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Thanks Nick for taking care of my boys! Couldn’t have found a better place for their Cryo rehab!
Antonio Brown should come to yall for his cryo needs! #NoFrostyFeet
I was in Phoenix for the marathon last weekend and came in for treatment at Cryo recovery. I do cryo regularly where I live but Nick's lab is by far the best! This is no spa, it's much better. I knocked 13 minutes off my last marathon time and had no issues during running. My recovery was great! I would recommend Cryo Recovery Lab to anyone
When do you wanna go mom Gloria Espinoza

We offer solutions to naturally optimize your body's ability to heal itself. We offer whole body cryotherapy, localized cryo, compression boots and more..

We offer a mobile solution for your whole-body cryotherapy needs and normatec compression boots. We are looking to form strategic partnerships with local gyms, physical therapists, and fitness affiliates.

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Tonight we'll be cheering for our cryo family, whether you are a fan of the Chiefs or the Buccaneers. Both teams have been using cryotherapy to recover for quite some time. Both are strong and ready to take it home.
It's a GAME DAY!
May the best team win 💪 🏈🏈🏆
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Here is a great thermographic image and depiction of what is happening under the surface in your body with Cryotherapy.

However, this image is referring to localized or targeted cryotherapy to a specific area. This is why localized cryotherapy is way more powerful and way more efficient than ice!!

Sorry, but ice packs and ice baths can't mimic these powerful biological/physiological effects on pain, inflammation, and the healing process.

Localized or Targeted Cryotherapy:

What does it do?
▪ Painless/non-invasive; Takes 2 - 5 mins
▪ Treats a specific area or joint - not the whole body
▪ Rapidly reduces pain and inflammation by releasing endorphins to the area
▪ Flushes fluid and cellular waste from painful or injured tissue while supplying fresh nutrient-dense blood to the recovering tissue
▪ Increases range of motion (ROM) and regenerative blood circulation
▪ Soothes muscles and skin

What is it good for treating?
▪ Overuse/Repetitive use injuries like - stress fractures, joint sprains, muscle strains, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, shin splints, Sever's Disease, Osgood-Schlatter's Disease, etc.
▪ Sports and fitness-related pain or short-term pain related to a specific muscle or joint
▪ Chronic back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain
▪ Chronic pain from; Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Fibromyalgia

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Great post and info!!

Reposted [email protected] Warming up and stretching are considered essential to athletic activities ranging from a morning run to the World Cup Final. With a variety of exercises and stretches used in the modern athletic environment, two major categories of stretches have formed: static and dynamic. Static stretching (SS) refers to stretches which require holding a single position near the end of a muscle’s range of motion (ROM) anywhere from 30 seconds to over a minute (Plack 2019) whereas Dynamic stretching (DS) refers to stretching by repeatedly moving the muscles through their full ROM (Behm et al. 2016). The stark contrast between SS and DS begs the question: which one is better?

 Static Stretching:
·         Increases joint ROM
·         SS for >60 seconds: 3.7% decrease in average performance
·         SS for 90 seconds: 7.3% ± 5.3% increase in average performance
·         If each rep is 90 seconds into your warm-up routines as they have been shown to have a positive impact on performance. SS should be reserved as a tool to increase an athlete’s ROM over time. These recommendations are especially relevant to strength-based activities and sports like powerlifting as the negative effects of static stretching are especially detrimental in these cases.

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Grateful for the opportunity to work with @prosportmgmt and their athletes during the 2020 NBA pre-draft process while training in Phoenix. Thank you 🙏🏼 for entrusting us with your athletes' recovery and wellness needs. So cool to play a small but important role in the training process and then to see where everyone ends up at.


Grateful for the opportunity to work with @prosportmgmt and their athletes during the


The International Alliance for Cryotherapy Professionals

As the 2020 NBA finals continue after the Lakers' last minute loss in game 5, it is clear: if you are strong and prepared, you may still lose, but you will never win if you are not.
Dozens of NBA players have been vocal about using cryotherapy to keep up their game and recovery.
Source: "How NBA players take care of their bodies: Cryotherapy" by Alex Kennedy,, October 2017.


