The Legacy Golf Performance Center, Phoenix, AZ Video September 24, 2020, 7:15pm

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Hit a pure draw

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Pure swing at Legacy

Stripe Show at Legacy Performance Center

Putting in the work!

Getting in some work this week

Junior golf on-course practice

320 yard drive for our junior golfer

121 mph and 308 carry

RyJ Shout Out

An improving golf swing at Legacy

What great wedge players have in common

Putting together a consistent putting routine

How to get out of those fluffy lies

Seeing is believing in the golf swing

A great swing to copy

Sent off the tee at Legacy Golf Performance Center

Hit a pure draw

How to setup for a stock driver shot

Flight it down with normal ball position

Try the flamingo drill!

Pre shot routine for pressure shots

Hit a draw with your driver

Body pivot drill for good golf shots

Stop the early extension

Hand path transition to eliminate shanks

Flight it down

Stop hitting it off the toe

Hit draws with your irons and driver