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Katie Burkhart-Gooch joined the softball staff in August of 2014. Her duties include coaching pitchers and serve as camp coordinator. Burkhart, a two-time All-American at Arizona State, holds every major pitching record for the Sun Devils including wins, innings pitched and strikeouts. She was named Pac-10 Pitcher of the Year back-to-back seasons in 2007 and 2008. In 2008, Burkhart led the Sun Devils to a National Championship and earned NCAA Women’s College World Series Most Valuable Player honors. Burkhart was the number one overall selection in the 2008 NPF Draft, and produced an exceptional rookie season, which culminated in NPF Player of the Year honors. In 2009, she earned a place on the United States National Team where she helped her team to a gold medal at the Japan Cup. Burkhart pitched professionally in the NPF for four seasons, in Japan with Team Shokki for two years and competed one year in Italy. In 2012, Burkhart served as the pitching coach at Central Connecticut State and helped the Blue Devils to their first ever 30-win season. Burkhart has been inducted into the ASA Hall of Fame, as well as the San Luis Obispo High School Hall of Fame and is the founder of pitchresponsibly.com.

Pitch Responsibly is where athletes are not only demanded on the field, but in the classroom as well. You are a student of the game, and I want to make sure you succeed in all areas of your life. The art of pitching, means you are one of a kind, and it takes years of trial and error to even semi-perfect. I want to help cultivate your art of pitching, as well work with you in all facets of life, to make you a stronger & more well-rounded student-athlete. Thus be responsible with your talents, by staying on top of school & making time for community service. We provide private lessons, clinics, motivational speaking, recruiting advice, & virtual instruction. I want you to be game ready for the next level!!! Keep Calm & Pitch On, Katie Burkhart Our Mission Put on the S.M.A.R.T C.A.P (S)tudent-athlete (M)oral Integrity (A)ttitude (R)eadily Available (T)teaching methods (C)ommunity (A)dversity (P)assion Our Objective (1) Student-athletes are blessed with an opportunity to have their field as a classroom. We encourage them to be dedicated to both the classroom & their sport by building life skills for the future. (2) Moral integrity is treating those around you with respect by your responses & willingness to learn. Our coaches are qualified and held to the same responsibility. (3) Attitude is achieving success even when you aren't at your peak performance. It's a mindset. (4) Readily Available to get better, practice, and be the best you can be. (5) Teaching methods of different platforms, but containing the same solid foundation. Helping to achieve balance with different learning abilities and students of the game. (6) Community within is important, so we are building relationships & creating a positive educational environment. (7) Adversity will come in all forms of physical and mental weakness, we will teach how to be fierce competitors and strong students of the game (mental toughness, strategy, & leadership). (8) Passion in the way we teach should inspire passion & dedication to those we teach.

Operating as usual

Drop ball drill, working on keeping the hips open + letting the ball travel down the fingers.
There is a lot of miss information out there about the “finish of the pitch” which common phrases are hips blocked + hand rolled over to the toe, as the shoulders are hunched. This pitch is not created because you roll the wrist at the end... it’s a result of the ball jetting so fast off the fingertips the force will create it to look as though you are rolling the wrist.
If your kids are not informed as to why you’re telling them to finish like that... they will never understand how to properly snap a ball. Hard to know to teach this if you haven’t ever felt it.


Former US Marine just broke an 8 hour plank record – and he’s 62 years old

But coach I can't even do 30 second planks... TOUGHEN UP KID.

guinnessworldrecords.com The former US Marine and DEA Supervisory Special Agent is no stranger to record breaking, and has just set a remarkable fitness record for the longest time in the plank position (male) at an incredible time of 8 hours 15 minutes and 15 seconds.



7 Things Every Child Needs To Hear

#4 on so many levels!!!

eminentlyquotable.com.via.snip.ly 1. I love you. 2. I'm proud of you. 3. I'm sorry...