The International Alliance for Cryotherapy Professionals

"I put in a lot of hard work and I needed to find ways to get my body feeling right, feeling good. The trainers recommended cryotherapy and it has been amazing," said NBA's Jarell Martin, then power forward for Memphis Grizzlies, in a 2017 interview. He is just one of dozens of players praising WBC for its recovery benefits.
Cryotherapy is capable of much more than relieving muscle soreness. And it is NOT only for athletes. Cryo is used for inflammation and pain management by people from all walks of life and helping teenagers as much as seniors.


Alabama Football

Bama Sports Science: Episode Four

Recovery Services

#BamaFactor #RollTide 08/10/2020

Aston Villa manager Dean Smith says lack of cryotherapy is harming players Dean Smith has warned Premier League players will continue to sustain significant injuries because they have been prevented from using cryotherapy to recover since the season resumed 08/10/2020

Alabama utilizes whole-body cryotherapy in Sports Science Center "Lowering the body’s temperature, now the body will start work to raise it back up and get a lot of physiological benefits when that happens."


Great info graph! Had to share. Did you know?? That cryotherapy can help accelerate the healing process with most of these types of soft-tissue injuries. All muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones are made of collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body!! Some more fibrous than others but all essentially made of the same material. It is the scaffolding substance that holds the body together providing strength and structure. Most ligaments and tendons don't get as adequate of blood flow as say muscle tissue and bone does. So of course they take longer to heal than muscle tissue or even bone in some cases. Blood flow carries oxygen, nutrients and cellular building blocks to connect and heal broken/torn tissue. With Whole Body Cryotherapy the body reacts to the cold stimulus by causing a major vasoconstriction in the limbs. Releasing anti-inflammatory proteins, endorphins, oxygen, and nutrients in the blood of the body's core to protect the vital organs during this perceived threat (extreme cold). Essentially, it super charges the blood in the body! And when you step out of the cryo sauna/chamber a major vasodilation occurs flooding the body with fresh super charged blood. This blood is what helps rebuild (proliferate and remodel) collagen in the body, expediting the healing process. ❄❄⚡💪🏼
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Cryo Recovery Lab is excited to welcome @greensportsmgmt and their Pre-Draft group of talented college hoopers!! We'll be providing all their #recovery and #bodymaintenance needs while preparing for the next level. 💪🏾⚡

Reposted from @archiebang15 Congrats to these 5️⃣ @vin.vin0 @jrockszn0 @roosevelt_23 @yung_simbba @under_rated_say for all 📝 with @greensportsmgmt for the next chapter in their hoop journey as pro’s❗️My guys all left a legacy in their overall college careers and each had a different path to this point but all of them have the potential to be even better pro’s❗️Talented but more importantly high character type guys, the real work starts now, trust the process🔋🔥 #TheProcess #NextChapter #BrickByBrick🧱 #GreenSports #ToThe🔝 - #regrann @ The PHHacility


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Desert Vista’s & Marquette-signee Oso and teammate John started recovering with us during pre-season. Today they continue to prepare their bodies for the 6A State Championship game against Mountain Pointe HS.

#athleticrecovery #highschool #cryotherapy #localcryotherapy


Our localized #cryotherapy treatment can provide immediate relief to muscle spasms, aching #joints and inflamed tissue.

Treatment only requires 5-10 minutes. Common areas include: knees, ankles, back, shoulders, and hamstrings.
#bodymaintenance #athleticrecovery


We've seen an increase of tennis players adding weekly recovery sessions at the lab. Tennis like many sports requires use of repetitive movements (backhand, forehand, overhead/serve) leading to overuse injuries especially in the elbows, wrists, and shoulders.
The importance of recovery can be heard throughout the sport and we look forward to playing a part in the process.

