my happy place, 'tis true.


Core curriculum overview

Worked on organizing the FCS curriculum to make it easier to get an overview. The base FCS skills are grouped by weapon and each skill has its own separate breakdown of the requirements, techniques, and how-to. It's a long document, but if you're interested in a copy, just message.


Pretty much every instructor I've ever had should have this warning label on a shirt.


That’s what she said!

canyouactually.com 02/28/2020

Creepy Realistic Human Skulls Carved From Crystal And Gemstone Are Incredible

Good energy skulls!

canyouactually.com These skulls are made from 100% natural stone with a massive selection of high quality and rare natural stones. Over 400 to be exact. Manufactured and handcrafted by the insanely talented people over at Skullis, these crystal and gemstone skulls are meticulously hand sketched, carved, polished, and....

artofmanliness.com 02/18/2020

How to Develop Situational Awareness | The Art of Manliness

artofmanliness.com Jason Bourne was a master of situational awareness, and you can be too. Here's how to develop it so you can be prepared no matter the situation.



Videos (show all)

Direct Switch From right hand FCS TD4 Into the Left Hand TD Sequences
FCS Knife Template 1 Training Session - FCS Kali of AZ Jan 2017
FCS Kali on ice! First time on skates in almost a decade, so took some figuring out. Good times, though!
Early Morning Carenza
Basic Applied Eskrima Balintawak Spar With Variations




1930 W. Thunderbird St 106
Phoenix, AZ
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Team Megaton Jiu-Jitsu is the premier training center for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Arizona.Megaton is a Fifth Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and a Third Degree Black Belt in Judo. CALL 602-841-9779 for a Free Trial Period.

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Arizona Judo Academy

Open MMAT Academy Open MMAT Academy
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Open M.M.A.T. Academy’s FB Business Page was Created to Share MY Dream, Passion, and Envisionment to One Day Own and Operate MY Own Martial Arts Academy/School.

Way Of The Dragon Karate Way Of The Dragon Karate
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Phoenix, 85028

"to strike as fast as possible with as much power as possible with as little effort as possible"

Arizona Wing Chun Association Arizona Wing Chun Association
67th Ave & Happy Valley Rd
Phoenix, 85383

Wing Tsun in Peoria, AZ, plus training workbooks and online continued learning.

Wolftribe Self Defense Wolftribe Self Defense
1409 W Indian School RD
Phoenix, 85013

Wolftribe Krav Maga is the only true source of Krav Maga in The Valley!

REACT Defense Systems / Tactical Black Advanced Krav Maga REACT Defense Systems / Tactical Black Advanced Krav Maga
2620 E Rose Garden Ln, Ste 3
Phoenix, 85050

Get your training started Today! Call for an intro class 602-485-5728 Phoenix, Chandler, Glendale locations!