Working on “heavy stacking” the hips, rounding the hips back (aka pop that booty out), shoulder rounded and blades over top the bottom, and the open/close of the hips mimicking that shotgun quickness. I call this drill the heavy stack 😂 Ernie Parker and my pitching coach call it something completely different 🤷🏻‍♀️ KB makes up names for drills, whatcha going to do about it 😂. // Regardless, this drill is used to help pitchers work on stacking their weight on that back leg which parlays into a firm front side when done properly. Jasmin could feel the difference in how smooth her follow through was vs not heavy stacking on that back leg. Form is so important, and just tweaking the body even the slightest can make the biggest difference in outcomes - accuracy, speed, and consistency! #spin2winAZ

Take a look at her feet... LOOK MA NO CLEATS! .
It’s simple, you can’t feel your drag in your cleats or sneaks 🤷🏻‍♀️ We tell them allllllllll day long to lighten the drag, but we aren’t doing a good enough job teaching them HOW or WHY 🧐
This drill helps a pitcher understand what part of the toes/foot we should be dragging. It also sheds that holy light on our initial weight transfer! Where you have a weak load to push so your weight shifts too forward pre-motion, resulting in that dreaded heavy rainbow drag. When we are adequately loaded and explosive off the mound, body angled, head over that back leg, BOOM BADA BING WE draw a 7 not a rainbow with our drag. There’s so much more too it, but that’s the basics, of you want more come have a lesson with me 😁
FUN BURKFACT: When I was in college I did this drill in the dirt, NO SOCKS. Why? Because I’m A LOT crazy, and I got tired of my crappy heavy drag! I was pitching like I had a trailer hitched to my backside- so I did something outside the box to teach myself a lesson. It begs to ask the question, are you doing enough of what it takes to be the 1%?? I know I wasn’t ever going to be happy being a part of the 99% crew! #spin2winaz

Couldn’t help but join in on the fun 😂 #thuglife ... if you need help with those pitches, give me a call 😊

NCAA Softball

Super grateful I got to experience something so momentous. Also, blessed that God put softball in my life who all the amazingly talented humans I’ve gotten to play with. #sundevilalumni #ncaa #wcws2008

#WCWSwednesday: 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣8️⃣

Katie Burkhart threw a four-hit complete game shutout with 13 strikeouts to lead Sun Devil Softball to its first national championship with a 11-0 victory over Texas A&M.

PFX Athletics

If this doesn’t pump you up this morning, check yah pulse!

We need to be more like pitchers ...

2009日本リーグ男子ソフトボール決勝トーナメント 投手特集

Most of us don't think about Men throwing fastpitch... however I do because I was trained by one. I was also VERY fortunate to get to talk to Eddie Feigner "The King in his Court" before he passed away.

To play this game it's important to know the history and be trained by all facets of the sport. Here's a little Men's Fastpitch over in Japan...


Having trouble with weight coming forward too soon? This drill will help you feel what I call the “Elvis” move + that smooth arm whip with snap... getting the feel of this move with inside/outside spotting those snaps at the knee + shoulder of the catcher. // #spin2winaz


NCAA to allow college athletes to be paid for their names, images and likenesses

So... will reimbursement checks be shipped by mail or direct deposited for my years played?? 😂

What does everyone think about this?

axios.com "We must embrace change to provide the best possible experience for college athletes."

Working the “Perfect Circle” drills, in honor of Ernie Parker, and some of my first ever drills at 8 yrs old. In this drill we are focusing on creating a long arm swing, shoulders opening, and really feeling that ball peel off the middle finger. Don’t forget to tape all your 🥎’s! #spin2winaz

Working hip mobility + balance with Skier Hops. // Make sure they hold at finish as well, making sure balance is executed through out. // #spin2winaz


Hey! Has anyone used this yet?? I think it’s an amazing idea, interested if it’s legit for all my softball fams out there.

Softball season is expensive.

Earn cash for your team whenever you shop, dine out or book hotels! Sign up with FlipGive to get started.


Dear Pitchers: Why So Many Pitches? Love, Gary

🙌 Couldn’t agree more!

flosoftball.com Legendary Batbusters coach Gary Haning offers his advice to the next generation of pitchers.

