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5-8 min of Vacation Exercise #fitwhiletraveling #rollerexercise #fitnesshabits #pilates

#Flipoverfriday Find your new perspectives!! ❤️🤍

Left the sound on because Fred says what everyone’s thinking! 😂 #pelvicfloorchallenge #coreworkout #pilatescorework www....

I spent time today addressing fear and seeing new perspectives, with @mariskabreland I have work to do on my thoracic al...

Father Day Pilates! Happens all year long. 🖤🤍❤️

@_primetime39 has no issues - he wanted a stronger core and a plan for maintaining it during his football season for the...

Multi-function Monday!

Commit to your Core - Spine Health
An Accesory for the Fill My Cup lifestyle plan. Enjoy!

Commit to your core
A quick core work out for daily use to establish more body awareness and strength in the mid-section