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Essentially Resilient


If you don’t know who Tim Ballard and O.U.R. are then stop and watch. (Or if you do and need a reminder) It will change your perspective on life. Watch the documentary at as well. I first heard about them through doTERRA, who works closely to help fund OUR missions as well, this is the real WORK. On top of that, 100% of the proceeds from the HOPE blend doterra sells goes directly to OUR 💞 If your ready to support an amazing cause, I will be placing a local order of hope oil next week. Or if you are out of the area we can have it shipped right to you. More info on HOPE below

Life Coach + Money Mindset Mentor Helping you manifest, money, abundance, and your wildest dreams! To get started, join my FREE Facebook group at the top of the page.

Are you ready to breakthrough your current limiting beliefs around money and uplevel your money mindset to attract more of it? Are you ready to start becoming the wealthy, abundant version of yourself? That is what I help my clients do! If you are ready to shorten the learning curve, schedule a FREE breakthrough call with me or a member of my team! Join our FREE facebook community Visit the website Cheers to you becoming the wealthy, abundant person that you TRULY are! -Ashley

Operating as usual

Most people will not see the success they want because they are not willing to get uncomfortable.

You are not most people.

Grow, elevate, ascend, and transform

Take risks, be vulnerable, be willing to fail forward, and be judged.

I promise it's WORTH it, because you are.


When we break it down, it doesn't seem so SCARY, does it?
Our ego tends to over complicate things to keep us "safe".
Our higher self gives us everything we need to achieve our goals.

I have known from a very, very young age that I would become be a millionaire one day by impacting the world in a BIG way, I never questioned it for a moment. I never knew the HOW, but I continue to lean in and trust.

When we lean in to our souls calling we get EVERYTHING.

Do you have that feeling in your heart too, let me know in the comments!

📣You are ALREADY worthy
📣You are ALREADY deserving
📣You are ALREADY capable
📣You are ALREADY abundant

We did not come here to define ourselves and prove these things to the world, we came here that way and the world has layered us in "reasons" to NOT feel those things.

It's time to leave reasons we feel unworthy, undeserving, incapable, and in lack, IN 2020.

If your ready to shift your inner narrative and tap back into what is already within you, Take these with you into 2021

"I AM worthy and deserving of joy, abundance, and love"

"I have everything within me to become the abundant version of myself"

"I AM capable of creating an abundant life"


Do you want to manifest $100 or maybe $500 (or more) in the next 5 days?!

Maybe you want some extra Christmas money?
Maybe you want to pay some bills?
Maybe you want to put food on the table?
Maybe you want to build your savings?

Whatever the case may be, YOU CAN DO IT!..... YES, YOU.

I am hosting a FREE Merry Money CHALLENGE where I will show you HOW to manifest money into your reality, in 5 days.

I will be going LIVE every day at 1pm EST Wednesday the 16th- Sunday the 20th

There will be 2 giveaways at the end for those who participate ALL five days!

Join us HERE in the group! Your Unlimited Money & Abundance Breakthrough

BUT I must warn you, this is for those who are READY to have some FUN, and welcome the unexpected MONEY into their lives.

I'll be sharing the secret sauce, things I ONLY usually share with my private clients! ALL for YOU!

SO, Comment below if you are READY to manifest some MONEY!

WTF does abundance even mean anyway?


Our quality of life is a direct result of the quality of the questions we are asking.. Here are some examples of ones I ALWAYS ask:

"How much more money/abundance can I attract this week?!"
"How easy can this fall into place for me?!"
"How amazing will I feel when this happens?!"
"How can I achieve my dreams easily, and effortlessly?!"
"How does it get any better than this?!"

What questions will you be asking this week? Comment below!

A trick to help your desires manifest faster. 💫Sunday inspiration

YES, YES, AND....YES! 🙋‍♀️
Who is with me?
Often times, we forget how magical SELF CARE can be for our MAGICAL selves.
What's your favorite way to zone out/ regroup?! 👇

Most people have been ingrained in the belief "Earn a living and prove your worth by what you buy" pressure.

That is like saying you are not qualified to breathe without earning it first.

Most people think that their worth comes from an outside source, and that couldn't be further from the truth.