It was a Friday night, no lights 😂 But we found another field that was shining bright. Either way we were going to make due by pitching on the tennis courts where there was light, but by the grace of God another field was beaming light like an imperial palace. // Sometimes the most imperfect situations turn into the most perfect memories! Memories always trump having the perfect field to throw on, or the best ball with high seams, or cleats that are just right. The list goes on...
How many of us make excuses to have what’s perfect, when all we need is to just do the work?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ (I am 100% guilty myself). #spin2winAZ

Hey! I am looking for a space to give lessons that have lights. Does anyone have a contact to a facility or heck a backyard in the Chandler, Ahwatukee, Tempe, or South Phoenix area??

Thank you for your help!!! The struggle is real trying to find the light 😂 #spin2winAZ

It rained today, so I sent one of my favorite Lisa Fernandez drills. :: link below :: She nailed it. It’s exciting to watch these kids grow! Whether I have all the answers or not, the fact that the kids and parents trust my knowledge is an honor! Very grateful for all the past and present kids I’ve been blessed to work with!! Keep on trucking, #spin2win (https://youtu.be/z4WQsaiPLE0)

I have been nerding out watching slow-motion pitching videos all day 😂 The itch is back y’all!! It’s raining in AZ so I thought I’d take the ol’ girl out for a spin today.

Any how, there’s a lot of good and real bad information in the pitching world... well the softball world in general. Honestly, I am all about being a BASIC P. I don’t like concepts and theories you can’t understand, I like to know the basics so I can build the tower myself. As a player I have evolved 1000x over and have worked with pitching instructors such as Don Sarno, Bill Hobbs, Rick Robinson, Kirsten Voak, Chuck D’Arcy... I watched the Lisa Fernandez video relentlessly wanting to emulate and be her! I’ve been coached by Ken Erickson, Clint Myers, Patti Gasso, Carol Hutchins... you get the point. I’m a melting pot of a lot of different theories, methods, ideas, but sound BASICS.

Basic mechanics have always been the same, and in all the videos I’ve watched today are pretty darn sound. So when your coach tells you to go back to the basics, what body basics are you building and going back to?? Let me know what your thoughts and theories about my BASIC concepts 😊

Natasha Watley

HEY PITCHERS!!!! Listen to this, please. If you have trouble against slappers, then get inside the mind of one of the best in the world.

Have you ever been in the batters box, seen the defense shift and mid way through the pitchers wind up you decide to change the tool (type of slap) you were going to use? Trust me, I have been there before. Today I want to give you some tips on reading the defense so that you NEVER have to experience that again.
Before we go into some tips on reading the defense, my 2 rules of thumb are:
Trust what you see before you get in the box

COMMIT to your decision

This is essential to do EVERY pitch, because defenses shift and change. Be open to change what you’re going to do every pitch
3 things to check in the order that suits your strengths is:
Check the middles (Are they playing in front of baseline or deep? Are they shaded up the middles or in the holes?)

Check the corners (Are they in your face? Or playing back?)

Check the outfielders (Are they playing you at true depth? Shallow? shifted?)

These are great questions to ask when trying to decipher which tool would be best for the situation. Just remember to commit to what you decide and you will be fine!
Good luck out there!
Natasha Watley
P.S. I’m teaching a live class on how to build a game changing triple threat and will go more in depth on this topic. I would love to invite you to join. Classes are Oct 1st,2nd & 3rd, sign up here: https://gamechangers.natashawatley.com/triplethreats

Hey PR friends! Go give this page a follow. It will bring you much motivation and keep you posted on the exciting news of the softball world!

This is why we do what we do. Impacting young women to believe they can do anything and that hard work will always pay off.

Coach Lisle

Meanwhile, in the USA, parents dropping $350 dollars on a bat for their 8-year-old... Hopefully, this gives some perspective on what's actually important, the gear or the gift of what the game gives to each individual.

