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My goal is to help you be strong and healthy throughout all the seasons of y Are you fighting to lose weight now that you've hit your 40s?

Want to get in shape? Get in better shape? Learn more about how to lead a healthy lifestyle? Beyond being a compassionate personal trainer and yoga instructor, I am a health educator who can help you find the tools you need to live the healthy life you desire. Whether you're 5, 50 or 150 pounds overweight, I will work with you to create a personalized program to meet your needs. I have plenty of references if you'd like to talk with other clients of mine. Our first visit/consultation is free.

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Bored at home? Know every inch of your refrigerator and pantry? Need some energy? Let's workout together virtually. It's more affordable than you think.  I’m so glad you’re here! Or should I say there – at home. Missing how you felt after a goodRead Now ► 04/18/2020

Use These Prison Rules to Get Motivated to Workout During Quarantine — Seasoned Fitness

I don't know about you but quarantine made my schedule fall to sh*t. Let's be honest. If you have the chance to sleep in, catch up on TV shows, play video games, watch TikTok uninterrupted for hours and hours, and order food in, staying sane, motivated, and healthy is HARD. Now imagine having all that time and NONE of those luxuries. [ 2,006 more words ] Quarantine got you down? Feeling like you've been sentenced to prison? You're not alone. Let's get motivated to move while physically distancing! 04/12/2020

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Cooking Light

I like to think I’m athletic but nope. Not at all.

Nap-solutely. (via Health)


The Daily Heartbeat

This is inspiring

A family that works out together, stays together 💪


How do you eat an elephant?

I hate this saying because
1. You should never eat an elephant
2. I love elephants
3. It's gross

BUT, the point of breaking massive goals down to bite size pieces is quite important.

So many people say they want to lose 20 pounds this year but don't break it down into daily plans, decide how they're going to avoid temptation, what the biggest obstacles are, who will support them and on and on and on.

Just saying it won't make it so. Just wanting it won't make it so. Giving up the first time you falter won't get you there.

If you want to reach your goals, it takes planning. Lots of planning and education. That's what I do. #teacher #coach


Had to take a break and do some radical self-care. Now I'm up and running again and ready to take on life. Januarys are super cold where I live and don't really seem like a place for new beginnings but even cold "burns" off the unnecessary to make room for new growth.

If you want to join me on some serious life changing adventures, now is the time to message me.


It's no fun being down for the count! Why is it that when I'm sick and laying around not doing much I become STARVED?
Like everything in the house is calling my name but I can't even taste it - bleh!

Instead of giving in, I'm drinking various herbal teas to keep my tastebuds (or what's alive of them) satiated.

My only workouts for 2 weeks have really been walks with my dog because #cantbreathe

Looks like I'll be first in line for the "get back in shape" January Club. Which won't be bad because 80 Day Obsession is starting and I'm totally going to rock that program.

If you need something to look forward to in the fitness department, join me and let's find our muscles.


My dog is mad at me for keeping him awake with my coughing. I don't get sick often so I am a super baby when I do get sick. I would like a few "poor baby" comments! I want sympathy damnit!

Okay, so there's my silly rant. Working out when sick: If it's above the neck, workout. If it's below the neck, move carefully or wait until lungs clear. If you have a fever NO workouts - the body needs to recover.

Buddy has me out walking in this terrible weather so there's his revenge for sleep deprivation.


As the first weekend in December hits, the Holiday parties will be in full swing.

Here are 3 tips to maintain your weight during this season:

1. Always always always eat before you go to a party
2. Step away from the food area - go to any other area of the party where food isn't under your nose
3. Limit your drinking

If you don't impose rules upon yourself and stick with them, there's no telling how much weight you can gain just from weekend parties.

Cream cheese, nacho cheese, cheese balls, crackers, bread and dips - all so easy to munch on and down a couple of extra thousand calories without a thought.

If you want to enjoy some of the appetizers, make a plate, walk away and enjoy them slowly.


When you start a portion controlled program, you will spend a few weeks feeling hungry. It passes. You get used to fewer calories and the hunger hormones settle down.

But those two weeks are hard. Really hard. That is when you need to have a lot of distractions and low calorie snacks.

You can do it. I can help!


There's no reason to feel bad about your holiday meal. Hope you enjoyed it! Now, do a little extra cardio and get back on track and that one meal won't make an impact at all. Don't let one day derail you! Meal prep for the week and you'll be fine! Need menus? I can help

[11/20/17]   Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Birthdays, Parties, etc are a few days of the year. If you stay on track the other 330 days, you'll be fine overall. I have faith in you!


