Success 4 Kids

Success 4 Kids is a 501(3)(c) organization helping guide at-risk youth toward a healthy & productive life path thru the game of Handball in Phoenix, AZ

Voluntary staff of mentors and coaches work at various schools in the inner city of Phoenix using handball as a vehicle to help improve young men and women's self-esteem, coordination, physical fitness, healthy life-styles, nutrition and academic achievement .

[08/17/20]   This is approximately the 4th or 5th Post to advise the everyone that this great organization is no longer active or operational.

[09/13/19]   See my latest Post------------>


So sorry to report that I have decided to retire completely from the Foundation, Success4Kids. I am disappointed that no one has yet volunteered to take over this program & keep this program going in the Phoenix, Az. area. I regret not being able to keep this great program moving forward but I am at the age where I cannot be as active as I like. I hope to report in the near future that we have a new volunteer who will be stepping up and taking over. But, in the meantime I thank you and anyone else who has liked what we are trying to accomplish with our young people in the Phoenix, Az. area. However, Donations are still welcome and accepted and is used solely for promoting youth & education. Homework & Handball was a great success this past year and several of your H.S. kids were excepted into ASU. That was truly a success story. As in the past, your comments and feedback are more than welcome on this webpage. We will monitor our site periodically and will report out as needed. Thank you for your support over the years with this worthwhile activity. Coach Jim Reitmyer

[08/06/19]   It is with a heavy heart writing this post but this Spring I decided to retire from coaching Handball and engaging young people through the game of Handball! I have enjoyed 20+ years working with kids young & old to help them make positive choices in their lives through the game of Handball! I luckily turned 80 yrs. old this week and intend to continue playing this great game for the remainder of my life. I only pray that somehow, someway, someone will step up and pick up where I left off & continue to work voluntarily to help kids stay on a positive path in their young lives through the game of Handball! I have been fortunate enough to be able to play, organize and coach this great game for over 60 yrs.
I coach at 6 different Phoenix High schools & have assisted in coaching at Arizona State University voluntarily for 4 years. I will continue to play handball til I am totally disabled & not able to any longer!
If you believe in helping young people to become better people then please donate to the United States Handball Association & /Success 4 Kids & Arizona State University- Handball Club to keep young people on a positive path in their life!
Sincerely, Jim Reitmyer
P.S. comments or suggestions are welcome.
I will continue to monitor comments on Facebook & Success 4 Kids website! Thank you all for your support & Interest in the our young adults & the benefits of the oldest & greatest game in the world played with a ball!


2019 67th USHA National Collegiate Handball Championships - Minn. Minnesota:

Arizona State Univ. Handball Club is now playing in Minneapolis, Mn.
After the first day of matches...Doubles: W= 1. L= 1. (pretty good start) Singles: W= 4. L= 1. (great going!)
Will keep you posted. Several of our ASU Club Team were from local Phoenix, Az. High Schools who were part of our Success4Kids programs. So Proud of these young students. Great going Coach Dan Willeford! 😀👏


Wow, what a weekend for Arizona H.S. kids from both Phoenix & Tucson! Thx to a lot of work by Teacher/Handball Coach Chris Hogan (Carl Hayden H. S.), ASU H.B. Coach & their HB Club players, HB Pro-Abraham Montijo & Carl Hayden Students! A great event was had by all! It was supposed to be a fun, Open/A and B/C level round robin format! We had a ball mixing it up with any & all players & levels! Kids got shirts , lunch & a lot of action baked into the event. Great job Team Carl Hayden, Chris Hogan & ASU Dan Willeford! Keep up the great work!
Team Arizona State University heads to


Last weekend the WPH (World Players of Handball) Pro David Fink, came to the Arizona State Univ. Fitness center from Tucson, Az., to conduct a Handball Clinic for a dozen high school players from Phoenix Carl Hayden H.S. as a part of ASU's 2018 Handball & Homework Program. The ASU Handball Club players joined in the fun tournament & basically ran the event....and by the way, did a fantastic job. We thank many players that entered the tournament from many states that came to join us at this great event. We had two young men that came in from L.A. to play, one from Detroit, several from Tucson, northern Arizona, etc. and a half dozen adult local area players joined in to help make the event very competitive & Fun. We have to thank all these players for taking the time to help kids stay on a positive path, graduate from high school any perhaps join ASU's Handball Club in future through our Success4kids efforts. a big thanks goes out to Carl Hayden HB Coach & teacher, Chris Hogan, WPH Pro-HB Coach & player, Dave Fink for helping us with this effort. Big Thanks to ASU Handball Coach Dan Willeford for making all this arrangements and coordinating all this fun event. Stay tuned for much more in the coming year.
Thank you..Jim Reitmyer, S4KS Org.Rep.


