Shaweta Vasudeva Learn how to honor your mind-body connection. My approach is holistic, addressing whole body and spirit fitness and nutrition.

Your overall health is my greatest concern - let's find your balance together.

Mission: Helping You Become the Best Version of "SELF" through my training, teaching, speaking and published articles and blogs. HOW?? Through holistic wellness via karate, nutrition, and personal fitness training/corrective exercise, cranial sacral work.

Operating as usual

Heading into this weekend, think about how you might tip toe one step closer to a personal goal, or one step closer to forming a new habit or attitude! Only you know what that might be for YOU. It's all about wellness and taking it into your own hands -- today!

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Ducks? In a Row? - ShayTheCoach

A quick little "share" --- my latest blog and why having ducks in a row can backfire! :)

#health #wellness #mindbody #blog #writer I recently drove to a small town in Arizona for a day trip. While I was there, I ended up visiting a lake that was created as part of a […]

Would love to hear your thoughts . . .

and may you discover everything you are looking for in the new year right inside yourself!

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In my latest blog for NFPT | National Federation of Professional Trainers, I talk more about cranial sacral therapy. What it is, it's benefits, contraindications, and more.
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🔥 Craniosacral therapy is something all fitpros should be familiar with.

🔥 Find out what it is, how it works, and how it can benefit your clients.

During the holidays, I hope you stay safe & get creative - this is a time to create new and festive traditions!

During "The Great Reshuffle", we need to make a shift - perhaps out of necessity or just to plain re-prioritize.

Someone told me once:
"We don't know....what we don't know until we find out that we don't know."

There is so much we cannot control. Did you embrace some of that today? :)

My Soup Tale - A Cause for Pause - ShayTheCoach

Hope you are enjoying this holiday season! Here's a chuckle for you - so, I’m going to share about the time I accidentally created RASPBERRY-FLAVORED BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP. Enjoy!

#wellness #health #writer #mindbody #blog I love to cook! Most of my friends and colleagues refer to me as a, “FOODIE.” So, I’m going to share about the time I accidentally created RASPBERRY-FLAVORED BUTTERNUT SQUASH […]

Celebrate? Celebrate. - ShayTheCoach

My latest blog --- it's all about celebrating! Easier said than done, I know. Check it out and let me know of a creative way to celebrate someone or something during these challenging times!

#health #wellness #mindbody #celebrate #CelebrateLife #writer #blog So, I’m wondering if you’re wondering – “What do you mean, CELEBRATE?” How can you CELEBRATE with all that’s going on? Layoffs, furloughs, people shifting work and careers, uncertainty, sickness […]

I admit, sometimes I'm stubborn - but I try to "apply" my stubbornness to things that represent my strongest convictions. And I try to recognize when flexibility is the best approach! The combination of the two can be very powerful! This quote struck me when I saw it. Are you stubborn? What do you find triggers your stubbornness? :)
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Enough said. :)

This week remember what you are grateful for. We are grateful for our students, patients, professors, and staff!

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Do you believe in miracles? I'm pretty confident I could write for y-e-a-r-s about the subject of miracles, their existence (or non-existence), why some believe and some don't. However, this image resonated with me because it reminds us that we can create really magical moments in our lives when we shift our energy and focus onto what we want rather than what we fear. I say it's worth at try! :)

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Qigong: May the life force be with you

This is a great post written by one of my NFPT | National Federation of Professional Trainers Colleagues about Qigong. I wrote one about Tai Chi a while back. The two get lumped together a lot. There's certainly similarities but I'm glad Qigong got it's spotlight too!!
#health #wellness #qigong #mindbody #author #blog #writer Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that promotes overall health and well-being, improves bone density, and can assist cancer patients.

Thank you to all Veterans. You are appreciated and supported!

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Postscript to My Life in 15 Minutes. - ShayTheCoach

Did you catch my recent blog about procrastination and perfectionism? Well, here is a short postscript with some additional thoughts. :)

#wellness #health #mindbody #productivity #writer #blog #speaker Since I wrote the blog on “My life in 15 minutes,” I learned one more angle how taking 15 minutes to do a task can help work through perfectionism. If […]

A large component of overall wellness involves the mind-body connection and being intentional in our thoughts and motivations. Be well and remember that each day brings new hope and opportunity for each of us. :)

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Breaking The Fast. - ShayTheCoach

My latest blog --- a little perspective on "breaking the fast". :)

#wellness #health #writer #speaker #author #blog #nutrition #mindbodyspirit Here’s another blog on some nutritional mind-set wordsmithing. Do you eat breakfast? If so, WHAT do you eat for breakfast? Would you consider it healthy and balanced? Ever wonder WHY […]

Another reminder that fear can be our biggest enemy! Don't let it stop you - yes, you might suck at it, yes, you may not get the result you hope for, and YES, you DID it and it's okay. :)

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Pivoting Our Relationship With The Word DIET. - ShayTheCoach

There are many different ways to refer to DIET and to pivot the mindset around nutrition! How do you "relate" to that word in your life? Do you find there is sometimes a negative connotation to the word? Here is my latest blog that might help you change that perspective. :) Enjoy your weekend!

