Karen Barno

Karen Barno


Congratulations to our VERY OWN Karen Barno in winning this honorary award for her work in assisting the caregivers in our industry.

"Senior living advocate Argentum announced 10 Champion of Seniors award winners to be honored at the association’s annual Public Policy Institute and Fly-In March 7-9 in the nation’s capital. The awardees all have promoted the cause of senior living through their daily work in the case of state-based senior living advocates or by supporting federal policies and legislation in the past year to aid assisted living caregivers."



PS. Thanks Karen Barno for the inspiration!
Happy Birthday Karen!
Tune in to today at noon on Money Radio! Bob Roth will be joined by Karen Barno, CEO and Founder of Arizona Assisted Living Federation of America, and host of Possibilities Café Podcast. Shadow Healer and Business Builder. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/possibilities-cafe/id1397232833
Tune in to this Friday at noon on Money Radio. Bob Roth will be joined by Karen Barno, CEO/Founder of Arizona Assisted Living Federation of America and host of Possibilities Café Podcast, Shadow Healer and Business Builder. https://azalfa.org/leadership/ and https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/possibilities-cafe/id1397232833

Courage to connect within, Clarity of a new story, & Confidence in your Limitless Possibilities.

Operating as usual


Who else is watching?


Do you have the courage to look within? Get clear on what is calling you?

When I answered the call it wasn’t an easy journey but so worth it.

What do you think?


What in the heck is she trying to do? Someone needs to tell her the bird is not going to be her friend…EVER.


Consistency of purpose will help people move mountains. When people know what they truly desire at their core, without a doubt, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.

If you find yourself at a crossroads, or what I call the what's next moment, let’s talk. I firmly believe most women over 50 are looking for their next adventure. Their legacy play.

Pondering what it could be and look like.

Perhaps this is the first time in their career they actually get to DECIDE what THEY want to do. Exciting yet scary. Plus, new adventures bring up a host of buried beliefs.

If this sounds familiar...let's talk.




Trials are but lessons that you failed to learn presented once again, so where you made a faulty choice before you can now make a better one and thus escape all pain that what you chose before has brought you.
~ A Course in Miracles


Are you ready to stop being the woman you were told to be and start being the woman you were born to be?

Or keep dreaming of the day you step into your calling.

Stop waiting!!

The more you push your calling within, the deeper it gets buried until it’s …forgotten.

You sit on day blowing out birthday candles and wonder where the time went. Retirement looms in the distance but grows closer.

Who are you going to be? Who are you going to give yourself permission to be, at that moment in time?

Time is finite. The time to discover the authentic you is…NOW.

Let’s get to work.

If you want to chat send a DM.


When will you stop being the woman you were told to be and start being the woman YOU WERE BORN TO BE?


Who is with me as a on non coffee drinkers. I can’t get past the smell of coffee much less the taste.

I have said the people ‘oh I don’t talk to me until I’ve had my cup for coffee.’ 🤣😂

#shadowwork #shadoweffect #limitingbeliefs #limitingbelief #selfsabotage #spiritualguidance 09/05/2022

#shadowwork #shadoweffect #limitingbeliefs #limitingbelief #selfsabotage #spiritualguidance

Shadows are insidious. Shadows are the repressed, or, better, HIDDEN pieces of YOU other people did not approve of or didn't like about you. So you hide them deep within your soul.

For example, somewhere in your childhood, you did something those around you judged as wrong, embarrassing, not smart, etc., you were yelled at/shamed into hiding that behavior.

Most people do not even know that piece of them exists. However, the thing about Shadows... is your purpose, your passion is located within, locked away.

When I was younger, I loved to write. So, ins school, if a teacher asked for a book report to be 1-2 pages, mine was 5. It was the one thing I loved and was good at doing.

However, my Aunt Delores wrote long novels, knowing one would become a bestseller. (Sadly, it never happened.) My mom would tell me to stop being a dreamer like my Aunt Delores. It would never happen. Stop wasting my time writing.

I stopped writing.

A Shadow replaced my love of writing. A feeling of why bother I'm not a writer. I adored my Aunt Delores, so if she could not do it, who am I to think I could? SHADOW ALERT.

That Shadow was buried so deeply I had forgotten my love of writing until years later I met a psychic. She asked why I stopped writing. It took some time, and a phone call to my sister, to remember that I did use to write.

I started writing again, I've written two books, with the second #11 on Amazon.

After that self-discovery, I read all I could about Shadow Work. How these little buggers keep people from fulfilling their true potential.

My mission for many years has been to help women heal their Shadows.

I offer a 6-week coaching program. If you are interested in looking within at what is holding you back, check it out;

It's time to be the best version of you possible,


Ready to follow your heart's calling?


