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David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge | March 5, 2021 02/08/2021

David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge | March 5, 2021

David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge | March 5, 2021 Join David Goggins and people from all over the world starting at 8pm PST, Friday, March 5 in running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours.


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David Goggins

4x4x48 Challenge

Join me virtually on Friday, March 6th at 8pm PST to kick off a 4x4x48 challenge!

So what does it entail?

Starting on Friday at 8pm PST, we will run 4 miles. If it takes us 36 minutes, we will then have 3 hours and 24 minutes before we start the next 4 miles at 12am PST and so on.

Everyone’s rest time will be different based on how fast or slow you complete the 4 miles.

If you opt to walk, ride your bike, ruck (put weight in your backpack and walk) or do some other form of exercise, do that exercise for somewhere between 30 minutes - 60 minutes every 4 hours.

I will be going live on Instagram and/or Facebook prior to and at the start of every 4 mile run throughout the 48 hours. I will also go live during the runs, after the runs, and during the rest time- periodically throughout to act as your virtual workout partner and answering some questions when possible.

While it doesn’t sound too difficult, after a while it becomes quite annoying! You are looking at 48 miles in 48 hours.

The whole idea of doing this is to push yourself slightly outside of your normal routines and workout schedules, to challenge you mentally and physically, to experience a little bit of sleep deprivation, irritability, soreness and mild suffering. At the end, you will have one big fat fu***ng cookie for The Cookie Jar. For those of you who haven’t read my book and don’t know what The Cookie Jar is...it is a mental reminder of how badass you are when times get hard! It is a reminder of all that you have overcome and accomplished!

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Well coached!

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David Goggins

There are a lot of phonies and posers on social media and at these motivational/self-improvement conferences telling you to do s**t to better yourself, how to make more money, grow your business, etc. Problem with that is that a lot of these posers have NEVER done what they are telling you to do and can’t do it either! They don’t even live the life they preach about either!

A lot of people are making money off of other people’s mental weaknesses whether it be insecurities, past business failures, being overweight, etc. These cockroaches exploit people’s weak mindset for their personal gain and fame. Sadly a lot of them don’t give a f**k about you as a human being.

While there is a lot of great content out here for free, be careful who you decide to follow, listen to, take advice from, give money to for a course, etc., for your self-improvement. Now that I find myself in this world of trying to inspire people to be better, I am seeing more frauds than the real fu***ng deals.

There are a lot of pockets of weaknesses that we all have and some of us fill them with lies. For many years I was one of these people. It’s important to realize that we ALL have s**t that we don’t necessarily want others to know about us but once we realize that and own up to our personal weaknesses, we can start helping ourselves vs looking to others to fix us. Trust me- most of those people who you are looking to for help, while they may have good advice, they aren’t necessarily heeding their own advice.

Taking souls happens very easily and oftentimes when you aren’t even trying! The conversation after this staredown was quite entertaining to say the least!


David Goggins

No, life isn't just about being tough and hard and all that s**t but, I will tell you this.... we are doing people zero favors by not teaching adversity, failure, and, just flat out how brutal life can be on all levels!

We teach people how to read, write, be respectful, etc. We have to be taught everything so we can succeed in life! So, what the f**k are we teaching people by making everyone a winner?

While your parents should tell you that you can do anything with hard work and dedication, there is a fu***ng caveat to that s**t! Once you get out of your super protective life and enter the harsh reality of life, you will find out real fast that we all can't win!

Yes, we must teach failing, falling flat on your face, and everything in between. A lot of people don't even know how to act when they hear “no” or they don’t get what they want. We jump right to “it’s not fair” or “they are racist,” or “they don't like me because I'm transgender” or whatever you might be. While that might be true as s**t, it might not be either!!!!!! You just might not be good enough! That's also a fu***ng option!!!

When you are taught at a young age that life isn't handed over to you, you learn to step back and reassess the situation so that you can attack again. Don't fall doom to the "someone doesn't like me" excuse because you weren't taught adversity at all levels of life.

Today give thanks that years ago when you fell down in life some motherf**ker looked at you and said “get the f**k up!” It is truly one of the best lessons you can teach someone! #stayhard


David Goggins

Don’t be afraid of the dark!
It’s one thing we should learn to get used to. Dark times are not hopeless times.

Make your mind adjust even though the only thing it wants to do is run away. The more we continue to face hardships in life, the easier it will become to navigate the darkness.


Gravity Force Sports Nutrition


IM us and ask how.

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David Goggins

Suck it up and do it!

So many of us are waiting for the exact right time to attack. We wait for the stars to align before we make our move in life.

While there are times those stars do all perfectly align & that miracles do happen, it is more often the case that it will never happen for you!

If you don’t believe that life is one big test and we are the test subjects, you have another thing coming! No one is exempt from experiencing hardships in life.

In the military, we carry rucks in which we put all of our gear. In life, that rucksack is filled w/ all the s**t that we carry around that we never dealt w/ in our lives. It is up to you what you want to continue to carry in your rucksack & allow to weigh you down! If you choose to empty that motherf**ker out, choose to pull out 1 item at a time. For me, the 1st item was my insecurities. Once I fixed that, I stared shedding some weight.