We were born worthy, we didn't come here to "find it". We didn't come here to be miserable, to feel less than, to feel like we were inadequate when it came to having our dreams and desires.

Buy YEARS of layers of trauma, childhood beliefs and society have most likely been the root of why we feel this way.

The truth? We don't have to prove anything or work ourselves to death, we MUST simply raise our vibration, our mindset, our beliefs to MATCH that of what we desire, that feeling of our natural worthiness.

Here's a tip to get you started, use this affirmation, write it on your wall, on your phone wallpaper, wherever you can see it multiple times a day:
"I AM extremely worthy and deserving of love, abundance, and money"

Drop an emoji below if you will be repeating this daily!

Switching this ONE phrase will allow MORE money into your reality. HINT: This is why MOST people are broke.

Switching this ONE phrase will allow MORE money into your reality. HINT: This is why MOST people are broke.

Are you tired of feeling like there is not enough of the pie for everyone?

Are you tired of feeling restricted on how much money you CAN have?

Are you tired of feeling stuck when it comes to breaking through your income threshold?

Join us tonight to learn how the limited human ego mind has made up our money story.... here's a hint, its all bullsh*t and YOU Can change it!

Comment below if you will be joining us LIVE! Here at Limitless Mom Academy

Are you sick and tired of being broke and stuck in a rut?

Do you ever worry that you will never have the money to live the life you TRULY desire and deserve (Like a WEALTHY woman)?

I can help! This is exactly what I do all day. I help women breakthrough their money blocks that are keeping them broke and stuck in a cycle of "never enough", so they can attract MASSIVE amounts of money and abundance into their lives!

I have 4 openings for FREE breakthrough calls this week. I will take the first 4 people that comment "I'm in" or send me a message.

My clients have been asking me to teach more about Manifesting Money and Abundance + Money mindset.

I couldn't be more excited because this is truly my ZONE, I LOVE helping clients manifest money, abundance and watch them shift out of scarcity. So I'm going to focus in on these topics and go all out for you lovers!

What questions do you have for me?
What would you like me to teach more about on this topic?
Comment below 👇I'm excited to see where this goes!


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Did you know you're the one holding yourself back from receiving your desires?

The answer for most people is NO. Most people get stuck on asking. They get pissed off at the universe/god/source for taking "too long" or for not giving them what they want in the EXACT way they had planned.....hence creating many delays.

Then they give up on the whole thing entirely because they feel the whole time they have been asking and not receiving, that God/universe/ source, has been out to lunch! Instead of giving them what they want.

Keep in mind, the universe is HIGHLY intelligent... you do not need to tell it more than once what you desire. But you do need to be ready to receive what you desire, which is where most people fall off.

The quicker you get into receiving mode, and feeling as if it is already done, the sooner it will be in your reality.

This is all about the vibration you are attracting.... If you are in a pissed off vibration you cannot attract the things that would put you in a happy vibration. YOU MUST ARRIVE FIRST.

It's like tuning your radio station, if you are on 100.7 you can not hear what is being played on 103.5, can you?

This takes practice, because as humans we tend to complicate things.. but practice tuning your frequency to that of which you want, STOP asking 9,000 times because god/universe/source is not out to lunch, and just get ready to receive it! Get excited!

Yeah.... it's that easy.
I wanna hear, what are you going to get ready to receive?! Comment below!

"That will never happen for me"
"I'm not good enough"
" I don't deserve those things"
"I wish I could make that happen"

Have you ever caught yourself saying any of these phrases?

A lot of us have them on replay in our subconscious minds, and then we wonder why we are not experiencing our dreams?

A lot of it comes down to feeling WORTHY or our big dreams.
We must first feel that we can have them so that we can stop talking ourselves out of them with a bunch of bullsh*t lies. Yes, that's what they are, LIES.

Can you recall some dreams you have talked yourself out of this year?

Can you recall some dreams that may have passed you up because you were not "ready" or too afraid?

In order to start experiencing the dreams and goals you have, you MUST stop talking yourself out of them, and start talking yourself into them!

Because you deserve them! Every BIG scary one of them can be YOURS.

