PHALANX Tactical Security Group

PHALANX Tactical Security Group


I found this page from your youtube videos.
I wanted to give a shout out to you guys from Affordable Comfort LLC for helping us out for Christmas drive I tried to post pictures but your Facebook won’t allow me you guys are awesome thanks for the donation it was a huge help and a huge donation this was a huge success and hope to keep you guys in the loop every year

Secure your assets with 'no compromise' protection. PHALANX offers site, events, and protective security details, as well as a Quick Reaction Force.

PHALANX Tactical Security Group is proud to be a veteran owned & operated company. Our military mindset and backgrounds makes us uniquely qualified to provide premium quality security services. We pride ourselves on helping fellow vets to best utilize their military skills in the civilian economy. Our mission is to change the perception of a typical reactive security guard by offering top notch pr

Operating as usual


Relax. In a couple days you can let the 8th flow through you.


Eating crow is not as tasty as it sounds.

Humility is a virtue. Having to apologize for being a du***ss is not.


Flashbang festivities

Testing a flashbang (banger) at the range. Just a low-yield, non-destructive, distraction device. We got them back when the riots were destroying entire city blocks. Kind of a "G**O of Dodge" insurance. Nowhere near as loud, awesome and fun as the military/police ones. Still fun, however.


The albatross that defeated people are.

Losers like to drag everyone down to their level. Winners will stand alone. We have former, problematic employees that would rather drag good people into their sh*tpile, than correct their own failures, move forward, and become better people.


Bronies united against PHALANX!!!

When insecurity guards attack!


PHALANX might need a new social media platform.

Twitter's looking good.😁

Chilling video shows moments before security guard shot dead from behind in broad daylight. Then people casually walk by body, go through pockets. 04/22/2022

Chilling video shows moments before security guard shot dead from behind in broad daylight. Then people casually walk by body, go through pockets.

ALWAYS keep your head on a swivel. Never assume that safety is guaranteed. Hopefully they will catch this vermin and put him away for a long time. Our hearts go out to the family of the victim.

Chilling video shows moments before security guard shot dead from behind in broad daylight. Then people casually walk by body, go through pockets. Atlanta police released a chilling surveillance video showing the moments before and after a security guard was fatally shot from behind in broad daylight Monday evening. What are the details? The security guard β€” 51-year-old Anthony Frazier β€” was fatally shot after exiting his SUV around 7 p.m....


I'm going to sue you! Go for it!

This was a justifiable tazing. We're only showing this to illustrate how a simple contact can go sideways really fast. We're not going to go into detail about the situation, but we had PD there for a civil standby. Once a weapon was presented on his end, we used a non-lethal option to subdue the subject who was then arrested for warrants. Again, this is why we take our job seriously. Trying to maintain control in an uncontrolled environment is challenging and downright dangerous.

PHALANX is in the green and black.


We understand that dealing "blue" can be thirsty work. We're glad you thought about staying hydrated and replacing those essential electrolytes as you're slingin' that zesty opioid. Oh, by the way, you can pick up another Powerade at the local Circle K and your fentynal with the Phoenix police.


A tool that demands responsibility, respect, and reasoning.

More AR shenanigans.


Choose your weapons

Buy the best you can afford. Cheap accessories aren't good, good accessories aren't cheap.


Tactically tactical is practically practical.

Planned action to achieve an optimal outcome.

Photos from PHALANX Tactical Security Group's post 04/13/2022

There doesn't seem to be an end to the amount of this corrosive garbage that we manage to get off the street.

This is fentanyl (aka- "blue"). An extremely addictive, toxic, and dangerous opioid.


It's that time again to renew our business license. For those who may wonder what that feels like, allow us to elucidate...


The story of my wife dying.

This video was very hard to make as it's still a painful subject for me. Keep friends who will walk into Hell to pull you out of the fire, but ONLY if you would do the same thing for them. Anything else is unacceptable.


What happens in Vegas, annoys me.

Does anyone else have this problem?


Hey, Cheney? Hope you enjoyed your cake.

Kidding, brother. This is a very funny cake, though.


We went from, "My only regret is I have but one life to give for my country" to this.


Go ahead. Try and tell us this isn't absolutely true.


25th Anniversary of the Phoenix Lights! This is a time to reflect on why aliens passed over Arizona once then decided "Nah, we're good" when it came time to come back.

Millions of sightings πŸ›Έ πŸ‘€

Dozens of crap films 🎬

Four pictures πŸ“Έ

Zero cow abductions πŸ›Έ


#probesgalore #aliensbetrippinyo #spicyabductions #bidentotallysucksassandsniffschildrentoo


Respect to our departing Corporal.

We are a better company for having employed you, but we are a lesser company in your absence. Be safe, brother.



If you don't respect yourself, don't expect others to respect you.

UPDATE: Stupider IS correct!!!! Score!


Ghost B.C.

I took last night off to go to my first concert in over 25 years. I am posting this to prove I didn't go to see Barry Manilow, Tom freakin' Jones, or some other leisure-suited cadaverous leftovers from the 1970's!

01 ACTUAL kept calling it my "old man concert" because it was on a Tuesday πŸ˜„. It was Ghost and Volbeat! I would have went in the middle of the rapture on a Sunday afternoon at Sunset Acres Senior Living bingo clubhouse! (And NO, I don't live there!)

Nothing to do with security, but who gives a damn?


Sometimes one has to cut in order to cure.

I foresee a LOT of people running from this message because it's a painful truth. Delusion is more convenient and easy. Positive growth will never come from the simple path. Positive growth will only come from the things we HAVE to do and not "want" to do.

Sorry about the video, but it was 4am.


Troll level 6 + 556 hilarious hit points for the most American win ever!

I think most people won't understand this at all.


TJ Smith 2.12.22 Fight Highlight

TJ Smith for the absolute win! The son of our very own 01 ACTUAL is really getting the work done! Beautifully done, TJ!


Always check, double check, and triple check that privilege!

BTW, does anyone know of any place that has a 50% discount on groundhogs the day after Groundhog Day?


Happy Valentine's Day! May you and your hot xenomorph know, the thing!


The tall tales they tell.

Low speed, high drag? Just bu****it through it. No proof. No documentation. No problem.


If this makes you laugh, you're good to go.

If it makes you angry, it's time for some serious introspection.


Well, you know the old saying; "Never bring a rival samurai clan in the Warring-States period to a gunfight. "

Ah, wisdom.


Half the battle is won in preparedness.

Not everybody will have the same needs as far as prepping goes. Every person should tailor their own safety/emergency items for themselves and their families. This is a partial view of my stock, but you'll get the idea.

(Please don't ask about the bricks. I honestly have no idea why they are there.)


This picture was sent to me. Not going to mention any names, but this is one if the most impressive displays of a lack of common sense we have witnessed in this industry. The only thing missing is the "Free gun to dedicated bad guy!" sign above it.

Do you want to die? Because that's a way to die.

No compromise, no exception.

Loyalty, accountability, dedication, and quality of service, far exceeding that of our competitors. Anything else is something less.

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Eating crow is not as tasty as it sounds.
Flashbang festivities
The albatross that defeated people are.
Bronies united against PHALANX!!!
I'm going to sue you! Go for it!
A tool that demands responsibility, respect, and reasoning.
Choose your weapons
Tactically tactical is practically practical.
The story of my wife dying.
What happens in Vegas, annoys me.
Respect to our departing Corporal.




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