Phoenix Arizona's Carl Hayden H.S. was the site of a combined outdoor, 3-Wall handball Tournament & Mecha Car show this past weekend. This was the 2nd year for the event to raise funds for youth Handball in our area. Chris Hogan, Carl Hayden teacher & H.B. Club coach, did a great job making most of the arrangements, setting up the event, taking care of details for the players; Food, drinks, snacks and Medals & Trophies for the winners & runner ups of the event. Valley Produce & Carl Hayden provided food and perfect weather for the event. The ASU Sun Devils Handball Club, Success4Kids & numbers volunteers helped manage the tournament amazingly well as usual. Thank you folks so much. Success4Kids. & AZ Handball Org's provided t-shirts, thanks to Don Stewart & Jerry Bernard.
Division Winners were as follows:
>Open Division Winners: David Munoz 1st. & Jim
Carkeek 2nd. place.
>Blue A/B Division: Arturo Diaz 1st. over Derek Doyle-
>Gold A/B Division: Pete Dominguez def. David
>C/D/ Division: Carlos Ortiz-Carl Hayden H.S. def.
Jason Leone of ASU.

Thanks to Parents, United States Handball Assoc., Success4Kids, A.Z. Handball Assoc., Sponsor's, Students & Families who came out to support the players, Coaches & Sponsors. Until next time...Thank You very much.

[10/29/18]   Wow, how time flies.....Its been over 5 months now since my stepping down from mentoring and coaching the Phoenix, Arizona Kids in this area. Still, no one has stepped up and offered to carry our effort on. Very disappointing but I do understand the commitment that others will have to make to continue this path. If anyone knows of a handball player that might consider such a task, please let me know by return post. Thanks for the kind words being left on our website regarding our effort here in Phoenix. Have a great day! Coach Jim


It is with great pride as well as regret to announce this morning that I have officially retired from Coaching Handball at the youth level in Phoenix Arizona. After almost 20 yrs. I feel that the time is right to step aside and let the younger folks pick up the ball (handball of course) and carry on the work of S4Ks. No one has volunteered to carry on the "Success4Kids" program yet. However, we are looking for that special person.
For all of you that have followed our Phoenix youth program....Thank you. I hope everyone that does or has been...can help keep us alive with your donations and/or your verbal help.

Pictured below is a photo taken this past Saturday from one of our High school program hosted by the Carl Hayden H.S. handball team & Arizona State Univ. Students from CHHS & Glendale along with Tucson's Fred Lewis Foundation, played fun handball matches for several hours. ASU Handball club also participated and had fun with these kids. Pro Handball player, Abe Montijo also took part in the event & played with the students and gave them a few pointers as well.
CHHS also announced their plans a have a fun HB Tournament in conjunction with the schools annual CHHS Car Show next month; Nov. 17th, here in Phoenix. Regards, Jim Reitmyer

[05/29/18]   A blast from the past picture today...Last summer I was asked to be part of a sports camp for kids at the Scottsdale Jewish Comm. Center. What a fun program for myself & the kids. Hopefully we can copy this for this summers event. We had about 30 kids being taught the game of Handball along with 5 other games played with a ball. The kids voted HANDBALL THEIR favorite ball game out of all the other games e.g. Basketball, Volleyball, Kickball, ping pong, etc. 😍🤞Thanks
Kids. Hope we can do it again this year! 🤞
Wish me luck!


Success 4 Kids's cover photo

Inner High School-Handball competition in Phoenix 04/27/2018

We try to help young H.S. students to stay on a positive path using the game Handball...
and encourage scholastic excellence as well as handball excellence. Below are
some photos from our inner school competition on "late start days" as well as after school
games. We are hoping for donations to help us continue in this effort.

We try to help young H.S. students to stay on a positive path using the game Handball...
and encourage scholastic excellence as well as handball excellence. Below are
some photos from our inner school competition on "late start days" as well as after school
games. We are hoping for donations to help us continue in this effort.