#shadowwork #shadoweffect #limitingbeliefs #limitingbelief #selfsabotage #spiritualguidance


If you are pondering or ready to start making changes to your life story, check out my free eBook Find Your Blue Rose. This is the first book I wrote, and people are still asking for a copy.

It didn't feel authentic to just offer the eBook over and over. So as a value add, I decided it would be great to add some videos. Plus, if you know me, you know I love doing videos.

Check it out. Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions, ask away.



What scares you more...
Winning or Losing?


It's a new month. New dreams. New hopes. Don't bring August 2022, 2019, or 2003, 1975, into September 2022.

I don't know about you; I spent too many years living, actually reliving, the past. Trying to move forward while carrying the past around like a Badge of Honor (Really Badge of Horror).

I've spent the past learning how to reframe my stories, change my belief system and heal. 2019 I decided to start coaching other women on how to heal and step into her confidence.

I used to dream of all the amazing things I would accomplish. Most little girls had big dreams that, sadly, through life many of these dreams shrunk.

Gave way to life, family, children, caring for an elderly parent or a parent with health issues, and dreams get buried. Or change to smaller, more 'realistic' dreams.

I Reconnected within, Reclaimed the courage to speak in MY
voice, not saying the 'acceptable' voice but my AUTHENTIC voice and ReIgnite my Possibilities.

This is one of the lessons learned...the most important thing is to just be yourself. Confidence is an inside game, so as long as you're happy with who you are, that's all that matters. Stay positive and let your true personality shine through – the world is waiting to meet the real you!

Interested in learning more...join my group, Spiritual Confidence


Many of us women over 50 are living with an identity that no longer fits who we are now. Yet we still fall into the trap of the past us. I spent the past 20 years asking why.

How often have you found yourself in the present-day using a shadow belief or memory from 20+ years ago to solve an issue you’re facing today?

I know I have. What I have come to realize over the past 20 years it was my shadow side. My unconscious brain operating from a faulty belief system. Living on autopilot. Letting my past drive the car. Sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong, I still fall victim to outdated thinking. BUT...I have the tools to work through it fast and continue creating a life filled with purpose and love.

Friends have asked if I saw a successful Karen. Karen the CEO, the Life Coach, the podcaster. After I stopped laughing, the answer was a big NO. I had a lifetime of excuses about why it could never happen. I was so fear-based, spending years playing small. Being invisible.

I spent years learning all I could on how to transform my life. Was it easy? Hell NO. I cried or drank until I passed out. Filled with shame, fear, and demons. I learned a few things!

I have always been completely transparent about my successes and failures. I want you to see that if I can overall I have…so can you!

If you are shaking your head thinking this is my story too, let’s talk. Join me over in my group, Spiritual Confidence on FB,

Helping women change their past identity to one that supports and encourages them to be all they can be…and more is.

If you are a woman over 50 looking to increase your confidence and self-worth to start living your best life, let's talk.


When you see this picture do you start singing 🎶the theme song? 


Are you on target 🎯 with your childhood dreams or not even close?


New moon ….

The NEW MOON takes place at 4 degrees Virgo on 8-27-22. The focus is on being organized, healthy, and service-oriented. The Sun and Moon are in a very tight square to Mars, which can make us feel feisty or angry. You may be overwhelmed by unexpected news or irritated by a conversation with someone. You can use the energy of Mars to cut through the bu****it and get to the truth! This is an excellent time to stand up for yourself or a cause you believe in. New Moons are a time of new beginnings-so take time to analyze what pi**es you off and then change it!
A few affirmations to harness the positive energy of Virgo are: "I am efficient and organized", "I easily commit to eating healthy foods", "I always see and speak the truth"or "I feel satisfied when I help others"


On Sunday do you:

1) Plan for the week
2) Relax and rejuvenate
3) Work on your side hustle
4) All three

I’m an all three person. You???


You are already perfect!


The Silent treatment is Toxic Behavior.


My life changed when I started healing my shadows.

Once I Understood why I attracted certain people into my life, why I could never get traction, and a few other challenges make all the differences.

Many people are unconscious of the behaviors that do not support them but instead hold them back. If you are ready to understand what shadow is hiding within let's chat.


Stop waiting for your ship to come in. Why?

Because it’s already here. It’s docked and waiting for you. You have the time, the money, the skill, even the confidence.

What’s missing You have to see it.

You need to feel it and believe it. Then take action!


Blue Rose podcast is changing the format to an interview show. I enjoy interviewing women who have interesting career stories.

Making the journey into leadership comes with stories that can teach other women the lessons learned along the way.

Interested? Let me know.

Timeline photos 08/14/2022

OMG so funny. 🤣😂

These two were destined to be teammates 😅🍟 Indianapolis Colts


The Gap. The space between Universes. The In-Between connecting one Universe to another. Connecting us to our inner voice.

