Jenn Burch, Jeffrey A Day and I are excited to see what the car is going to look like. We dropped the U926 car off to Mike Koch to get more welding done. It’s getting closer. Getting excited for 2022.

Shock Therapy LLC
Evolution Powersports
Made some serious progress on the R926 car with Jeffrey A Day. We have now added the Evolution Powrsports vforce intake, air oil separator, charge tubes, blow off valve and one bad ass exhaust. Jenn Burch and I can’t wait to get this car back out on the track. Fit the PRP Seats and dash . Back to this week for more welding.

Shock Therapy LLC
Evolution Powersports
Well Jenn Burch and I finally have a rolling chassis. Got our first look of what the car will look like with our 33” Tensor Tire on Method Race Wheels. Just a few more items until it’s ready to go back to for more welding and fav work. We are are getting closer. Thanks again to Jeffrey A Day for all your help.

Shock Therapy LLC
Evolution Powersports
Jeffrey A Day came over and we knocked out a lot more on the car.Got Zollinger Racing Products hubs, knuckles, EBC Brakes rotors, RCV Performance Products axels, Shock Therapy bsd, TLS radius rods and limit straps. Got the PRP Seats in to see how it looks. Very excited for the progress. Can’t wait for Jenn Burch and I to get back behind the wheel.

Evolution Powersports
Jenn and I started the rebuild today. Put the engine back in, drive line and fuel cell. Back at it some more tomorrow.

Shock Therapy LLC
Evolution Powersports
Jenn Burch and I are excited to have chassis back from paint. Now the rebuild begins in full swing.

Shock Therapy LLC
Evolution Powersports

Factory UTV
Hess Motorsports
Tensor Tire
Method Race Wheels
HCR Racing
PRP Seats
KC HiLiTES, Inc.
KWT Pre-Filter Particle Separators
PCI Race Radios
ZMAX Race Products
S3 Power Sports
Pro Eagle
EBC Brakes USA
Can-Am Off-Road
I am super excited to announce that Evolution Powersports has come on board to help with the new S911 build. They are doing everything from exhaust, to clutching, to tuning, and more. Jenn Burch and are excited for what the new car is going to do! Thank you to EVP for making us a part of the family for the rest of 2021 and beyond!

Shock Therapy LLC
I can’t wait until car is back together and I get back to racing!

Shock Therapy LLC
Mike knocked it out of the park getting our car back to race shape with some upgrades. The custom seat rails are 🔥. If you need a race car build or prepped, contact Mike at Royal Fabrication. On to the next phase.

Shock Therapy LLC
Next phase in rebuild is cage and chassis headed out to get blasted so we can start welding.

Shock Therapy LLC
2020 Blue Water Desert Challenge Recap:

This weekend was the final race of the 2020 Best in the Desert Race series. This weekend was a two day race where your combined total would result in your finish for the weekend. The race was held on a 23 mile loop in Parker, AZ. This race had one of the largest UTV turn outs, 117 UTVs would be on course all at the same time.

Saturday we woke up to watch the first race of the day. As the first 3 trucks came thru the entire infield became a white out. No moisture, no wind and soft sand had resulted in a very dusty race course. We all new it was going to be a tough day.

The UTVs began leaving the line at 11:15 am. Being in the rally class meant 80+ UTV’s were leaving before us with some of the fastest cars leaving first. We were 5th off the line in class out of 32. This meant no only were we racing our class but making sure we stayed in front of the leaders. The race was a Grand Prix finish so if the leader passes us and cross the finish line our race is oner then. They sent cars off the line in 15 second intervals. My navigator for the race is a fellow Shock Therapy employee, Leroy Rivas. Not only is this the first time in our car for a race, it’s his first time navigating and being in a race period. We finally take off and make our way out onto course. Within the first mile the dust is already posing an issue but we push the car. We make our way into the first whoop section and come across a bad crash in the dust. We make our way and continue on.

The first lap we find our pace. We did not prerun so we use first lap to familiarize ourselves with the course and hazards we need to be aware of. Most of our first lap was in the dust. The car was performing perfect. Even in the soft sand and long straights we never saw belt temps over 190 degrees. Occasionally we would get some clean air but in this tight and sandy of a course, it was few and far between.

As we made our way into the infield we made our way thru the Python infield. The berm turns and jumps are some of the most fun to drive thru. As we we exited the infield onto lap 2 we have a little cleaner air and feel good about our pace for the second lap. Thats when issues started to happen.