#health #diet #wellness #writer #blog #speaker #author #mindbody I’ve been writing so many mind-set-based blogs and have been hyper focused on getting my book completed that I’d like to get a bit specific and talk about mind-set around […]

Competition. Being competitive. I think it is human nature; however, it can also be moderated and managed to best serve you as an individual. This spoke to me today. Because, on the spectrum, some people never experience competitiveness as a driver in any aspect of their lives. Wherever it shows up in your life, this is a beautiful way to approach the day. Where does it fall on the spectrum in YOUR life?

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This week's STC blog reflects on the ironic shifts in perspective we have had to face coping with the new restrictions and surreal living environment we have been forced into these past months. I share my take on it here and would love to hear YOUR perspective! :)

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Cryotherapy for Athletes

Cryotherapy Chambers peeked my interest . . .anyone who knows me knows I love to bundle up! So when I got the chance to research this cold therapy, I jumped at the chance. Here's what I learned . . .
Now on my blog page with NFPT | National Federation of Professional Trainers

#fitness #wellness #blog #writer #speaker #author #mindbody One treatment for injury prevention and recovery that's becoming more and more popular of late is cryotherapy for athletes.

ShayTheCoachWriting - ShayTheCoach

If you've been reading my blogs, first of all thank you! Secondly, you might have noticed that I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes the perfectionism is so deep that it can lead to massive procrastination. For example, I'm currently editing my book and I can't tell you how many times I've scheduled time to do it, and I don't. I don't do it because I'm waiting for the perfect time or mood or when things are, "clicking." That's a great tactic. . . if there were no such things as deadlines! So, I decided that there's one kind of wonky way to handle procrastination when it comes. Hope you enjoy my latest blog! Check out and click on the blog link. :)
#author #writer #writing #wellness #speaker #fitness #mindbody
or go to Shaweta “Shay” Vasudeva Shay’s passions have always included the written word – and she continues to stay busy with medical and technical writing.  Her forte’ includes an ability to […]

Your Personal Journey With Food

Thank you Tracy Cromwell, Being Healthy Doesn't Have to be Hard for asking me to be an Advanced Reader for your new book "Your Personal Journey with Food", being released tomorrow! Your story is inspiring, as is your co-author’s. I love how this book blends the science and the stories while giving actionable steps for readers to take on their journey with food. I’m looking forward to its release so that it can help many people!
Check out Tracy's live presentation on Facebook tomorrow (Tuesday 10/5) at 7PM (MST)!
#yourpersonaljourneywithfood #tracycromwell #chronicillness #prediabetes #yoyodieting #type2diabetes #diet #wellness #nourishment #selfloveisthebestlove #bodyimage #worthy #healthiswealth #healthylifestyle #healthcoach #nasm #precisionnutrition #nutrition #speaker #author Figure out where you are to achieve your goals.If you are lost, how can you get to your destination? This book will help you to discover your starting point.

Consistency. - ShayTheCoach

My latest blog --- it's about consistency. :) I'm bringing consistency into my world in various ways, but one of them is to consistently write about the things going on around me, what I am learning, and the inspiration these experiences bring to my life and my writing. I hope you enjoy and will also share your thoughts with me.

#writer #author #wellness #speaker Here’s a follow up blog from the one I wrote about my pivot to ShayTheCoach writing. It’s about consistency! After the pivot, I had much to do and recently got […]

This one caught my eye today because I've personally taken some ACTION on some important things in the past week that needed my attention and reassessment! I'll be sharing more this week. Stay tuned! :)

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The hard part . . . and one of the MOST important parts . . .!! :)

How is your Monday?

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Oriental Medicine Modalities for Athletes

Being a wellness author and medical writer, I also remain an avid fit pro, sports fanatic, and athlete - and I love learning about the latest modalities in Oriental Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine and can’t wait to use them with my clients! Here is my latest blog for NFPT | National Federation of Professional Trainers - check it out!