#utsa #tennis #athleticrecovery #routine #bodymaintenance #cryotherapybenefits #phoenix


We've seen an increase of tennis players adding weekly recovery sessions at the lab. Tennis like many sports requires use of repetitive movements (backhand, forehand, overhead/serve) leading to overuse injuries especially in the elbows, wrists, and shoulders.

The importance of recovery can be heard throughout the sport and we look forward to playing a part in the process.

#utsa #tennis #athleticrecovery #routine #bodymaintenance #cryotherapybenefits #phoenix

[02/07/20]   I'm a little late on this post but had to spotlight my guy @new.era_52 on his Letter Of Intent to U of A. This young man and his mom would travel all the way from Florence, AZ to RECOVER every Thursday night during the season. Which is at least an hour drive away from the lab! That shows just how important they felt regular body maintenance was to his performance and all the hard work he has put into it. Staying healthy was key throughout his senior year, especially with multiple D1 offers on the line. Congrats my man!! Excited to follow you at the next level. Keep taking care of that body and it will take care of you!

[01/02/20]   From Nick Crawford, Owner

I'm grateful for the opportunity to have an impactful role in educating the masses on the benefits of #cryotherapy and #sports / #athletic recovery in general and the role regular body maintenance plays on overuse #injuries caused by #fatigue.

I'm most grateful for the relationships built during the year and look forward to what 2020 has in store! Thank you to all my clients for trusting us for your recovery needs.

2019 Highlights:

*Worked directly with Phil Beckner's #pro players over the summer to keep their fatigue levels in check and #body #healthy enough to perform at it's highest level. Phil is one of the top skills and development #trainers in the #NBA and most known for being Damian Lillard's private trainer.

*Worked with 30+ D1 college basketball players and their respective sports agencies and skills trainers in preparation for the NBA Pre-Draft process. Also several college football players preparing for the 2019 #NFL Combine and Draft.

*Provided #cryotherapy & recovery services for the 2019 NBA Pro Day hosted at The Phhacility in Phoenix, AZ. Where all 32 NBA teams were represented.

*Had 6 first-round draft picks for the 2019 NBA Draft and several other players that received G-League or Pro contracts overseas that we worked directly with.

*Sought out by our first #NFL team. The #AtlantaFalcons training staff reached out for our "Visiting Team" recovery services. They believe in and use Cryotherapy in their training facilities back in Atlanta.

*Introduced the Corporate Wellness market to the benefits of #Recovery on the #bodyandmind of the working professional. Thank you #GrandCanyonUniversity for being our first #corporatewellness account! 12/12/2019

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Jalen Green, one of the top five players in the country from Prolific Prep, came in for a quick Recharge⚡ session.


Nimari Burnett, a Texas Tech-signee from Prolific Prep, came to the lab for a REcharge⚡ session after a quick shoot around @thephhacility

Session included: compression boots, localized cryotherapy, and vibration therapy.

📸: @sydg_


Young athletes taking care of their bodies. We love it!

Reposted from @oklahoma_celtic (@get_regrann) - Super thankful for cool opportunities like this where the @theecnl ‘03 girls got to enjoy @cryorecoverylab and all that they offer! Thanks for taking care of us!

#oklahomasoccer #greennation - #regrann @ Cryo Recovery Lab


Cryotherapy is a vital component in the performance and recovery of LeBron James. It's just part of his regimen, plain and simple.

Reposted from @menshealthmag (@get_regrann) - @kingjames’ high regard as an @nba superstar is in no small part thanks to his remarkable durability longevity. We talked to his trainer, @mikemancias1, to learn how the GOAT stays in elite shape. 👑🏀 Click the link in bio for the full video. - #regrann


The Edwards brothers spent the last couple weeks training with NBA skills trainer, Phil Beckner, performance training with @loctraining and recovering with Nick, @cryorecoverylab.

