OPEX Central Phoenix

Professional coaching to lead YOU on YOUR quest for success on this fitness journey, through INDIVIDUALIZED programs and nutrition counseling.

What is an OPEX gym? People deserve a place where their passions
and goals are supported day in and day out. It isn’t enough for a gym to say they’re great;
they need to prove it. That is where OPEX comes in with their
system where everybody wins:

•The Client

•The Coach

•The Owner

OPEX’s mission is “To inspire
people to live larger lives.”

OPEX facilities are built on the premise that
the client’s best interests must be aligned
with the coach’s as well as the gym’s
owner(s). One of the most important aspects of your
long term results, are that you make tangible
progress in areas of your life that you
prioritize. Whether that is providing for your
kids, building your career, or competing at the
pinnacle of your sport, in an OPEX gym your coach
will have the ability to design your path to get
you there. The OPEX Gym is the perfect mesh of quality
training and fantastic environment. You’ll
immediately see and feel that we are
different from other gyms. OPEX gyms take
the best of personal training, the smartest
fitness program design, and the fun of the
fitness gym environment and put it under one
roof. For more info email: [email protected]

opexfit.com 08/21/2017

Coffeeology 101

Great article from HQ!!


opexfit.com How to Use Coffee For Training and Life If you work out first thing in the morning, chances are, at one time or another, you’ve been on the sleepy side and had to drag yourself out of bed with a little extra pep talk and motivation in your


OPEX Leander: David Hall on OPEX Gyms

What separates OPEX gyms from all the rest? Here's a short video that eloquently demonstrates why OPEX is unique and different.


David Hall is Coach/Owner of OPEX Leander. Here he shares his experience of becoming an OPEX Gym. Learn more about becoming an OPEX Gym: http://opexfit.com/o...

[06/24/17]   Having an individualized program that makes sense for yourself just makes sense! Being grouped into all-inclusive workouts for the masses only prolongs the inevitable and true progress. #individualprogramdesign #bannwagon #opexnorthscottsdale #iamopex #livealargerlife #OPEXCentralPhoenix


How Does An OPEX Gym Work With Its Clients?

How Does An OPEX Gym Work For You?

Individually Designed Fitness in a Supportive Team Environment.

This is a fun little whiteboard video showing the path that ALL OPEX Clients take to start their fitness experience in an OPEX Gym. As an OPEX Client, you will…

opexfit.com 05/24/2017

Make Chewing Great Again - Food Hygiene

The ABC's of food hygiene!!! Chew your food thoroughly to allow for proper digestion.


opexfit.com Digestion Starts In the Mouth "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates There’s no escaping this reality: We are what we eat. This statement means much more than an individual’s physical appearance. Your food choices influence your personality, thought, recovery, and...



4609 N. 14th St.
Phoenix, AZ
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