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Had a great class to get a updated CCW. Came to me and was very knowledgeable and helpful, Thank you Julian and inner circle protection. Inner Circle Protection and Defense Training

Had a great class to get a updated CCW. Came to me and was very knowledgeable and helpful, Thank you Julian and inner circle protection. Inner Circle Protection and Defense Training


Happy birthday Marines


If you've been into the studio chances are you've met Jackie. Go and check out her business page to learn more about airbrush tanning! Jackie Loves Spray Tanning


Head over to Jackie’s page to learn more about airbrush tanning. Jackie Loves Spray Tanning


Proud US MARINE 🇺🇸
#veteran #localbusiness #northcentralphoenix #personaltrainer #fitphoenix #localfirstaz


January 31st 2019! Have we kept our eyes on the goals we set for this year? Come on in and try us on for size.

[05/24/18]   Sweat is Fat


Had this on my driver side window when I left the gym this afternoon. Thank you #nothingbutlovenotes


February is here, let’s keep going this month with what we set out to do. We are all seeing so much success let's keep pressing on this month.


With the addition to the Body Bar family, we wish everyone a happy New Year. Let’s start this New Years off right and go after new goals for this year.


Okay you big complainers. We've got the tv mounted for you! Libby and Karla I'm looking at you guys. -Jackie


All before lunch!


Not all workouts need to be with weights. 90 degrees in Phoenix also can cause a good sweat. #phoenixgym #arizona


New product coming out to help you know when your little friend needs to go. Check it out #azcentral #phoenix #shoplocal 06/25/2017

Barking Mat: The World's Best Housebreaking Tool

A new thing to try out for your dogs. Client of my would like everyone to check it out. Let us know what you think. Barking Mat alerts you when your dog needs to be let outside. No more accidents! | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!


Never know who you will meet out on the town. Tim from KNIX 102.5
#timbenandbrooke #phoenix #azcentral


Nothing but hard work going on here.


Pool time is in full swing. Are we all able to enjoy the water or still wearing a shirt to go swimming! Let's fix that and work together to get closer to the body we want. #azcentral #phoenix


Enjoy the extra day off, but let's not forget why this day is celebrated. Don't forget the Men and Women that never came home.


Let's get a great workout in before we eat up all the good food today. Be safe this Cinco de Mayo! #azcentral #phoenix #phoenixgym


One is never enough. So let's not go crazy with the candy and good food this Easter. #azcentral #phoenixgym #shoplocalphoenix


Easter is Sunday, let's not let the sweets get in our way of success. #phoenixgym #azcentral #shoplocalphoenix


With Spring Break in full swing, we know summer is coming. Let's get to work on our summer body's now instead of later. #azcentral #phoenix #phoenixspringbreak #phoenixgym


Good food and trying to show off her muscles. #azcentral #phoenix #coldbeerandcheeseburgers


Great walk today for National Kidney Foundation of Arizona. Went with some great people for Rosacci Law Firm and Marines. #nationalkidneyfoundation #chasefield #azcentral #phoenix


Not much needed for a great leg workout.


So many of us forget why we do it. #azcentral #phoenix #fitness


Less than a week till we have started our beginning of the year resolutions. So let stick with it 01/19/2017

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Happy New Year From your family at Body Bar! #phoenixgym #azcentral


The new year is almost here. Let's not wait till January 1st to get started. Great deals are happening no, so do not miss out. Call or schedule online your first one is one me.


Halloween has past, so that means the holidays are upon us. Not not let all year go to waste.


We train hard all year for a reason. Let's not let the up coming holidays effect what we have worked so hard to get.


We all have that feeling. Let's make the changes to go and get what we want to achieve.


This is always hard to do. Let's push past that barrier and move forward.

Body Bar on 7th

One on One sessions and group class available. Come in and get set up with a 12 week workout program. All new clients get a complementary 60 minute session, where we go over your goals and go through a full body workout.





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