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Tranquillity Within http://www.EighthLimb.com

Mission: The mission is to encourage, educate and promote alternative healing arts for those seeking peace and tranquillity in the midst of everyday life, while providing a consistent level of quality care and treating everyone with loving kindness and respect. Kornfield, Jack (2011-08-18). Teachings of the Buddha: Revised and Expanded ENLIGHTENMENT has no definite form or nature by which it can manifest itself; so in enlightenment itself, there is nothing to be enlightened. Enlightenment exists solely because of delusion and ignorance; if they disappear, so will Enlightenment. And the opposite is true also: there is no Enlightenment apart from delusion and ignorance; no delusion and ignorance apart from Enlightenment. Therefore be on guard against thinking of enlightenment as a “thing” to be grasped at, lest it, too, should become an obstruction. When the mind that was in darkness becomes enlightened, it passes away, and with its passing, the thing which we call Enlightenment passes also. As long as people desire Enlightenment and grasp after it, it means that delusion is still with them; therefore, they who are following the way to Enlightenment must not grasp at it, and if they reach Enlightenment they must not linger in it. When people attain Enlightenment in this sense, it means that everything is Enlightenment itself as it is; therefore, people should follow the path to Enlightenment until in their thoughts, worldly passions and Enlightenment become identical as they are. Kornfield, Jack (2011-08-18). Teachings of the Buddha: Revised and Expanded Edition (Kindle Locations 2243-2252). Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition. Edition (Kindle Locations 2243-2252). Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition.


Guided Meditation for Wellness

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Yoga Nidra is the Yoga of Sleep. Find a comfortable, distraction free environment. Relax, recharge and balance the stress of the physical, mental and emotion...


Joy of Stretch

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Gentle Stretching for more about Tammy Harrison and Harrison Holistic Healing visit The Eighth LImb at http://eighthlimb.com/ or Healing Balance For You http...

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Jeff E. Masters



Interview with Dr. Gail Parker about "Restorative Yoga for Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma"

accessibleyoga.blogspot.com Priya: Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself? Gail: I am a psychologist, certified yoga therapist, yoga therapist educat...


How Meditation Changes the Brain

I can help you move from a sympathetic fight or flight reaction to a parasympathetic thoughtful response.

psychcentral.com A group of neuroscientists wanted to figure out whether years of meditation had changed the brain of an expert monk. Led by Dr. Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, they connected


Gentle morning stretching

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Dharma & Politics - Jack Kornfield

jackkornfield.com Dharma & Politics Many Buddhist practitioners have questioned what to do in these turbulent times. More than anything, I believe the world is in need of a spiritual perspective. The Dharma teachings of generosity, virtue, loving-kindness, and wisdom are non-partisan. The benefits of dharma teachings...


Baxter Bell Yoga: Pranayama for Optimum Respiratory Health

This breath practice was inspired by recent videos from doctors and nurses in the US and U.K. who are recommending a breathing practice for those with Covid ...


Psoas Muscle

yogadharma.co.uk Psoas Muscle -The enteric nervous system operates independently of the cranial brain and controls the digestive system, while sending more information to our cranial brain than the other way round. Sometimes called our second brain the enteric... #centralnervoussystem #entericnervoussystem #Hips


Harrison Holistic Healing


[04/24/20]   Virtual class...Let's do a little chair yoga. If you have a chair and a little space around the chair you can do yoga! I would love to do some chair yoga with you. Let's plan on it. If you are interested contact me privately with your email and availability. I will send you an invitation...Virtual class.

Desert Song Healing Arts Center


Sivananda Yoga based class-50 min class with Chair Yoga modifications www.sunlightyoga.com

Sivananda Yoga based class-50 min class with Chair Yoga modifications www.sunlightyoga.com Modified from a 1.5-2 hr Sivananda Yoga mixed level class. See bel...


Savasana: The Big Picture (Rerun)

My favorite pose

yogaforhealthyaging.blogspot.com by Nina Although we end almost every yoga class we take (or teach) with Savasana, this powerful pose is often an afterthought and consid...

[03/23/20]   Join me at 10:30 am for some Slow and Gentle yoga and meditation. Here on Facebook Live.


Chair Yoga Hip Opening Sequence with Steve Wolf E-RYT 500

There are two full rounds of this routine in the video. It is suggested that you repeat the video 3 times. After learning it, try slowing it down, taking 3-4...


Baxter Bell Yoga: The Fantastic Five Practice

This special practice is focused on the health of the upper back or thoracic spine area. It was inspired by a request from a reader on the blog Yoga for Heal...


YMCA 360 - Online Exercise

ymca360.org YMCA 360 offers online exercise, fitness, wellbeing, and youth sports classes from the comfort of your own home. Popular classes like yoga, barre, bootcamp, tai chi, boxing, weightlifting and soccer are free for you and your family.


Gentle and Grounding Chair Yoga//45 minute full class

45 minute Chair yoga class. Props needed : arm-less chair and possibly a blanket or pillow. This is similar to a class that I teach at the studio, (Samsara Y...


Enlightenment Centers Peace Balance Tranquillity

All MP3 Yoga nidra downloads are complimentary in the shop at www.eighthlimb.com. Till 4/30. Please share. This is a practice of peace and it reduces stress. The hardest part of this practice may be finding a quiet distraction free environment (use earplugs).

eighthlimb.com Peace Balance Tranquility with Yoga and Guided Mindfulness Meditation


Tina Turner sings a Sanskrit mantra for calmness, harmony, and peace for all beings.

brightstarevents.net If world events have you feeling anxious, take a few moments to regroup with Tina Turner's beautiful rendition of Sarvesham, a Sanskrit mantra sung for calmness, harmony, and peace for all beings.


13 Children's Books That Encourage Kindness Toward Others

buzzfeed.com Happy reading!


Tao Porchon-Lynch, the world's oldest yoga teacher who marched with Gandhi, dies at 101

I am grateful to have sat at her feet and listened to her speak. Grateful.

lohud.com Tao Porchon-Lynch, who was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the “World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher” in 2012, died Friday. She was 101.

Sri Swami Satchidananda

Jeff E. Masters



A Very Brief History of Yoga

accessibleyoga.blogspot.com by Nina Zolotow I believe that everyone who practices yoga should know a little about yoga history. My reason for feeling this way is be...

Contemplative Monk

[12/30/19]   Yoga and meditation classes start in one week. Sign up today! Eighthlimb.com

Jeff E. Masters





Inner Vision Yoga

Peace and Relaxation Heals

As a human living a human experience I have found yoga, meditation and the healing arts to be beneficial to leading a more balanced and happy life. At a very young age I was diagnosed with scoliosis. It became my mission to find a way to live with the consistent sensations. The life long journey led to many different helpful practices and treatments. After many years I noticed the one thing that consistently helped was yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation were the practices I kept coming back too. Through the practice of stretching, breathing, being aware of the body moving within space and the sensations and thoughts...in essence not living in denial and pushing through pain but honoring the body and loving it right where it is, as it goes through all life stages and changes...a peace filled relaxation starts the healing process. I am here to share my experiences with others.

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