This is exactly why I started a yearly workshop to help people achieve their dreams and goals, and this year you have an extra dose of confidence and clarity with my 3-DAY goal-setting workshop.

YOU will have the BLUEPRINT to actually achieve your dreams and goals and you will BE DONE talking yourself out of them, promise!

There's a few days left to join us.....

We are going to talk you into your BIGGEST dreams and goals and make 2021 the BEST year of your life.

Are you ready?

How YOU CAN achieve anything you desire in 2021

How YOU CAN achieve anything you desire in 2021.

Basically, how you can make 2021 your bitch 😂

Are you over 2020?

Are you ready to feel in control of your life again?

Are you ready to make a massive comeback in 2021?

You are not alone!

There is massive momentum when it comes to living FULL OUT in 2021

And I'm here to help you do just that.

It's time to take YOUR POWER BACK.

REMEMBER: The comeback is always bigger than the setback.

Join us tomorrow at 2pm EST in the Limitless Mom Academy group to learn HOW you can achieve anything you desire in 2021, and make it your most epic year YET!

Whos ready for an EPIC 2021?? Drop an emoji below!

Where will you be in 6 months?

Where will you be in 6 months?

Well, 2020 was not the experience everyone had in mind.. BUT we are still here, and there is a huge desire in our hearts for an EPIC 2021.

This year was fuelled by an awakening and it was not always easy to digest, it showed us that we have to be in control of our thoughts or we will get tossed around emotionally...and inevitably led to live in fear. It showed us that things are happening and time is passing whether we take action or not. And above everything else, we still have big dreams and goals in our hearts, that are even more intense now.

They are not going away, and neither are YOU.

If you are reading this right now, you are here to create a beautiful new world for yourself.

We have a choice, we can tune in to fear and allow it to overcome us, or we can shift our mind and create opportunities and take massive action on our goals and desires to ensure that we experience them in 2021.

Today I am opening the doors to my annual 3-day workshop Create your 2021, and I want to invite you to join me for 3 days of amazing goal planning and setting yourself up for massive success in 2021!

If you have been feeling like 2020 left you spinning in circles and you want to guarantee 2021 will be your best year yet.. Then Create your 2021 workshop is for you.

It's your choice to decide whether you will be allowing another year to pass by, waiting for more clarity, signs, or reasons… or jump in and start co-creating with the universe to bring about your BEST life.

It's time to take your power back and create massive success for yourself in 2021!

Are you ready to learn the exact processes and steps that I used to manifest my business, a car, over 20k, our dream home, and so much more while in the crazy year of 2020?!

Click the link below to sign up for the 3 Day Create your 2021 workshop!

5 things that STOP you from LISTENING to "That little voice" in your head.

5 things that STOP you from LISTENING to "That little voice" in your head.

Are you tired of overthinking everything and still feeling unsure about making the right choice?

Are you tired of regretting things after you yet again went against your "gut feeling".

Are you ready to tap into your inner guidance system and unlock your true superpower?

It’s hard to develop our intuition when we live in a culture that encourages rationality. In fact, those that are open about listening to their “gut” are often viewed as weird or irresponsible.

Tune in this afternoon for The 5 things that are stopping you from listening to “that little voice” in your head

Essentially Resilient

The NEW Limitless Mom Empire website is up and running!!

Check it out below 👇💫💜 Life coaching and emotional healing. How to heal.

The Great Awakening - A message from the future — Essentially Resilient

💫New article💫

Theres a reason why light leaders are so calm in the midst of chaos.

When we operate from our intuition we do not need outside sources to tell us how to think, feel or what to be, do or have.

We harness our super power of intuitive knowledge which has been purposely suppressed to fulfill the needs of those who wish to control us through the old system.

This is why the old system is falling apart.

Do you feel it? 👇 Video Link here Light Is pouring on the world right now, the darkness is being exposed for us to see.  All the feelings are going on right now but know, The light has already won.  This year is not something bad that has happened, but something really good to the vibration

"With confidence you have already won before you have started"

The problem? Most people are too busy doubting themselves....Can you relate?

👉You really want to wake up and go after your goals, but you have problems with allowing your self doubt to stop you before you even try.