Your truth, your Spiritual Confidence, is in the gap junction. Seek, the answer is waiting.


Happy left handers day!!! Show my your smudge!


When you hear someone say ‘Shadow Work’ what does that mean to you?


Debi Caron Is Emily Caron your alter ego?

NWSL valuations are flying high with Emily Caron reporting that Angel City Football Club was valued at $100 million before they even played a game — more than 2x as valuable as the next closest club


What is you developed a growth mindset? You decided just for today to do 3% better. Then each day moving foward.

Take a minute and imagine where you could be September 2022 and September 2023????

Exciting right!


Follow your path while learning from the greats. No one can every take your knowledge!


Awaken the woman hiding within. The one who buried her dreams and ambitions too many years ago. Raised your family, have a good job but late at night you hear you soul calling.

++ You feel like the part of you filled with dreams and optimism was lost along the way. The part that was going to conquer the world.

++ You yearn to return to her. Rediscover the women you were born to be!

++I know the feeling. You give and give until you feel like a vessel sailing in the empty vastness of the ocean. Wondering if you’ll ever see Happiness.

++ For seeker, such as yourself, looking to recognize your dreams buried with, reclaim your souls calling and reignite your blue rose, your uniqueness.

++ My Spiritual Confidence group coach begins August 16 for 7 weeks.

Check it out and reach out if you have questions.

It’s time to step into your Blue Rose and fall back in love with you.


I ❤️ Vita. 100% all natural. I take two a day and seldom hungry. I’m a size 10 heading to a size 8. I haven’t been a size 8 since I was probably 10. 😳🤣I’ll be providing update as I restart my healthy journey.


Spiritual Confidence Group Coaching | Confidence Coach for Women | Karen Barno

IT'S LIVE!!!!. My first EVER 7-week group coaching experience launches on August 15.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Spiritual Confidence Group Coaching | Confidence Coach for Women | Karen Barno A Confidence Coach helps you be the person You were BORN to BE. Welcome to Spiritual Confidence – a Group experience for Courageous women seeking Clarity in their Calling. You are the only person who can stop you from living your dream life. If you are reading this, you were called here. You know ...


Take time to self-reflect on how great you are, then go for your dreams. See yourself as I see you, AMAZING.

Trust your intuition to lead the way. Ready? Give me a thumbs up.


This a great time. But to be honest any time I can chat Bob Roth, Cypress HomeCare Solutions it makes for a joyful day. Did you ask Susie if she is available for an interview?

In case you missed it, we had a great interview last Friday. If you want to learn a little bit about Bob Roth, managing partner at Cypress Homecare, he shared a few new things about himself. Special thank you to Karen Barno, who hosted the show! You can catch our radio show, Health Futures - Taking Stock in You on Money Radio 1510AM and 105.3FM every Friday from Noon to 1 PM. https://cypresshomecare.com/2022/07/05/7-1-22-health-futures-taking-stock-in-you-with-bob-roth/


Okay not my smartest move. 🤣Leaving cheese in my car while getting hair done. Especially in Phx AZ where it’s a 115. 🥵 🤣


If you are feeling sluggish, low energy, your get up and go got up and went, try Power.

It’s 100% natural it works. I was exhausted last month and couldn’t stay awake. Napping all the time which is not me at all. I just could not perk up. Starting taking Power and wow.

My energy is back up. I am feeling great. If you’re feeling low energy or slowly recovering give these a try. Let me know.


Confidence bracelet infused with grapefruit pink pepper provides that sometimes needed boost. Touch the beads and know your confidence superpower is growing. There is amazing feminine power in a confident women.


People who know their destination will arrive there faster than those who don’t know. Always start with the end in mind. Then work backwards from there. For instance, I know where I’ll be EOY 2022 and 2025. Do you?


What are you doing today?

I’m working on my ‘Power of Positivity’ presentation for next week. I may be asking you all questions on the topic of positivity vs negativity. Ok?

Celebrate the day but please stay safe.


Down 2 pounds and only 14 more to go. After losing 70 what’s another 14 especially with . Eliminates sugar cravings and reduces appetite.

Plus a legit 100% natural!


Ask yourself anytime fear shows up in your path, Why Not Me! The answer should always be ‘Yes I Can’ and get moving. Movement gives you a shot of endorphins that in turn keep you moving in a positive direction.


Happy Fathers Day, it takes a village.


Yikes. Didn’t see this coming.


They wanted to stop by and wish everyone a great day before Fathers Day. They went out early this week and bought their FD card with the money they claimed to have earned??????


is a great place to visit. It’s a must in fact. They take loving care of bears and make sure humans do NOT get to close to them.


When you feel out of balance. Unmoored. Uncertain. Remind YOUR self… You are a grown woman. No one can hurt you. You are safe. You are protected. You are loved.

Take three deep breathes, give thanks, and release it.

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