Miller Equine Therapy

Miller Equine Therapy


Horses booked to their vacay while mommy goes on her vacay!!! Cannot wait! Thank you Miller Equine Therapy!!!
Everyone likes hanging out at Miller Equine Therapy. Even Mr. Briggs is all smiles!
Thank you guys so much for helping me get Billy Z Kid feeling his best. I took Kid to Chelsea after SI injections to ensure he would be able to build as much strength as possible before returning to competition. Chelsea noticed a few things about his flight path in the water that in turn I could work on under saddle. I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re in the north Phoenix
/cave creek area and you’re looking to improve your equine athlete I highly suggest you check them out.
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Thanks, Miller Equine Therapy for always taking great care of Rebel!! She loves her treatments!! :)

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We here at Miller Equine Therapy use multiple therapy modalities to keep both horse and rider fit and performing at their ultimate best, no matter what discipline you're in.

Operating as usual


Thank You Ali! Badger is such a boss😎


One of my favorite workouts for my horses is this simple one. I learned it from a great vet along time ago. This helps to build and strengthen their backs and pulls their belly up.

Simple and cheap. 2 polos Velcroed together, run down through an O-Ring snaffle, between the legs and up around the wither to tie. The object is to not have the nose behind the vertical line. You want your horse to drive and lift themselves. If they are to far behind the vertical your not lifting or engaging their hind end, your only pulling their heads down.
*Important to note the speed. A medium trot is best. Not to slow and not to fast. How they stretch and move their bodies at a brisk trot is what pulls their belly up and stretches and strengthens their backs.*

This exercise is also how I start all my horses out when they start getting in shape for the season. This black beauty is my 22 year old semi retired rodeo horse. She is getting herself in shape because momma (me) wants to run barrels again and all the other options are babies. She knew I was ready because she was standing at the gate waiting for me, which is very unlike her!

I am here to help you with your horses. Message me and let’s see what we need to do.

Photos from The Equine Documentalist's post 12/30/2021

Photos from The Equine Documentalist's post

Photos from The Equine Documentalist's post 12/04/2021

Photos from The Equine Documentalist's post

Photos from AB Equine Therapy's post 11/12/2021

Photos from AB Equine Therapy's post



What do you do when it goes from ☀️ solid Sunshine to a freakish down pour ⛈ while you’ve got a horse in the treadmill….. You Thank God for good ol’ broke ones that have seen & heard a thing or two 🙌😍


💙 Coors 💙

Coors is Loving his Pulse PEMF session🤤🤣


🎲 Vegas 🎲

Day 1 for this fella 💙 Getting prepped for Junior Rodeo Season.


Chillin’ out on a Hot Summer Day 🥵💙


Mrs. Gertie

Just needin’ a Little extra this evening ❤️🐩❤️


You've probably seen the funny pictures of horses pulsing, but do you know the science behind a "release"?
When a horse yawns during a pulsing session, it is a tell-tale sign of the horse's parasympathetic nervous system engaging for rest and digestion. The different releases we see - yawing, licking, chewing, blinking, lowering of the head, and soft eyes - are all signs that the horse has entered a state of relaxation and is thoroughly enjoying their session!



Photos from Miller Equine Therapy's post 12/21/2020

It all looks good🤩 Buuut Those Shoulders 💪🔥💪

Photos from Miller Equine Therapy's post 12/19/2020

This 4yr old filly is coming off of a tendon sheath surgery.
She’s getting Salt Water Spa / PEMF combo🤩



Day 1 for this handsome fella❤️ Stay tuned for progress pictures.


First time through the Sat Water Spa for this little lady. She handled it like a pro🦄❤️

Photos from Miller Equine Therapy's post 08/10/2020

💦🏅 for the win 🏅💦


Dirty Harry

💦 Spa Life 💦

Photos from Miller Equine Therapy's post 08/04/2020

💥Dirty Harry💥 was referred to us by his veterinarian to help get his inflammation down so he can be properly evaluated this week. We're working diligently to do so😊
Stay tuned for updates

Photos from Miller Equine Therapy's post 07/29/2020

Miss Hollywood ❤️.

Timeline photos 07/14/2020

Timeline photos

Pulse Equine loops are extra large for extra coverage — no body is too big for the power of PEMF!

Photo by Chelsea Rae Miller


Jet & Hollywood are working on their summer bods while Vacationing here with us🤩👙💪🦄.

Photos from Miller Equine Therapy's post 06/29/2020

🌞 Happy Monday to y'all 😎
Meet Jingles. This little fella is the coolest🦄.
Jingles came to us needing to strengthen up in a short window of time, and boy has he💪.


🐾💙Meet Hatch💙🐾

🐾💙 Meet Hatch 💙🐾
Hatch is a retired Bomb Sniffing dog that has done many tours in Iraq. Hatch started coming to us a couple weeks ago to help strengthen his hind end. As you can see he's doing awesome 💪🤩.

