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Named my boy upright rows 04/02/2018

Take Your Training to the Next Level with Ketosis

I personally feel like strength training and Keto are great partners in improving your body composition, weight, and overall health. Muscle is the primary storage and usage vehicle of glycogen so the more muscle you have the more readily you'll dispose of glycogen and keep your body in fat burning mode. One of the most popular critiques of a ketogenic diet – a diet that’s high in fat and low in carbs – is that it isn’t good for athletes. Here's a rebuttal.



Very interesting

Exercise in old age prevents the immune system from declining.

Older endurance cyclists in their 50s to 70s maintained muscle mass, had healthy cholesterol levels, low body fat, and their immune systems looked 30 or more years younger.

The study suggests that lack of exercise, and not simply just aging may lead to immune function decline. 03/02/2018

17 Scientifically Proven Ways to Speed Recovery

All good advice here. How do you recover? Follow these tips to get your body primed for your next workout goal. 02/23/2018

How you move defines how you live - Peter Attia

Life on the road doesn’t have to shorten your life, here’s some great info on training for health span My clinical interest is longevity, which is a function of lifespan and healthspan; In math parlance, longevity = f (lifespan, healthspan). Lifespan is pretty easy to define. It’s the number of years you live. Healthspan is intuitively obvious, but a bit harder to define. For simplicity, let’s ag... 02/22/2018

Forget “career hacks”... Here’s the real key to career success that almost no one is talking about.

Strong personal mission
High competency
System for ex*****on
Personal and career satisfaction

John Berardi is a boss! We live in a world of ‘quick-starts’, ‘how-to-guides’, ‘career hacks’. This article is none of those. It’s a different kind of success story. And a powerful lesson on how to get ahead in health, fitness, and wellness, or any other field. 02/18/2018

Aseem Malhotra: No surprise that processed foods boost cancer - The Hippocratic Post

Dr. Malhotra has some interesting points As a health campaigner, it comes as no surprise to me that a major new study published in the BMJ showing that ultra processed foods – any involving an industrial procedure – are driving up the rates of cancer. In our book, The Pioppi diet: A 21-Day Lifestyle Plan, Donal O’ Neill and I dedicat...


Be like T-Rex 02/12/2018

Old Man Fitness: Establishing a fitness baseline | SOFREP

Gotta get started somewhere! I’ve been asked on multiple occasions over the years what I consider the be a good measuring stick when it comes to fitness, and just about every time, I respond with the same canned answer: fitness is a personal journey, and I’m not here to tell you how to pursue it.


I mean, I guess that’s one way to do it... by “do it” I mean end up in the hospital or morgue.... lol, crazy people.

Incidentally, whatever you exercise you do you need to evaluate the risk/reward. If you are unfamiliar with a movement don’t do it! Or do something else that offers a similar result. Don’t be a hero or in this case, dumb...


Monday is my leg day! I love getting my hardest workout out of the way first of the week, then it’s time to get down to business! #embracethesuck #getbetter


World Fitness

For those sales trips to Wisconsin this February!

🎥 IG: Cardillo Weightbelts 02/02/2018

Using Heart Rate Variability to Schedule the Intensity of Your Training | TrainingPeaks

The future of training and diet is in customization based on your specific body, genetics, and ability. HRV has HUGE performance potential! The Basics of What Happens When You Train By performing a training session you give the body a stressful stimulus or ‘shock’ to disturb its homeostasis. After the immediate fatigue, the body responds by adapting during recovery so that it can cope with a larger training load next time. This is r... 01/31/2018

How to Use a Staircase for a Super Effective Workout

I am a YUGEEE fan of the staircase workout while traveling... Crowded hotel gym, hits the stairs, they rarely get used!! Ready to take your fitness to the next level—literally? This might be one of the most challenging and effective workouts you’ve ever done.


Fat Loss, Endurance, and HIIT: Are You Making Cardio Mistakes?

