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Operating as usual


Another day, another flex 😉.


My Labor Day Pump-a-thon 💪🏽😏

🥗Don’t forget to fuel your workout with food your body will use efficiently, not crap.

👉🏽Don’t procrastinate. Plan to move your body every day. Even if it’s going for a long walk.


What muscle groups do you think I trained today? 🤔
Share what you trained also 😏


Proof I’m still here & will never slack on my training 😂. I’ll admit I have not been present on FB/IG over the past month or so to focus on building my PT business, & learning/engaging in tech preparing for Web3 adoption (taking on my biggest challenge & fear…btw f**k fear…) I am back now, so don’t fade me…Show me some love, hit me up with a wave, DM, or a comment! 😘💙


America was my launchpad to allow me to realize my dreams and goals.

Happy birthday America! ❤️🤘🏻🇺🇸


I think my inner unicorn is starting to show…might be that handsome fella next to me bringing out my greatness🦄♥️😅

.nz amazing food & experience thank you 🙏😋


Join me in a Twitter Spaces discussion tomorrow! I hope you can join in…May 26 @ 4 pm EST. Here’s the link:



Game on beyatches. Are you getting it done?? Nothing feels better than being on track with a solid plan, schedule, and a goal. Set yourself up to succeed! Just crossing 1 thing off your list daily (like getting your workout in) will boost your mood and motivation. Let’s f**in go!


Meet POW POW, my newest addition to my NFT collection (I got to name him and give him his bio) 🤓.

He flies under the radar and watches from behind the scene, so you never know what he’s up to. He is sly & suave, so if you meet Mr. POW POW, be on your toes! Respect will get you the best outcome…



Playing with camera angles 😏. Are you chasing your goals and/or passion? Whatever you choose, make sure it fulfills you. The right direction with the right attitude will change your life & your perception of it. 💫

Photos from IFBB Pro Shawna Strong's post 03/29/2022

I got my chest workout done…What will you be training today?
Coupla warmups posted…


Who is ready to unleash their inner warrior today? I handle every piece of gym equipment like it’s a weapon 😁

Let’s gooooo 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

👉🏽DM 4 coaching


If you are going to lift heavy, lift smart! Protect your knees, mind your lower back, and never sacrifice good form for ego. Now get your butt in the gym!! 👊🏼💪🏽


Today’s featured NFT release!

Get ready to visit Atlantis! It’s already being built in the Metaverse! This badass project has a SOLID roadmap. Don’t miss this opportunity to be the first…it’s growing fast!

Your chance to get in early on this one…👉🏽CLICK LINK in Comments 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻to join! 🌟


Leaning out update: 69 Kgs. Mission now to increase definition, use angle manipulation exercises, meal swapping strategy 🔥💪🏽

👉🏽New low cost coaching offering coming soon! DM me for details..😏


I LOVE NFT’s and want to introduce you to MetaWonders!

This is an amazing new NFT collection showcasing the 7 wonders of the world that you will be able to access within the Sandbox Metaverse!

These NFT’s will have income utility so they are not just amazing art! Creators are donating part of the funds to charity (one is Sea Shepherd SSCS) and are giving away teslas + Rolex’s after minting reveal.

🌟Message me here for my personal invite link, and/or click link in my bio on my IG before offer is gone.

GET IN EARLY before the masses so you get get white-listed and fully informed!

If you are new to NFT’s, no worries! I am happy to help you out, and this is a great project/opportunity to start with. I will be checking my DM’s!


Who else is needing some coffee? 🥴

I have spent the last 6 weeks hiding behind my laptop engrossed in learning crypto & crushing it in the gym. Coffee treat time (smiling on the inside) 😁.

the coffee is delish!


Progress pic! The left pic is 1/27/22 on the right is 12/15/21 when I started my leaning out program. That is just over 5 weeks using my leaning out program. I want to note that I don’t spazz out about numbers on a scale, and there are many reasons for that. But just for fun, I am 72 kgs and started out at 74 kgs 😊. The goal is fat loss whilst holding onto precious muscle, and I will take any muscle gains I can get!

My shoulders have always been a challenge for me, sooo I changed some things up and focused on them a bit more. See the difference for yourself 🙃. Just wanted to show you a little snap on what the right process, mindset, and consistency can do in little time 😌.



Hit me with your best shot 2022…
The portal is open…You ready to take on new challenges and hit some milestones? There is no time like the present. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like wasting time on BS. No excuses, nothing in the way. Full throttle…

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Training the tibia muscles adds to your lower leg size, shape, and balance. Add this into your calf training at least twice per week. If you want to have big calves, train them more often.

PS If you don’t have this apparatus at your gym (many don’t have it) you can get creative using bands or cables.

Music: Ingress
Site: https://icons8.com/music/

Photos from IFBB Pro Shawna Strong's post 12/28/2021

Road trip break 😋. 0% alcohol beer is actually quite tasty…

Photos from IFBB Pro Shawna Strong's post 12/26/2021

Somehow bungee jumping takes away from the peaceful state I want to remain in lol. 🤷‍♀️ Zipline, no problem 😆. Too beautiful to capture here…Swipe to check out more photos of the Kawarau bridge area. 💖


Raising the roof… 💪🏽☕️


Bodybuilding isn’t my purpose. It is an aspect of what is important to me and a reinforcement to being able to hold onto a strong mindset.

Every time I lost my way, I regained my focus and motivation through my training. It is my therapy, my passion, and what I enjoy committing to.

Your passion, if you follow it, will carve out a special path for you. If you keep following that path you will find opportunities there that you wouldn’t have otherwise known. You will align with new things that help you on your journey.

Don’t quit when challenges come up. Those challenges are there to teach you something, not stop you.

So whatever it is that you love, put your heart into it, be relentless towards your goals, and see how much better you feel and become!


Getting back in the game…

Start and stop. It happens to the best of us. But the most important thing is to get back on track and do your best to commit. Without goals and commitment we get nowhere. Choose to build your motivation. Choose things that builds your mindset and your body will follow. 💪🏽👍🏼

Get your training done at whether you live in NZ or just coming for a visit in the near future! 😉


I got that cardio sweat glow goin on today.
It feels so good to be starting my leaning out program…Having more energy, clarity, and excited to see what I can carve out on this body in the next 12 weeks.
Ready to bust my ass in the gym when they finally open here Dec 3rd…4 months of training at home worked out but there is nothing like the playground in the gym!

I’m ready for you


Our lean Thanksgiving meal (celebrating abroad)…lean & scaled for his and hers - can you tell the difference? 😜
No turkey to purchase in these parts, so chicken it was, plus roasted veggies, Kiwi fruit for dessert!

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My Labor Day Pump-a-thon 💪🏽😏 🥗Don’t forget to fuel your workout with food your body will use efficiently, not crap. 👉🏽Do...
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