A few pictures of the handball competition taking place at the ASU Sundevils Fitness Car. in Tempe, Arizona this past Saturday. Thanks to Handball Professionals, Abe Montijo & Hall of Fame, Fred Lewis for bringing High School Students from Tucson to join in on this fun event "Handball & Homework".

[04/24/18]   The latest photo of our Kids program shows 20+ young Students from over 5 High schools in the Phoenix, Tucson area for both a Big Ball & Small Ball handball competition at Arizona State University. This was organized by ASU Handball Coach & Instructor Dan Willeford & his players to promote the game to High School students level, calling it Homework & Handball. I will post some pictures from our fun event soon. Thanks for attention, encouragement and support!


Success 4 Kids's cover photo


Recent Practice sessions-Getting ready for our Handball & Homework competition with multi-High schools & with ASU Club Team at the Sun Devels Fitness Center Next weekend in the indoor Glass HB Courts. The kids are getting very exited for the opportunity to compete indoors for a change. Nice! Thanks to ASU Coach Dan Willeford for making this event possible for our kids. We hope to continue to help guide young handball players to seek higher education through the game of Handball & with the help of our great College programs at ASU.


Our Phoenix Camelback High School Handball Club players were invited to come out to Arizona State Univ. & watch the ASU Basketball Team play a game against California and to talk to about "Future ASU Students" opportunities. The ASU Students did a great job conveying all the benefits of enrolling at ASU and joining the Handball Club. What a fun night filled with games, food, drink & watching the Varsity game & learning of educational opportunities. Thank you ASU Handball Club members, David Francis & Juan Valerio & Student Volunteers and ASU Coach Dan Willeford for providing this fun night.


Our ASU Handball Club did a great job this year at the National Collegiate Handball Championships at Missouri State Univ. had played exceptionally well but no Gold Metals this year. However, the good news is, after loosing all 3 of our last years Metalist's, either by Graduation or Transfers....lets congratulate Juan Valerio for his great play earning him a runner-up, Silver Metal in his first ever Handball competition. Congratulation Juan. Great job. Very proud of this young man from Carl Hayden High School in Phoenix.

[03/08/18]   Latest photo of our Camelback H.B. Club players taken at one of our "friendlies at Carl Hayden High School" last month. We continue to have great fun and competition as these young H.S. students compete with other high Schools & do their best to become good students as well as Handball players. We have to thank you all who contribute to your effort to help kids become better people as well as becoming better players & citizens.


Success 4 Kids's cover photo

[02/22/18]   Today marks the start of 2018 National Collegiate Handball Championships- this year at Missouri State University. Please join me in wishing our boys all the best luck in the matches. Hope you guys can bring home some Metals again this year. Coach Dan Willeford has worked tirelessly this year in getting the Team ready for the big event. Go Sun Devils! 👍🤞


Success 4 Kids's cover photo

[02/03/18]   The Camelback H.S. Handball Club will be starting to practice using the small ball this coming week. We plan on a Friendly HB competition with Carl Hayden later this month. Should be a fun event as always. I'm hoping our Camelback Club can win a few of the matchups. We will focus on basics for offense and try to improve more rallies on Defense. Wish us luck. We will post some pictures after the fun event. Good luck guys.

[01/28/18]   I sincerely hope that everyone that reads and follows our Organization here in Phoenix, Az. likes what we are doing & Likes our Page. If you have not "Liked" our page, please do so. Thank you for all your favorable comments.

[01/28/18]   The latest S4KS photo was taken at ASU Fitness ctr.- Handball Coaching Clinic a few months ago. Half of our ASU Team is now certified to Coach Handball & continue to grow the great game we play. So proud of these young men. Two of our recent Graduates from Camelback H.S. are now helping me with coaching others at Phoenix High Schools. So happy for them! Congratulations guys. Thanks to ASU Coach Dan Willeford, USHA Exec.Director, Vern Roberts and Development Co-ord., Matt Krueger for arranging & supporting this great event.


Success 4 Kids's cover photo


Please join me in wishing our ASU Handball Club Team the best of Luck at the 2018 National Collegiate Handball Championships at Missouri State University this month. The competition starts Feb.21st. So proud two of our students (far left) left side of photo, from Camelback High School in Phoenix, Az., for making the Team and competing at this level. Congratulations for all your hard work in the courts.