#wellness #health #medicalwriter #writing #author #acupuncture #mindbody #fitness There are several other modalities in utilized by Oriental Medicine (OM) that can help athletes besides acupuncture.

The Cathartic Effects of a Career Pivot - ShayTheCoach

My latest blog --- I hope it will help you reflect on the changes that might be occurring in your own life right now -- and better understand why I am choosing my new path as well!

#health #wellness #fitness #medicalwriting #author #writing #blog Why writing? Why pivot ShayTheCoach to ShayTheCoachWriting? While I’ve been ShayTheCoaching with clients, I’ve also been writing. I spent the bulk of this year writing a book that’s now in […]

Happy Labor Day to you all! And a special shout out to our "Rosies" who will be recognized and inducted into the US Department of Labor Hall of Honor this week! It is estimated that between 5 and 7 million women held war industry jobs during World War II, increasing the female work force to about 19 million. Their initiative and service made a difference to life then AND now. Enjoy your day!

#LaborDay2020 #LaborDay #health #wellness #mindbody

Too this . . too that. :)
No worries! Move on -- find those in your life who support your goals, can appreciate your journey and want good things for you!

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Outdoor Safety Considerations For Personal Training

Training outside? Here’s a thorough list of considerations on how to stay safe out there!
One of my new blogs for NFPT | National Federation of Professional Trainers :)

#wellness #health #fitness #blog #medicalwriter #writer #author #safe #training #outdoor Fitness professionals must be mindful of the extreme heat and take many other safety considerations into account when personal training outdoors.

ShayTheCoachWriting - ShayTheCoach

Some people have asked how my past has brought me to my new place --- I re-careered to a Higher Education Instructor and started developing e-textbooks and courses at the college level. I did well and enjoyed it, so I started looking into additional writing opportunities -- there are many opportunities unfolding in medical writing and I am so excited about the new ventures ahead in authoring and editing!

#writer #author #writing #medicalwriting #technicalwriting #manuals #textbookwriting Shaweta “Shay” Vasudeva Shay’s passions have always included the written word – and she continues to stay busy with medical and technical writing.  Her forte’ includes an ability to […]

Fitness Trails

What is your favorite fitness trail? Do you frequent one locally or have you found a great one while on vacation in the past? What a great way to stay fit or get fit and stay fit. Here’s some history and details about fitness trails! My latest blog for NFPT | National Federation of Professional Trainers.

#wellness #fitness #health #nutrition #author #medicalwriting #writer #blog #stayfit With fitness centers closed, and a lot of personal training and workouts moving outdoors, fitness trails have become a mainstay for exercise programming.

I LOVE this...and am finding myself saying it over and over as I move into my pivot path. :) Start where you are!

#health #wellness #fitness #motivation #goals #focus #pivot

Turning Client Objections into Opportunities

There's always a reason NOT to train or move towards reaching your wellness goals. But there's always a reason TO as well! Which one will you focus on? I try to find reasons to keep moving towards the directions of my goals and wrote about how we Fit Pro's can do the same for our clients. My latest blog for NFPT | National Federation of Professional Trainers!

#wellness #health #author #writer #blog #medicalwriting #fitness When potential or current fitness clients arrive with objections to working with a fit prof, a prepared trainer will know how to respond with these tips.

I am writing and loving it! :) Here's what I'm up to on my new "pivot path" --- and I'm available for writing assignments or wellness education opportunities!

My writing experience includes: qualitative research, academic curriculum writing, and blogging.

My specialty is breaking down academic, technical, and ‘heady’ subject matters and expressing it to the public and readers in layman’s terms.

I believe in the value of educating and I use a very down-to earth, sometimes humorous approach, that’s very relatable.

#writing #medicalwriting #author #speaker #wellness #health

Who is ShayTheCoach?

I am "ShayTheCoach" and have founded a company as a result of my passion to help others become the best version of “SELF.” I am a teaching professional, speaker, author and coach. My background includes Personal Fitness Training, Corrective Exercise, Nutritional Coaching, Cranial Sacral Work and teaching Karate & Tai Chi classes.

I have a strong Psychology background and believe the best knowledge and experience comes from studying and teaching! So, I enriched my Psychology degrees with the study of scientific research and gained certifications to widen my scope. Doing this provided credible learning opportunities that share how intimately connected the mind and body are!

If you would like to learn more about the mind-body connection, have personal fitness or nutrition goals, and/or would like Cranial Sacral Work to deepen your connection with your body, I would love to help you!

Email: [email protected]

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