Baptiste Power Yoga Phoenix

Baptiste Power Yoga Phoenix


We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the very talented Baptiste Power Yoga Phoenix

Join us March 22nd from 9:30-10:30am for some Yoga + Beer with our friends from Scottsdale Beer Company

BYO mat and water!

$10 cash at the door or $15 credit, no sign up necessary.
More supporting evidence that yoga is not just great for your body but also for your brain. One of the top recommendations we give to many of our clients at Kaizen is yoga.
The Scottsdale/Phoenix area has a great yoga committee. Two of our friends KaiZen Progressive Health who are involved and great resources for both yoga and brain health are Brian Thomas and Mallory Fox. Check out and get involved with Baptiste Power Yoga Phoenix and LoveYourBrain.
Why are more Veterans and more men getting into yoga?

Mike Russell and Rob Hunter as talk to Brian Thomas, owner and founder of Baptiste Power Yoga Phoenix on their latest podcast about that. Not only is Brian a yoga instructor is an Air Force Vet, a retired US Marshal and currently serves in the Air National Guard.

Brian also tells us what 'messy' yoga is and how he teaches that way. Click here to listen or search The Brewmance on your iHeartRadio App.

Messy Yoga defined and why men prefer the back of the class. Baptiste Power Yoga Phoenix joins us for our latest Brewmance podcast. We celebrate Halloween with Todd the Axeman IPA. It is available wherever you get your podcast fix. Cheers!
Pop up yoga with Baptiste Power Yoga Phoenix at Scottsdale Beer Company for Memorial Day! Earn Your Booze — with Steve Hruby Ciera Carson Dray Carson
Dr. Steve Hruby rowing for all the men and women that fought for our country! Memorial Day rowing for a cause!! With Baptiste Power Yoga Phoenix at Scottsdale Beer Company!
Baptiste Power Yoga Phoenix at Scottsdale Beer Company!!

We host POP UP yoga events in PHX. We are a collective of sweat-seeking, fun-loving, beer-drinking,

Operating as usual


Be a YES for what you want
to have happen, and
be for it.


Be still and know



We don’t take things too seriously around here 🤪

Join us for some fun flow TONIGHT at 5:30pm… FOR FREE! Our Friday night Community Class is always free, and we’ll always make space for you!

Sign up on MindBody or show up early to snag a spot. Tonight we’ll be lead by .unlikelyyogi… and you don’t want to miss it! 🔥 See you on the mat yogis!


“Just remember that doing anything that begins to shift the pattern and lessen the gravity of suffering or frustration is a B R E A K T H R O U G H.” -


Congrats to our member .np for winning our Share The Love lululemon] Giveaway! 🧡

Melissa joined our community in December and has been — now she gets to live The Sweat Life on her new lululemon] mat!

Who’s gettin’ on their mat today?! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋


What we practice on our mat directly translates to what we practice in our life, our relationships, our work place…

everywhere. 🌎🌍🌏

When you’re “out there”, you’re doing yoga.

Maybe not chaturangas.

Maybe not child’s poses and downward facing dogs.

Maybe not forward folds and handstands.

But you’re breathing, you’re connecting, and you’re creating. 🧡 And that’s yoga to us!


Half of our 40 Days Crew — we still can’t believe how fast those 6 weeks flew! 🧡

What are we manifesting after 40 days of yoga, meditation, and self inquiry? Let’s hear it in the comments! 👇🏼


Shout out to this amazing leader, facilitator, teacher, question-asker, lover, and ! 💄💋

For the past 6 weeks, Movement + Mindset Specialist] has been facilitating our 40 Days to Personal Revolution program here at BPYPHX.

She has created content, taught yoga classes and meditation, lead weekly meetings, and been a rock for our community.

We could not have done this work without her. A million thank you’s or Instagram posts would never be enough!

Come help us celebrate the completion of our 40 Days Program with a free yoga class lead by Movement + Mindset Specialist] TONIGHT! 5:30pm - 6:30pm - sign up on MindBody 🧡


What would you do in your life if you could not fail?

Would you change something?

Would you try something new?

Would you go somewhere you’ve never been?