We got about mile 6 on the course and the steering wheel started jerking hard to the right repeatedly in bursts of 3 or 4 times. Now we were doing about 50 mph and I struggled to keep the car from veering off course. So we pull off course. Leroy radios into the pits our issue(our plan was to pit for fuel after lap 2 so they were expecting our call). I shut the car off, reset the power steering and hit the gas. We head back out on course and everything seems fine. We radio the pits we are back moving and we are back on the plan.

We make it to mile 9.5 when the steering starts jerking again. We pull over and off course. At this point some of the lead cars go by. I tried recycling the car and resetting the steering to no avail. We had an electrical issue causing power steering issues. At this point we have lost power steering completely with 12 miles to the pit. I radio the pits to let me know when the leaders cross the finish line and I would limp the car to the finish. I refuse to give up. At this point I have finished every race in 2020 no matter what happened. I was not going to let this be the race I didn’t finish. So we got the radio call the leader had finished so we got back in the car and headed toward the line.

We made our way thru the next 10 miles. I fought the car every inch of that course with no power steering assist. My arms were on fire. My hands were numb. But we kept fighting. We hugged the right side of the course to stay out of other racers way. We finally limp the car to the finish and get the flag. We finished 28th in class and crossed the line 92nd. This means we would start at the back of the entire field on day #2.

We get the car back to the pits. It's going to be a long night prepping car for day 2. The Shock Therapy crew had a new power steering unit brought up from Phoenix. We went to work Saturday night replacing the entire unit so that the car could race day #2. Made more sense to replace everything instead of chasing an electrical issue. We got some rest.

Day #2 we woke up to wind. Still dusty but the wind was helping the dust not sit. Car felt good the night before testing. So we had a good feeling about day #2. Leroy and I got ready to do battle as we had lots of ground to make up. We found out the day before that the race leader had crossed mile 18 of 23 when the last car had left the line. That meant he would be hot on my tail the entire race and I had to stay in front of him. We left the line and had cleaner air right from the start. I chose my lines I picked the day before and stayed with them. The car felt good. I ran the lines I had picked from the day before and kept our pace up.

We made our way thru course. We made a couple of passes on lap 1. Everything was clicking. We had some pucker moments but kept pushing the car. Leroy was on point with calling out the course. He was vital in helping ups get thru the dust with visibility only as far as the front bumper. Now a few miles from the infield I could see helicopters chasing the leaders so I new they were coming. We came around on lap one and we are pushing 70+ mph in the straights. We have had clean air which has made us faster. But as we enter the Python…that all changed. We got caught at the beginning of the Python by the race leader who was flying. We let him by and then stay as close as we can thru the python which is hard from all the dust. Leroy keeps checking for the next car but we do not see them. As we get to the exit of the infield I can see the next car. So we floor it and push on.

We push our way on course thru lap 2. I am sure what lap the leaders are on so we push like they are just finishing #2. We make our way thru course. Make a few more passes. The lap is just coming together. We radio in that we will be stopping for fuel oaths lap before heading out on lap 3. As we see the finish line and plan to make our way to the pit they gibe us the checkered flag. The leaders have finished so the finished us 1 lap early. Disappointing but we finished the race with good pace, We have officially finished every race we have entered in 2020 with the U911/U987/3911 car. What an awesome accomplishment. I know how many broken down cars I saw on course.

We finished 65th across the line out of 100+ cars that raced that day. We finished 15th in class putting us 20th for the weekend. Hopefully we scored enough points to finish in the top 10 out of 50 cars for the season.

Thank you to Jenn Burch who split driving duties this year. Thanks to Leroy Rivas for stepping in to my navigator this race and our permanent navigator going forward. Thanks to all the people who have helped along the way. A special thanks to STORR for always helping to keep us out there racing.

The biggest thank you goes out to all our sponsors who helped make this first season happen.