Working out with your best girls makes any workout fun! Who is your favorite workout pal? Tag them and say Thanks! Bridget O'Brien Bandurski Helen Walker Adkins 11/14/2017

Vegetarian Meal Prep for 21 Day Fix | The Beachbody Blog

Are you a vegetarian?
I have plans to help with that too! This light and healthy vegetarian meal prep is a veggie lover's dream come true and it's a perfect menu to transition from winter to spring.


Do your kids move enough? Want them to be more active? Playing with you is what they really want! Tony Horton created this program for the whole family - you NEED a partner to do it whether it's a spouse or child. Tony is hysterical and you and the kids will love the workout. Interested in getting started? Let me know. You get to do this in your own home on your own schedule -how cool is that?


It really is important to get the snack foods out of the house. I challenge you to Toss or Donate your snack foods and not keep any munchies in the house for 2 weeks. Let me know how it goes. 11/07/2017

15 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes | Meal Prep Ideas | The Beachbody Blog

Who doesn’t love their crockpot? Check out 15 easy slow cooker recipes and meal prep ideas to help turn a hectic day into a victorious one; more ideas from The Beachbody Blog.


Muscles like this don’t come easy! Personally I just want to be strong and lean but am working to buff up a bit by lifting heavier.

Sagi is Mr Israel and his lifting programs on the platform will get you to your next level.

Women will lean out and men will bulk up. Do you know proper lifting sequence or do you just work the fun muscles like biceps?


Ready to get serious? It only takes a few months to transform when you are focused. I can help


Happy Halloween Everyone! Enjoy a little candy and then get it the heck out of your house! Unless you're awesome at rationing a little at a time, the urge to splurge may be hard to overcome so don't tempt yourselves. And don't play with ouija boards, just NO #creepy


I sorta wonder how much we traumatize little kids on Halloween??? Anyway this little Lion melted my heart.

When you take your kids trick or treating and that mountain of candy comes home, are you freaking out about how much of it YOU'LL eat?

As the weather turns will your kids be as active?

Time to work together and team up to stay in shape and bust the candy monster! Double Time is the new program to help you and your children stay fit while having fun together.

It comes out Wednesday but if you order today, I have a special treat for you!

[10/29/17]   November is partner workout month and your partner could be your child. Join me with my online DoubleTime program and get fit with your family.


One of the best parts of my job. #uniform #comfy

[10/24/17]   Eat what you like every day but become sick and can't enjoy life
Eat some things you don't like but remain healthy?

We make that choice EVERY DAY -

Which are you choosing????


What are you doing for your health today? Remember the last time you got sick? Like really sick? Fever, vomiting, exhausted, achy? How much did you enjoy life? How much activity were you able to participate in? How was your mindset? Were you able to really take care of your family? Be with friends?

Now, tell me what's more important than your health?

We can't prevent passing illnesses, but we can prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many other conditions if we eat well and move our bodies.

It's nice to look good in a bathing suit but I'm really more interested in your ability to live your life to the fullest without excess fat holding you back and making you sick.

Like all the best things in life, you have to work for it not just wish for it. I'd love to help you. Ready?


What happens when zombies workout? It’s like me without coffee. Do you feel like this at the gym? Shaun T never leaves me like this!


I know I need a break from saving the world. How about you? Remember to pamper yourself to help lower stress hormones as they keep the pounds sticking to you! 10/18/2017

Jack-o'-Lantern Stuffed Peppers - The Team Beachbody Blog

Here's a recipe to perfect before the big day!
The kids are going to love them! These adorable Jack-o'-Lantern Stuffed Peppers are a fun Halloween treat to prepare for your kids that you can feel great about them eating!


Even cats like my morning shake. Now if I could only get them to make it for me! I have always dreamed how nice it would be to have a live in cook. Where is Alice from the Brady Bunch when you need her?

Anyway, a couple hours a week to prep all your food for the week will make you a kitchen rockstar who isn't binging on crap because "there's nothing good to eat" - we learn how to do this in my groups. Next Monday I start the push before the holidays we have just 4 weeks to get 'er done and then go in to maintenance mode.

Ready to join me? You can do it! Send me a message or write me in the comments. xoxo, Elyssa


I’m sure I have a thousand hair ties and Bobby pins. I can only find 4. Maybe they’re with my missing socks.

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