As a volunteer, mentor and coach working with young people for over twelve years, I am delighted to see the significant, positive changes occurring in our non-profit organization this last year. Not only are we helping kids stay on a positive path in life, but we are increasingly helping them to be better students, better citizens and better handball players. Thanks to our partnership with Arizona State University, this is the direction we are working toward with kids at several high schools in the Phoenix area. We are working closely with ASU this year and are very proud to have three of our high school club players accepted at ASU and join the Arizona State Sun Devil handball team. These ASU players are visiting their alma maters and mentoring the high school students in both handball and on the benefits of a higher education. It is just one way that our students are giving back to the community. It is so rewarding to witness the camaraderie developing and the expansion of our programs at both the high school and college levels.
As always, we want thank you for supporting our efforts in the Phoenix area both verbally as well as financially. We had a really fun & educational year this 2017.....We hope you continue to support our work to help these young people have a productive, meaningful life. Thank you all this Holiday Season. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy & healthier New Year. Stay tuned to S4KS in the New Year, 2018 coming soon!
I'm attaching some fun pictures of this years activity.

[11/29/17]   One of the most significant and rewarding event so far this year was the transition of two of our Camelback High School Handball Club players being accepted at Arizona State Univ. & being able to join the ASU Handball Club. Likewise, one of our Tucson High School players was also accepted and is now playing for the ASU handball Club. We are so proud of our accomplishments as well as there efforts that we can't stop talking about it. Thank you Dan Willeford, ASU handball coach for all your help in making this happen. ASU Rocks!

[11/29/17]   New cover Picture was taken at our High school/college BigBall challenge tournament, 11/18/17 at Carl Hayden H.S. Phoenix, Az. What a great day of competition, camaraderie , rivalry, etc. Thank you all for participating in this fun day. Thanks Tucson High school players, Arizona State H.B Team, Carl Hayden H.S. & sponsor Chris Hogan, who did all the planning and support for this fun Event. Lets do it again soon.


I wrote last Spring that Success4Kids was no longer operational. This is really not correct. Success4Kids Organization is still alive and operational. I personally have stepped down as an active coach & regular mentor with kids on a regular basis at various public school & recreation centers, etc. Also, I have not given up the game of handball nor have I given up on trying to find volunteer coaches and mentors to carry on the function and duties that I was doing for the past 20 yrs. I just have to have a little more time to relax, enjoy what time I have left in this world and spend more time with my Wife & grown Family. I believe sixty years is almost enough time for me to spend doing what I loved to do with this great game. The important thing to me is to stay active and continue to play and promote this fantastic game wherever I go. This beautiful sport to me and many other people that play this great game, strongly believe that this game is the best game in the world to play to provide great physical fitness, mental wellness and life improvement. It has always been a mystery for me to hear people say, what is handball? The reason being it is the oldest game in the world played with a ball. However, it is not easy to find advertisement or publicity for the game. This great game dates back 4-5 centuries in many parts of the world and yet many people say they never heard of it. Yet, in many parts of the world it is their National Game. There are pictures carved in historic caves showing figures striking a ball with their hands. I have always admired, from the time I was a young man in high school, watching men play handball at YMCA’s in Detroit Michigan where I grew up. My Dad was one of those guys. I decided to try it when I was about 16 yrs. old while attending high school. It wasn’t long before I started to hit the ball fairly well with my dad and all of a sudden was hooked on the game. It didn’t take long before I started finding other younger students that enjoyed the game as well. I became addicted to the game & the competition and started working very hard to beat somebody. Not only was I pleased with my success in the court but It helped my physical fitness to play other games so much better; e.g. Baseball, football, golf, etc. I’ve continued to play the game ever since 195o.

In Closing, If you or anyone you know plays this great game and is willing to help make Phoenix, Arizona a better place to live and help the youth of our great area become better people, better physically, better mentally, better citizens, please do not hesitate to call me or our C.E.O. Gerry Bernard. I can be reached via the internet at: [email protected] or [email protected]. Donations are always accepted to continue this great program & Phoenix kids to become better people. Our address is 24 W.Camelback rd. Ste.-536 Phx. Az. 85013.

P.S. Our organization also donates time & money to help our Arizona State University Handball Club Team to become as competitive as possible with other Universities that compete in the National Collegiate Handball Championships every 3 or 4 years.

Sincerely, Jim Reitmyer. [email protected]. & [email protected]



24 West Camelback Road S-536
Phoenix, AZ

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We post activity as it happens on a daily basis, weekly, monthly and annually... activities that Success 4 Kids has been undertaking.
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