Shock Therapy LLC
Dynojet Research Inc.
Hytiva Racing
PCI Race Radios
EBC Brakes
HCR Racing
KC HiLiTES, Inc.
Pro Eagle
Factory UTV
Assault Industries UTV
Zollinger Racing Products
Long Travel Industries
OPTIMA Batteries
Razorback Technology
XTC Power Products
Lone Star Racing
UTV Wolfpack
ZMAX Race Products
Funnys VP Racing
Awareness Racing

Photo credit: Harlen Foley

Shock Therapy Off Road Racing is a team of off-road enthusiast who race UTV's in the SCORE Internati

Operating as usual

Photos from Evolution Powersports's post 12/19/2022

Just about everything is more expensive now than it was a year ago. But you know what hasn’t gone up? The cost for Shock Therapy products! We’ve worked hard with our USA suppliers and got creative with inventory management to offer the same great products without raising our price to you. Bring on 2023! 🇺🇸

Check it out:


Baja 1k 2022 🏁


Here’s all the action from lap 1 at the 2020 BITD Bluewater Desert Challenge. We started 24th and finished 20th heading into the extremely fast and competitive day 2 tomorrow!

Timeline photos 09/11/2020

Getting ready for the while remembering the lives lost on the tragic day almost 20 years ago.

Timeline photos 09/04/2020

We’re going back to Mexico 🇲🇽🙌🏁

Photos from STORR's post 08/17/2020

Thanks again to the amazing efforts our team put in at 🙌💯🏁

@ Amargosa Sand Dunes


2020 started great, but came to a quick stop 🛑 at race mile 20 due a electrical issue 👎 Stay tuned for the full race recap coming soon! Best of luck to all the drivers still on coarse battling for the finish 🏁


Check out some of the action from tech for the BITD V2R 🏁

Photos from STORR's post 08/14/2020

Vegas to Reno tech and inspection was a hot one! Really wasn’t that bad keeping the UTV’s on the trailers with A/C going in Chase 1 🏁

Timeline photos 08/08/2020

One week until the 2020 🏁

Timeline photos 08/03/2020

+ = 💪

Timeline photos 07/31/2020

Doing some final testing this weekend before the storm hits next Friday 💯🙌🏁

Timeline photos 07/31/2020

This week has gone by fast! It’s less then two weeks until the aka “The Longest Off-road Race in America” 🏁

Timeline photos 07/30/2020

take quality parts to the next level!


Check out all the chaos and effort that went into simply finishing this years 🏁

Timeline photos 07/27/2020

“On any Sunday” 💯 Who’s ready for 🏁

Timeline photos 07/24/2020

Thank you for our clean air system 💯

Photos from STORR's post 07/20/2020

Less then 4 weeks until the longest off-road race in America takes place 🇺🇸 🏁 @ STORR

Timeline photos 07/15/2020

The dust sure was making .jeffrey work for it at the 🏁

Timeline photos 07/14/2020

Release the blinding dust .jeffrey, aka silt trails! 👀

Timeline photos 07/10/2020

💥 IT’S FRIDAY 🥳 Who’s down to throw some dirt 🌊

Timeline photos 07/08/2020

Even when the going gets tough, gets the job done 💪💯🏁

Photos from STORR's post 07/07/2020

“Two hot dudes on the move” 🤣 Sure does feel good to start racing again 💯

@ Caliente, Nevada


Be sure to check out the coverage of 💯 LINK IN BIO 👀


Installing jacks, water pumps, and new motors.

Timeline photos 03/15/2020

Put a arm in the air if your ready for the 2020 National Desert Cup next weekend 🌵🏆🏁

Timeline photos 03/14/2020

featuring ’s at 🤘💯🏁

Timeline photos 03/13/2020

This time next week we will be back in for the “National Desert Cup” 🏆 Who else will be there?! 🤘💯🏁

Photos from STORR's post 03/12/2020

from the in field at the start of 🏁

@ The Mint 400

Timeline photos 03/11/2020

Sure was exciting finally being able to show our “consistent” race pace at 🏁 Fourth place feels like first considering all top five competitors were running components 💯 👉Stay tuned for a full race recap coming ASAP on the YouTube channel 👈

Photos from STORR's post 03/08/2020

Sure was great to start in the top ten and finish 4th in the UTV Pro Turbo class at 💯 Having minimal dust and a good idea of who’s driving competitively sure does help! Congratulations to & for such a great day of racing/helping develop the best race products in the game with 🥇🥈🥉Epic moments captured by 📸

@ The Mint 400


We are beyond excited with our fourth place finish at 🏁 Stay tuned for a full race report coming soon!


Only would take the X3 to to “test the clutch” 🙌💯🌯

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2020 @bestinthedesert #vegastoreno started great, but came to a quick stop 🛑 at race mile 20 due a electrical issue 👎 St...
Check out some of the action from tech for the BITD V2R 🏁
Check out some of the action from tech for the BITD V2R 🏁





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