Team Forty-Four

Team Forty-Four is an established Arcadia training studio that provides personalized strength and conditioning programs for everyone. Our mission is to help our community live and move with purpose.

Specialists in sustainable training + nutrition methods, inspiring you to live limitless and perform at your ultimate potential, at any stage of your life.

Operating as usual

Timeline Photos 05/24/2021

Kettlebell swings are featured in Monday’s programming for our current strength phase. Click the link in our bio to sign up on @mindbody and learn proper technique from the best coaches in town. Let’s go!!

Kettlebell swings are featured in Monday’s programming for our current strength phase. Click the link in our bio to sign up on @mindbody and learn proper technique from the best coaches in town. Let’s go!!


We at Team Forty Four want to wish all our members both past and present a happy #nationalfitnessday, thank you for keeping us moving!

We at Team Forty Four want to wish all our members both past and present a happy #nationalfitnessday, thank you for keeping us moving!

Timeline Photos 04/23/2021

Happy #EarthDay from your favorite gym

Happy #EarthDay from your favorite gym

Timeline Photos 04/16/2021

Who’s ready for some cardio and core in tomorrow’s classes?? 💪🏽

Who’s ready for some cardio and core in tomorrow’s classes?? 💪🏽


We offer training programs to move better, feel better, and perform better at any stage in your life! Get it Barb!! @jess.quijada


Our BEST DEAL YET. 💥 Because we love you, and we are excited to make new friends!

NEW CLIENTS... come in for a month of UNLIMITED small group training classes for just $44!

We’ve worked hard to reformat the gym to ensure social distancing in our kickass 3600 square foot space. We want you guys to feel safe while you get your sweat on. Please know:
▪️All instructors are masked up
▪️Class sizes are 6 max
▪️Sanitation in FULL EFFECT

If you’re not a newbie, help us spread the word. Tell your buddies, tell your coworkers, tell your dog. Who’s ready?!?! 💪💪💪


Breakdown of the @keiserfitness push-pull by two of our favorites @andreafabrega and @gontralo 👋👋

This is one of the best anti-rotation core exercises. The role of the core here is to stabilize against rotational forces. When this move is done right, you’ll feel you’re core immediately - you won’t need to “draw in” or “brace”. #sweatthetechnique


Cooler temps are so close, we can already feel it. Who else is excited to get outside this weekend?! 🌵⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Let's all take a minute to say hiiiii to our buddy, Neema! Almost forgot what he looks like without his mask on. 😉👋
#happytuesday ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Ok. Let’s try this again:) First and foremost we want to send our love and vibes out to all of you. 2020 continues to be a big test for everyone mentally, physically, and emotionally. As we move forward on the next phase of reopening our studio, please know that we are here for you however you may need: a workout, a hiking buddy, an ear to listen, or even a sanitized - distanced - masked - air hug. We got you.
So here we go... the AZDHS has announced this week gyms in Arizona that follow strict guidelines are allowed to open to at 25% capacity. The safety and peace of mind of our fitness family remains our number one priority. We believe that we've all gotta work together and do our part to slow the spread of covid-19. As part of reopening, we’ve adjusted our studio policies to comply with CDC guidelines and protect every client and coach that walks through our door. Beginning next week, 8/31/20 we will be offering private and semi-private sessions with limited class times and capacity [4]. For our semi-private group schedule and sign-up, please visit your mindbody app or sign up on our WEBSITE HERE If you had a package of sessions on your account, they are active and ready to book. Please know that safety, respect, and support remain our top priorities. So if you're ready to join us again as we open back up, awesome. If you need some time, we get it. Thank you for being a part of our team. Love ya. - Team44 Crew

MONDAY 8/31: Private and Limited Group Training Sessions Resume
- Please Contact your coach to set up your private sessions.
- Please use your Mindbody App or visit our WEBSITE to schedule your group sessions. If you had a package of sessions on your account prior to to our most current shut down, they are active and ready to use.
- Group sessions will be LIMITED TO 4 CLIENTS PER SESSION.
- Our schedule is posted on Mindbody. YOU MUST SIGN UP for the group session before you attend. You will be able to sign up for classes 14-days in advance.
Thank you. Stay safe, see you soon.


Team Forty-Four


An update for our resilient fitness family...

Yesterday Gov. Ducey ordered all gyms and fitness centers to close for at least 30 days. As you’ve probably heard by now, many studios are choosing to not follow the order and continue with business as usual. We are not one of those studios. There have been too many cases in our Arcadia community and it’s our decision to put the health of our families and community in front of $$ — so, as of today, we’re following the order to temporarily close. This pandemic has presented us all with tough decisions, highs and lows. We will make it through this together. We love you all.

We’ll be in touch as soon as have more news, and we’re here for you in the meantime should you need anything at all. You know where to find us!


stay patient, stay calm. share love, share resources. focus on what you can control, breathe out what you can’t. read that book you’ve been wanting to. start journaling. facetime your loved ones. no matter what situation we are facing, there is always an opportunity for growth. we will get through this together. ❤️❤️


RULE 1 of the renegade row is quiet hips. grab a weight lighter than you first think, to ensure a stable hip position, stopping them from rocking back and forth.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
RULE 2 is bring a strong hair game. #sweatthetechnique


quality over quantity. always. take the time to understand each move. position, tempo, activation, duration, breath. make the goal for your next workout to connect with each move, rather than running through it as fast as you can. #sweatthetechnique


preparation is the key to success. #trainwithpurpose


jump, jump. #mambamentality


set aside enough time to play this week. #dowhatyoulove


good morning. dream big. set goals. take action.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
if you're stuck with the first two, move to the action step, gain some momentum, clarity and inspiration.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
better yet, train with us for one week unlimited for $20 and let us help you find your way.


yes, leg day. again. #trainwithpurpose


quality over quantity. since 2005, we have seen many fitness trends come and go. the latest is large group boot camp franchises. please keep in mind that when you trust your fitness to the lowest bidder, you become a number and you deserve more than this.

• you deserve coaches that are educated and experienced. one who takes the time to learn about you and understands the imbalances your lifestyle may create and adjusts the program accordingly.

• you deserve a program that is thoughtful, purposeful, and focused on improving your movement, not impressing you with volume of reps and soreness.

results is what you’re after. quality coaching and programming is the way. #sweatthetechnique


caption this... please.


cyclists need guns too, right ma?


confidence has no competition.
💪🏼 @andreafabrega

Team44 look 01/15/2020

Team44 look

Team44 look 12/20/2019

Team44 look


Phoenix Fall weather means it is time to explore outside again.

Adventure here we come.


Friendly Reminder: We are closed Sunday (9/2) and Monday (9/3) for Labor Day! Regular schedule on Tuesday starting bright and early at 5:30am.

Enjoy your weekend!


Do you dream about kettlebells in palm trees too?


Raise your hand if you remember the OG Stripe 44’s....


Have you had your dose of 44 today? Last Monday session of the evening with Coach Neema Doroudian starts at 6:30pm. Come through!


It’s Just Water Weight | Kevin Hart: What The Fit | Laugh Out Loud Network

Kevin Hart is coming through with some comedy relief for your Monday.

Fight your way to fitness with a firefighter’s most important weapon—water. Grab a couple gallons and get shredded with these easy, at-home workouts today, c...


Seek adventure, Athletes.


Team44 has a new website! Take a gander and go to!


Glutes galore at Team Forty-Four.

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quality over quantity. since 2005, we have seen many fitness trends come and go. the latest is large group boot camp fra...
How Dexy stays sexy. (Besides his overall awesomeness, of course.) For those that were wondering...
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