👉You really have strong beliefs and desires, but you have problems standing up for yourself when judged or questioned.

👉You really want to be an example of what happens when you embody your highest self, but you have problems connecting with your intuition.

If this sounds like you, join us for the weekly LIVESTREAM training tonight at 7pm EST, right here in the group Limitless Mom Academy, click to join us!. 💜💜

Do you get criticized often?
Does it put you down and make you feel more self doubt, inadequate, or upset?
Does it make you feel like saying “What's the point in doing anything if it's not going to be good enough anyway?”
Now, there's a time and place for constructive criticism, OFCOURSE.
But the type of criticism I'm talking about is the kind that comes from people who do not have your best interest in mind, and are usually driven by their ego. And remember, you will never be criticized from someone doing more than you, only from those doing less.
There's many reasons people like that criticize, but it's mostly because they are deflecting their own pain, jealousy, insecurities, and shame onto you. (Remember these emotions are LOUD).
If they were to just be happy for you, they (in their mind) would be admitting to themselves that they don't have what they want, and you do.
These people live in a scarcity mindset. They don't understand the manifesting POWER they are giving up, by not being happy for someone that has the exact thing that they desire.
Yet, so many of us (including me for many years) allow small minded people to weigh in on our emotions and dictate what we would do with our life.
That ends when you become so CONFIDENT in yourself, your journey, your vision, your business, your career, your family, your LIFE.
It's not you that needs to stop/quit/change. Don't ever let someone's INABILITY to see your worth, your progress and your happiness, bring you down. These types of people simply can not be authentically happy for you. And it will show in some very weird ways.
I've recently experienced this, yet again from someone who for years I subconsciously held value with what they said about my life.
Until this time, when my confidence was now unshakeable. I realized, this had absolutely nothing to do with me, and I was not going to let ANYONE make the progress I've made in my life seem minuscule, to fulfil their jealous, shame filled, ego driven self.
Here is what I'm here to tell you, NO MATTER what you do, what you say, what your vision is, what level of life you are on, how much money you make, what type of house you live in, SOMEONE will always judge you, criticize you, and try to drag you down to their level to fulfil their OWN needs.
Be aware of this, so that you can stand proud, confident, and bold knowing that you are doing a great job, and allow the jabs to bounce off of you.
Look UP to the people who are offering you support, constructive criticism with your best interest in mind, and are eager to see you rise.
And remember, don't listen to criticism from someone you wouldn't seek advice from!
Does this sound familiar to you? Can you recall someone in your life that maybe has these same traits? Is it time to start gaining radical confidence in yourself? If so, Check out the Live I did on CRUSHING self doubt. 👇👇

Our Story

I was a new mom who was in desperate seek of options for her baby because I was not satisfied with the mainstream things I was being offered, I knew deep down there was a better way to care for my baby.and i was determined to find it. I also struggled with severe anxiety & panic from past emotional abuse and my husband had severe back issues. We wanted a change, we needed a change.

Then from one of my deepest wounds, doTERRA came into our lives. Everything shifted, there was now hope. I was finding solutions for every single ailment we had, the results were MASSIVE and Life changing. I knew from that moment I felt my first level of healing- of freedom, that this was my path.

Over these last few years many things have happened that have guided us to now. My husband and I are now Reiki practitioners and Holistic mentors, we do this business together, full time. We have seen miracles happen, provided so many people with the proper tools to truly heal physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and have built so many great new relationships, all of part of the essentially resilient lifestyle that we have created.

We want to cultivate a healer in every home. We want every person in this world to have the tools to make them the best version of themselves. This means true healing and becoming Resilient against past trauma, emotional pain, physical pain, their own self sabotage, distractions from their life purpose & anything that keeps them out of alignment with their higher self.

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WTF does abundance even mean anyway?
A trick to help your desires manifest faster.  💫Sunday inspiration
Switching this ONE phrase will allow MORE money into your reality.  HINT: This is why MOST people are broke.
How YOU CAN achieve anything you desire in 2021
Where will you be in 6 months?
5 things that STOP you from LISTENING to "That little voice" in your head.
WHAT is the scariest nightmare?
Manifesting a Car - 3 keys to manifest ANYTHING you desire
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