What if the only outcome was triumph?


THIS IS IT — our final week of 40 Days to Personal Revolution!

The last theme is 🙌🏼 T R I U M P H 🙌🏼

Law 11: Be still and know
Law 12: Understand that the whole is the goal

Come practice these themes with us this week in studio or on livestream - we’re here to bring the fire 🔥 See you on the mat!


Yoga teaches us to love ourselves.

To love ourselves enough to listen to our bodies.

To love ourselves enough to move in a way that’s authentic to us.

To love ourselves enough to respect our muscles, joints, weak spots, strong spots, feelings, emotions…

And to love ourselves enough to have the confidence to step off our mats and love others.


Happy day of love, yogis! Go create it. ❤️


“Be a lamp to yourself. Be your own confidence. Hold on to the truth within yourself as the only truth.” — Buddha


💞 Rest & Manifest Self Love 💞

Join on Sunday February 13th at 10:30am for a restorative deep stretch yoga class.

In this class, you can expect movement centered around self love and respect, and plenty of time to rest your body (with the help of a healing soundbath in savasana!) 🤍

Sign up for class on MindBody and treat yourself to some looove! 💓 See you on Sunday yogis!


Take your practice seriously, but yourself lightly ✨

One of our favorite modifications in a pose is bringing the corners of your mouth up to your ears — YES we mean smile! Happy Wednesday crew - let’s light it up! ❤️‍🔥


⚓️ Anchor in your hands, body, and breath ⚓️

On your yoga mat, your center line is where you hug everything into. You move from that space of physical integrity, and it allows for a balanced & centered practice.

In your life, your centerline is your ethical integrity. It’s your gut, your inner knowing, your inner wisdom and intuition. This allows you to live your version of a grounded & true life.

How can you create a strong centerline on your mat AND in your life?


Think about this for a moment 👇🏼

Where, when, and with whom do you feel most grounded? Most centered and aligned with your own wants and needs?

This week, we’re practicing centering.

Law 9: Don’t rush the process
Law 10: Be true to yourself

Want to get curious around these themes this week? Come take class with us! Schedule in the link in our bio 🧡🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏾‍♂️🧘🏻


When we’re faced with an uncomfortable situation, we have three options:

1. Run away
2. Stay and struggle
3. Stay, relax, and discover what is really there

This can happen in a tough yoga pose, like balancing in airplane, or in a hard conversation with a friend or coworker.

When we step on our mat, we get to practice the third option. Over and over again, in every pose. And the more we practice staying and relaxing with what is, the better we get at it when we step off our mat.

Come practice with us 🧡

In studio & livestream options available. Find us on MindBody.


“The journey of transformation is always a journey back to the center of truth, and once we reach that center, the rocks that clutter our minds begin to disintegrate.” -


Come flow with this tonight for FREE! 🤩

Brian (AKA .unlikelyyogi) is leading our Free Community Class tonight from 5:30pm - 6:30pm. You can participate in studio or via livestream from home! Sign up on MindBody, or just show up! We’ll make room 😉🧡

See you on the mat yogis!

Watch this reel by baptistepoweryogaphoenix on Instagram 02/03/2022

Watch this reel by baptistepoweryogaphoenix on Instagram

40 Days to Personal Revolution: RESTORATION

Although we looove a hot power yoga class, yoga also offers so many restorative benefits to our bodies! It can help you re-fill your own cup if it’s getting low, and support you in some deep rest.

Here are some of our favorite restorative yoga poses:
💕 Waterfall
💕 Supta Baddha Konasana
💕 Supine Twist
💕 Savasana (obvi!)

What other poses help you feel restored? Share in the comments!

yoga mat: lululemon
yoga block: Yoloha Yoga

Watch this reel by baptistepoweryogaphoenix on Instagram posted on their Instagram profile: “40 Days to Personal Revolution: RESTORATION Although we looove a hot power yoga class, yoga also…”


What do you most need to let go of?

An old story?
A person?
An expectation?

When we start to remove the rocks from our life, the light starts to shine through all the little cracks. We’re not adding anything new in — we’re just removing what didn’t belong in the first place.

Law 8: Remove the Rocks

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