This is where it all began, Lakeshore Park in Lake Elsinore with LEGS (Lake Elsinore girls softball). I am grateful for softball, and all the people that accompanied on this journey. This field brings back so many amazing memories, this is where I started my catching career 😂, hit my first homer in with my Jackhammer Bat (it was a 32”... i was 10 😳). Don’t forget to walk down memory lane as you get older, they are sweet memories that shaped you as a kid and into a future adult. Love your journey, bad or good... love who you are! #spin2win

Calling all my 805 softballers! I’ll be back in SLO for these dates, email me for details + to set up lessons or clinics. Can’t wait to work with you all 🙌😊🙌 // #spin2winCA


Check out POWER TALK 101 on "Mindset"... Be sure to Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel and check out the worksheet on my website https://weplayresponsibly.com/blog/powertalk101mindset


HOW ATTITUDE CORRELATES WITH MINDSET The difference between Growth vs. Fixed Mindset For worksheet head to https://weplayresponsibly.com/blog/powertalk101min...


Former ASU star Dallas Escobedo pitches Mexico to 2020 Olympic qualifying win

WOO HOO Dallas Magee CONGRATS!!!!!!! ASU IN THE HOUSEEEEE!!!! #softball2020

azcentral.com Former ASU softball star Dallas Escobedo and two other former Sun Devils helped Mexico qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

1996 USA Olympic Softball Trial vs Oklahoma City

When you're young, you really have ZERO sense about the true magnitude of what events in your life really mean. Watching this video humbled me all over again about my journey in Japan.

I got the opportunity to step into Michelle Smith's shoes when she retired at 23 years old... Not everyday you get to walk behind one of the greatest pitchers of all time. To be honest, I wish I would have had that opportunity now because it would have meant WAY MORE to me than it did at my arrogant, ego-driven, rebellious 23-year-old self lol.

Now I get to share my knowledge with the rising talent and show them video's such as this so they remember the history of our sport. This game can take you farther than you can ever imagine if you put in the work.

For all the 2020 girl's, never forget where we came from... These ladies paved the way and what a blessing that truly is! Man, this gives me goosebumps watching this game again... I was a wee one with the dream I too would make it to the Olympics to win gold. So let's take it back TEAM USA!!!! #USAsoftball2020

1996 USA Olympic Softball Trial vs Oklahoma City ESPN Player interviews: 16:23 Michele Smith 19:00 Dionna Harris 32:16 Lisa Fernandez 39:29 Kathy Arendsen Ha...

Balance Beam Project + Drills!

Wood= $6.03
Gorilla Wood Glue= $3.97
1.5” All-Purpose Screws= $6.57
Having mad balance when pitching = PRICELESS

Super simple project you can do in your apartment, garage, or backyard. Helps young pitchers learning to find balance in their legs by balancing on a beam... BOOM💥!!!

This is my favorite type of lesson... the coach sits on the bucket barking orders 🤯 ... A coach should be constantly moving around watching all angles (unless of course if your coach is catching you - which isn’t always ideal either). The one thing this dude does have right is the mirror, I’ll tip my hat to that.

And sure maybe this dude is someone great, or too old to stand 🤷🏻‍♀️ however, I’m now making excuses for someone that is getting paid to sit 😂 As my coach always said “it’s hell getting old” and in this case the force is with him.

Attitude: parents and kids alike... be grateful and react with kindness. No need to correct every move your kids make, and kids respect yourselves by respecting others. Play ball and have fun, seriously, we all need to have more fun playing this game!! It’s not that serious!


Sun Devil Athletics Announces 2019 Hall of Fame Class - Arizona State University Athletics

WOO HOO!!!! CONGRATS Kaitlin Cochran !!! From Past-Time to Sun Devils, now HOF!!

thesundevils.com Six former student-athletes from five different sports and an undefeated National Championship team make up the 2019 Sun Devil Athletics Hall of Fame class.

Is your daughter 10U and just starting out? Tune in for my thoughts on lessons, drills, and more!

What do Boombah turfs, cones, and a Spin Jammer have in common?

... SOFTBALL. Duh 🤪.

However, the Spin Jammer is a useful tool to learn the Curve, and cones are great for many different reasons that I will be discussing in the video!

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