Another opportunity to work with a legendary sports agency, Rosenhaus Sports. @ Cryo Recovery Lab


The athletic experience... Tailor-Made Training located under one roof!
#skillstraining w/ @jesse__childs #strengthtraining w/ @loctraining #athleticrecovery w/ @cryorecoverylab


It was a pleasure meeting with
Dr. Yasmin Rahimi co-founder @BackFit Health and Spine. Along with her brother Dr. Radman “Radi” Rahiminejad they have established one of the most innovative patient-care-oriented chiropractic clinics in Arizona.

I toured their Indian School location and was blown away. Their medical chiropractic team offers unparalleled primary care, chiropractic, and physical therapy services.
We look forward to continuing our discussion on the emphasis of improving health to reduce the risk of pain and illness. #proactivecare


Body maintenance is 🔑. Another Cali athlete, Alex, taking his training and recovery seriously. Our recovery tools can be used pre- and post performance.

Reposted from @alex.harris2020 - Getting right for the Southwest Camp @cryorecoverylab 💪🏽#southwestbasketballcamp #fromthebaytophoenix #ballersofig - #regrann


Post Game Recovery: a focus on recharging & resting allows athletes to recover for their next game or training session, safely.

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#compressionboots #icing #recharged #localcryo
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"Blessing up and I thank y’all for the support, I’ve won another world 🌍 gold this time for team USA 🇺🇸!" Lawrence Trice, Cryo Recovery Lab member

This guy does so much for the community and balances his own training and recovery in between. So much respect for his dedication and hard work!


We can't stress the importance of taking care of the mind and body!

Reposted from @baxter - Today, ESPN is publishing part one of my two-part series on the spike of NBA injuries and why experts are deeply concerned that young players today are physically breaking down at an alarming rate. The project is based on reporting over a two-year period, with dozens of interviews across the basketball landscape: NBA team and league officials, current and former players, AAU coaches, parents, youth players, researchers, surgeons and athletic training officials. Many described a grave crisis and point to the same primary culprit: youth basketball. In short, youths are specializing in basketball and playing it year round from ages as young as seven or earlier. By the time some reach the NBA, their bodies are simply worn down, many experts say. Or, as one NBA athletic training official told me, many young players today are “ticking time bombs.” Link to part one is in my bio. - #regrann

Our Story

Cryo Recovery Lab LLC primarily focuses on the emerging market of cryotherapy and innovative healing services from around the globe. Our therapies are effective for athletic recovery, reduction of chronic pain, inflammation, anti-aging and an overall enhancement of health and wellness. Our commitment is connecting our community to products and services that elevate health and overall well-being.

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Our localized #cryotherapy treatment can provide immediate relief to muscle spasms, aching #joints and inflamed tissue.T...
We've seen an increase of tennis players adding  weekly recovery sessions at the lab. Tennis like many sports requires u...
We've seen an increase of tennis players adding weekly recovery sessions at the lab. Tennis like many sports requires us...
Cryotherapy is a vital component in the performance and recovery of LeBron James. It's just part of his regimen, plain a...
"Blessing up and I thank y’all for the support, I’ve won another world 🌍 gold this time for team USA 🇺🇸!" Lawrence Trice...
We've enjoyed watching and following all the draft prospects on @espnhoops and @espn , particularly the ones who recover...
One Legacy Sports stands by their mission in providing their  clients unparalleled services to create optimal outcomes. ...
Sunday Funday Cryo Recovery Lab. Taking care of the Powerhouse Hoops elite team!  #cryorecoverylab #cryoathlete #cryothe...
Our clients love to use theragun to break up tissue before jumping into the cryotherapy sauna! @Regran_ed from TheraGun ...
Check out this quick video of owner, Nick Crawford introducing some of the recovery tools available in The Lab located @...
@Regran_ed from @areacodesbasketball  -  This is freezing & below zero, for minutes this @cryorecoverylab heals the body...




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