There are so many days when we don’t feel like working on ourselves- when it would be much easier to stay in bed and not get up, when it would be easier to say f**k it to putting on the running shoes, when it is easier to buy the box of mini-chocolate donuts, etc. Some times it feels so damn good to just be the victim. Having that mentality is the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card.

One thing bad about that mentality is that NOTHING fu***ng gets done! So when you fail (and I don’t mean not win, I mean an inability to try!) and you feel like a loser and worthless, it is because you have made a decision to fail. You have made a decision to stay in bed, etc. A lot of people frequently say “there is always tomorrow”...the truth is there just May not be! There is only today and what you make of it! You have to learn to do when you don’t want to do!

When that alarm clock goes off & ur mind says “not today,” there has to be something in you that overrides that bulls**t that you are telling yourself. There has to be a drill sergeant in your mind banging that trash can not allowing you to take the easy way out. The hard part is this- that drill sergeant doesn’t exist! You have to create him/her! What helps me on those bad days is reminding myself of all those dark days where I chose to let myself down.

npr.org 09/20/2019

American Becomes 1st Person To Swim English Channel 4 Times Without Stopping

npr.org Sarah Thomas of Colorado plunged into the record books with her 54-hour feat. She finished Tuesday and said she was stung on the face by a jellyfish during the 130-mile swim.


Best boot camp in the East Valley.
Gravity Force Sports Nutrition





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Go to https://www.hgffit.com/boot-camp for more details.



msn.com 09/08/2019

Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar


msn.com Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar




David Goggins

So, what do you stand for? What do you believe in?

A lot of people love playing “follow the fu***ng leader.” They want to look like somebody else, talk like somebody else, walk like somebody else, and act like somebody else. But, the real question is who are YOU at the core of your fu***ng soul?

I am not saying to be someone that you are not just for the sake of being someone different. If you are the person who just likes to blend in with the crowd, that is fine. But, there are a lot of people who have different thoughts, viewpoints, opinions, etc., about many things in life and keep their mouths shut out of fear of what other people might think. When you do that for too long you don’t even know who you are at the core of your soul.

A lot of times if just comes down to wanting to be accepted and liked. There are a lot of people who are out here spending countless dollars on social media just to get more followers, views, likes and even more comments. If people don’t like what you have to say, you shouldn’t value their opinion or acceptance so much that you have to buy it or change your message or who you are. Trust me- there are a lot of people in this world who don’t like me for what I stand for and believe in. You have to be willing to accept the price of being true to yourself.

Having the courage to believe in yourself and what you stand for is a truly important thing. The people who have the strength to stand alone and speak their truth are the people who truly change the world. The ones that follow the leader rarely make lasting change.

For me, the truth of who I am was my starting line. While I had a lot more friends and people who liked me when I simply tried to fit in back in the day, I found the most peace when I finally learned to stand alone.


U.S. Masters Swimming

No more sitting on the sidelines!

Joe Thomas, former Cleveland Browns offensive lineman certainly didn't. So, while you celebrate this NFL season and watch all those games, think about your next move! 💯💯

Joe's was into the pool and behind the mic on the NFL Network and The ThomaHawk Show. What will your next move be?





There are less than 200 slots remaining for 2019 IRONMAN 70.3 Superfrog on Imperial Beach, September 15th!

Part of triathlon's rich Navy SEAL history, a spectacular race set in one of the hotbeds of the sport.

See you all there!


David Goggins

Always be asking yourself “what’s next?”

While it is very important to be proud of what you do and have accomplished in life, it is more important to keep your mind challenged with a fresh new task at hand.

Your mind is always trying to find the easiest way out so once you accomplish a major task, your mind tells you “it’s time to celebrate!” While celebrating is good to do, don’t sit in that celebration for too long!

When I asked the young man what was next, he had no answer. Make sure you have an answer for questions about your life. The second you don’t have one, that is time wasted. You don’t find those answers by not asking yourself the appropriate questions. Where do I see myself next year? What do I want to accomplish? What are my weaknesses? Where do I want to be two years from now, etc?

It is important to spend time with yourself figuring out what the f**k you want to do and who you want to be. A lot of us have trophies on the shelves, certificates and plaques hanging on the wall or sitting on our desks BUT, make sure to look at the dates you earned these awards and the recognition. If they are more than one or two years old, it means you haven’t done s**t since then.

Don’t sit back on past accomplishments!
A lot of people believe that once greatness is earned it is permanent. That’s bulls**t! Once you lay your head on that pillow, you are back to scratch again! Earn greatness everyday! Make sure your list of goals and things you want to get done in your life is one long-ass list that you are continually adding to while crossing things off.

An unfocused mind becomes a lazy and undisciplined mind! Once again, I am not saying not to celebrate your accomplishments but I am saying the longer you keep your head up your ass, the less oxygen you have to breathe!


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Swim 2.4 miles.
Bike 112 miles.
Run 26.2 miles.
Brag for the rest of your life.



This Monday we will doing a Gravity 5 Day.

What that means is that we will be training for 5 days straight, Monday to Friday, every day at 5am sharp. We are going to am it up a bit with more challenging exercises and more intense exercises combinations. If you are interested in training with us, got to HGFFIT.COM for pricing and details.

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10 Best Nut and Seed Butters, Ranked By Protein | Eat This Not That

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Fearless Motivation



Overcoming great adversity throughout his life, Roderick Sewell is someone who celebrates what is.

Recently we were able to celebrate him with a special surprise.


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