Peak Life Wellness, Phoenix, AZ Video June 3, 2020, 5:25pm

Videos by Peak Life Wellness in Phoenix. I am dedicated to displaying helpful content to inspire and educate individuals who have a passion for exericse and improving their health by producing effective in home workouts training tips and wellbeing skill sets

Controlled Medicine Ball Slams

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Quadrcieps, hamstring muscular tension balnace

Preworkout spine alignment

Shoulder and Scapula Reset

Preworkout shoulder adjustment

Spine preworkout assessment

Every client gets a full body alignment first

Training Pecs for Freer Total Body Movemwnt

Eccentric Phase Stability

Controlled Medicine Ball Slams

Core stability Endurnace Strength

Core Systems Rotational Feedback Movements

Multiplane core systems gait cycle

Controlled Step Press - Functional Gait Cycle

Chambering rhe Thoractic for Movement


Feeling the Use of the Core Oblique Systema

Functional Core And Chest Cable Fly

Gait Cycle - How to Prime rhe Glutes ans Hamstrings

Building stabilization strength from rhe planl

Low back- hip -knee Decompression

Glute Muscle Release

Si Joint lumbar Spine Subluxations Corrections

We Don’t Close Down for Business Ever!

I help people havd courage and inspire them

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