Photos from Miller Equine Therapy's post 06/11/2020

Progress Picture Time😲🦄‼️

Photos from Shawnna Payntier's post 06/07/2020

Photos from Shawnna Payntier's post


With 2️⃣ combo sessions of:
Pulse PEMF ➕ Cold Salt Water Spa = Fizz is looking much tighter


👀 Look closely 👀
We have NEW Muscle twitching & contracting of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles that cover the scapula👏👏👏‼️
Lynx had herself a nasty accident on NYE that resulted in Sweeney shoulder on her right shoulder as you can see in the videos.
The blunt force trauma injured the suprascapular nerve, resulting in her scapular spine becoming prominent due to muscle wasting from the nerve damage.... This was/is a severe case, where the muscles has virtually disappeared.
We have been working feverishly with multi modality therapies (PEMF, Aqua Pacer, Vita Floor & Conditioning to lengthen muscles) and nutrition to not only prevent any more atrophy of the muscle to occur, but in hopes of stabilizing and bringing back the muscle that has disappeared. This nerve is no joke! The new muscle movement is very hopeful, as there has been zero movement in the muscle over the scapular spine up until yesterday🙌.
We are certainly praying for a full recovery for this talented girl💙.
💕Send her some good vibes, as we are working against the clock on this injury.
🦄Stay tuned for updates🦄

Photos from Miller Equine Therapy's post 05/12/2020

B. And Flurry's 2 week progress pics 💪💕🦄.
🌟 Can't wait to see what a month does for these handsome fellas 😎💙
👀 Stay tuned to see their 1 Month progress pics 👀

Photos from Miller Equine Therapy's post 05/07/2020

Ellie's making her come back like a Boss👑 💪after a long stent of being a broodmare.
After only 2 weeks in The Aqua Pacer she's starting to make some big gains🏋️💙.
🌟 Stay tuned to see her one month progress pics 🌟


🌟Good Monday Morning Friends‼️😎



😎Happy FriYay😎 V***n is enjoying her PEMF sessions to say the least👏 Getting lots of relief in this buggered up shoulder 💕
👇Why PEMF!? Check out Link Below 👇


🌟Our latest crew🌟
All of these babes are recovering from injuries (splints, strained stifle, torn stifle and hock issues).
The Aqua Pacer is designed to take 65-75 percent of concussion off from the limbs while still being extremely effective at building important muscle. Having proper muscle tone undoubtedly helps in minimised injury once brought back to work.
This makes it an optimal therapy option for horses coming back from an injury, stall rest or for horses just looking to strengthen and build muscle.
They're all cleared for work & ready to get strong💪. Let's go!! 💙
Progess pics to come📸‼️


Yesterday's Swim team🏊.
Ellie and Patsy did great! First time in the Aqua Pacer and 1st day back to the gym for both of these Mama's post👶❣️. Stay tuned for progress pics 💪👏.


Had a Magnificent Monday with this Beauty Queen 👑

Pixie has torn some soft tissue in her left stifle. She will be here with us for 2 weeks getting
🌀Pulse PEMF treatments 🌀
to stimulate cellular regeneration throughout her whole body as well as locally at the injury site.
⚛️Science shows when you boost the body and give it the tools it needs to heal itself, recovery time can be significantly reduced.
We'll call that a win💪 ‼️


Salt Water Spa - Spot Treatments

💦 SWS (Salt Water Spa) - Spot Treatments 💦

- Got a tough spot to ice: shoulder, neck, stifle etc.!??!
We've got you covered with our handy dandy SWS hose attachment 👌.
- This little mama had an accident on NYE, that has resulted in "Sweeney Shoulder". With the help of her SWS spot treatments, Aqua Pacer Treadmill, Vita Floor. And Pulse PEMF sessions (not in that exact order😊) She's making GREAT progress ‼️.
- Stay tuned to watch (Sweeney Shoulder Lynx's) Progress 🦄💙.


Hi friends! We are 💯 open and here for you and your equine needs‼️We are listed as an essential service, and working within the CDC guidelines to keep our facility and staff free of the Virus.
We are also Offering "No Contact" Options. You don't even have to get out of your truck😷.

Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea Miller is a life long Cowgirl and horse / animal lover who is anything but new to the game. Chelsea has spent her life around horses, providing her with irreplaceable experience. Chelsea grew up in Pocatello, Idaho on the back of a horse spending the majority of her time riding in the arena with her family. Chelsea’s mom trained barrel horses at night after work. On the weekends they hauled to jackpots, open rodeos and wherever else her and her sister could compete

and mom could season colts. This is where the love and soul fueling obsession truly began.

Chelsea moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2013 and met her now husband, Shannon Miller, of Miller Fence And Barns. They have since built an amazing life together that is centered around horses, both personally and professionally. When Chelsea is not working on horses, she finds herself spending hours in the arena with young colts, training her own barrel horses or

hauling to team roping’s with her husband Shannon.

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Thank You Ali! Badger is such a boss😎
💙 Coors 💙
🎲 Vegas 🎲
Chillin’ out on a Hot Summer Day 🥵💙
Mrs. Gertie
First time through the Sat Water Spa for this little lady.  She handled it like a pro🦄❤️#softtissuetherapy#4yearoldfilly...
Dirty Harry



Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy -PEMF-
Zamar -Cryotherapy/Thermotherapy




35014 N. 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm

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