There is a place for steady state cardio in your workout routine if you’re training for performance. Practically, I try and save these longer workouts for home. Love Kiefer’s videos

Fat Loss, Endurance, and HIIT: Are You Making Cardio Mistakes?: http://car... 01/30/2018

The 20-Minute Hotel Room Workout | Nerd Fitness

I crushed my workout at my hotel last night. I didn’t lift heavy but did high reps on a circuit and still finished pouring sweat and tired. Definitely recommend checking this out! How to get a great full body workout in your hotel room in just 20 minutes without needing any additional equipment 01/29/2018

How to Use Fasted Weight Training for Muscle Gains | Kinobody

But, But..... What about my GAINZ!!!!! (Fainting...) If it were true that you always lose muscles when you exercise in a fasted state then all our ancestors would have died. They somehow managed to stay healthy and lean without eating every two hours.... If you want to be a bodybuilder then maybe things are different but for us average joes looking to maximize and preserve muscle, fast on! Learn how to use fasted weight training to pack on lean muscle easily. Also check out a fasted workout you can use to start building an amazing body!

[01/28/18]   Most people in fitness are trying to sell you something. Primarily, they want you to believe that you have to “buy” fitness. This is BS. You own your fitness now by the choices you make every day. There’s no thigh master or gym membership or personal trainer that can sell you your fitness. Most hotels i stay in have a set of stairs, I can walk/ run up and down them for free and don consistently this will help keep me fit. There is value to certain fitness purchases but understand you own your fitness now.


I tried the popular Silicon Valley diet credited with boosting energy and prolonging life — and I can see why people are obsessed

I use intermittent fasting while traveling and have gotten great results. Anyone else? Intermittent fasting, the diet that lets you eat anything within a specific time frame, has been credited with everything from weight loss to life extension. 01/27/2018

How to Stay in Shape While Traveling | Nerd Fitness

Love Nerd Fitness and this is a great guide to keep your routine going on the road Everybody travels. Whether it's for business, pleasure, vacation, world domination, or epic questing, at some point in our lives we all depart from the comfort of our personal "Shire" to visit another location. It might be a quick trip to the next town over for a business conference or a massive adv...


These low carb pancakes we're legit. No post pancake carb crash either. Full of food and energy!


Gary Taubes — "Why We Get Fat"

This video got me started? What do you think?

Gary Taubes, co-founder and senior scientific advisor of the Nutrition Science Initiative, gives a talk at Ambition Nutrition 2017, hosted by the Centre for ...


WHY I AM DOING THIS: I am a traveling sales manager. I take well over 100 flights a year and have done so for many years. About 9 months ago I sat across from my doctor while he told me all of the wonderful things I had to look forward to if I didn't lose some weight: heart attack, stroke, type two diabetes, GERD, pre-mature death. As the father of three kids. I didn't like that. But, my doc gave me a simple path to follow to health and 9 months later I've lost 93 lbs and am still going strong. What troubles me now is the lack of resources available to traveling professionals trying to eat healthy and exercise while managing a busy travel schedule and personal life. So this page is my attempt at hacking that challenge and putting you on the path to better health and fitness. I am not a doctor or dietitian and you should talk with them before trying anything but I will share what I've learned from my experience.


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Haven't we all had that customer???

[07/05/15]   Everything you say and everything you do had to prove what you believe- Simon Sinek

[07/03/15]   When it comes to new product development or new ideas, do you believe in the first mover advantage?

[06/01/15]   Quote of the day
The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. - Confucius

[05/29/15]   Tough times don't last, tough people do. 05/17/2015

When You Fail- 3 Ways to Deal With It and Move On

When You Fail- 3 Ways to Deal With It and Move On How do you deal with failure? So you've failed in spectacular fashion. You world has transformed from a docile, picturesque, Norman Rockwell painting to a trailer park after a... 05/16/2015

Tips to Change Thoughts From Negative to Positive

Getting past obstacles in ourselves is difficult, Tips to Change Thoughts From Negative to Positive Negative thoughts or influences come at us from all sides and it is hard not to let it effect you. Below are seven tips on how to change negative... 05/16/2015

Looking after your mental health

Do you look after your mental health | Ashford Herald What are some ways you stay mentally healthy? NHS Ashford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is urging local people to think about their emotional wellbeing during Mental Health Awareness Week... 05/16/2015

Lessons in Positive Thinking

The Power of What Went Well, Lessons in Positive Thinking - Timi Gustafson RD Do you stay positive? For most of my career as a dietitian and health counselor I have paid much attention to the deficiencies in my clients’ diet and lifestyle choices... 05/15/2015

Penn institute stimulates study of imagination

Penn institute stimulates study of imagination | Penn Current How's your imagination? The human imagination has no boundaries. It is capable of traveling at the speed of light to galaxies far, far away, and falling, very slowly,...





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